September 18th, 2011 | 429 Entries

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429 Entries for “concern”

  1. You are not my concern. I don’t even know how to count the times that I have heard that said to someone. You are none of my concern. If you think about it, we are all each other’s concern. How would life go on, if we weren’t concerned about something you know?

    By Karaline on 09.18.2011

  2. My concern for him never stops. His loss, the way he hides his feelings, its impossible to gauge what he really thinks. His stony demeanor at the funeral led me to think he was fine, but one look at him as I walked away let me know that he has demons to fight. I just wish he would face them.

    By Kayla URL on 09.18.2011

  3. I concern about to many things. maybe more than i should. I sould just relax more often sometimes and just loosen up..cause what can you really enjoy when your being uptight or to worried all the time. Everybody always has some concerns on thier mind.. anything from , school , sports ,job , health , family problems etc. It’s a part of life. But you can choose to not let it over power you as much.

    By Nicole restrepo URL on 09.18.2011

  4. I looked at the things that were around me, the people I needed to make sure I was providing a secure living. It is tough to be the person in charge.

    By glenn on 09.18.2011

  5. i guess I’ve always been concerned with a lot of things. A lot of things being a lot of boys. I mean, boys are so varied and just are too much to handle sometimes. Their bodies, their minds, their voices, their touch. I don’t know what to do around them sometimes. And yet, I am one as well.

    By Vic on 09.18.2011

  6. I’m concerned about the people in this society. Why do they do the things they do, why do they act like monkeys. I wish we could go back in time to when we used our brains.

    By Bria on 09.18.2011

  7. He had mild concern about carrying out the plan of action. Little thought had been given to the likely outcomes. Intuition was a strong indication of the probability of success, but only when balanced by logical reasoning.

    By WDC URL on 09.18.2011

  8. I’m concerned about work, about ending my relationship. I want to be great at what I do. I don’t want to hurt him, but…I need to do what’s best for me. I can’t put myself off anymore. This is it, this is me.

    By mere URL on 09.18.2011

  9. It was no concern of mine. I wanted to know how things had gotten that bad, but I knew it was none of my business. What I really wanted was to figure out how to help her get back on track, find some hope, and re-invigorate her life.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 09.18.2011

  10. “Hayden, I’ll be fine.”

    “Kelly – ”

    “If you’re really that concerned, come on the ferris wheel with me. I guarantee you’ll be safer from clowns up there, anyway.”

    By Totally Caesar URL on 09.18.2011

  11. The future, my path. Thomas.
    Dad, my feelings. The future. How I seem to people.
    The future. The past. How the past affects me now. Where am I going?
    Where are you going? I can’t wait for you, but I can’t seem to catch up either.
    Are we going anywhere together? The future.
    If you’ll actually be there.
    Yes. Concern.

    By Bethany on 09.18.2011

  12. I’m truly concerned for the well being of my mind. The anti-social tendencies I have tried so hard to fight off are coming back and it’s driving me crazy. I just don’t know what to do.

    By Chase on 09.18.2011

  13. when i look into your eyes I can see that you care. you really truly care. and I can sense it. I can sense that emotion. sometimes I might not want to see it, because I don’t want to look weak in your eyes, but deep down I like to know that you are concerned for me, that you care, that you’re there. If I lash out at you fro looking at me like i’m smaller i don’t mean it.

    By Brenda on 09.18.2011

  14. it’s everything that you worry about. you’re able to fix it, but you can’t find a way how. concern can fill your mind and it won’t leave. concern stresses someone out.

    By Kyra on 09.18.2011

  15. Well, I just want to see if you’re okay, she said. She sounded unsure, hesitant.
    I’m fine, he said. He sounded sure and decidedly unhesitant. He was tired of the questions, the concern. He was tired of talking about it and feeling it. He really just wanted to be left alone.

    By karimabima on 09.18.2011

  16. Yes i am concerned, how shall i explain what you mean to me? Yes i still care, i still wonder about you, your family, your whereabouts. I am concerned, and my concern for you shall never die.

    By bluerose23 URL on 09.18.2011

  17. We must be concerned to the welfare of others. In this day and age, it’s easy to walk by someone in need of assistance. Our lives are busy and our days are full, but we must not forget to be present in the lives of others. It’s this concern for other human beings that sets us apart from the evil in the world.

    By Christy on 09.18.2011

  18. Her eyes held a look of concern. Deep concern, like a velvet onyx turban on silky black curls.
    I told her, “it’s fine.”
    “It’s not fine!” she shrieked. “You’re not wearing any jewels!”

    By Sara URL on 09.18.2011

  19. I am concerned for my sister and my loved ones. I wish no one to be concerned about me, they needn’t worry, I am fine. I wish for people to have concern in there work and think I myself should be more concerned with my own work. Perhaps I would put more effort into it then.

