March 4th, 2011 | 496 Entries

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496 Entries for “control”

  1. I have this weird thing about control. I never seem to have it. I can’t control my life, or my emotions, or pretty much anything. But I always want control.

    By Theodora URL on 03.04.2011

  2. It’s hard to have, takes a lot of discipline. I’m not sure I even want it. Maybe I need to have more of it though. It’s ironic that this word causes such chaos in the world, from all the people fighting for it.

    By Melissa on 03.04.2011

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    By kat on 03.04.2011

  4. you tell me, don’t think just write.
    not enough control for me
    it’s funny. some people are comforted by total control. others feel a lot better just letting them do it.
    maybe it makes life easier.

    By Miss Claire on 03.04.2011

  5. The old Zen monk sighed. The lesson of the day was the hardest to teach to young monks. Control. Not just self-discipline, but control in its pure form, where rules and regulations and standards become irrelevant, and the student becomes one with their practice. At that point, it is unnecessary to impose external conditions, for the changes have become internalized. The path to this state of being was long and steep however, and it was for this reason that the old monk sighed. He bowed to his students.

    By silentscribe URL on 03.04.2011

  6. I sat there, watching the strange figure standing across the room from me. I know now that I have no control over how, or when my short life is going to come to a sudden end. I see a flicker of excitement befall the strangers face. I go.

    By Jordan Wearn URL on 03.04.2011

  7. I have the control I need to succeed. Now all I need is a plan, for life…. maybe husband and wife? Maybe not….

    By Kittie_K URL on 03.04.2011

  8. Courage and self-control. When she needed the courage, she didn’t have it, thankfully. If she did, then she would have gone out of control and hurt the one she loved. Now that she has courage, she has to learn how to exercise control. Even if all the courage in the world urges her to tell him, she will control herself so he will not be hurt.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.04.2011

  9. i was in control. i was the boss and it made me feel happy. giddy even. holding his life in m hands made me ecstatic and i wanted more. so i went on that rampage. i went and killed people that i thought deserved it.

    By Middy URL on 03.04.2011

  10. CONTROL:for it is only when and/or if our souls leave our physical bodies do we again need ponder and become uncertain

    By The Fake Dann URL on 03.04.2011

  11. he got out of control!
    she screamed like mad, he lose his conscious again!
    people running away in the town, scattering like sheep without shepherd. the sun shines brightly down the burning land, the great concrete wall standing there as if its going to fail any time soon.

    By sarah on 03.04.2011

  12. Control. Is stillness. Holding water in the palm of your hand.

    Control, is electric fences wound around paddocks to ignite fear in the hearts. .

    Control, is a dictator’s government, ruled by an iron fist of violence

    Control, is a society working in unison to better their nation by standing as one.

    Control, is the ability to think, and smile at yourself in the mirror.

    Control should always be balanced by chaos.

    By Trulala Latra on 03.04.2011

  13. control. it seems like everyones in control of someone or something. but i’m not even in control of me. i can’t control how i feel. or the sadness that you bring to me. i can’t help that i love you with all my heart. its not said aloud but carved in bark. crazy i am. crazy i’ll be but i’m not in control of me.

    By celeste cervantes URL on 03.04.2011

  14. freak

    By Susan URL on 03.04.2011

  15. I’ve lost so many days and months to the adoration of the sun….sweat tears pains and aspirations have all melted in the heat of the noon day demands for control

    By mdhuett on 03.04.2011

  16. Control, control? Is this website taunting me? I HAVE NO CONTROL! HE TAKES IT AWAY! Why, I thought this would help, but no, no it just hurts.

    By BumbleBee URL on 03.04.2011

  17. control! what else can i do except sitting in front of the computer, gazing into the endless cypher space of nothingness. what am i doing up here? she asked herself, i could be learning from my statistic books or playing piano! ‘need more self control’ the teacher have always said.

    By soraoshi URL on 03.04.2011

  18. Control over situations is imposible. We are active spectators in a world that we created, which also binds us. We have let ourselves lose control, and it will remain this way until we change.

    By José Miguel Arroyo on 03.04.2011

  19. mind control is a terrible thing to waste if you have the chance to develop into a yogi grab it with both hands it will come after years of standing on your head in the himalayas but it will be worth it the mind is the enemy of happiness joy comes from breathing in and out and realizing that you only have now.

    By Christian Wijnberg on 03.04.2011

  20. I find you sitting outside my locker, reading a book. You’ve settled in as if this was part of our weekly routine. “Let’s head to the library,” I suggest. You disagree. For the next hour we sit there together, not sure who’s in control.

