April 6th, 2011 | 678 Entries

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678 Entries for “connected”

  1. connected is where two things are either plugged into each other or there is a connection in between two things. example is the controller was connected to the playstation.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 04.06.2011

  2. I was not connected to the internet of the school on my ipod. I tried to connect on my ipod it did not work. :( bummer……………..

    By Gisele Brown :) URL on 04.06.2011

  3. Connected means to be like attached to something. There is a lot of different defenisions.

    By Summer Emond on 04.06.2011

  4. Why is it that with all this technology we have this days it still seems that people haven’t connected. We need to make an effort to change that, to help the world start looking at thing in a better light and move into a new line of consciousness . I mean come on were all genetically brothers and sisters so why not.

    By Juice URL on 04.06.2011

  5. we live in a connected world. everything is on tap — the world’s literature, movies, and other such cultural artifacts. yet herein there is also a paradox. more and more are we not also disconnected from our fellow humans?

    By A Watt Therm Kite URL on 04.06.2011

  6. connected

    By Shadow URL on 04.06.2011

  7. like you connect to wifi you connected with your friend and like when two tings are connected

    By amber URL on 04.06.2011

  8. used for joining to or more things..
    being joint together,,
    they move long in the manner and direction
    make the same path
    connectives: and firstly sec

    By Naina on 04.06.2011

  9. The video game is connected to the t.v.

    By Stevie URL on 04.06.2011

  10. Ummm like your connected to the internet right now to be one one word ….

    -Kaytlynn Wood:D

    By kaytlynn URL on 04.06.2011

  11. connected to the world to the sea to me. ha ha just kidding. just an example for you.

    By chance Curell URL on 04.06.2011

  12. Communication is one of my strengths. It’s the strength I’m most proud of, because I feel like it has nothing negative about it. Unlike my other strengths, making plans for instance, communication doesn’t come back to bite me in the cheek.

    By Val on 04.06.2011

  13. My boyfriend and I are connected on a totally different level than anyone I have ever been connected to. He knows pretty much what I’m thinking when I think it. He knows how to make me smile and how to make me laugh. We are a match made in heaven. I love him.

    By Amanda on 04.06.2011

  14. i am no longer connected!
    I deleted my accounts, I am changing my numbers, I am slowing down
    I will connect when I want to connect – no one can connect with me unless I choose
    choice, connection, my choice, my connection mine

    By Kat5 URL on 04.06.2011

  15. Facebook changed my connection to old friends, people I loved from the past. I know who is having a baby, who repainted their house, who’s grandmother died, who got a new dog. It’s amazing…this connectivity.

    By Ms. Gordon URL on 04.06.2011

  16. Many of us feel too connected theses days, we are “connected” to the wrong things! We’re so attached to cell phones, ipods, ipads, computers and everything else electronic that we have a hard time really being connected to the people we love most. This is something we should all work on.

    By Ashlee URL on 04.06.2011

  17. i don’t feel connected to Jamie, i don’t like the way he sits next to me as i write things about him he is always doing it and smiling and masturbating and it makes me feel.. um.. its ok but i had some tea and that was ontario and i like Canada kind of because Jamie isn’t there and he can’t touch me anymore Uzbekistan

    By Jamie Lamb on 04.06.2011

  18. He and I were forever connected. We had a bond that no one could explain of even understand, connected by our love for life and one another. Connections are funny like that, once have one, it’s forever.

    By brittany on 04.06.2011

  19. you and I are connected,
    our mind and soul
    you may not admit it,
    the hatred in your eyes i can see
    the anger in your voice i can hear
    all will pass and you will realise
    our connection can never be broken
    even till death

    By soraoshi URL on 04.06.2011

  20. Connected to me is a way to express the interaction between 2 people. Connected means that not only do you know and like and possibly love this person, but that you are literally connected by means other than physical. Connected means you could be half way around the world from a person and still be… Connected.

    By Dan on 04.06.2011

  21. so.don’t know.what I must doing?

    By Bambaleyla URL on 04.06.2011

  22. I miss you so much, we used to be so close, like we were the same exact person.
    it shows i was never truly connected to you if this is how you treated me, it makes me miss the people who really do love me, and miss me and who i have a real connection with, but my internet connection isn’t enough to make the feeling of being homesick go away.

    By Katie URL on 04.06.2011

  23. A lot of the time I feel disconnected to people. The only thing that I actually feel a kinship to, would be my music. It’s my passion; my best friend. I can’t talk to people properly. I don’t know what it is about me. They just don’t understand me, even though my social skills may be pretty acceptable. but music understands me. It will always understand me. Music is certain to be in my life forever. People, are not.

