December 1st, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “cook”

  1. Such a simple chore,
    We barely think about it.
    Some take time,
    Finding the right pieces to the puzzle.
    Others are rash,
    Throwing whatever they find or,
    Take short cuts.
    Its something we all must learn,
    Some earlier than others,
    Some learn just enough to scrape by.

    By Ceci on 12.01.2012

  2. does cooking have such a big affect on us? why is it i keep seeing this word. what do cooks offer us? how have or can they contribute to our advancement in the universe? i think they have quite a large influence. they create. they follow instructions to produce pre-planned creations. and when they are all done, we consume them.

    By gabekahan URL on 12.01.2012

  3. she cooked under the lights, under her clothes… he was looking at her, more than she wanted, and she basked in the heat, trying to hide from his burning gaze.

    By Blanche URL on 12.01.2012

  4. there was a cook who makes food for a living because she loved food and she was really poor when she was a child so now she devotes her life to giving and making food for everyone she sees to make sure no one ever lacks food and nutrients she had faced when she was young and she now struggles with friends because all she does is eat and eat and isnt able to get her childhood out of her mind.

    By Sophia on 12.01.2012

  5. Cook.
    I like to cook
    Sometimes people underestimate my cooking skills.
    Cooking is fun
    I like to bake
    Is baking cooking?
    I think it is.
    Becuase when you bake, in order to bake it you must cook.
    I think cooking is fun.
    I think baking is very fun.
    Another form of cooking is looking at the sun.
    If you look at the sun, your eyes will get cooked.
    That is not a good thing.
    Try to be careful when you cook, any form of it can dangerous.

    By Brittany on 12.01.2012

  6. yum yum yum! Cooking you create something not only nutritious and delicious but beautiful and your own. Even if you are coming from a recipe or it burn or doesn’t turn out the way it’s suppressed to it’s your creation and expresses you and who you are.

    By Ash Crystal on 12.01.2012

  7. creep

    By J on 12.01.2012

  8. I was ready to cook a seven course meal, that was how hungry I was. But when my friends showed up at my house, I made grilled cheese with bacon and tomato soup for all of us. Not that we minded, of course – we enjoyed the meal with pretty hefty bottles of beer.

    “So when’s the new girlfriend coming over?” Arthur asked me with a mouthful of cheddar.

    “I don’t know. Tomorrow?”

    “You haven’t asked?”

    I blushed. “I’m still a little nervous around her.”

    “But she said she loves you!”

    “I know. It’s hard to believe.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.01.2012

  9. Oh not again, that cook again. Asking and asking and asking again. That cook, the one cook with the large hands and large, black eyebrows, who never liked to use electric stoves, unlike the cooks of his new age. The cook who loved to cook italian food, the cook who liked spaghetti very much. Spaghetti with long noodles, uncut, not soggy, but very firm. I don’t know why he liked it that way, not again, not that cook again.

    By Justine Marie URL on 12.01.2012

  10. The sunlight beats down on us, it feels like it’s cooking us to our cores. The heat glistens off the pavement, creating the illusion of water. Giving us hope that isn’t really there. We keep walking. All roads end somewhere.

    By Faith URL on 12.01.2012

  11. there once was a very fat chef who loved to cook. one day he was feeling very frisky, so he began stealing puppies and making puppy stew. He decided not to

    By Connor on 12.01.2012

  12. Fire fries my insides. Heart wrapped in lettuce, fingers on the side. Dipping sauce, red with blood. Cup filled up with empty thoughts. I lay my head down on a plate. Feast, my dear. I am yours to eat.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.01.2012

  13. Cooking, very complex form of art. A means to put dinner on the table, to feed hungry mouths. To express one’s self by creating different tastes and plates with every ingredient you can imagine. There are no limitations.

    By Ashley Meadows on 12.01.2012

  14. I like to cook. Especially Mac & Cheese it is my favorite food I want to go on a date with a boy and he would come over and we would make Mac & Cheese and watch cheesy movies and laugh and be happy.

    By Grace URL on 12.01.2012

  15. I like to coo, but for some reason I have stopped maybe it’s because I no longer have the family in place that I used too. It’s sad really I miss the smell of my ribs or lasagna filling the room and the smiles on peoples faces. I need to get back to the kitchen!

    By Jennifer Ritchie on 12.01.2012

  16. i like to cook, i like to eat food. its probably one of my favorite things to do. food can come in any shape size or taste. i like salty food sweet food spicy food and organic food i like to be healthy. its really good to be healthy and happy.

    By Courtney on 12.01.2012

  17. Cook the food meow.

    By Miki on 12.01.2012

  18. Ice cold
    Strawberry flavor
    Melting melting
    Don’t belabor
    Just scoop it up
    Grab a spoon
    Take a cherry
    Eat it soon

    By tennismoker URL on 12.01.2012

  19. Kiss the cook, says the apron. Now I really don’t get that. Why the heck would you kiss the cook? I mean, they’ve just been slaving in the kitchen all day, and they probably have a lot of germs on them, and that saying really doesn’t make sense. Why would you kiss the cook, I say? Why?

    By Mckay on 12.01.2012

  20. The squealing smell of melting tarmac curdling in her nose
    The taste of chlorine riding in the back of her throat
    Her young flesh, the tops of feet baking candy pink in the suburban sun
    A young fat girl licks melted icecream off her sweaty chin
    Her tongue twisting the mixture of artificial sweetness and natural salt
    Her ears twisting the mixture of screaming and laughter

    A boiling pot of sanitised suburban sprawl
    The sun is cooking the suburbs

    By Perri URL on 12.01.2012

  21. My dad is such a great cook. I actually appreciate him so much because I see all these other families who always eat out or get meager meals because neither parent can cook, but my dad is simply amazing. Anything he makes is absolutely delicious, and he always cooks whatever I want to eat. I always pity my friends for not having as awesome of a cook as my dad is.

