June 8th, 2011 | 835 Entries

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835 Entries for “corner”

  1. I sat facing the corner of the room with my hands on my head. I wondered when she was 7 years old if she was made to do the same by her teacher.

    By visage URL on 06.09.2011

  2. He hit the mat, crippling his back against the hard surface. His opponent looked to the left, there it was, the turnbuckle! He hopped up and prepared to deliver a devastating areal maneuver that would finally incapacitate his foe for good.

    By Michael Garrity on 06.09.2011

  3. It is cold and rainy. I turn the corner and walk into sunshine. Immediately I stop, overwhelmed by the sudden change of events. I look back and see the raindrops fading.

    By Ballaballa on 06.09.2011

  4. In the corner of the room I see the shadow of my youth. I think that a step away will adhere all the rules to change my under -over-everness. In the stillness in the corner, my reflection and opaqueness.

    By Anni F on 06.09.2011

  5. i sit in a dark room. filled with spiders. they crawl around me and pretty soon into me. they fall through the sockets of my eyes and enter through my mouth. at first im scared but then a full feeling comes about when theres enough spiders inside me it feels as though there is light above, as though i am no longer alone and as though everything just might be okay.

    By Jade Legault on 06.09.2011

  6. when I see her at the corner of the newly opened coffee, I just thought that she might be the one and only one; till I sadly realized the fact that she was wearing a ring!

    By Max Payne on 06.09.2011

  7. I sat at the corner, with a popsicle in my hand, watching the traffic stream by. I couldn’t hear my thoughts. I couldn’t hear the music from the radio that came from inside the store. I coudn’t hear the rumblings of desire that were stirring from deep inside my …

    By Seansj URL on 06.09.2011

  8. corner in the corner i sit with my hands resting on my legs, crossed legged but my fingers edge up my thigh under my school dress only i’m not at school im not waering a dress i let my thoughts wander to the clouds and to the music that i play in my mind, and i wonder if shes looking at me, watching my finger slide higher up my thigh

    By pea on 06.09.2011

  9. a place that no one wants to go. a place where you put a child that misbehaves. A place where you can store a piece of furniture. A place that is not easy to clean. A place that is on the street where a person might hang. A spot in the hood.

    By Rondah on 06.09.2011

  10. What’s a cornerstone? In life, is it about turning a corner or reaching a new one? I’m not entirely sure. I just think that it’s nice. I like the corners of brownies because they’re extra chewy. I live on the corner of two streets. My mother has crows feet at the corners of her eyes. I like corners.

    By Emilia on 06.09.2011

  11. “Take me to the corner store and buy me a thousand chocoalate bars, ” andy said the the Djinni who popped out of his lunchbox.”I don’t want to eat this broccoli sandwich my hippie mom packed me.”

    The Djinni looked down and said, “You know, your mom wants what’s best for you, and broccoli is very healthy.”

    “Then duh,” said Andy, “For my 72nd wish, I would like chocolate to have all the health benefits of broccoli.

    He was so happy that for his third wish he decided to wish for 73 wishes.

    By richpee URL on 06.09.2011

  12. He hid his toys in the corner, right in the wide open space of the empty room. When he was in trouble, he had to stand in the corner, with his nose touching the wall. There were spiders in the corner, underneath the toys. The corner was dark and dusty, but his favorite place to think. He would sit with his back to the wall and stare out at the world.

    By msamericano URL on 06.09.2011

  13. four.
    questions of existentialism.
    the inevitable.
    driven there.

    By Jessica L URL on 06.09.2011

  14. where we seek drugs, prostitutes, wait in line to cross the street, where we place our stamps, where we cut to seek success, a place where you can find a local market or bar, a way to word commonly used to give directions.

    By Mandee on 06.09.2011

  15. A corner is a space where two walls meet, it is small and either its empty, or something is shoved into it. Possibly a person. The insides of corners are comfortable, and the outsides hurt when you lean on them or hit them by accident. Does sitting in a corner symbolize loneliness? It feels lonely, but I like sitting in corners….

    By Jamie URL on 06.09.2011

  16. the corner is something i feel like i am always backed into; something that blocks my choices, and skews my views of freedom and of the rest of the world. a corner is my worst enemy.

    By kayla on 06.09.2011

  17. I walked around the corner, it was a busy day in lower Manhatten. I could smell the sweet hot dogs, the sour garbage, and I could see the heads of the people, lowered in concentration.

    By Sam on 06.09.2011

  18. A corner is where ends meet. Where walls collide.
    They’re the sturdiest part of the room, and hence the corner we resort to in order to ineffectively cure loneliness.
    Human instinct is a strange thing.

    By Dorika on 06.09.2011

  19. Why does corner keep coming up? Is corner the only word on this website? I don’t really want to write about corners again as I just did write a whole lot of rubbish the last time about corners. I would like to write about something else if that is possible? Anything else really. Oh great somehow time has reset itself so I have a wonderful extra 60 seconds to write about corners. This frigging thing is backing me into a corner. A corner about corners! A corner in my mind which is now annoyed because I have to write about corners!

