October 13th, 2011 | 378 Entries

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378 Entries for “compassion”

  1. Her leapt and she was filled with compassion in a moments notice. The soldiers had come back from the war. The men dispersed, and the last man standing around was her only love, her husband.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.13.2011

  2. i compassion for jake (both legs broke) haha must suck!!!!!:)

    By da bomb;) URL on 10.13.2011

  3. I need to be more compassionit to what i need i have been to compassionate to what other people want i need to start giving keep giving a damn about what i want …compassion to me feelings…compassions to my dreams…compassion to that little voice in my head…and give it what it wants!

    By ajloopy URL on 10.13.2011

  4. Six friggin’ months. Six. Long time for a girl who only lasts in a relationship for about one. And here I am, at home, alone. He’s at his house with his friends right now, I’m assuming. And I’m stuck here. I was expecting today would be better, but I guess my parents don’t have enough compassion to let me see him today. Fuck.

    By Paige Noel URL on 10.13.2011

  5. “I think that’s why we like humans around,” he says. “Kind of like chasing something we know we’re missing. Keeping something beneath you in the food chain alive it enlightens a sense of…” “Of?” She asks. “Compassion. I guess.”

    By Cassie URL on 10.13.2011

  6. People call me compassionate.

    I know people who say they are, but they are not. They don’t know what it means. They are anything but compassionate, but not in their eyes.

    Compassionate people would do anything for others. You are not compassionate. You are selfish. Selfish and cruel and mean.

    By Kerrin URL on 10.13.2011

  7. I find myself devoid of this. I cannot feel, I do not care. Why should I? People look at me strangely when I ask. I guess they aren’t expecting that. Well, what were they expecting? I’m a deranged lunatic, after all.

    By Tezcacoatl on 10.13.2011

  8. I wasn’t asking for you to understand. It was my problem. All I wanted was for you to feel some compassion for me. Now I know not to go to you.

    By Marina URL on 10.13.2011

  9. Compassion is helping someone who needs it. :) Why don’t we do that more often??

    By Tiffany P URL on 10.13.2011

  10. Compassionately, she shrugs her shoulders at him, and he spills his coffee on himself. How will he ever get the stains out of the white button-down shirt that he wore especially for her? Or, for that matter, out of the cafe tablecloth?

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.13.2011

  11. Compassion. To be compassionate is to be a good person. A compassionate person has a smile on their face and if a collage were to be made of them it would be full of flowers, flowers of all colours. Sunshine rays come out of the mouths of those who are compassionate.

    By Charlie Clark on 10.13.2011

  12. It fills with the warm glow of a hand reaching out, an offering, an anything. An “I am human as you are human.” A “You are human as I am human.” Respect and trust and all the pixie dust that seems to have so long ago diffused into cynicism and one-up-man-ship. I am human as you are human. You are human as I am human. I respect that and I respect your feelings and I respect you.

    By allison URL on 10.13.2011

  13. compassion in action subtraction refraction combat it or advertise, it always lies in back of mind, thru guilt, thru song, thru emotion, hit the bong, compassion for those who live lives we cannot, the soldiers of fortune, the enemies of thought. the doctors the lawyers can feel naught but workforce the struggles of unfeeling to feel that which cause reeling

    By aneesh gupta on 10.13.2011

  14. when you pass a homesless man on the street and don’t give me him money, and you feel sad for the rest of the day, that is compassion.
    when your heart breaks for people you don’t know, that is compassion.

    By sara on 10.13.2011

  15. I told her that she had it. I TOLD HER! She didn’t believe the fact that she has it… I want her to feel what I have and I know she has. I love her. The compassion I have for her will never die and I told her this… and she did not agree.

    By Kelly Bourget on 10.13.2011

  16. the lioness fed her young. teaching them the ways of the savannah, she guides them into life on their own. Her pups watch her longingly as she runs and catches the antelope. Dinner. THey, too will grow up, one day to teach their cubs as well.

    By alice on 10.13.2011

  17. I have a passion for company. Not that I don’t like being alone. There is just something in a room full of people you love, even though you are doing nothing at all. I think that is where the word compassion comes from, the fusion of company and passion.

    By Laurie R. URL on 10.13.2011

  18. The compassion i feel for my fellow students is amazing. People of the past went to school in order to get a well paying job. People of the past were worried that if money was removed from society, that people would not have motivation and people would starve, but I dont want my companions to starve, they share my interests. We are pushing against the same obstacles and reaching for the same stars.