    By Brianna kane URL on 04.06.2011

  24. We are all connected, connected o each other whether it be through the threads of consciousness or through our mutual preferences. We connect and bond over the stupidest things, all of us, over hot coffee or tea or misspelled words.

    By sarah URL on 04.06.2011

  25. I knew in an instant that we were bonded deeper than anyone had ever dreamed of. When I looked into your beautiful eyes, I could feel the connection pulsating through my blood. We fit together. You and I, perfectly aligned. I was yours, completely and irrevocably yours, and you were mine. Like puzzle pieces of this great big universe, we connected the moment we met.

    By Rebecca URL on 04.06.2011

  26. You are connected with a lot of things and with alot of things for instance the phone facebook and email. being connected is good and gives you that feeling of comfort. Everyone wants to feel connected in life and not left out.

    By Molly on 04.06.2011

  27. everything is connected with something else. You cannot do any action without a consequence and what is more, the cosequence has its own on and that is why we might be very careful and thoughtful while doing anything.

    By tommy URL on 04.06.2011

  28. staying connected with family and friends is the most important thing we can do as individuals. its important because it keeps us ground. it keeps us connected to what we love, believe, and hope for.

    By cara on 04.06.2011

  29. We are
    connect and yet I feel
    between us

    What does it mean when I reach for your hand and you
    hesitate before taking it?
    What does it mean when I smile and you
    look down at your paper?

    There is a
    nce between us and it is

    By Max URL on 04.06.2011

  30. Connected electronically to all of the people in my life, no matter how inconsequential. They are my facebook friends. They send me email forwards,. I read their tweets and know more about their lives than I do about the neighbors I see every morning.

    By Tonia URL on 04.06.2011

  31. whenever i talk to the girls in my dorm or when i talk to my mom on the phone, connected is all i feel. and my mother lives 200 miles away and i see her only once in a while. but she’s just as much of a best friend as the girls on my floor, who have indeed become my sisters. i also thank them so much more than they know for how they helped me get through my break up with my long distance boyfriend, who i thought i was connected to… guess not. but i love them more than they’ll know.

    By Sary Switajewski on 04.06.2011

  32. We connected from across the room. I knew it was him right away, despite the fact that we hadn’t seen eachother since middle school, and even though he wasn’t even a blip on my adolescent radar. He’d gotten handsome, and I knew I had caught his eye. That was the first night we kissed and the last night I’d think of being with any other boys.

    By parrypants URL on 04.06.2011

  33. Being connected is having friends and family to hang out with. Connected doesn’t mean cell phones or internet it means having friends who care and who you connect with. It’s about having that special bond between ppl. Having ppl who really connect and care. ppl who see through the lies.

    By 0_oJust Me on 04.06.2011

  34. i am connected with the world because i am rooted to the ground like a tree. Although i am rooted to the ground i have no limits not even the sky can stop me.

    By Michael Pearl on 04.06.2011

  35. We’re all connected in one way or another. There are the mundane connections of spinning electrons that form the vast telecommunication webs that span the globe. There are emotional connections that draw us, bind us closer, and hurl us apart. There are physical, intimate connections that always end…good or bad, they always end.

    By David URL on 04.06.2011

  36. Since being gifted this remarkable gift by a lovely and her furry friend, I have learned more than I imagined possible in such a short space of time. Thank you.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.06.2011

  37. When I think connected, I think of how I feel when I’m with my best friends and we’re all lying on the bed holding hands, tangled in each other. We all mean the world to each other, but it’s moments like those, when our hearts are full and we’re as close as human beings can possibly be, that it feels the most like family. It goes beyond mere friendship, no matter how angry I get at them sometimes. They are my family, and we will always, always be connected, even when we are old and grey. We will always be entwined; our destines are anchored to each other’s.

    By Claire on 04.06.2011

  38. I think that things happen in life in order to connect people in some way. There are some people I meet and we never talk to again. Then there are others I meet and an instant friendship blossoms.

    By Rachel Drozinski on 04.06.2011

  39. Connected to
    Needing the
    New insights
    Ever mindful of their
    To each other even in

    By Amy URL on 04.06.2011

  40. Hands, persevering, in contact with each other. Fingers meshed into place, nails grazing, palms sweating. Black with white, brown with yellow, all the colors of the rainbow. Colors, connected, as one.

    By Gullnar URL on 04.06.2011