November 1st, 2016 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “continued”

  1. To be continued…

    By Blue on 11.02.2016

  2. And so these warm and languid nights betwixt blankets continue. I’ll lie here with the hours breaking down before me, disintegrating under the weight of passing seconds. My eyes are open first, then closed, and maybe open again. I’ll ask dawn to stay caged on the opposite end of the earth just so I can melt here for one minute longer.

    By H URL on 11.02.2016

  3. I stare straight on
    Glassy eyes just clear enough to see
    I can’t not tear my eyes away from the sight
    I refuse to tear my feet from the ground
    I instead dig them in deeper
    I clench my fists tightly around that little red string,
    Thin and delicate,
    Knowing very well how easily it could break
    Knowing it is our only link
    I stare as it slowly desintagrates
    Shaking hands causing it to sway
    Shaking knees causing me to sway with it
    It means nothing, does nothing
    But I still hold on till the very end
    Till it disappears….and long after….

    By Ami on 11.02.2016

  4. I stare straight on
    Glassy eyes just clear enough to see
    I can’t not tear my eyes away from the sight
    I refuse to tear my feet from the ground
    I instead dig them in deeper
    I clench my fists tightly around that little red string,
    Thin and delicate,
    Knowing very well how easily it could break
    Knowing it is our only link
    I stare as it slowly desintagrates
    Shaking hands causing it to sway
    Shaking knees causing me to sway with it
    It means nothing, does nothing
    But I still hold on till the very end
    Till it disappears….and long after….

    By Ami on 11.02.2016

  5. To be continued…. Ugh! I hate that! You are really into the plot of a show and right when they get to the best part of the show the screen turns to black and you see “To be continued….” So unfair.

    By Robin on 11.02.2016

  6. I watch as he stands there, seemingly motionless. But he’s moving, I know he is. I can see his eyes flic around and his fingers twitch. And so I sit there, waiting for him to say something.

    By Deandra on 11.02.2016

  7. On and on I wrote. I wrote day and night. My journal continued to be the flush of my beating heart, until the heart was empty but the pen was not. Dear broken heart. Dear faithful pen, sweet friend. What more could I ask? A real friend continues to listen, to bear all things without judgement. A pen is friend like no other, until the poor little thing finally runs dry. When the tears have all been cried and the dearest friend is dried up, sorrow is finished. It is finished.

    By Maria on 11.02.2016

  8. I just sighed as I realised I had to continue. The long hard journey across the lands, exhausted I very much was but continuing was what I had to do now in the efforts I had made and I had come so far, I continued after being beaten down, sick, lost, harassed, it just became something I had to do. I would go further than what was expected and I would give my name a proud title. In the end, I will be satisfied.

    By NeithIsCrossed on 11.02.2016

  9. Es geht immer weiter. Es geht so oder so immer weiter. Es kann gut weitergehen oder eben nicht. Es kann konzentriert weitergehen oder zerfleddert. Es ist egal. Ich kann dies auswählen oder das. Mit beiden Optionen werde ich lernen, sehr viel lernen. Ich habe immer noch die Illusion, dass es irgendwie leichter werden könnte. Es wäre so schön, wenn es leichter werden würde.

    By Lisa URL on 11.02.2016

  10. I continued to walk through life even though there were a few stumps along the way. I continued my journey and I knew it would be a long one. I continued to pay attention to my gut feelings and everything that fed my soul.

    By deanna on 11.02.2016

  11. The sentence should’ve continued… but it didn’t… it ended just like her life. Her life should’ve continued, but it ended just like this sentence. I miss her but everything comes to an end even if we was able to continue for so long, just like this very long sentence. If only her life could’ve continued like I hope the end of this sentence will with these semi-colons; I know they both came to an end.

    By Ghost Writer A on 11.02.2016

  12. Even though he was brought down multiple times, he continued to be who he was and he never gave up. He looked on the bright side, always aware. Always there to be your best friend when there was nobody, there to pick you up, even when you didn’t need it. He continued. He pushed through and got to a point he could drive through, smoothly. Instead of his bumpy elementary school experience.

    By B.Jennie on 11.02.2016

  13. found and bound in dusty tomes
    to be continued in rusty homes
    delivered at 6:21 to 221B, Holmes
    hives of 31 IV Combee drones

    By omqwat on 11.02.2016

  14. -nd I was saying to therapist at the table, “Why do you always have to psychoanalyze me.” They looked at me tellingly, an inside joke shared amongst the three at the table with me: Some sitting at a higher chair than others, and others separated by tables themselves; I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise until my friend, the therapist, calmed his need to preach Freud’s fire and brimstone condemnation of a lonely person with not much going for them. Their gleeful smiles were enough to tell me what their last conversation was about and continue it as if I were there. It went sort of like- “in question, is unfit for trial you say?” “I do say so” said the Therapist and the tallest among us, sitting on the highest chair said something like: “then by the power invested in me by the Supreme Court of Toronto, I hereby declare this individual mentally unfit for-” So I just turned a-

    By Eric Harrell on 11.02.2016

  15. “To be continued…”

    She closed the book and leaned back against her seat. Is this really the end of such a delightful series that had followed her from childhood?

    The word mocked her even though the cover innocently winked at her.

    By Yuki on 11.02.2016

  16. The rest of the agenda was continued until the next meeting. She exhaled and thanked god. But that means she has to be ready again.

    By Steph URL on 11.02.2016

  17. So he swallows and looks. It’s not hard.

    “I don’t want to forget,” he says, and there’s a sort of pounding in his veins, how easy it is to want, how easy it could be just to reach out and touch, and how final this feels, like two people who are meeting for the last time in their last life.

