November 1st, 2016 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “continued”

  1. After speaking with Bentley in the office, I decided to relocate the conversation to the local pub, where the cute red-haired girl would be bartending that night. We continued our chat over tall steins of beer and a shot or two of whiskey, but nothing too fancy beyond that. The redhead walked over to me at one point to ask where I was from, due to my accent, and I felt my smile stiffen as I tried to find a proper way to answer her question.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.01.2016

  2. Continuing isn’t the end. It is not to quit. It is to keep going. It is simple, and yet so difficult. Even just to continue this is very hard.

    By Olive Musick URL on 11.01.2016

  3. I can’t get air into my lungs. Every time I suck in a choking, rattling breath I feel the air rushing down, but I can’t feel the rush of oxygen.

    By Emma URL on 11.01.2016

  4. and so it continued, on and on. sometimes she thought it would never stop, it drove her mad, the endless cycles, circles and swirls of consciousness. until one day. it hit her. boom, and it all made sense. finally. fucking finally.

    By Liz on 11.01.2016

  5. Robin would always love Matthew, regardless of whether Matthew was six feet underground.

    By Aray on 11.01.2016

  6. Carter continued to stare at Blue, who was started to get annoyed with his insistent staring. “Fuck of Carter” she hissed.

    By lol on 11.01.2016

  7. She just continued dragging it out. Over and over again I tried to pull away but she wouldn’t let me go. She couldn’t let me go. I pushed onwards, face to the storm ahead, winds blowing the vines of the willow in my face, as I waited her out. And yet she continued smiling.

    By Barry on 11.01.2016

  8. To be continued.. Nothing really ever does finish anyway

    By escargotnoel URL on 11.01.2016

  9. Panting she sat down in the wet grass. She couldn’t remember how long she’d been running for. Looking up, her face got pelted with small drops of water. “I can’t go on like this.” She whispered to herself. “Maybe the sun will suddenly come out and make everything better.” It had become a habit to talk to herself. She sighed as she looked down at her small pale hands. It was hopeless, she thought as she gazed up at the sky again. The rain kept falling. On and on. It was almost hypnotizing as she watched the rain droplets falling. Down and down. She dropped her eyes to the ground again. The rain kept continuing, her life just had to keep going. Everything else wasn’t going to stop. She had to go on with it. “Just continue. There’s no point stopping now.” She said sadly as she pulled herself up.

    By WolfHeart URL on 11.01.2016

  10. She continued on, stepping over charred bodies and blackened grass.
    ‘I did this,’ she thought. ‘I caused this.’
    She did not look back. Her destruction lays in the past now.

    By Isabella Wojnarowicz on 11.01.2016

  11. to be continued is the story of my life; we can skip the intro the epilogue and the non-chalant chapter titles, forget about the page numbers or punctuation, the similes and metaphors and groans and sighs the despair of the ink or the crumbyness of the paper used to print my shit words. to be continued is all there is.

    By coffeeturtle on 11.01.2016

  12. As I walked down the busy street I saw a little girl sitting on the corner. I slowed as I walked by her making sure she was ok. When I realized that she was waiting for her mother at the corner, I continued on my way.

    By Elle URL on 11.01.2016

  13. you thought that the world would have come crashing down after this moment, after those words departed from your lips. you thought that time would have frozen utterly and completely, space ripping apart at the seams. yet, there was nothing. life continued on just as it had, a soft breeze swirling the leaves on the sidewalk where they once stood.

    By vanikey URL on 11.01.2016

  14. She continued to pound away at the wall, with no care for her fist or the flesh that was being scraped and bloodied in the process. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Hell, let the wall DIE, she just wanted to stop feeling so HURT. She didn’t want to feel so frustrated or scared or upset or angry or ANYTHING.

    By Jasmine URL on 11.01.2016

  15. He continued on the beaten path, riding down the winding lanes, torn up by travelers past. It was the only life he knew, since he could remember, never ceasing, never looking back, always facing forward.

    By Place URL on 11.01.2016

  16. All continued ceaselessly. Death and hatred. Love and stability. Flowers continued with the water that gave them life. People continued with lovers that brought them pain. All will continue and all things to come will be continuations of those things, as there is nothing new under the sun.

    By Alejandro on 11.01.2016

  17. He continued to ask. Ask again and again. The teacher was annoyed.
    “Just shut up and listen.” He said. This kid was starting to get on his nerves.
    The kid seemed unabated. “But why do I have to write? Isn’t everything a choice.” The boy asked.
    “No.” The teacher replied. “It’s not.”
    The teacher leaned over his desk so that his face was inches from the boy. “I didn’t choose to teach you.” He said. “I was forced to.”
    “By who?” said the boy. He seemed more excited by the close interaction.

    By Max on 11.01.2016

  18. I continued to see that word. The one in my head. The one that never left. “Stop,” It said. I don’t know why I felt drawn to it. Was it the denial that got me? Or the affirmative, confident way it told me not to do it. I loved him and never stopped. Stop. You. Me. Love.

    By Max on 11.01.2016

  19. I continued to laugh even though the sky grew dark. I shouldn’t laugh at death, but death is so awkward. Crying seems too forced. Screaming seems too unhinged, and silence just doesn’t seem enough. Laughter is all I’ve got.

