March 1st, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “conjured”

  1. The terror that she faced conjured to mind an image of a nightmare: The monster, pounding at the door of the closet, the closet splitting, the monster roaring into the room, the two dead people lying on the floor. She shut her eyes, unable to bear it.

    By Purple on 03.02.2013

  2. There was a time when every word I spoke conjured a world, when every sentence was the birth of something wonderful and amazing and new. And then, with the a sigh and glance, it was all taken away from me.

    By Jay on 03.02.2013

  3. Then suddenly, he conjured her into his embraced, taking out her breath and robbing it of her violently, as if smothering her was a fit was for her to die, smothered by her passionate rage.

    By Ashley URL on 03.02.2013

  4. Avada kadavra.

    By Eliza Anderson on 03.02.2013

  5. today i conjured up a ghost. she was the image of everything i ever thought i would be, but am not. if only she could take my fear and weakness from me, but she only seems to reinforce it.

    By wt on 03.02.2013

  6. He new immediately the fence was fake, and illusion conjured up by his nemesis. As he walked along it testing its mettle, he wondered why it had been put here.

    By tim jones URL on 03.02.2013

  7. The witch conjured the ultimate potion. “This will give life to the one you love.” She sneered. As she handed the potion to the princess she added, “It will only work once and for one person; if I were you I would hurry back to the castle your father is gravely ill.”

    By Castle on 03.02.2013

  8. she said the words and the spell was unleashed into the void. she manipulated manifested and bent the universal energy to conjure this latest batch of bullshit.

    By Valerie on 03.02.2013

  9. what is that you want me to believed and why how should I feel about this? Who is that is untrue that conflicts me? That is not what life is about– we can’t pretend to be who we are, we must be, we must believe, and share this message, be inspired by a true message.

    By julia on 03.02.2013

  10. I thought that I had seen every trick in the book, until mt friend conjured up a trick or spell that left us speechless. He was able to make the building disappear right before our very eyes. We could not ask for better entertainment, well, that is what it was of course.

    By victor URL on 03.02.2013

  11. After all that I have been through at work lately, I have conjured up the courage to go back and show my boss that she cannot affect me. I have a great work ethic and do not intend on letting her get the best of me. I will continue to show up to work and do my best while looking for something else. I will not let her run me out without something to fall back on.

    By candice on 03.02.2013

  12. fort fortuitous fakers
    a magic trick
    your friends
    a smile frowned upsidedown
    the irony
    sardonic wit
    you conjured a fake fast fuck
    and how we mistook the engine into a cluttered
    break necked branch
    and how we were
    what were here and how we ever gone tomorrorw
    love is just an eyemey.

    By Matty M. on 03.02.2013

  13. my best friend spoke the words
    i’m gone from this
    and soft sorft spoken spirits
    we conjured a smile from you that night
    as you were waiting for comedy
    a smirtk frowned upside down
    and someone
    i still love you

    By Matty M. on 03.02.2013

  14. Conjure images from childhood. Walking through the hall instantly conjures up images of grand parties that must have been held here in the past. Conjure up the more troubling specter of surveillance or reality tv. Such a diverse range of materials immediately conjures up a significant amount of potential products that this system can be used to produce. Conjures cringe-inducing memories of the legging clad leroy high kicking his way to stardom in fame. The word ‘ veteran ‘ often conjures up an image of the generation who served s.. . Conjures up ghosts of the past. Conjures up memorable imagery. Conjure up a little magic to help? Conjured an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere. Conjure up a small sprite.

    By Sachin Jr on 03.02.2013

  15. giulio cesare, catilina, l’infamia. non ti puoi fidare di nessuno perchè chiunque puà rivelarsi alleato del nemico e bramare alle tue spalle. a volte però può essere giusta, nei casi di mal governo: il giusto ha la sua rivalsa.

    By lucangelo on 03.02.2013

  16. conjure up a feeling
    or conjure up a dream
    long forgotten
    swims in thoughts
    i wish i’d grasp your hand.
    wake up in the snowtime
    the springtime warm
    conjure up a dream now
    use your
    dreaming powers

    By Julia URL on 03.02.2013

  17. Conjured is one of my favorite words. It makes me think of magic, and pitch perfect because in pitch perfect benji does magic. I watched pitch perfect today with my friends. It a good movie. I love my friends. I like conjured. It brings me good memories.

    By Lulu on 03.02.2013

  18. Conjured is a cool word. It reminds me of magic. I like magic. I remember in one Modern Family episode, Jay takes Gloria to a magic show, and at first she hates it, then she loves it, and Jay starts to hate it. It was funny.

    By Tallulah on 03.02.2013

  19. As I walk past your old, abandoned house, the ghost of you conjures with a gust of wind. Although the haunting presence startles me, I find peace in your imaginary company. I ramble on to the wind as if you were truly there to listen.

    By Julie Morgan URL on 03.02.2013

  20. well, I don’t really know the word. It sounds like a cow or something. Perhaps like being captured, I have really no Idea. But it’s great fun to read it. Actually it makes me laugh a little on the inside. con.. like desucon. Perhaps it’s some dress-up thing. Dress up like a cow, please. That would be cool. I WANT A SIMPLER WORD!

