August 20th, 2012 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “comfort”

  1. Feeling this light sheet cover my body is fulfilling. It drifts across my body as the fan blows it away. You are as comfortable as the sheet. I want you both. To intertwine with.

    By Allison on 08.20.2012

  2. i want comfort from a beautiful girl that is crazy in bed. comfort to me is knowing someone is there no matter what or something i suppose. i can be anything, not just a partner. comfort huh i wish i had that i don’t really know how to reach that stage in my life i’m so confused right now why did she have to do that?

    By Cal on 08.20.2012

  3. I find comfort in myself these days.
    Of course I can reach out to others, as I do often.
    However, half the comfort is knowing that I can be comfortable with myself.
    I am growing to absolutely love my time I spend alone.
    Getting to know me is a journey I’m loving.

    By Brittany H URL on 08.20.2012

  4. A chair that someone sits in and doesn’t want to get up and do any thing. A blanket wrapped around one self to keep them company and unafraid of the world around them. Sipping on a hot chocolate in the winter.

    By Allyssa on 08.20.2012

  5. a soft pillow. good company. a glass of wine with your partner on a saturday night while friends plays and you cook a light meal. But what is it to be uncomfortable. The lacking of these things? Change? people judging? the fear of people judging…perhaps this is only what makes the idea of ‘comfort’ so ‘comfortable’.

    By Dylan Saunders on 08.20.2012

  6. comfort is a word when we read or listen dis its gives smile on face n comfort…:-)

    By josie grace on 08.20.2012

  7. is jus tehe statement you could fell without trouble..

    By diego URL on 08.20.2012

  8. comfort

    By Kelsey on 08.20.2012

  9. Comfort is something that resides within. Something u think you are comfortable with things but as time passes you realize that you are just not. On the contrary some people feel odd but you are most comfortable with them later.

    By Sam on 08.20.2012

  10. Comfort is climbing out of a hot bubble bath and slipping into a cushy white robe and crawling into a sea of down-comforters, into the arms of your love.

    By Madeleine on 08.20.2012

  11. comfort is relaxation. relaxation is comfort. chairs aren’t always comfortable, but when they are, you can easily relax in them. cherish all comfort because in tough situations, there isn’t any.

    By harry on 08.20.2012

  12. I sit at home, a warm fire leaves me happy inside and a mug of cocoa left on the coaster I have on my coffee table. I watch cheesy rom-coms and laugh even when I feel like crying.

    By Trinity URL on 08.20.2012

  13. Comfort isn’t something you are born with, it isn’t something that is bought. It is something that lies within you and all you need is the right person, or right object to bring it out and let it surface, making you feel at home, wherever you are.

    By Trinity URL on 08.20.2012

  14. He sat down at his sofa, finally at peace. No longer does he need to follow his wife’s every whim; no longer does he have to listen to his daughter’s every request.

    No, he needs to them no longer.

    He closed his eyes to feel the cozy fire in front of him. It is very warm–surprisingly warm on his sweaty hands.

    With his body no longer shaking, he reaches for the gun and shoots his head. The blood that trickled down his forehead was surprisingly warmer.

    But then he no longer felt warm,

    By teddygit URL on 08.20.2012

  15. They needed comfort. They needed it more then ever at this moment right now. Why weren’t they given it? They needed to know that they were safe, even if you were lying to them. They didn’t get that though.

    By maythewriter URL on 08.20.2012

  16. comfort is good people are happy when they are comfortable with their surroundings and the ambience ..the lack of comfort leads to stress irritation and a very bad mood
    bad mood aint good for people

    By Tabitha Robin on 08.20.2012

  17. Something that really makes me feel at home is the afghan I knitted. It’s kind of homely — I wish I’d waited until I got the just-right color yarn instead of the almost-right color to fit in with the other four. But it’s nice and warm and yeah, it’s pilled, but it’s mine. And I made it for me. It shows me that I love me, and that is real comfort.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 08.20.2012

  18. it is an environment or person or even just a sense of happiness where you forget there is other people on the earth and you are just happy and calm and you feel like you can do anything and that is an amazing feeling but most people aren’t truly comfortable they don’t understand that they can make anywhere a good place. i strongly think that the world can be comfortable but they over stress themselves causing them to picture their environment to be stressful.