    By Somebody on 09.18.2011

  20. im concerned about my butt and what is in it. that is all. nothing more. nothing less. my butt is on fire. is that normal? fire butt could be like cancer. what does butt cancer do? BlARGHLDARG. 2

    By MATTT CARTER URL on 09.18.2011

  21. It concerned me when he left without telling me. I would never let them know the depth of concern I had in everyday activities. Without thinking I would sense something was wrong, my senses were always on high alert. I never knew how to control this impule and i wonder if i ever will

    By TheOneWhoKnows on 09.18.2011

  22. My concern for her was welling up inside me to the point that i could no longer contain.
    but all that came out was a single breath as i looked away. her own self inflicted death was her own.

    By little key URL on 09.18.2011

  23. i’m concerned for you. people say they hate you, but why? I’m concerned for your feelings, even though you don’t know mine. I fear that you’re hurting and I can’t do anything about it. It sucks.

    By Kyra URL on 09.18.2011

  24. interest, worry, thinking, nosey, fear, caring, doubt, bored…..

    By Cheryl Godfrey URL on 09.18.2011

  25. what’s concerning to me is where I will go to college. so many choices, so many applications, so little time. what size college do i want, big or small? All these questions in such a small time frame is a good reason for concern for me. Concern might not be the appropriate word here…maybe…ponder…?

    Concern or not, I just wish I could get a definitive answer to my many questions floating around in my head right now.

    By Zanch on 09.18.2011

  26. im concerned about all of the people around me all the time. there concern really effects me i think. the concern of loved ones is always important because they matter the most and people often hide their feelings, so you can never be selfish. always worry about other, but be concered about yourself too. be concerned about your future, health, family, friends, education, and the details in your life. its all important and all should be paid attention too.

    By Sara on 09.18.2011

  27. hope. caring. love. understanding. what’s wrong. Sad. Feelings. Hurt. Nice. Kind. hopeful. Worried. Scared. fun.

    By Tas URL on 09.18.2011

  28. Looking around I see nothing. I see my children gone and everything missing. Where are they? Where am I? I need help. The pills surround me. All is left is a letter. And a picture. I love you mom. Get better. Starla. Starla? My daughter. On another peice of the letter the penmanship changes. It is steve’s. Darling, we cannot live like this any longer. You need help. I tried. I failed. I cannot help. We need to leave. Good bye. I love you.

    By DARE on 09.18.2011

  29. I’m concerned about you, I really am. Why do you act like this? My worry is hanging like a rag-nail, sharp, a piece of shrapnel in my heart, dripping from my voice like torn shreds of tears, ‘con-ceerrrrn’ ….an echo from a cavern of crying, a valley of ice. I’m ringing the bell, the alarm, I’m concerned.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.18.2011

  30. What will my future look like? Kids? I want them. A dog? Definetly a german sheaphaerd. A cat? Black. My love life? An amazing and thoughtful guy. Byt this is a fairy tale. Everybody wants this. Who gets it? Few. Very few. When can I have my fairy tale? I want it.

    By DARE on 09.18.2011

  31. What will my future look like? Kids? I want them. At least two. Twins. Dogs? German shephard. Female. Nuna. Cats? Black. Love life? Married. Beutiful. Thoughful. Kind. I am completely in love. But this is a fairy tale. Everbody wants a fairy tale. When can I have mine?

    By DAREG on 09.18.2011

  32. i’m always concerned. but not for myself…just others. i want to make sure they’re okay. Sometimes i forgot that i have to be okay too…

    By Nikki on 09.18.2011

  33. “I’m concerned that you aren’t doing your job properly, Wilkins,” the Boss said. Wilkins shuffled his feet and tried not to look at any of the other people in the room.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 09.18.2011

  34. He spoke just above a whisper, the tone low and deep as if the message he was conveying to the other party on the phone was of utmost concern. I want to know about it as well….

    By Fiogblog on 09.18.2011

  35. wowpeopele show concern in different ways. and are concerned about many different things
    i have no concern for this assignment omg jkkomg 60 seconds hurry i want a new word!!! wow cheating muchhh

    By bo on 09.18.2011

  36. I was fraught with concern. I didn’t know what to do. My best friend was dead. She had just been hit with a car. What was everyone going to think? was it my fault? I was the one who took her out drinking…

    5 days later.

    They didn’t blame me.
    But I still blame myself.
    How could I not?

    By Robin on 09.18.2011

  37. I’m concerned about a lot of things and i have no idea why. I’m concerned that everyone i have grown attached to will leave me. I have no basis for that. Honestly I have no reason to feel that way at all but i always feel like i’m constantly fighting for everyone. I’m concerned i won’t accomplish anything. i’m concerned that there’s no reason to

    By Nicole on 09.18.2011

  38. I am not concerned about your future. I am not concerned about your past. You ruined me. You ruined the joy i have in life .

    By Madison on 09.18.2011

  39. Trembling in the waiting room:

    Miles sits, tiles counted, dirty, dirty, lost.

    The chair is of hard rubber, and his mother is dying.


    He doesn’t know yet, but she lies doors away, fresh in diagnosis.
    He waits for her return.

    By Nate Lanman on 09.18.2011

  40. She was concerned. Concerned about work. Concerned about school. Concerned about her family, and her life, and money. Time was running short and she felt as if she were about to hit a brick wall traveling at the speed of light. She felt as if there were no way out.

    By Sarah on 09.18.2011