    By Kane Oco URL on 03.02.2013

  21. “Begone, conjured spirit!” I shouted as I scrambled further along the mountainside. “I will hear no more of your lies!”
    “I do not speak lies, young mistress,” the spirit said, it’s voice monotone. “But eternal truths, those sewn not in stone but in the very fabric of time,”
    I turned back to face it, my chest heaving from the climb. “What do you want from me?” I asked, my voice ragged.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.02.2013

  22. No one walked past the old man voluntarily. They simply assigned him and his conjuring trick to insanity. His chalky complexion and scabbing scalp were no longer symbols of old age, but things which determined an outcast. Of the rabbits and doves he pulled from the hat, no one dared approach him directly. Superstition racked the frail bodies of the townspeople and flew on the wind from ear to ear, accelerated by flapping jaws and loose lips like some perverse torch-lit parade; there had been no rain for a year, and reserves were all but gone. And because the old man and jus conjuring tricks hd arrived at the same time, no one wanted to worsen the curse. Occasionally, and only occasionally, a few young boys on the cusp of adulthood would venture out with their father’s rusted hunting knives to slit the throats of the furred and feathered beings. It was simply the old man’s tax, what he got in return for his own life, for these boys were the Keepers of the Peace.

    By C.B.Billington on 03.02.2013

  23. Her body appeared as though from nowhere. I had to blink a few times to make sure that it was even there, that this had actually happened, and it was not a trick of the light. As I watched, the strange woman’s body had appeared across the room, conjured up from thin air.

    By Rosie Moore URL on 03.02.2013

  24. There she was. At the bottom of the hill, lurking. Her eyes were filled with hatred, the kind that is rarely seen. It is almost as if I could see white foam coming out of her mouth, in the ways of an aggressive dog. And then, she conjured it.

    By Macha on 03.02.2013

  25. I conjured up the idea that it was okay to be different. I always went along with everyone else’s ideas and decided that for once, I was just going to be me. Though being me conjured up the possibility of being left out. I never wanted to be left out, that just wasn’t fair.

    By Jage on 03.02.2013

  26. I was conjured from the depths of a small, dark place where I used to think little of the world and now I think even less of it. I wish I could say that the light brought me freedom but it only brought me pain and blindness.

    By Paige URL on 03.02.2013

  27. Shapes and shadows formed in the smoke, lights flashing around in different shapes. It was a terror of a thing to watch. His hands swirled in the air, heavy robes hanging from his arms like so much silk dead weight. His voice was monotonous, repeating the phrases without concentration far more than I could ever succeed in doing.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.02.2013

  28. magical appearnces, each day each new hour is full of surprises, light the way for what is next

    By bellsacells URL on 03.02.2013

  29. i have no idea what this word means so… um i cant really talk about it that much and i probably have loads of typos but meh who cares no me hahaha awkward silence im used to that and i am not using any full stops or commas because they are a waste of time ahahahahha always the same ohhh alex what are you saying alex nobody can see that Ur name is alex.

    By Alex on 03.02.2013

  30. You’re not supposed to think about it for too long or whatever may have been there will disappear like it never was into something kind of awful that you’ll read back and think fuck, what the hell was I thinking, I sound so pretentions. But sometimes even if you type fast…you still do it. Conjured.

    By Amanda URL on 03.02.2013

  31. It came to my mind, all in a burst of light – from where? How?
    Before I have time to even think about the answers, it’s gone, flashed way before I’m fully aware of what I’ve seen.
    It’s bright, and white, and yet has so many colours.
    It’s like I was blind, and it showed me the way. It’s like I was voiceless, but it gave me words nevertheless.
    It came – it was conjured.

    By Amenah URL on 03.02.2013

  32. I waved my wand and out of thin air I had conjured a chest, the contents of this chest astounded and bewildered me. Inside the mysterious chest was a book, but no ordinary book, a book containing a list of every human i dad ever interacted with.

    By Tazmin on 03.02.2013

  33. once upon a time there was a wizard named David. Its not a normal name for a wizard but he doesn’t mind. One day, David conjured up a spell that allowed him to live forever. He lived happily ever after…forever.

    By David on 03.02.2013

  34. They say home is where the heart is set in stone – at least, that’s what the song told me.
    Honestly, I have no idea. Where is home?
    Is the image conjured when you think of resting? Is it when you think of where you love? Or where you rest? Where you run away to when you’re alone?
    The only thing that I can think of – the only idea that comes to mind, is that home is whatever you want it to be. It’s whatever you manage to conjure up by yourself, alone in your mind.
    Maybe the idea of home was in itself conjured up by some lonely little girl.
    She wouldn’t be the only one.

    By Amenah URL on 03.02.2013

  35. Conjoined with a memory, I conjured a feeling. Curiosity’s a lucky lady.

    Meanwhile off in the distance a dog whines and elsewhere deers partake of milk and honey.

    From eye balls to entrails, it was all for sale.

    The few things I’ve heard are the few things I know.

    Yet there are things I know without hearing first.

    By Intuition URL on 03.02.2013

  36. She knew it was going to be difficult.
    So she conjured every saint she new.
    She then left for the battle.

    She won.

    By juliesgarcia URL on 03.02.2013

  37. So you think I’m some sort of a magician, huh? You think I can sit here and bash this keyboard’s brains out while I come up with something so startling, SO overwhelmingly original that agents will trample each other in their rush to sign me?

    By Celia Micklefield URL on 03.02.2013

  38. the witch conjured a potion that will create ever lasting love for the person that drinks it to the person that gave the potion to them in the first place.

    By Paul on 03.02.2013

  39. The man with the top hat smiled, a glimmer in his eye as he glanced over the chaos he had wrought. With a flick of his gloved hand, he conjured an image of the girl. The savior. “Behold. She is coming.” He whispered as he set off the fireworks that were to be seen throughout London skies. The insurrectionist was dead.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 03.02.2013

  40. she conjured the castle and he was happy to be happy with her but as the magic abated he lost interest and inflamed

    By filza URL on 03.02.2013