June 8th, 2011 | 835 Entries

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835 Entries for “corner”

  1. When you are bad you have to sit in the corner.
    You turn the corner of a page.
    A corner is a juncture of two sides meeting.

    By amuxchan on 06.08.2011

  2. I left my dreams at the corner of desillusion and adulthood.

    By silvio maia on 06.08.2011

  3. corners are in rooms, sometimes you have to go into a corner when you are punished to serve your sentence. Corners are in triangles. i would like to take a girl to a corner.

    By max on 06.08.2011

  4. The corner of the street was like most, cement with a sign post explaining what the street was, so simple, but without them, navigating cities would be impossible.

    By Matt on 06.08.2011

  5. Around the corner. Around the bend. There’s a new challenge that you can’t see. It’s scary when you’re blind to the future, there’s room for failure around the corner. There’s room for failure around the bend.

    By Abi Young on 06.08.2011

  6. I guess it’s one word per day here. Ah well, at least it gives me something to do. A corner of the internet, i suppose. Ran out of time. Well, that sucks. Though, you can still write even when the timer goes off. MWAH HA HA I’ve beat the system. Maybe.

    By amuxchan on 06.08.2011

  7. ok. so a corner is definitely a whore hangout . i had this word twice already. I want a new word. you can corner somebody into a situation where they give up or die, like in a battle field.

    By max on 06.08.2011

  8. I gasped as the car stopes with a jolt at the corner. Whatthe hesll ismick thinking? Sorry this is messy. Trying to multitask. Not working. anyhow Mick let out a yell beforeleaping from the car and chasing after A strange man smoking a cigarette. Once the man saw Mick he took off and both threw themselves over the bridge and into the river.

    By Asley Dallas URL on 06.08.2011

  9. Where one has to sit in school when they are a dumbass.
    Where two edges meet.

    By Jeff on 06.08.2011

  10. The corner is where naughty children are sent normally in school or even in strict people homes. They normally are forced to wear a cap on their head with the word, “dunce” written on it showing that they were naughty.

    By Sean Ragar on 06.08.2011

  11. When two lines or walls meet. Or where prostitutes conduct business.

    By Madison on 06.08.2011

  12. THe place where two lines meet, to walls meet.
    Two people can meet at a corner. With coffee in thier hands
    or they can look down at their shoes and never. ever. meet.

    By sdf on 06.08.2011

  13. I saw the little girl crying in the corner, for her mother had died.

    By Kayla URL on 06.08.2011

  14. I sat down, my back pressed against the dent in the wall. My father rounded the corner, his large feet thumping against the carpeted floor. He leaned down close to me, face red, breath smelling strongly of alcohol. “Next time you’ll think twice about back-talking your dad, huh?” he mumbled, raising his hand to strike my face. A tear rolled down my cheek.

    By Katie URL on 06.08.2011

  15. This word reminds me of my childhood. When the worst punishment in the world was being sent to the corner, being outed and separated from your peers. Now? People would simply laugh if you said go to the corner. But hey, that’s just the way things are. Now, there’s worse punishments. Like jail, for instance.

    By Kaitlyn on 06.08.2011

  16. Where i feel Im backed up against constantly between the expectations people place on me and the fear I have infront of others. At the same time, I cannot escape or run away, only be forced to endure.

    By Lorvie on 06.08.2011

  17. is the side of something and is really great you know that emo kids sit in corners and cut themselves right? I should know because i am one. jk im not that would be gay.

    By lazar on 06.08.2011

  18. Sometimes I feel like I have backed myself into a corner and I have nowhere to turn. I get myself all worked up, feel confused, and sometimes even panic stricken. Then I remember — it’s a corner, and I can just move straight out!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.08.2011

  19. We sat that first night I snuck out. We were right by the gate, before they changed that gate. We smelled the shitty bushes the school was forced to plant so it didn’t look like a prison. I lied and you believed me.Now that I think about it, I don’t remember if we had fucked before or after that. The night we did I barely remember. I’m not that sorry.