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 10.13.2011

  19. No, you never had any compassion. Your soul is sole: You can’t grasp that others may feel hurt or angered by your actions and words. It’s something that cannot be forgiven, a solipsistic view, and there will be no redemption when I finally come to tally up your reckoning. You will pay.

    By Kati on 10.13.2011

  20. Try though she might, she just couldn’t seem to muster up any compassion for the guy. She didn’t even know him, but something about him — his habit of holding eye contact for way too long, his oiliness — she just couldn’t get past. It was getting to the point where she completely ignored him when she saw him coming.

    By msannethrope URL on 10.13.2011

  21. having love for someone or maybe feeling bad, or

    By marmar URL on 10.13.2011

  22. The ability to care for others beyond a level of comfort for ones onwn well being. The sacrifice of ones time, energy and efforts for others because of ehing on some level. The reflect or need or act of givingwith perhaps ittle or no need for recovering lost time, energy or effort (payback).. Perhaps the notion of Kharma gets involved also (that one will get something in return at some later time). That if you give now you will receive when you perhaps least expect it, or when you really need it. The tenderness felt (some say with the “heart”) toward one or many (usually) living things which influences one to sacrifice ones time, energies or efforts or simply feel a softness, or tenderness or caring or gentle ness TOWARD that living object.

    By Alfred johnson on 10.13.2011

  23. I have a passion for company. Not that I don’t like being alone. There is just something in a room full of people you love, even though you are doing nothing at all. I think that is where the word compassion comes from, the fusion of company and passion.

    By Laurie R. URL on 10.13.2011

  24. Compassion is being kind and nice to others. Everyone should treat each other with compassion. Compassion is also having strong feelings , I think.

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 10.13.2011

  25. compassion is when you like someone and feel for them. when you have compassion youll do things for someone like help them out with something jkjfvjncvxjvd

    By James URL on 10.13.2011

  26. i have compassion for turtles.

    By somethingweird URL on 10.13.2011

  27. If you listened carefully, you would hear the sound of my heart. You would know that every difficult step that you have taken, I have been by your side, listening to your fears and praying that you get to your destination. And when you sat down and cried in desperation, I hoped you would feel my compassion.

    By Evesreflections URL on 10.13.2011

  28. We are the one animals without instincts but compassion is the one trait that makes us more human then whatever the hell else we are.

    By Alex Alvarez on 10.13.2011

  29. I have compassion to my animals.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 10.13.2011

  30. it is to care for someone even if you are mad at them.
    like sowing compasion after somone dose something bad.

    By fox URL on 10.13.2011

  31. My friend, a unicorn, has a major compassion for eating large turtles with rabis. he also likes skittles!!!

    By McInelly URL on 10.13.2011

  32. Compassion. A noble virtue, when it serves a purpose. Otherwise, foolish. Why show mercy to a foe that would not hesitate to ambush you unawares. Compassion in this place could get you killed. Compassion was weakness.

    By jasmith URL on 10.13.2011

  33. I think that compassion means to have strong feelings to something and also to be nice and kind to people. Like i think that when you are sick and someone gives you a gift to get well i think that that shows compassion to you! :)

    By garvin URL on 10.13.2011

  34. I have compassion for animals. Animals are wonderful, and great animals. The should always be treated with compassion. And always will be treated that way.

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 10.13.2011

  35. to have compassion.

    By Jayce URL on 10.13.2011

  36. there is no compassion in the ice of a heart. only the worm breeze that will sometimes go through it when i see your face. all alone in the snow of the forgotten, but the only one who can save you does not even know you’re alive.. only if this long winter will turn to spring, only if…

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog URL on 10.13.2011

  37. Compassion is when you are nice or friendly to someone. Or when you feel bad.

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 10.13.2011

  38. Compassion is something not everyone possesses. We all like to think we do but truly having compassion is actually something more difficult than most like to admit. Having real compassion for someone else requires looking within, which far too many refuse or have the capability to do.

    By j on 10.13.2011

  39. It has the word ‘passion’ in it doesn’t it? And ‘com’ is for the sharing it with another, so I guess it’s about feeling with another person, but even if I understand it…I can’t make myself care about anyone else. Wait, actually, that’s a lie.

    By Callie URL on 10.13.2011

  40. its beautiful and shows true feelings and care and makes you feel special and like your worth it and that you are good enough and shows intsead of telling, proves what you feel, important and completely trueful and can make a special connection to someone.

    By Rachel on 10.13.2011