September 21st, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “couch”

  1. The couch. That’s where it all happened. It was the comfiest place in the world too. But every time she looked at that couch, it all came back to her so fast, it was impossible to forget. That damn blue couch. She hated it. It was all in the past…or was it?

    By Carolyn URL on 09.21.2011

  2. i use it all the time
    my best friend
    i relax in it while watching tv or watching a moviee
    thank God it can’t actually talk
    faithful friend :)

    By Paola on 09.21.2011

    I wish I had one in my dorm room…
    Like a goat.
    Fluffy goat…hmmm….
    Leather couch.
    Like this piano music.
    Mmmmm iced coffe would be nice right about now…

    By Carolyn URL on 09.21.2011

  4. Cowch, just kidding conch. It doesn’t matter what the ‘word’ is even though i am sitting on my couch, which i love. Couch is love? Yes love is couch. Thus experiencing sitting, you become reborn.

    By Erikkk URL on 09.21.2011

  5. The couch was almost impossible to find, hidden beneath bright, frayed blankets and an enormously fat cat. The cat woke up and snarled, swishing it’s tail as he sat on one side, sagging the cushions uncomfortably. He scooted as far away from the tomcat as the couch would allow.

    By Ammi URL on 09.21.2011

  6. Couches. something we use in everyday life—for lounging, sleeping, maybe even eating. Without these amazing contraptions, we would be lost, now wouldn’t we.

    By Kristen Pace on 09.21.2011

  7. We often associate this word with laziness. But what about the work that went into making the couch? Perhaps we should focus less on the negative aspects of objects, but instead focus on the beautiful positive details that life has to offer.

    By Nolan McDaniel URL on 09.21.2011

  8. i enjoy sitting on it, i like sitting on it with other. i like to watch tv on it or eve nap. its comfort for my butt. i can sit upside down. it makes ma happy fuck your couch. my couch is green and white more like a pale white and its from the 70s and i have a couch with a bed in it i think thats called a futon people sleep on it when they come over. hmm couchs are pretty cool some round, squares and ovals

    By jamie on 09.21.2011

  9. i lay on mi couch, relax, and enjoy the time i spend in there, also like to see tv while drinking soda on it, my couch is speciall, i love it so much, cant live without it.

    By Archdome on 09.21.2011

  10. He sat there with this feet up on the couch. Mud was slowly rubbing on the blue fabric. I knew my mother wouldn’t like this, but she wouldn’t like the fact that this boy was unbuttoning my blouse either. I closed my eyes and breathed in his smell.

    By Hayley URL on 09.21.2011

  11. its comfy, its good to lie on and its a good place to watch a scary movie
    One can sit on a couch and just be, without thoughts, or worries or hardship

    By Amy on 09.21.2011

  12. I like to sit on my couch. I do it often. Alone. It’s a part of my family. It watches tv with me and reads with me and loves me. I had my first on this couch. And my last. At once. I think I’ll take a nap now. Goodnight.

    By kleined URL on 09.21.2011

  13. and he is sitting so close,
    almost shoulder to shoulder,
    his hand resting lightly on one knee
    and that smile
    that lights up the room
    (still drumming
    and i am looking at him,
    trying to memorize every detail and line of his face
    every spark in his eyes,
    wishing i was allowed
    to reach across the green-cushioned couch
    and take those tapping fingers
    in mine.

    By featherb URL on 09.21.2011

  14. I sit on you in silence. Dreading the noise coming from the other rooms. I watch the box presently in front of you but it is on mute. I can’t describe how much you have comforted me through these years. You are my friend.

    By Hannah Fleming on 09.21.2011

  15. I could use a warm relaxing sit on a couch right now; One whole day of doing nothing would be very nice…

    By Cindy URL on 09.21.2011

  16. She sat on the couch, watching the little boy sleep peacefully. He didn’t know that their parents had just been shot. He didn’t know that they were virtually homeless. All he knew was that in his dream, the sun shined brightly onto his sister’s face as she played in the sand.

    By Liz S URL on 09.21.2011

  17. Sit and decay. Fabric patterns linger onto flesh, the scent of unknown things imbedded deep inside. Hair sticks to surface.

    By Meggie URL on 09.21.2011

  18. I sat on the couch, and waited eagerly for the news. What was to become of me? While one path lay straight on one side, the other path laid on the left side. There were to options, so which one could I go with? Was I pregnant? Did I have some type of disease? What was to become of me? All the answers lie in the hands of the doctor, who came bursting through the swing doors. “Your pregnant.” He whispered, a smile lingering on his lips. “Congratulations.”

    By Catherine URL on 09.21.2011

  19. Soft fluffy. I sat on the edge and fell back against the soft fluffy cushions. Oh how wonderful they feel. I could just fal asleep but wait here come the pup at rocket speed zoom zoom zoom look out here she comes they is no safe place now she runs and jumps using the couch as a spring board. Oh how I wish she would just lay down on the corner of the couch and just look out the wi Dow. Wait here comes another dog bark bark bark. Woof woof woof. All I want is a moment of quiet. Wait she is laying down like an angel now. Oh what a good dog you are

    By Noodles1997 on 09.21.2011

  20. Ahh my comfy couch. That thing is my best friends. There are times when I just want to stock up on food and see how long I can spend on that thing. Set it up like a boat in the ocean and sail on it for days and days.

