April 6th, 2011 | 678 Entries

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678 Entries for “connected”

  1. connecting…connecting…connecting…. i look at my computer screen. it’s still connecting…connecting…connecting…

    By Cooper URL on 04.07.2011

  2. everyone is connected these days- email, facebook, myspace, twitter- and no on e has or wants any secrets. the whole world knows the whole worlds business. i hate it! yes, i have facebook, but i dont want everyone to know what I ‘m doing 24/7.

    By Emily Standing on 04.07.2011

  3. Connected the world to connection – food that’s connected to connection.

    By Alex URL on 04.07.2011

  4. i am connected. we are all connected. every time, every place, everyone. connectivity- we have it, and we all feel that we need it. everyone needs to be connected, to share.

    By Emily URL on 04.07.2011

  5. Too much is not a good thing. But connection is the focus of all of us it seems these days. Glieck’s The Information is about this. How connection became information and information a commodity and what it means.

    By John Covert URL on 04.07.2011

  6. Let me connect the dots for you,
    from one star to another,
    across planets and galaxies,
    until you finally understand
    that you are very much
    not alone
    but tethered,
    to me.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.07.2011

  7. Connected by interest
    connected by words
    and by wisdom
    I felt the strong sensation
    as your arms caressed me
    Never wanting to leave your side
    I felt that strong connection as soon as I looked into your eyes

    By Kait URL on 04.07.2011

  8. What does it mean to be connected? I’m afraid I don’t really know. Sure, there are those who are connected to me in some way but I don’t really feel connected to them. Maybe it’s a bond, some unbroken trust between two people. Maybe that’s what connects them.

    By Lux Aeterna URL on 04.07.2011

  9. i think its hard to feel connected today, especially with the onset of new media like the internet and facebook, and youtube and so on. this may be contrapuntal at first but if you think about it, its so easy to lose your message because there is so much other work and other things out there that in a way drowns out anything you try to say

    By Paul Woodworth on 04.07.2011

  10. They lay on the grass, staring up at the sea of white clouds above them. They didn’t touch, but the intimacy of being so close was far more to them than touching. The swingset they lay under creaked with old age as the wind blew. The girl smiled, content to just be here. As the sun began to set and their shadows were thrown across the lawn the fingers of the boys shadow turned and touched the hand of the girl, forever connecting the two in harmonious bliss.

    By Chryssa Leland on 04.07.2011

  11. love

    By prila URL on 04.07.2011

  12. When you feel connected to someone everything in life falls into the right place. But as easily that everything falls into place and it can turn around with a couple words of the connected person.

    By Leonela on 04.07.2011

  13. i feel connected to the world , but not with my parents . i want to do my share to the world to connect and make one world . one world , one race . that is all. 10 seconds to go… and finished.

    By apa ow on 04.07.2011

  14. Communication. People. Writing. One word can mean everything or just nothing. One word can change someones life. It can make someone smile o

    By Kelly on 04.07.2011

  15. What’s that experiment called? Five degrees of separation? I’ve never actually tried it, but I’ve heard that it’s kind of crazy – we are all connected to each other by around five people, I find that really hard to believe, but I guess it must be true if everybody says so.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 04.07.2011

  16. To be connected is one of the most precious things that can happen. So many connotation s of this meaning are possible, from social media and other external sources to intrinsic symbolism manifested through emotional attachment.

    By David Roylance on 04.07.2011

  17. They were all gathered together
    Trying to lift the wooden legs of the table which had been the largest accent in my kitchen
    My roommate said it needed to go
    I suppose she has a point
    Its wooden legs were broken
    There was only the stained table top on the floor of my kitchen
    The legs were in the lawn
    Their struggling
    Trying to lift them into the dumpster

    By Emma Cherry URL on 04.07.2011

  18. Connected is how I feel with everyone back home. I am living 8000 miles from the people who are important in my life, yet with ease I am able to share with them what I’m doing in New Zealand, show photos, and hear what they’re up to. We are connected through the internet, and distance has little meaning compared to what it could be.

    By Erica on 04.07.2011

  19. We are all connected, somehow. Whether it’s through blood, common interest, or love. It’s quite amazing to think about. we all need each other to survive. Nobody is alone.

    By katie on 04.07.2011

  20. She noticed the wires that connected her to a giant machine but she couldn’t figure out what they wanted from her. She was clueless as to what was going on.