    He shakes his head and smiles. Too late, he realizes he’s smiling back.

    “You don’t have to. This…isn’t the end.”

    “I know,” he tells him, and realizes that he means it.

    By onceiwill on 11.02.2016

  18. i continued to listen to the songs all day because all i really think about in the back of my head is you. then i hear about you and how you are far gone for sure now and i don’t think that the story in my head will ever be continued.

    By c on 11.02.2016

  19. It is quite fitting
    that oneword has continued
    to use CONTINUED

    despite many forms
    my use of writing haiku
    is continued too

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 11.02.2016

  20. Beautiful, Unique
    are species not CONTINUED
    by actions of men

    two examples are
    Pink Headed Duck & Great Auk
    I wished to meet them :-(

    si voluerunt,
    autem non possum amo
    quae homi sunt!

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 11.02.2016

  21. The rain continued to poor down non-stop for three days. The river was starting to rise and I was concerned that it would never stop. My brother and I were sick of the sight of each other, he was annoying me and consistently picking on me.

    By Kael on 11.02.2016

  22. She continued to run, through it all. Through the screaming, through the burned shells of homes, through the destroyed lives of the people she loved. Her bare feet grew black with ash and red with cuts, but she kept going, as the bomb shattered the earth around her, flying debris and brick around her- they seemed to leave her be, the mysterious girl in the torn white dress, running. Running. Running.

    By EmmaChristobel on 11.03.2016

  23. to be continued is a weird sentence since it implies that something will be continued, even though there might not be a beginning or end, even is there is a continuation or not?

    By xdeadlytoaster on 11.03.2016

  24. I continued to try and improve my english but it is very hard in a place that dont speak english.

    By DiegoFerreira on 11.03.2016

  25. To be continued…
    That is the exact way that Grey’s Anatomy has given me a heart attack at least seven times. I just don’t understand why it has to “be continued.” Don’t “to be” it. Continue the damn thing now before my carotid bursts open from blood pressure build up and even Dr. Richard Webber won’t be able to patch that bad boy up. Trust me, that’s how Seth Green died in the show.

    By Paige B on 11.03.2016

  26. …simple, i came this time for the second year in a row. He did not expected someone like me to be interested despite all the genuine effort i had input to this subject in the past. I am here, certainly, definitely for taking the best i can from it. To learn and humbly evolve, listening and considering what he has to offer. I am definitely here.

    By lyrics on 11.03.2016

  27. , to add another entry. Unvanished feeling of wanting to write. To have the doors open wide for the marrow of oneself senses. Keeping a uncomfortable and vulnerable sense that you should keep on writing. Im in the zone. It not important if its well done just keep carrying it is pleasurable. Oh, i am lucky. Oh, the pleasure in writing. I am definitely lucky. Juices…

    By lyrics on 11.03.2016

  28. It continued. The story continued. Even without the main character alive, the story still continued. This is the first time the villain has ever won in a fairy tale, and so what happens next? The book didn’t close the story didn’t end. How will it continue?

    By Anja on 11.03.2016

  29. it continued along the same lines
    and it would continue along the same lines
    unless you bring the line to an
    things will continue along the same lines.

    By Steve O URL on 11.03.2016

  30. We could’ve continued where we left off, but we never did. Because it’s wrong, taboo, weird, all that stuff. And I don’t want to ruin his life, for he is my life, only him. He knew that, but his heart is too big for me alone, yet unable to be shared. And this was what he chose, others over ourselves. Perhaps for now. Perhaps forever. And I wonder if by that time he will still have a piece of his heart left for me. Even so, I will still wait for him.

    By kn on 11.03.2016

  31. I continued my test today. Also after school I continued playing my video games.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.03.2016

  32. one word will probly help me with my school work or maybe not. I h

    By Leeora on 11.03.2016

  33. one word will probly help me with my school work or maybe not. I have never used one word maybe I will like it, maybe I will hate it.

    By Leeora on 11.03.2016

  34. I do not understand what I’m should be doing. I thought this was like

    By Leeora on 11.03.2016

  35. this life is a gift from god. i cant take it for granted. i have a wonderful life that my parents gave me.i have good friends that im thankful for. i hope this life im living continues to be like this.

    yea i know i didnt use the word continued…but eh whatever..this was fun!

    By ateeqa on 11.03.2016

  36. an it continues….. this is the most basic form of life it goes on and on. this is consolating too, frustrating sometimes, sad, happy..
    I think it’s just perfect, as it is.

    By vocorina on 11.03.2016

  37. […]
    -what kind of man am i? – he asked himself looking sideways to the mirror, he could not bear the sense of looking straight into that abyss he found inches away from his face, the reflecting endless eyes of his devolved by the reflecting questioning surface.
    – What the fuck are you doing? Taking to yourself? he felt weird, having another simultaneous voice considering and observing his unleashed actions. Like there was another man on the background of his room, waiting for the chance to intervene spot on.

    By lyrics on 11.03.2016

  38. I continued typing until something else came into my head, lol. Now that I have found you, I hope that you will continue to help me become a better reader, achiever, visionary, engaged, teacher, meeting the standard!

    By Stephen Paine on 11.03.2016

  39. progressing through things, moving upwards, moving along.
    getting knocked down and standing back up, even if it means getting up slowly.
    Development with targets.
    Goals, ideas, collaboration

    By Tas on 11.03.2016

  40. …this is a continuation of everything that must be and everything that ever was. We always continue to advance forwards, flowing along with time; like a fluid along a shallow stream that does not become obstructed.

    By Natascha on 11.03.2016