October 11th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “conviction”

  1. Conviction held me to my word
    Conviction weighs all the things I heard
    And before I make my grave
    Conviction will make of me a slave

    By William URL on 10.11.2011

  2. I guess I have conviction. What is conviction? The solid resolve to do something. I lack that sometimes, its pathetic. Even so, I believe in the long run, in the big things, emotional and personal, I do have conviction. Love is one of those.

    By Erick Ramirez on 10.11.2011

  3. Conviction has a good meaning and a bad meaning. Like if you get convicted of a crime, that sucks; but if you have conviction to a dream or ideal or principle then that’s great for you. maybe. unless you’re Hitler: he had immoral convictions of which he should have been convicted.

    By Caitlin on 10.11.2011

  4. I hated that my flaw used to be a lack of conviction. Maybe you could have believed me when I told you I loved you, if I was the speaker I was now, back then.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 10.11.2011

  5. my head is like a prison how i do things with so much conviction

    By v URL on 10.11.2011

  6. Its crazy to think how this can change your whole life. Conviction about anything can change everything. But this word is not really inspiring and I’m relatively exhausted so coming up with something brilliant about this word is really hard. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I wish the word was different.

    By R.Murphy URL on 10.11.2011

  7. The conviction of a person could mean the successful future or the utter demise of that person. Toaster strudel or bagel, milk or juice, wipe or no wipe, these decisions roll up in to a ball a l

    By StatiKink URL on 10.11.2011

  8. He has a strong conviction.
    Maybe that’s what I like so much about him.
    He just always seems to know where he’s going and he’s determined to get there somehow.
    That’s really attractive to me.
    I’ve just never met someone like that. Ever the optimist I suppose.

    By Sydney URL on 10.11.2011

  9. This aint no place for the weary kind
    This aint no place to lose your mind
    This aint no place to be left behind
    Pick up your crazy heart and give it another try :)

    By sapna URL on 10.11.2011

  10. Everyday I am constantly convicted of the sins that I commit. And Lord knows that I commit them daily, hourly, by the minute. But I am so blessed beyond belief with a merciful wonderful awesome God, who sent His son, His one and only son to die for my sins. I am nothing without my Saviour. Praise to my God who loves us. Even whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    By Marina URL on 10.11.2011

  11. Today, I was convicted of being the most horrible person ever to live. Not only do I say what I think bluntly and without regret, but I don’t even take into consideration how it may hurt other people. In my defense, I’m not one to take other people’s words too seriously, so why should they care about what I’ve got to say?
    On top of that, my mom told me that she’s getting tested for cancer tomorrow. I’m not sad. In fact, I’m a little bit relieved.

    By catyeah URL on 10.11.2011

  12. There is nothing I am not sure about. I often ponder about the infinite conclusions my mind can draw at. Powerful. Mighty. Fate is. There is you.

    By Natalia URL on 10.11.2011

  13. And if her conviction failed, what did she have left? Without her beliefs, who was she?
    And, even if she managed to accept that she had been so wrong about something she had thought so right, how was she ever to acknowledge that to anybody else?
    She thought, Without conviction, what else do you have? All these material belongings: money, food, clothing; do any of them mean anything without conviction?

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.11.2011

  14. “i’m through.”

    it is said with conviction,
    these two words,
    bursting forth from your lips.

    angry eyes, wind struck hair.

    you have never looked more beautiful.

    “i’m through.”

    you’ll be back in a few hours.

    By rachel. URL on 10.11.2011

  15. What’s conviction, it’s that feeling of needing to pursue your dreams. A strive to do more, it’s that little push you need to achieve great things, or even bad sometimes. Conviction, that’s what we all need to be better. A little trust, a little push.

    By Belén URL on 10.12.2011

  16. ok so conviction is what i have when it come to my future – about a fairytale wedding in Greece, lots’ve lace and louboutins. a husband who loves me to death and gives me a grand, beautiful life. Also i need a few awards.

    By kanika on 10.12.2011

  17. She followed the case more closely than most. The other jurors considered her angles and detailed thoughts, nudging and persuading them to reach his conviction. What else could she do in this most peculiar situation? She had a secret the size of Jupiter.

    By Laura URL on 10.12.2011

  18. say what you mean. mean what you say and say it with conviction.
    why be afraid.
    soon life will be over.
    and where will meekness have gotten you.
    be proud.

    By heyo123 URL on 10.12.2011

  19. She said it with conviction – “No, Adam, I am not going with you. I am not moving one more time, just so that you can progress in your career. I am not going to do that!”

    “But Andrea, you can find work anywhere!”