    By rexy6366 URL on 04.07.2011

  21. Connected is when things are put together.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.07.2011

  22. connected means somethin was connected to a wall or somethin

    By 71angel URL on 04.07.2011

  23. Attached to something or knowing about something thats going on.

    By Graham on 04.07.2011

  24. She was connected to her sister. They were both pretty, but you couldn’t tell them apart very well. If I was like that with my sister I would probably get in trouble alot because the two of us together is trouble.

    By Drenna URL on 04.07.2011

  25. I hate those commercials that my sister watches on Disney Channel. The Get Connected one. It’s just always talking about Club Penguin.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 04.07.2011

  26. I am connected with reality. I never live a fantasy something that is not real. I am realistic about things. I am connected with the world but only my world, i dont really care about other people’s world. haha i have to go be connected.

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 04.07.2011

  27. “Everything is connected.” I whispered as I gently touched the silvery wings of the dragonfly that had landed on my arm. It twitched it’s head to one side, and then flew off. “In a place like this, it’s easy to see.” I looked around at the trees, tall and deep green. Birds sang their songs off in the woods a little farther than I could see. This was a place where danger was almost non-existent. I leaned back and put my hands on the sand, listening to the sound of the waves crashing a few feet in front of me, letting the water touch my toes. Feeling a part of everything.

    By rina URL on 04.07.2011

  28. I have no idea what to write about connected.

    By cheylo URL on 04.07.2011

  29. The two had such a great connection together and they were madly in love…….
    They spent all their time together and they often got strange stares you see she was the new girl a very odd one in fact. He didn’t care what they did or said about them.

    By Emnm URL on 04.07.2011

  30. No question they were connected. Always had been. Now, it’s just a little less. And not nearly as much fun!

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 04.07.2011

  31. we are all commected. Although we have so many difference people are inherantly the same. We tend to want to be different, hope we are that one deviating person. But this is false. We are selfish, kind, and confusing creatures

    By maggie on 04.07.2011

  32. i hear them next door, moving furniuture – banging and scraping i feel conected to them by the sounds i can hear. I have never seen them but I can hear them

    By dave on 04.07.2011

  33. I feel this when I first meet someone and upon saying hello you are met with a glimmer of hope in their eyes. We all need hope. We all need friends. We all need to feel validated and understood and it is in that moment that I feel connected. Grounded. Hopeful.

    By Talula Love Bottoms on 04.07.2011

  34. i am connected to the world,
    everyone is connected,
    our views might be separated,
    our lives may be different,
    but that does not mean that we are not connected,
    everything and everyone,
    no exceptions,
    connections are everywhere,
    we are all connected,
    i am connected to the world,
    everyone is connected.

    By sofi on 04.07.2011

  35. It is the same blood, the same genes we share my fellow beings, that which rises out of the single cell that is life’s origin. We may look different, live on the different face of the earth, we may not understand each other’s words, I may believe in a different faith from yours, wear different clothes, attain different knowledge, have curiosity fordifferent things, but we’re the same. The same sun brightens our days, the same moon looking over us at night, the same earth goes around beneath you to come back to me. That’s what our civilization’s existence is, being connected.

    By unkitjc URL on 04.07.2011

  36. connected is what we all are these days.
    everyone is connected to each other at all times of the day. we get wrong calls at four in the morning and get texts from people we don’t even know. it makes you feel like you have a little less privacy than maybe you thought you had. it’s difficult to cut yourself off from everyone.

    By Jayme URL on 04.07.2011

  37. You can Feel connected or you can physically be connected. The act of being and or feeling close or linked to another object or being. Examples of feeling connected: feeling connected to another benign/ having a connection. Feeling connected to nature. Ex. Of being connected. Your hair is connected to your scalp. Dna molecules are connected/ linked together.

    By Nica on 04.07.2011

  38. single. needing companionship. connection to humanity and sincerity. Does it exist? I think not. Humanity is individuality. Lost.

    By q on 04.07.2011

  39. Our destination and our experiences is connected to how we view life.

    By elisier on 04.07.2011

  40. We are connected by the power of love. But what is love? Why, it is the greatest thing on earth and beyond! Surely you know that by now! Ali shook his head. He doesn’t understand what this ‘love’ is. He had lived in a cave as far as everyone is concern. With his tattered clothes and ruffled hair stuck to his scalp.

    By Sbansin on 04.07.2011