    By Jason URL on 12.01.2012

  22. I love to cook. It is an expression of my creativity and love. I do believe that my family also enjoys my cooking. As they eat each creation, they partake of the energy of love and joy that I put into each dish.

    By Jackie URL on 12.01.2012

  23. Maybe cooking had neve been a talent of mine. I was coming to realize this as I pulled out the third batch of cookies which I had burnt. I sighed dismally, the fact that I couldn’t even bake a batch of cookies was a disarming thought considering I had unwittingly signed up for a cookie baking competition. Maybe it wouldn’t be too late to drop out. Oh who was I kidding of course it was it was in 2 days for gods sake. And Kevin would be there too, he had already promised I couldn’t drop out. I would just have to grin and bare it. Maybe he would think it was cute that I couldn’t cook. Oh god what am I getting myself into.

    By Ansley on 12.01.2012

  24. Cook pumpkin pie, all the areomatics fill the air. Joy is this season. Come back home.

    By Nicole URL on 12.01.2012

  25. I like to cook. Okay never mind I hate cooking. It requires patience and precision and skill and I like to eat but I don’t particularly like cooking because I’m unorganized.

    Props if you cook.

    By Shelby URL on 12.01.2012

  26. cook is it a noun or a verb to cook is fun, baking especially, but someone who is a cook, a cook by profession people who live by cooking, theyre in a league of their own often seen as either warm and friendly or bitter and demanding.

    By tabby on 12.01.2012

  27. He never seemed to understand how I felt. That feeling of being undesirable. I’m never given full reason to feel such a way, but when I am it’s like being pushed head first into a pool. He’s seemed to cook this idea up that I’m comfortable with how things work between us and our friends. When the realization hits him, I want it to punch him hard in the face.

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.01.2012

  28. To cook is to nourish others. To cook is to do magic, to do chemistry, to turn raw ingredients into something greater than the some of its parts. One who is called a cook is a magician, a chemist, and a caretaker.

    By Wilson on 12.01.2012

  29. I love to cook. It brings my family together, if only for a couple of hours, during our hectic day. I can always feel the love in the kitchen.

    By Amanda URL on 12.01.2012

  30. I could smell the food cooking in the kitchen from the doorway. Thanksgiving is definitely here. Turkey fresh out of the oven, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, the whole shebang. Oh, how I love the holidays.

    By Dane Rosengren URL on 12.01.2012

  31. i like cooking .cooking is the way to express ur love to some one ,i like to say that if u cook something for

    By aniqa on 12.01.2012

  32. The cook was tall and lean, a snooty look on his face. I looked at him with suspicion. My grandmother had always told me to never trust a skinny cook; their food isn’t good enough for even them. I eyed the dish and took a hesitant bite; it was delicious!!

    By Lexi URL on 12.01.2012

  33. I wrote this and I want to share it with no one in particular.
    “Clearly Not”
    By Miriam

    I wish I was invisible.

    I’d go out,

    and wander the streets.

    Perch on a wall,

    and watch the world.

    I’d meld with the rain,

    and make indents into the snow,

    “Ghost, phenomenon”,

    people would stare. But

    I wouldn’t be there.

    I’d be gone, on an evening stroll.

    Feeling the wind

    wisp around me.

    It knows I’m here,

    and so does the rain,

    Because I’m not.

    I’m not see-through.

    If I sit there,

    and ponder my thoughts,

    people would wonder,

    a little, a lot.

    And I would wish that I wasn’t there,

    that I was invisible.

    By Miriam on 12.01.2012

  34. Oddly enough she does not spoil her first attempt at cooking; he even enjoys his meal (or at least he pretends to). As he is eating dessert, she remembers what an acting teacher once told her: “well, falling madly in love is great for you as an actress, not so much as a person”. “Damn” – she thinks- “I might be in trouble”.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 12.01.2012

  35. food is really good we might eat alot of it but with moderation we can eat and enjoy every kind of food in this world without health problems. i personally am not so great at cooking.

    By vincenzo URL on 12.01.2012

  36. my mother cant cook.
    I wish she could, my dad can but hes not around enough.
    We can bake though which is much harder then cooking.
    I’ll marry something that can cook

    By Ashlyn Johnson on 12.01.2012

  37. I would cook the most amazing plate that consists of so many things chicken and other comfort foods for you if it meant that you’d find it in your heart to forgive me for what I’ve done. I’m not asking for you to take me back because I fear that you’ll always be pained by what I’ve done, I’m asking for your forgiveness and that alone..

    By Crisi on 12.01.2012

  38. My boyfriend is a cook! It’s adorable. He’s such a woman. It’s perfect for our relationship because I can’t be trusted with anything but a microwave (which I am totally pro at). So, he can make all the food, and I can do all the decorating, and we’ll live happily ever after. The end.

    By Jessica URL on 12.01.2012

  39. Cook. I don’t know why but I cannot wait to cook for my husband. Just to know what he like and dislikes. Having a hot plate of food ready for him when he comes home from work to show him that I appreciate him and all he does for me. Maybe someday I will have someone other than myself to cook for. That will be a good day.

    By Cheyenne URL on 12.01.2012

  40. food women sandwich foreign chef hotel delicacies desert ccake cookie make

    By Karen on 12.01.2012