    By Ellie URL on 06.08.2011

  20. the corner is rather empty… lonely…

    By Moocow on 06.08.2011

  21. They aren’t endings or beginnings. They’re somehwere inbetween and outside- if you can wrap your mind around that. The corner stone is supposed to be the most important part of a building, yet you never hear about it. Kind of makes you think about the anonymous importance of things in our life that we may never hear about it either. What does my corner look like? And would I recognize it if I saw it?

    By Jessica on 06.08.2011

  22. Its round sometimes pointed its the universe.A corner is the base for everything a corner is life.

    By faith on 06.08.2011

  23. solitude

    warm and safe

    back against both sides
    no one can sneak up on me

    not even you

    I’m safe in my corner

    so stay away

    By julia on 06.08.2011

  24. corner…where do i begin, corner could mean a number of things, as we go through the perils of life, we could see corners of the world unseen by the human eye, life is amazing…corner!

    By clay on 06.08.2011

  25. the book is on the corner…sitting there very lonely.. sometimes i wonder if i am really the book in the corner.. we resemble each other in every way.

    By Taylor URL on 06.08.2011

  26. The word is “corner.” All I can say is that you should never go fast around corners, you will always hit something.

    By Youaremad on 06.08.2011

  27. The corner is an easy place to hide, but it can get crowded sometimes. The corner is where you hide everything. Its someplace no one thinks to look. That corner of your mind, where all the pain goes to be thought about later.

    By D on 06.08.2011

  28. It seems like people who are screwed always hate this place…
    Good for pissing in, though

    By Freefan on 06.08.2011

  29. I have already written about “corner.” I would absolutely Love a new word right about now! THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT A CORNER! Like, come on, it’s a freakin’ corner!

    Moral: Corners are uninteresting


    By Youaremad on 06.08.2011

  30. The subject sat in the corner. Puttting his head to shame “How could i do it?” he asked himself. “How could i have dishonered my people?” He sat as he eyed the ruby that he had stolen from his masters dresser. Sirens were filling the backround as the patrol filled the scene. He got up and…

    By El gringo on 06.08.2011

  31. There is only one corner in that room
    The room is old, you can smell the fumes
    sixty degree angle where both ends meet
    wallpaper peeling at the edge due to the heat
    On the right hangs a picture of a bride and groom.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 06.08.2011

  32. I sat in the corner. Nothing important happened that day. It was dark and rainy, and my mom kept a watchful eye on me. I will always remember sitting in the dark corner, with rain sliding down the windows. I sat in the corner and I have never left.

    By cort URL on 06.08.2011

  33. I sit on the corner and talk to the coroner who talks to me on the corner on which I sit. I ask him about his life, and he about mine, and we talk, and talk, and talk.

    By Ben URL on 06.08.2011

  34. You are a corner
    You are the meeting of two things
    My hate
    And my love
    You are a meeting of two things and you are a dead end

    By shutup URL on 06.08.2011

  35. The corner of her heart was where she shelved all the books she was tired of reading: Pity, Misery (Part Two), a whole volume of Happy Endings. There they collected dust and cobwebs and the ancient shells of spiders long dead.

    By Ali Oake URL on 06.08.2011

  36. so i was on this street corner and this vendor came up to me and said would you like some purple drank i said hell no and I THREW IT ON THE GROUND!

    By Victor Sterling on 06.08.2011

  37. i sat in conrer thinking to myself, ‘why are we here’. but then i lost the thought for some reason. she l

    By Eli on 06.08.2011

  38. I feel like I’m backed into a corner, surrounded by different people, things, that pressure me. My parents on one side, school on another. I’m one of the other people. I’m not sure what it means.

    By Sowji URL on 06.08.2011

  39. what the hell should i write about a corner? i mean, they’re pointy, somtimes painfully pointy, other times its an inside corner and thats just sad, and dark, and have spiders. corners are great for tables though.

    By Robbie on 06.08.2011

  40. if spongebob’s house is a circular pineapple, why are there corners in it?
    that’s pretty weird, because circles don’t have corners.
    how do you keep a blonde busy? tell her to find a corner in a circle room. haha x)
    “in my own little corner in my own little chair i can be whatever I want to be.”
    do you think it’s possible to sell corners?

    By Ashley URL on 06.08.2011