    By Alecs on 06.09.2011

  20. I imagine time-outs sitting in the corner, usually for kids who don’t derserve it. Or when people cut corners, thinking that the shortcut will actually be shorter when it never is.

    By Laura URL on 06.09.2011

  21. the spider in the corner was a sly one indeed. the human tried to kill him every time he sneezed. It never rained because the spider sustained his life and the human was clumsy. Long live the spider.

    By Sarah on 06.09.2011

  22. I turned the corner and saw the man standing there. He was following me like normal but he was always somehow ahead of me, like he knew where I was going to be, I watched him for several seconds before turning another corner only to see him there

    By Chuck on 06.09.2011

  23. The corner of that room u made me stand in
    i wasn’t bad
    i just made sure you didn’t punish my sister.
    she didn’t killed that bird.
    and it had been me all along.
    we’ll never tell you.

    It’s a brother sister thing :)

    By Callum Spencer URL on 06.09.2011

  24. I was sitting at the corner of a store I use to go to everyday. I watched people as they strode by and it made me wonder where they were going. Where would life take them? Would we see each other again? In some very away land…. or would I see them at the corner?

    By Tia on 06.09.2011

  25. The corner is my space. My space only. I am in my space because I want to and NOT because I was forced to be in it. I am the master of my domain. My corner domain.

    By Timtht URL on 06.09.2011

  26. man on the street corner, a prostittue maybe, a drug dealer, corner market, soda fountain, milkshake, bodega, indian guy, cigarettes, corner of a room, chair, man sitting in chair drinking tea, reading a book, bookstore, art gallery,

    By Chris Brotzman on 06.09.2011

  27. i remember being told to go to the corner as a kid. i didn’t really mind it. i would daydream instead. now i’m grown up, and i don’t need to be told to go in the corner, i do it all on my own. daydreams are better than stepping out of the corner and facing the world.

    By MJ on 06.09.2011

  28. the corner of the room is filled with monsters who will take a look at your soul and cry to the winds that you are unworthy. the monsters have no mercy and will tear your soul from your body and will tear your body apart. the corner has all sorts of darkness that will creep on you and ruin your heart

    By Babygirl on 06.09.2011

  29. The corner was small and defined, tucked away from the eyes of anyone who entered the room. It held a small hole in it for a large mouse to enter as he pleased. He liked the smallness of his hole, for it allowed him to be snuggled in warmly during the winter hours.

    By Kendall on 06.09.2011

  30. I stood by the corner of the street. The wind was whipping my hair around my face, the rain coming down lightly, causing goosebumps on my skin. I’m still not sure why I actually went to the corner. I didn’t even know if I had expected him to show up. All I know is that I was there.

    By Kelsey on 06.09.2011

  31. Corner, around the corner there is always a surprise. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The corner is a mystery, a boundary, a surprise. Are you prepared to encounter the corner? Are you prepared to take the leap of faith. Now round the corner, see what you find. It may be more worth it than you think.

    By Erin C. on 06.09.2011

  32. Corners can have many meaninings in our lives, such as we live at the corner of 5th and Madison. Or, we may be especially fixated with mathematical terms and know that corner are a very important part of geometery. Still, corners

    By Kirsten on 06.09.2011

  33. Sometimes, people huddle in corners to hide away from something. I, on the other hand, find corners to be an incredibly comforting place to open up…maybe not to other people, but to myself. That’s why I huddle in corners.

    By Sabena on 06.09.2011

  34. (singing) i like to go around corners! sometimes i try to corner the bunny in our yard! it doesnt want to go into the trap!

    By just582 URL on 06.09.2011

  35. Corners hurt when you bump into them. I do that sometimes when I am walking around things. It hurts when I don’t make the turn right.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 06.09.2011

  36. I went walking down to the corner store and I saw a beautiful bouqet of flowers. There were so many colors and different flowers, it was hard for me to choose. I love walking down to the corner store-there are so many interesting things to look at and browse through. Maybe I should do that more often.

    By Marissa on 06.09.2011

  37. I told little James to go sit in the corner. It didn’t work, though. He sulked, sure, but my disciplinary action only made him brood and his anger festered until one night…

    By David Saleeba URL on 06.09.2011

  38. You and me – we’re not halves of a whole. You occupy some piece of me, yes. A fourth? Do I share a fourth of myself with you? No, a corner. Just an edge, a tiny corner. A corner of me is you.

    By BridgetD96 URL on 06.09.2011

  39. I went down to the corner the other day,
    got myself a pop cause it was payday…
    Went looking for Nasty Sally
    but she was otherwise engaged in the ally,
    So that how I ended up here today,
    writing in this corner of cyberspace…

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.09.2011

  40. In the corner I feel alone, but safe. I don’t know what I feel otherwise but it’s a change from having to look over my shoulder. It’s secure. I don’t like being put there though. It has to be my own choice. Only if I want to seclude myself…..

    By Kristen Fowler on 06.09.2011