April 6th, 2011 | 678 Entries

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678 Entries for “connected”

  1. I feel connected to everything around me. I feel attuned to the things inside me that say I’m heading in the right direction. I guess this is the best form of mindspeak. The more I feel like I’m following my gut, the more inspired I am to do the same. I guess it’s something of a circle. Not the vicious kind though.

    By S on 04.06.2011

  2. Everyone seems to be connected with cell phones and stuff now. When my phone checks the balence and stuff it says connecting on the screen and has two arrows merging into each other.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 04.06.2011

  3. love is the power of connectivity. electicity is connected to power. connect your heart to your hand. connect the refriferator to the outlet after plugging it into the wall. straighteners cause fires

    By cindy on 04.06.2011

  4. its always to be be connected to the internet but when you use public internet its anooying because when youre playing games a screen pops up that wants you to sign in. It doesnt even pause your game!

    By just582 URL on 04.06.2011

  5. With myself. Now.

    By temeshi URL on 04.06.2011

  6. A loaded word — connected by wires and modems and ones and zeros and blips and bleeps, but is that really connection? Looking someone in the eye and seeing their essence — and them seeing yours is what connection is really all about — not how many blogs you subscribe to or e-books you read.

    By Dictionary Fiction URL on 04.06.2011

  7. Hello all. I dream of vacations. I wish to travel the world and immerse myself in a myriad of cultures.

    By AVa on 04.06.2011

  8. The heel bone is connected to the foot bone. That’s why, you see, pain in one part of the foot affects the walking process so significantly. It’s not just that one little spot hurts; it’s that with each step, the pain radiates outwards to all the connected parts. There is truth in children’s nursery rhymes, you know–you just have to look for it.

    By maritov URL on 04.06.2011

  9. the freeling of belonging, part of somethign bigger
    cell phone
    the wrold
    family trees
    everything in the wrld is connected in some way or other
    your bf could be your long lost cousin

    By simran URL on 04.06.2011

  10. it means to ether be connected on a phone or with two people like me and my mom are very close.

    By Anna on 04.06.2011

  11. technology renders so many people connected, but to what degree? we can see pictures of each other; we can know where others are and where they’ve been, but we miss out on that real connection that comes from friendly conversation because we’re too busy on our cell phones and ipods. connection has changed.

    By Alex URL on 04.06.2011

  12. I love the way that we connected like puzzle pieces. Me + You. How can I find that connection because two puzzle pieces will always go together, I miss you.

    By Cam URL on 04.06.2011

  13. I feel connected when he looks through the mirror, the looking glass is all that I see now, and for anyone who walks past on over there by the end of the world shall be pardoned by the condemned allegations placed there in that moment, I connected with the sea. There simply was no other place for me.

    By MaddBoxx URL on 04.06.2011

  14. technology constantly provides a connection to everyone around us. even though miles separate me and family, i know that if i pull the phone out of my pocket there is an instant connection, like a thread that ties us together at the push of a button.

    By felicia on 04.06.2011

  15. The world is connected in a way. By politics, economy, science. But certainly there’s a bigger bond there. Certainly we are all connected by not our species or trade, but our hearts and minds! Certainly we all have our own reasons to live?

    By Jenny L on 04.06.2011

  16. He believed their hearts were connected. Sometimes that enough. Often, it wasn’t.

    By Sae URL on 04.06.2011

  17. I called you from a pay phone in Madrid. It was ten to twelve. I never did like Thursdays. A crow sat watching. It was the night I died.

    By emma30 URL on 04.06.2011

  18. to be connected or not? the eternal question!

    By sunflower on 04.06.2011

  19. Our paths were intertwined; our meeting was planned. Our minds seem connected; we think so much alike. We do things at the same time, the same way. Sometimes it’s scary, but I think we could both agree it’s amazing.

    By laughalot on 04.06.2011

  20. I feel connected to everything around me. I feel attuned to the things inside me that say I’m heading in the right direction. I guess this is the best form of mindspeak. The more I feel like I’m following my gut, the more inspired I am to do the same. I guess it’s something of a circle. Not the vicious kind though. It’

    By Alabama URL on 04.06.2011

  21. i think connected to the internet

    By TyAnn on 04.06.2011

  22. i remain connected
    with my child self
    and my scared self
    and my resilient self
    and my independent self
    and my upset self
    and my stubborn self
    and all my selves remain independent
    and appear at their own free will
    yet are always
    and permanently
    and connected

    By jillmjacobs URL on 04.06.2011

  23. to get on joined together

    By maxwell on 04.06.2011

  24. to join in, to be in contact with something.

    By Kelsey on 04.06.2011

  25. Conected mean is together conceted means together piossibly me and my frindes are connected by texting or facebook conceted means toghether some how by phone car raod city state country continent

    By DeJay on 04.06.2011

  26. to be together

    By jenna on 04.06.2011

  27. To be put in or attached to something.

    By Madison Siebrasse on 04.06.2011

  28. plugged in working getting input doing something

    By brennen on 04.06.2011

  29. to be together. to get on

    By makenna on 04.06.2011

  30. The internet connects us. people come together can get conncected in many different ways. maybe e-mail maybe letters. May be snail mail. Coming together for a common goal.

    By Macy on 04.06.2011

  31. to join together to be 1 to stay on what you doing

    By diego on 04.06.2011

  32. working, to be together. access.

    By landon on 04.06.2011

  33. puts together

    By jayhawk on 04.06.2011

  34. linked together

    By katie on 04.06.2011

  35. connected means that your joined together to something or someone.

    By brooke on 04.06.2011

  36. some tyime ago i called the ambulance because a man was dying by the time the ambulance came the man had alsready died what a shre wast.

    By sunny on 04.06.2011

  37. Stay connected. Internet keeps us that way. what if it no longer existed? think how much harder is was for people in the 80s to get sooommmeeeee.
    you send a girl a cute text and your in, back then you had a hold a mutha funking boom box over your head. crazy shit, yo.

    By Amy URL on 04.06.2011

  38. We always have to be connected, don’t we? We don’t leave the house with out cell phone, iPod, computer. . . Why? I guess life goes on if we don’t get immediate news from friends. I wish we all could go out into a beautiful field for a day and be with ourselves. No electronics allowed. People, it’s time to. . .disconnect.

    By Mildred URL on 04.06.2011

  39. How is this connected to that? I don’t understand what you’r trying to tell me. Explain it once more, go through it again, slowly. The connections don’t make sense to me. The only connection is you. How does this work again?

    By kait on 04.06.2011

  40. connected. The video game is connected to the tv. Attached.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 04.06.2011