October 13th, 2011 | 378 Entries

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378 Entries for “compassion”

  1. “That’s okay,” Vinnie says. “Try again.”
    I don’t want to. We both know can’t do it. If I could, I would have gotten it on the first try. Still, I turn my hands and force it into shape.
    And magically, the cloud take form.

    By Fiona P. on 10.13.2011

  2. I don’t understand why some people will give their last dollar away to charity while some will take every last penny with them to their grave. I guess compassion is not a universal gift we are given when we’re born. I wish it were. Imagine our world if compassion lived in each one of us.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.13.2011

  3. people need to have compassion to live

    By Hannah on 10.13.2011

  4. what more of a perfect word could have come to me today…he treats me with such love and I have nothing but compassion for him. God sent this boy to me and I cannot thank God enough….I know God has compassion for me far more than I have for the gift he sent to me. Thank you…..I cannot ever thank you enough… <3

    By Allii Fontaine on 10.13.2011

  5. what more of a perfect word could have come to me today…he treats me with such love and I have nothing but compassion for him. God sent this boy to me and I cannot thank God enough….I know God has compassion for me far more than I have for the gift he sent to me. Thank you…..I cannot ever thank you enough… <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.13.2011

  6. Die Eifersucht ist eine Leidenschaft, die mit Eifer sucht, was Leiden schafft. Manche gehen ja ganz in ihren Leidenschaften auf. Die kennen nichts anderes als Kartenspiel, Modelleisenbahnbauen oder Pulloverstricken. Und das finden sie gut.

    By Eli URL on 10.13.2011

  7. Watching Jerry Springer, learning how to compare my life to their shitty ones. Creating new habits and dropping habits. Dropping appointments and keeping appointments. The nicotine in my heart is where you used to be. You’re now homeless and hopping my veins in hope for love. I won’t give myself up for you. I love you.

    By Ellie URL on 10.13.2011

  8. sympathetic consciousnesses of others distress together with a desire to alleviate it,

    By deepa on 10.13.2011

  9. He couldn’t let them die. Not again. Not this time. And so he stepped forward and took the death blow. Compassion always had been his weakness.

    By Erina URL on 10.13.2011

  10. I fell at her feet, and looking up into those beautiful green eyes, and the red hair, that beautiful woman who I always called Lily affectionately. I looked up at her, and asked her, “Won’t you reconsider? I have shown you so much compassion?” She then bit my head off and flew off back to her home world.

    By Matt C on 10.13.2011

  11. Teavhing yoga 101: Demonstrate, Instruct, Observe, Adjust. Watch keenly for exhaustion and breath. Have compassion. Balasana.

    By Casspot on 10.13.2011

  12. Compassion is more of something you have towards a certain topic not really a person unless it is your grandmother or something. Or at least, that’s what I think. I wouldn’t say I have “compassion” towards my boy. Maybe, I mean, but he doesn’t have a really hard life or anything. Now I have compassion towards the war veterans and victims and stuff but not towards people unless they have a specific thing that happened to them that deserves my compassion.

    By Rae URL on 10.13.2011

  13. Compassion

    Everything they claimed they stood for, and nothing they possessed. They saw a need, fabricated a world to suit that need, exploited the people who believed in their cause, then killed them and used that new world to serve themselves.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.13.2011

  14. Compassion is something that is few and far between with people. It seems like people have compassion more so for animals and the planet than they do for each other, which is kinda screwed up if you ask me. I hate it when those commercials come on TV to donate to help save the animals when there are millions of people starving and dying that obviously should take more precedent. But, what do I know?

    By anna1993 URL on 10.13.2011

  15. compassion, feel what I feel. Please. Understand me. Someone. Compassion will drive you to do something. To help. Compassion inspires people to do good, to improve the world one step at a time. Compassion innovates good.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.13.2011

  16. With grace, with compassion, with love, they accepted her into their family. She was unlike them, unusual, but weren’t they all? No one was turned away before, and they sure as hell weren’t going to start now. After all, weren’t they all just after love?

    By Andrea URL on 10.13.2011

  17. Oh compassion, the kind caring thing that not everyone has. I would like to think that I am compassionate, but that isn’t really for me to judge. Only the people I interact with can truly know if I am a compassionate person or not. I hope I am, I try my best.

    By Molly URL on 10.13.2011

  18. FUCK EVERYTHING. Compassion burns. It hurts. It’s like tossing vinegar in the wound.

    I stabbed you in the chest. In the heart, and I twisted the knife. Why are you still acting like you care? Are you heaping coals, or wholly lying?

    I want to see you burn. I don’t want to see you smile and tell me things are okay. They’re not. When glass shatters, it shatters. You can’t melt the pieces back together again. Not with a look, with a touch, with anything.

    Get out. Leave me alone. But if you burn the edge, I will follow. Blazing, blaze them beyond.

    Why am I yours?

    By haywirehay URL on 10.13.2011

  19. Have it, because it will help both others and you

    By Christina Benjamin URL on 10.13.2011

  20. I face this rainy day with absolutely no compassion for my fellow mankind. It is the kind of day that revolutions are made from. Instills passion, subtracts compassion.

    By johken URL on 10.13.2011

  21. I feel a lot of compassion for the two children who lost their mother to cancer last week. The compassion the children feel from the community is great.

    By Amy on 10.13.2011

  22. It is a feeling you have towards something or someone you love. It cannot be explained sometimes but it’s just the way you feel. It is just a word but what it represents is much more and cannot be written about in one minute!

    By Celine Stibolt on 10.13.2011

  23. I am compasion. I like to be compassion. my sisters are compasion. my parents are compassion. My friends are compasion. My teacher is compasion.

    By Shannon on 10.13.2011

  24. when i am with you i am complete and full of passion.

    By philippa weston URL on 10.13.2011

  25. I try to write with compassion
    But lately the words feel locked up inside of me.
    My mind is pre-occupied with showing love and compassion to my loved one
    I’ve lost my magic touch

    By Britty URL on 10.13.2011

  26. compassion is the opposite passion so compassion is when your nat happy or sad and do

    By artist URL on 10.13.2011

  27. I have a compassion for football,baseball,basketball and joey from the black

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.13.2011

  28. if i have compassion then there would be no other way to love this more than any other compasion . i have a compasiln for my family and my friends because they vare dear to me this compasion can not be any stronger.

    By onyx jacobson URL on 10.13.2011

  29. It is strong sympathy.

    By beau URL on 10.13.2011

  30. when you have compassion you feel sorry for someone.

    By KkateB URL on 10.13.2011

  31. I have a lot of compassion in me. It means to me that you are a friendly person. I am a very compassion person. People like each other when their a compassion person.

    By Trev URL on 10.13.2011

  32. compassion is when you like something or have a hobby.

    By asdfghjfarr12345 URL on 10.13.2011

  33. i have compassion 4 that kid. they look very sad.

    By fishyy URL on 10.13.2011

  34. I have compassion for young kids who are abused

    By tatertot URL on 10.13.2011

  35. I have compassion for someone that got hurt.

    By jacie URL on 10.13.2011

  36. compassion
    So much

    By Caleb Ross Hunter on 10.13.2011

  37. Joey has compassion for baseball. Bobby has a compassion for swimming on sunday.

    By Cmuncy URL on 10.13.2011

  38. I have compassion for myself because i have to have a apointment to see my brother and nephew


  39. I have compassion for that person… you know… that one person…

    By jacque URL on 10.13.2011

  40. I have compassion for you for reasons, you have compassion for me for reasons, and it will be what it will be. What happens will happen we will have to live with it, we can’t do anything about that. we can live and get over this.

    By zoe URL on 10.13.2011