June 1st, 2012 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “convict”

  1. Convicted of life, of what happens in life of my actions and their consequences. Convicted to be the best person I can be, even if that’s not the person I want to be. Convicted by friends, by family, by God, by myself. When will this vicious circle of conviction end?

    By Megan on 06.01.2012

  2. Convicted about life. Of love, poor choices, lost chances. When would this cycle end? Would she be free to live again or confined by the constraints of conviction and loyalty forever? Could she become the person she truly wanted to be or would she be eternally suffocated by her convictions to be who the world thought she should be?

    By megan URL on 06.01.2012

  3. The convict had confounded us with his cryptic commentary before, and with a crusty upper lip caked with courageous calm, he coughed out another call for chains to be cut from his criss-crossed calves. “Can’t you see I’m changing into a cadaver?” he carefully cried.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2012

  4. He was convicted of a crime he did not commit. But he didn’t give up hope. Love is all you need he said, to get through tough times. His conviction was eventually overturned and he was vindicated.

    By Susan on 06.01.2012

  5. The convict sped through the alleyway in his black Ferrari convertible. He was being chased by the Police Officers, who would definitely kill him once they got to him. See, he had done such a bad crime, that he had to die in their eyes. He had stolen a pice of bred. And then a Ferrari.

    By wrandomwriter URL on 06.01.2012

  6. Convicts were all around the outside of the jail cell. They are of course, scary men who have troubled pasts of murder, rape, and torture. Convicts go in, make alliances with fellow gang members where the violence continues for the rest of their lives, if their sentence is that long. Many of these convicts wont make it to their first hearing. The life style is so outrageously dangerous.

    By Jake on 06.01.2012

  7. You’re a convict.
    What is your crime?
    You tell me. What’s something you haven’t done wrong? Flaws, that is your crime. Since you are not perfect, you are being convicted of a crime. Once you become perfect your sentence will be over. Once every mistake you have been made is fixed.
    You’re a convict.
    Convicted of being imperfect.

    By Novo URL on 06.01.2012

  8. those who are accussed are not always guilty. Never judge without knowing. Second chances are something everyone deserves. Forgiveness is the greatest gift.

    By Nikki R on 06.01.2012

  9. She looks up and around. “How did that happen?” she thinks. Then the memories flood back she on hindsight she can see the roadmap and all the wrong turns she made. But in the end, she didn’t really mind. There’s beauty in the breakdown, afte rall.

    By Alice Bishop on 06.01.2012

  10. Being chased around the bend by cloaked figures, living in a hovel underneath the metro, he operates in secret, dealing and receiving what no one needs.

    By Cassandra on 06.01.2012


    By W on 06.01.2012

  12. when i was a baby, i realized that my mom was a convict. i didnt know that this would affect me until later in life. i didnt even know what a convict was until i was 5. no one informed me that my mother was a crazy cold blooded killer.

    By Ramsey on 06.01.2012

  13. Guilty prisoner of ones own decisions

    By Kayla on 06.01.2012

  14. The convict escaped from prison tactfully. He had been growing out a beard for several months, and he shaved it one morning. Then he knocked out one of the security guards and stole his uniform. No one recognized his beardless persona, and he was able to carefully sneak out of this cage. As he breathed in the fresh spring air, the innocent man had only one thought: he was free.

    By Abby on 06.01.2012

  15. There is a man, you see. He was…not normal. He was different, from the rest of us. I could sense it, the way you sense a storm’s coming or that you’re being follow. Mr. R. J. Rooney wasn’t a normal man, and I was proved right three days after he came into town.
    The neighbors, the Stretz’s, their daughter – she was murdered.
    We all know it was him.
    There was no body found.

    By Natalie on 06.01.2012

  16. I feel like a fucking convict, running from the law, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I refuse to answer the door when the cops are looking for you. I refuse to open my mouth when the cops are asking about you. I am not a convict. It is you, and you alone.

    By Astrid URL on 06.01.2012

  17. My bother was just in jail. He commited a crime. we all comit crimes in ome way or another. we’re all assholes at heart fucking shit up but some of us dont get caught. and it’s not illegal to break someones heart. and it doesnt even matter becaue a heart isnt really anything that can be broken and i’m really confused about what i should tell the authorities.

    By hello on 06.01.2012

  18. I really dont know what it means I think it has something to do with blaming someone for something. It seems like it can also be used as a noun as in that convict was convicted. Associated with culpable and courts and policemen and stuff. con means together though, so I don’t exactly know how that plays in.

    By Greeshma on 06.01.2012

  19. Bad. The start of all of Akon’s songs. Haha. I know a few of these. It’s weird. Well, it’s a word that I don’t hear in everyday conversations. It doesn’t seem like a common topic of discussion.

    By Tara on 06.01.2012

  20. I always knew running away from school would get me into trouble. And now I was a thief? No good. I should have just stayed my quiet self, never gotten myself into the acquaintance of him. His influence was too powerful and he wasn’t even trying. He just knew what kind of person I was, and I just couldn’t stop it.