    “Yes, but I am tired of rebuilding support systems every two years! Enough is enough!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.12.2011

  20. With conviction she tore at the skin on he wrist, she would never be good enough

    By Olive URL on 10.12.2011

  21. to make someone.
    it is very difficult job to convince sumone.but is it necesary to it alwa

    By shreya on 10.12.2011

  22. I must do this. Is it a compulsion? No, it is the absolute certainty that can only come from having tasted divinity directly. No one can stand before Him and not follow the Law…to see is to know, to be in the Truth.

    By qwyrxian URL on 10.12.2011

  23. It’s hard to be convinced. It’s hard to convince.

    Why is conviction so important?

    It rules your life, your relationships, your work.

    Who rules your life?

    Convince yourself. That’s true conviction.

    By shalapolia URL on 10.12.2011

  24. She lacked the conviction to ever stick to a diet. All good intentions wained at the site of any gastronomic display. She had more last suppers than the big man himself and her all or nothing mentality meant that she regularly consumed more calories than a gestational rhino.

    By neanymac on 10.12.2011

  25. Conviction.

    It’s hard to convince, hard to be convinced. Then why is conviction this important?

    It rules our relationships, our work, our lives.

    Convince yourself and there you go, that’s true conviction. Eureka!

    By Shilpa S URL on 10.12.2011

  26. This was the place that bore us. When we were small we weren’t as tarnished, we were as whole as humans can be. Oh how easily things can change. This room created these monsters, the room we were born in. Our minds have mutated into machines that now can’t feel for others, we live past all these pushes, and pulls, pushes and pulls, and we feel…. nothing. We aren’t great, at least not how they would say great should be. But know this brother, we are something. Something i don’t quite know yet, but we are. We are the monsters people fear as we show them their truth, and then make them pay up on their bill. If people only knew what we did… they would convict us, but their convictions would not be right. Look around you, brothers, you may have forgotten, but this was that place that bore us. This was the place we become evil.

    By Saskia URL on 10.12.2011

  27. today i went to court for my conviction but my lawyer was 3 hours late so i decided to take a stroll downtown and check out the festival that was going on. I noticed however that my lawye was actually there playing a carnival game, what an asshole.

    By mike on 10.12.2011

  28. A personal habit, approach and personal tactic to overcoming the challenges before you. Life is filled with ups and downs that can only be overcome through personal character and strength that helps guide you through the difficulties to achieve life’s goals.

    By Randy on 10.12.2011

  29. The judge in the court stood up and banged her gavel.
    “You are sentenced to 3 years on prison”
    my mouth hung open wordlessly, but i hadn’t done anything, i was innocent. couldn’t she see i had been set up.

    By Megan Williams on 10.12.2011

  30. something that comes only when its too late….a weird mouthful of a word.

    By suchitra on 10.12.2011

  31. Myślę, że we wszystkim co robisz potrzebne jest przekonanie. To pozwala naprawdę się zaangażować w sprawę.

    By Ewa on 10.12.2011

  32. A blur of conviction passed her face and she looked stunned for a moment before frowning.

    “You are a rat.” she said, clearly and distinctly. And completely in opposition to the fact that she felt quite drunk and faint.

    “I am no such thing.” he said, struggling against the restraints her second cousin had placed him in. “He is.”

    She frowned, looked towards Gerald, and then shook her head, feeling dizzy as she did.
    “No.” she said, “You are the rat.”

    By Maria URL on 10.12.2011

  33. Conviction is an emotion most desired, yet least experienced by the convict.

    By LYNDA on 10.12.2011

  34. believe. Don’t be swayed. The truth, your truth. A criminal record, to hold firm views, to rob others of their convictions….is this possible? Maybe…

    By georgie on 10.12.2011

  35. When I first hear the word conviction, for some reason I take “convict” out of it. Conviction is a firm belief, so why the hell does “convict” not mean something to deal with belief? Belief of guilt? I mean, I guess. Seems stupid to me though. I think they could have thought of a better word for that. Tyler out.

    By Tyler Brumbalow on 10.12.2011

  36. Lame word…………………………. soooooooooooooo bored…………

    By Ursula rox URL on 10.12.2011

  37. Sti;l

    By Zay URL on 10.12.2011

  38. “You have an awful lot of conviction about this. ” I nodded, silently biting my lip. “I’m ready this time, I swear Josh.” He took my hands in his own and rubbed little circles on the inside of palms distractedly. “I don’t know Babe..”

    By BeeBee on 10.12.2011

  39. Such a strong word. Convictions. I have so many of them. Convictions that people do not understand. They never will. I am okay with that. They are my convictions. I know they are right. My heart is happy. Very happy. I wonder if they have a happy heart with their lack of morals.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 10.12.2011

  40. Conviction, he said. “You’re entitled to a trial and all that dear, but…I’m afraid the public has already made it’s mind up about you.” This can’t be…Merry Banteur, socialite and film extraordinaire…convict?

    By BB URL on 10.12.2011