    By Mattie URL on 03.04.2011

  21. I like to have control of my situations and self, but more than anything, I just don’t like others to have control of me…even if that means I don’t have control either. I respect control, but I’m weary of it. I like dreams, aspirations, goals. Control can be helpful or a hindering.

    By Blake Loomis on 03.04.2011

  22. I crave the control I never had as a child.

    By lilldeh on 03.04.2011

  23. If I had control, I wouldn’t have stayed the night at his appartment. If I had control, I wouldn’t be a bitch to you all of the time. If I had control, we wouldn’t have fallen apart. We would not be in this situation. If I had control… you would still be in love with me.

    By Emilly Bond URL on 03.04.2011

  24. Sometimes I feel I’m in control, but most of the time I’m not….Control is something we most stress out about but cannot do anything about..ultimately it is in the hands of destiny, destino, fate….

    By Gina on 03.04.2011

  25. I have lost control. Slipping full speed into a guardrail of Hall and Oats albums and ice cream.

    By Thomas LeFevre on 03.04.2011

  26. i need to be in control of my money. Money does not control me. I think there is a strategy to having control over my money but I have not mastered this art of control. I wish I had more control over my money so that I wouldn’t have debt and that I could be free from debt and do whatever I want to do.

    By Heidi Oh on 03.04.2011

  27. My life is spinning away from my grasp. There is no control, no speed limits, no warning signs on life. You just go and hope that you don’t crash. This is what I’ve learned from everything thing I’ve been through. Hold on tight, it’s quite a ride.

    By DAM URL on 03.04.2011

  28. of the atmosphere God I have not strength courage fruit of the spirit arms

    By Lisa on 03.04.2011

  29. It was all about power. That’s all he ever wanted out of me, was submission. It drove me crazy. I couldn’t deal with it, but I did. I loved him. I thought I loved him. So it goes, I guess.

    By Allison on 03.04.2011

  30. I am always looking for a way to grab the reins. I need to have some sort of idea of what he’s thinking. What he knows. I have the hardest time waiting for him, I want to know and know now. I try to practice patience, try to trust that he’ll pursue me at the right time, when he’s ready, but my heart lacks the discipline and I am up and down being played by my emotions.

    By Karissa la on 03.04.2011

  31. I lost it. I lost my cool. I lost my sanity. I lost my control.
    My hands were around her little neck, wringing the life out of her.
    She said sorry wasn’t good enough in a fight before.
    Sorry isn’t good enough now.

    By Hailey on 03.04.2011

  32. i have to control myself. i will keep everything together and present myself as the epitome of control. it will be hard, but i can do it. i can’t worry others by not taking control of the situation and of my life. control control control, that is what i seek.

    By Mattie Lewis on 03.04.2011

  33. a type of controll is a tv remote or a xbox remote that you can use to play your games on .. you also have a wii rwmote that us wireless hehe lol z erm the government have controll of a lot of things

    By tombo on 03.04.2011

  34. You think you have it, but you never really do. Is it predetermined that we are destined to not be in control or is it the chaos that allows us to live our lives free of fear.

    Do you want to control everything or have that little window of flexibility that makes us all human?

    By Gary Welsh on 03.04.2011

  35. Control is such a horrible thing. When you don’t have it, you need it. When you have it, you’re just biding your time until you lose it. When you lose it, it seems like your whole world has gone to hell. All of your life is spent seeking it – to no avail.

    By Lover on 03.04.2011

  36. i hate control but i like to control.So, I spend alot of time trying to relinquish control to a higher power.

    By justin on 03.04.2011

  37. I lose control when I try to control. I try to control with pain, but it has taken control of me. I don’t want help but I know I need it. Control is useless in life because life has no speed limits, no warning signs, and many reckless drivers. All you can do is buckle up and swerve your way through and see how far you go.

    By Dara Ann URL on 03.04.2011

  38. this word is one that is particularly relevant in most aspects of life. without this we will get nowhere in life. control is an personality trait that is common in the most successful and also the most contemptful.

    By Jo-Ann on 03.04.2011

  39. you controlled me. no longer, though. I thought you made me better but you just got the best of me. I will never let you in anymore. you are equal to the dirt on my shoes now. I will never allow myself to change for anyone ever again. I will never be so passive as to let a man think he can get the best of me.

    By Corinne URL on 03.04.2011

  40. I need to learn how to relenquish some. I’m not a control freak, I just don’t like to not have any. Its a good and bad thing i suppose. I’m working on it. I just need to let go… SOME.

    By Bambii The Prince URL on 03.04.2011