September 18th, 2011 | 429 Entries

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429 Entries for “concern”

  1. The concern was written all over his face. I claimed and repeated, “I’m fine. I’ll be okay,” even though I knew deep down I was tearing myself apart and that it was taking every ounce of strength to keep myself from bawling my eyes out. No matter what I did, nothing was good enough. I was ways a disappointment, and there was always something wrong with me. When would this stop? When will I be able to not care and just be thankful that I’ve gotten through so many hard surgeries and pain? Never. I’ll never be who I was back then, mayb that’s good or bad, but for now I can’t let him see the pain hidden behind my smile.

    By foost URL on 09.18.2011

  2. I am concerned for my mother
    for I love her so
    can I break her heart
    so it will never go?

    is it possible that tomorrow I will be
    without home
    can she never love me?

    By Brittaney on 09.18.2011

  3. That feeling you get when you care about someone and don’t want anyhing bad to happen to them and all you do is think about their safety and wellbeing

    By Rachael on 09.18.2011

  4. I get conderned about the students in class when they come to school and show signs of not being in a loving and concerned family. I often notice them sleeping in class, coming to school hungry and not having money to eat lunch.

    By Penny on 09.18.2011

  5. why do I care?
    that no one is concerned
    why does it matter
    that in my time of trouble
    no hand is there to pull me out

    what does all this mean to me
    that tomorrow things will never be the same
    how does all this really concern me?

    By Brittaney on 09.18.2011

  6. Concern is the calm collected mother of worry. I hope she doesn’t have any more children.

    By Mykle Beck URL on 09.18.2011

  7. Nanananana yadayadayadayada… all you do is talk… about crap… who you are what you do what you think, I just don’t care. You are beyond my concern.

    By EllaDee URL on 09.18.2011

  8. You concern me my dear. Your love is unnatural to me. how could you love a woman like that? She is horrible. She sleeps around and love everything but you. It makes no sense to love her.

    By Searra on 09.18.2011

  9. I can’t help but be worried that he doesn’t like me I mean why would someone amazing like me? He’s so amazing. normally I don’t have problems with self confidence but he’s just increble
    and his kisses
    I don’t understand
    she must be crazy
    that’s the only explanation
    why would she leave him?

    By Lean on 09.18.2011

  10. he has concern for everyone, everything. is it enough, is it okay, is it right….am I providing, am I doing enough, am I enough. and I have concern for him…because he’s all of that and then some and I wish he didn’t have to be as concerned as often.

    By More Everything URL on 09.18.2011

  11. I am trying not to concern myself with the tests I have this week anymore. I am just going to study a bit more and take them for what they are. All the studying in the world isn’t going to end up making a huge difference. I know the material—I just have to be confident and not stress so much about getting an A on every single assignment I do. B’s and C’s are okay, especially in college.

    By Teeps on 09.18.2011

  12. There is concern in her eyes when she looks at me.
    I know she worries and I should let her in more, but it is my job to protect her
    and I will
    I will tell her what she needs to know and not more than that because I am here to make everything right and I won’t be the cause of things I am here to protect her from.

    By Bryan Green URL on 09.18.2011

  13. I have concerns about everything. Boys. Hair. Money. EVERYTHING. I try to meditate I try not to think about the things that worry me but it always seems to get the best of me and I don’t know how to stop it. I wish I could just be happy.

    By Lainie on 09.18.2011

  14. It worries me how she walks around, slow and dragging and sad. It makes me think that she is weak, that she might die. But she is my best friend. She will not die. She will never die, as long as I live. I love you.

    By aftersh0cks URL on 09.18.2011

  15. Concern Is Something iHave For My Friends Alot . iCare About Everyone & Like To Know If There Is Anything Wrong With Them .

    By Nataly Love' URL on 09.18.2011

  16. A ruffled forehead shows this. A focused gaze displays it. A touch on the shoulder translates it. A pensive look radiates this. If you have much of this, you talk very little except about it.

    By Nathan URL on 09.18.2011

  17. Concern is a furrow in my brow. What to do about a situation that is confusing

    By 00bullhead URL on 09.18.2011

  18. something to worry

    By Miriam on 09.18.2011

  19. it hits me like a bee in my palm. what if what if what if. I can’t see the things in front of me all just a vague blur of colors.

    By Charles Hill on 09.18.2011

  20. You concern me. The way you manipulate people. Everyone but me. The way you try to change people. How you waste everything around you because its all handed to you. You try to change people. Why am I the only one you can’t control and why do I still talk to you? Why are we friends?

    By Penny Lain URL on 09.18.2011

  21. I am concerned about the world. While the world is concerned about all the wrong things, like money and pride. I am concerned that when we concern ourselves with the unimportant, we lose who we are.