    By Laura J. on 11.01.2016

  20. Something that continued in my life was always continued; it didn’t exist all the time. And I think that’s the thing about continuity, that people are capable of change, and if something continues, it has true substance in itself

    By Joy Low URL on 11.01.2016

  21. To be continued. One of the worst phrases in the world. The biggest tease. You think right now, finally, you’ll see the hero and heroine kissing each other for the first time with passion building between them, only … To Be Continued.

    Did you realize I was going somewhere important with this … To Be Continued.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.01.2016

  22. to be. . . my life. Is it to be continued? Or is it played out. Right now it’s hard for me to see forward. Life.

    By zenderlee URL on 11.01.2016

  23. To be continued….
    That’s what his leaving always felt like. Like there was so much left undone, unsaid.  It was always a cliffhanger. She never knew if he was coming back. She never knew if this time was the last time and she’d blown it by leaving something out.

    By Pinky URL on 11.01.2016

  24. Luca is young, so young, when he watches Vera chain Herne in a thrashing river, and there are tears in his eyes and he doesn’t understand-
    “Shh,” Vera croons, carding a hand slick with river water and magic through his hair. “There’s no need for this.”
    She pulls-
    (the city feels like glass under his feet he longs for something he doesn’t remember)
    He’s edging on seventeen when he returns, and the forest opens for him like an old friend. He dreams of summer storms instead of wildfires, and when he finds the garden-
    (do you remember now?)
    They’ll finish this together.

    By savvadrokki URL on 11.02.2016

  25. My head shakes with shame
    at the CONTINUED lack of
    man’s evolution

    My arrogant grin
    is revealed when someone says
    “you should go to hell!”

    Mankind has its flaws
    behaviors vile now as then
    though much seems changed

    Why say go to hell?
    Have not rape, torture, murder
    Yet failed to flee Earth?

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.02.2016

  26. They build the suspense
    you ‘know’ the action is near
    climatic battle!

    But they’re just talking
    more boring banal banter
    time is nearly gone!

    Oh, foul anime
    now as was Dragonball Z
    and Bleach before you

    Please, please don’t do this!
    Not again, I can’t take it!

    [Now one may watch whole series at once, so HaHaHaHAAA! anime developers!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.02.2016

  27. there was something familiar about the way they interacted. like they were old friends catching up, like everything they did they were continuing what they started. something picked up from where it left off. something continued.

    By Kyra on 11.02.2016

  28. She sat down and continued the story, again. She wrote the first chapter, again. She has been doing this over, and over for the past 3-years. She will never finish anything she starts.

    By Trista URL on 11.02.2016

  29. She stopped halfway down the hall as he rounded the corner. He smiled wide and kept advancing towards her.
    “What could you possibly want?”
    She tried not to smile. “Hi.”
    “How are you? I missed you.”
    “Shut up, that’s how.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.02.2016

  30. It had been three days. Her life felt like it was stick in a “To be Continued” final scene. Each time they spoke, he gave her that same look — the look he gave her when he said, “I can’t do this right now. I need to think. Don’t you need to think? Let’s think.”

    She didn’t need to think. But her she was, waiting. No answers. Just waiting.

    By Jamie on 11.02.2016

  31. running
    in the dark
    breathing heavy
    waiting for it to come
    scratches on my hands and face
    nowhere to go
    its there
    its coming

    By Amber URL on 11.02.2016

  32. I continued to type these short sentences because I thought that I would get extra credit on my hard work.

    By Imorales6732 URL on 11.02.2016

  33. I continued to type these short paragraphs because I thought that I would get extra credit. fro some of my hardest work

    By Imorales6732 URL on 11.02.2016

  34. I think of someone continuing their journey. They are looking for something, or doing something specific and they want to continue to reach for their goal. i think of someone who is working hard and continuing their passion. They are coming back from doing something and picking up where they left off.

    By Jensine Wigney-Hartz on 11.02.2016

  35. to be continued…that seems to be where i end each day, but not necessarily in a good way. no, more like this is all to be continued tomorrow…with no end in sight, the solution still unknown…

    By Margaret Bain URL on 11.02.2016

  36. simple…no such thing. nothing is simple. it’s all hard, even when it should be easy. simple is just what my mind is becoming as i age, as i realize i know less now than i did yesterday, or the day before that. i wish i could get back to simple again. ahh to be simple..bliss..

    By Margaret Bain URL on 11.02.2016

  37. She continued to remain in silence,
    even when the world begged to hear her voice.
    She talked only to herself.
    Isolated by an experience that stole her vocal ability.
    She continued to remain in silence,
    even when she screamed.

    By Lexy URL on 11.02.2016

  38. Even though it was pouring down rain, we still continued to unload the moving trailer.

    By Josiah URL on 11.02.2016

  39. As I was watching my favorite TV show ever, there was a HUGE climax in the storyline. I sat at the edge of my seat only to find the next screen to say … “To be continued”

    By homeschooler URL on 11.02.2016

  40. whatother mental salutation can delineate continutity
    to exepct the brutality, of reality
    ensorcells supine doubts that hinder continued prickets screaming for candles to fire up.

    Ill take my previous day’s downs, refurbish frowns, upside down
    not like your ordinary everyday expected citizenry clowns
    ill walk by a flower with extra yellow shimmers to find my own glimmer
    optimistic self-motivated mental apparatus
    more smiles bring about such status
    churn out those cheeks and see how you many touches
    spin about
    your obliques

    exonerated free will, a pickle with no dill,
    money or honey–both sweet but one cant operate withother the other
    unless bee hives hang like branches in the amazon!

    By Milad URL on 11.02.2016