    By Imogen on 09.21.2011

  21. Why did they faint every time? He placed her limp body on the couch. Her head fell to the side revealing a long slender neck. The vein pulsing rhythmically, sounded like a drum beat to his ears. His fangs snapped down. He turned away, beads of sweat formed on his brow. I must resist, this one is different.

    By Helen URL on 09.21.2011

  22. My couch is really comfy…..I love to sleep on it but I hate when I have to vaccume it becaus of my dogs….hahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaha I love my couch, it’s really awesome.

    By Sterphanie URL on 09.21.2011

  23. I’m always alone on my couch. There’s never a boy there with me. Now don’t be dirty. I just want a guy to sit there with me and tell me I’m adorable.

    By Penny Lain URL on 09.21.2011

  24. I love my couch. It’s soft and comfortable. I love lying on it for hours while doing various tasks. It is the one furniture in the house that I spent the most time on. It’s almost my ‘bed’. Sometimes I even fall asleep on it and spent the whole night on it.

    By Abraham on 09.21.2011

  25. My couch couldn’t be comfier. I hate vaccuming it after my dogs lay on it. But I love laying on it during cold weather. Just reading. Reading my favorite book of all time, Harry Potter. I love my couch. It just might be one of my best friends

    By Joann URL on 09.21.2011

  26. one world and all we do is sit around mock eachother, ourselves , everyone, anyone. when you know what, all anyone seems to do these days is sit in their own pile of pity for theirself maybe for others…chances are its a fish eat fish world and were all on the edge just waiting till we all get smacked around put into this superficeal world and then expected to just cornform and mold into society. well where is the life in that. what is the big idea of having fullfilled the american dream when all we do is comlain about no food in the fridge, nothing to do, too many bills, too cold too hot outside, no hobbies, to awekward to get out there and meet people. what! why!? the purpose.
    ill tell you one thing i do my best to keep myself in gear remind myself i have goals things i really want to be able to accomplish personal hobbies id like to master. other days…its like a whirlwind of hopelessness why fight the continuous flight of nevermore. no imagination leaves my fingertips. im stuck.
    what is it that gets the idea to make one world whole when everyone is stuck like i am in their own bubble dug in their own endless pit. is it really that easy to think one world can work together. one world can be the one world in the universe that has substancial life support.

    By Ashly on 09.21.2011

  27. love

    By URL on 09.21.2011

  28. im sitting on a couch right now, waiting for something to bring me off the couch..while the couch is comfortable, after a while it tends to get old and you want something to bring you off of it. But if i were to be stuck anywhere, it would probably be on a couch

    By Alec Vigil URL on 09.21.2011

  29. comfy
    living room

    By rachel on 09.21.2011

  30. i love reading on the bed/couch and on our expensive leather couch! i love it because it’s soft!!!

    By golden brumby URL on 09.21.2011

  31. Comfy, big.. You sink down and begin to relax. Fluffy and soft.

    By campgirlie413 URL on 09.21.2011

  32. i miss my Jakarta couch, which I got for 299 ’cause someone ordered it and never picked it up so there it was and i needed a big couch. Six Feet and some sort of coral color.

    By Phil on 09.21.2011

  33. The couch was dejected and alone. It sat on the curb with nowhere to go, no one to see, and no prospects for either in the near future. Passersby ignored it, it was simply part of the scenery just like the bums who begged cents off strangers to get by or just to get to the next bottle. The couch on the other hand just wanted to go home, or go to a home. It had a purpose in life and it wasn’t doing it!

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 09.21.2011

  34. laying
    living room
    air conditioner

    By tricia URL on 09.21.2011

  35. his head was couched by her bosom. Oh, what a delightful place to be, he thought. She thought, his stubble is scratching me and pushed him off her bounteous bounty. He lifted his head, looked longingly at the soft pillows on her chest that he was just cuddling a moment ago, got up and left.

    By sonobe URL on 09.21.2011

  36. The couch. It was odd, and not just in appearance. Things would get lost, go missing; never to be found again. Sure, sure things go missing in couches all the time, but this was different. This couch took more than just occasional coins and pens…

    By aneta on 09.21.2011

  37. Cuddle up on the couch… cup of tea… a good book… rainy day… classical music… rest… light a candle… peace… lovely… aahhhh…

    By Michaels on 09.21.2011

  38. I think that my cat owns my couch since i haven’t stretched out on it for at least a year. I mean, why disturb the cat and he’ll just go and lie on the bed and I have to gently scoot him over to the side so I can lie down.

    By Phil URL on 09.21.2011

  39. lazy Sunday.
    let it all go after a long day.
    sit right next to the perfect snuggle buddy.
    where all coins, remotes and socks get lost forever.
    it’s seen the good, and the bad (in me)

    By Maria on 09.21.2011

  40. let’s couch that idea.
    crouch here with me.
    watch the quality of light change as the sun rises over the lake.

    By Carie on 09.21.2011