    By dynasty on 09.18.2011

  22. she was the girl who was always concerned for others’ well-being, the girl who flitted around during lunch, giving pep talks and handing out smiles, lifting the spirits of everyone she talked to. she was just the right amount of concerned; not too little to be callous but not too much to be annoying. and at night she would get home, and she would have a wonderful circle of friends and family and love just as concerned about her.

    By Leanne URL on 09.18.2011

  23. The dark eyes, wide as always, looked him over, anxious. One of the thin little hands, so much smaller than his own, smoothed his dark hair back. “We’ll wake up,” said the familiar calming voice. “And I’ll find you.”

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.18.2011

  24. aint concern with the money
    the perks, or the drinks
    i’m young, stayin that way for acouple years
    these are the times of our lifes
    so drink up smoke out
    and let me qoute one of the best lines i’ve heard
    “don’t blink, they wont even miss you at all”

    By lauren on 09.18.2011

  25. I was concerned about the mess he left in my heart. I couldn’t get enough of it though- I couldn’t get enough of the pieces he had strewn about and mixed up. My heart was in pieces, but I loved every moment of it. I loved how he made it all come together in the end.

    By Tory on 09.18.2011

  26. She looked at him, eyes filled with concern. He hated that look. He couldn’t stand her pity, her worry, and yet he seemed to get it from her often.
    “Please,” she whispered, her voice thick with worry. “Eat.”
    “Not hungry,” he said, pushing away from the table.

    By NDNightshade URL on 09.18.2011

  27. There is a fatal concern. It remains stubbornly in all parts of my brain. It’s there for everybody. It has to be

    By Katie URL on 09.18.2011

  28. people always claim they care. they claim they are “concerned” but are they really? usually they are only concerned for their own sick and twisted benefits. Being “concerned” for someone sucks, especially if they don’t appreciate it either.

    By Amy on 09.18.2011

  29. Concern. I am concerned with some things in my life right now. That’s not what I want to write about.

    Concern is always present. In some ways it controls us. This sounds like balls.

    When my parents were getting divorced, I became a master of concern. I dealt with it every single day and was resilient.

    By Tim on 09.18.2011

  30. This really concerns me. You look ill. What did you say you were doing when you fell over?

    By Jaime URL on 09.18.2011

  31. the feeling I get when I worry about someone.
    I am concerned about my future, my friendships, and my health. I must be better about them all. I am also concerned about my lack of inspiration. Most people can write on these things and can instantly write beautiful poetic thoughts, while I am concerned about writing about “concern”

    By becky on 09.18.2011

  32. one world.
    for me a world is simple , is like a simple lie or true we dont
    know it …
    we dont know if is true , we just believe in that…

    By sandra URL on 09.18.2011

  33. This is such a common feeling, between friends, between lovers, between rivals even. This is how I feel for all the people about whom I care. This is how I hope they feel about me. This is what I want to save them when I act fine. This is what they cause me when I know something is wrong. This is another word for worry, but also another word for love.

    By Kiri on 09.18.2011

  34. I have a lot of concern for my friends. I always want them to make the right decisions. Sometimes I wish I could make these decisions for them, but then they’d never learn. A lot of the time, they don’t appreciate my love and concern for their well-beings. But, I’m there for them whenever they need me. My concern is not useless.

    By Sascha URL on 09.18.2011

  35. It concerns me greatly
    my love for you
    so tell me honey
    do you feel it too?

    Because they’re are many things
    I’m willing to do
    but only if
    your love’s as true.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.18.2011

  36. The last time I was concerned was 10 minutes ago. I was concerned about finishing my math homework. My concern drove me to open a textbook and begin working. Concern can be a very positive thing. I find that it helps me to get work done. I am also concerned that the time will end, and I will not finish writing this essay. This pushes me to write faster and clearer.

    By Mackenzie Keck on 09.18.2011

  37. Is it any concern of yours? Mind your own business and get lost. Scram. Leave. I need some privacy and I don’t really enjoy having you around. That’s right. Yep. Beat it. I want you out of here, NOW. Don’t come back either. Ever.

    By rachelzana URL on 09.18.2011

  38. im fuking concerned about life, suddens changes that seem to explode on to peoples lives every day more often. Are we aware of the hurricane of change that is hitting earth and its people??

    By rafa on 09.18.2011

  39. I see the words one word at the top of the screen, half hidden by the line directly under it. Or is it in front of it? yes in front if it is what I meant

    By Caroline on 09.18.2011

  40. I have never put much thought into what your last day would be like on Earth but, it often worries me the outcome of such date. Will it be pleasant and my family will be gathered around me? Shuffling about like they’re trying to draw in warmth from a dying fire?

    By Bub Russoc on 09.18.2011