    By Devon URL on 06.01.2012

  21. there’s a lot of convicts in my area. I don’t live in a very good area. It’s poor and unfortunate. I feel lucky enough not to have fallen in that while most of my friends have in some form or another been arrested at least once. I’m glad I was able to get out of what I used to call a home.

    By Cole on 06.01.2012

  22. I already wrote about convict but something went wrong in the site and i want to write again

    By Raphael on 06.01.2012

  23. the convict stared at the wall
    the same wall he’s been staring at for years
    the same fucking wall
    he has memorized the spidery patterns that the cracks make
    he sees the slate gray color when he closes his eyes.

    By cara on 06.01.2012

  24. He was dangerous, not because he was a convicted murdered, but because he had nothing to lose. He had never done the world a single wrong, yet here he was, bound to spend the rest of his life in a dismal grey prison. he surveyed his surroundings, white and grey. He took a deep breath of the cold air, his lungs burning. Only death and ice awaited him in this prison. He would starve slowly or freeze quickly. He blinked open his eyes, along in his bed, he was truly a killer, he had killed the person he was suppost to be, and only a shallow husk remained in his young yet rotting body, imprisoned in his own personal hell. He never should have fired that bullet.

    By Anne on 06.01.2012

  25. At Thanksgiving he shared a table with five drug addicts, a murderer, and a pedophile. A cakewalk compared to maximum security, he said. In max he watched guys get stabbed and raped and shit on. All these horrors stories but I’m supposed to nod and smile when my mom says he’s still my kid brother and we should be thankful he’s safe?

    By symphonic URL on 06.01.2012

  26. Convict me for all that I have done wrong.
    Go ahead, take my voice, take my brain, take my eyes, take my heart.
    Steal everything back that I first stole from you.
    Take everything I have.

    I won’t stop you.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.01.2012

  27. A typically bad person who has been to at least jail or prison. Person brings about a bad nature.

    By maia3192 on 06.01.2012

  28. His name was Gerald Lewis, and unlike most convicts, he had a polite demeanor and a way with gardening that made his entire essense smell like roses.

    By Gabby V. on 06.01.2012

  29. I convicted him of hate. I convicted him of not loving me. I pushed him away, and it’s all my fault he’s gone. . . What am I going to do?

    By L.B. on 06.01.2012

  30. I saw him across the street, the same man I saw on the news just twenty minutes ago. A tall, white man. Balding with a long grey beard. In his hand was a black suitcase. I imagined the horrors it held. He then boarded a bus and left my life forever.

    By Joel URL on 06.01.2012

  31. the big sister wanted to convict the little boy for steeling a cookie

    By shelby on 06.01.2012

  32. sometimes people write love letters to convicts. this is actually a more common practice than you might think. i wonder what it is about human psychology that makes people fall in love with murderers.

    By anonymous on 06.01.2012

  33. he shook his head. this couldn’t be true. he had lost his memory, but wouldn’t he still have his personality? he didn’t feel like the kind of person who would bring a gun to school. why was he being convicted of a crime he didn’t remember comitting?

    By Isaac Magnuson URL on 06.01.2012

  34. convicts. they kill people anbd rape people. they steal things. they break hearts? i guess maybe thats what tyoud call someon ewho bvreaks your heart? maybe not. but anyway. convicts steal diamonds. and glass cases of jewelry for a wrinkled queen in purple silk. its very weird, she has a british accent. they wear black outfits. that cover everything but their eyes.

    By lexi on 06.01.2012

  35. I was convicted of a crime, which, is not the problem. What the problem is, is that I am facing 20 years in prison and am unable to follow this sentence. therefore i must run away, escape before i am caught and taken away. My wife, also my partner in crime, states that i must run away, to the maldives, forever.

    By ally on 06.01.2012

  36. Convicts are bad people. They usually are associated with breaking out of jail. That’s what I think of. They do crime, go to jail and break out and cause a whole lot of havoc. Getting everybody in a hivvy thinking they will come kill you. They’re just trouble.

    By Emily URL on 06.01.2012

  37. Jail, someone was in jail beacause they murdered a person, they could have killed them and there might have been a lot of blood. I think of myself as a convict because Maybe I broke someones heart and if i did that maybe they couldnt breath and they could have died. ive had that happen to me. It reminds me of a judge and jury

    By Liz on 06.01.2012

  38. A person who kills, steals, harms others. Some one who as been in prison many of times. Or at least once. Some body that every one despises. And who needs to be in prison. Some one that deserves a life sentence.

    By Kayla Harding on 06.01.2012

  39. A man or prisoner of some sort of crime, internally or externally. He/she could either be sorry or not for what they have done, determined or not caring, and ready to make amends or not. This person has committed their crime in the name of something important to them or for no reason whatsoever.

    By Lucas Principe on 06.01.2012

  40. he hung his head. The jury had declared him guilty. He thought back to the man who laid lifeless after the struggle. He regretted nothing.

    By Emmalee URL on 06.01.2012