    By julissa on 08.20.2012

  19. Comfort is lying down at home on the couch in a nice position. Comfort is being around those that you love and know you can let your guard down around. Comfort is in all simplicity, happiness. It’s amazing, and a gift to truly feel it.

    By Ellie URL on 08.20.2012

  20. I just saw the rain poring down on his name. Everyone wore black, as the circumstance called for it. Everyone came towards me with their condolences, apathy, and some anecdotes. I just thought about the rain. Oh, how I wished it’d rain everyday. At least then, dust wouldn’t take refuge on his grave. That thought was the only comfort I had. The only light I saw on my darkest day.

    By Jennifer on 08.20.2012

  21. people love their comfort. i do. it would be a great challenge for me if i went out of my comfort zone. but there are times when you just want to do what you want to do. we all should have that moment, when we go, “hell, why not?!”

    By garie on 08.20.2012

  22. Every person has a comfort level,which they accomplish as theirs.
    I feel comfortable lying late in my bed,though it is not good….i want to come out of that comfort level of mine & want to go for a hardworking and tough life so that i can achieve my goals that i have set for myself,but the problem is that i can’t come out of that comfort zone of mine.

    By Anu on 08.20.2012

  23. i don’t feel as vulnerable anymore, not as exposed, like an open flame naked to the stinging cold i have been sharpened into shape, more heat than light. reawakened with the oxygen to live, burning enough for two. kindling each other as kindred, reaching, rising, ascending, scaling, holding – out of necessity, out of comfort.

    By meliora URL on 08.20.2012

  24. Her soft hair fell down over him as she snuggled against his chest. The sent of lavender washed over him. He smiled like a fool as she drifted off to sleep, it was amazing how she comforted him just by being near.

    By Katherine lynia on 08.20.2012

  25. Comfort is so important to me. If I can’t find that in my friends or family, then my shoes and my bed have to be comfortable. A good nights rest in a comfortable bed and wake up walking in comfortable shoes= a happy me. :)

    By one shoe URL on 08.20.2012

  26. white clothbundled around me, a cocoon of warmth. The only thing i could see was the was the simple pure color of white. Nothing bad could ever happen here i was safe, i was protected, i was comforted. No tears could ever be shed.

    By kailley on 08.20.2012

  27. It’s the smell of your bed in the morning when it’s cold and you don’t want to get up. It’s Russian stew that your grandma made. It’s pajamas at 11 in the morning.

    By Natalie on 08.20.2012

  28. I like comfort. I makes people feel good about themselves, and therefore they can make others feel better. It sort of creates a domino effect of happiness.

    By Collin on 08.20.2012

  29. things that make me feel good. easy to relax, getting high. smoking pot and having sex. family and friends.

    By AJ on 08.20.2012

  30. comfort is something that any person would happily seek. It could be difficult to attain if you’re not in a rather familiar environment, but other than that-it should be quite approachable.

    By Srour on 08.20.2012

  31. comfort is what makes life worth living, when it is absent your world is hell, your joints creak, your head reels from the unfairness of it all. This especially true if you are 60 years old. What is comfort? well being, feeeling hungry and getting food to eat, food that you like. Comfort is a good nights sleep undistrubed by trips to the loo, where you wake up refreshed and ready to

    By c sahai on 08.20.2012

  32. I sought comfort in his arms. Arms that had carried the weary and distraught, and were now carrying me. His eyes were gentle, yet there was a determination and power behind them that equalled his gentleness.

    By Amimee URL on 08.20.2012

  33. comfort is the lies that we tell ourselves. Nothing ever good is comfortable, we only think it is. Sitting on that beach took a lot of hard work to get their. Now what? Sit some more or work even harder, you decide.

    By shane murphy on 08.20.2012

  34. I heaved myself upon my brand new couch, relishing in the immediate comfort of my first big purchase. Only two days out of school, and here I was! A brand new adult, taking on the world and .. buying couches!

    By Zach on 08.21.2012

  35. the feeling you get when i think of being with a mother. another feeling about just being you. so when you have that feeling its just natural. thats what i think about when i think of comfort, something so natural. and although i sometimes i feel its bad to get to that feeling with someone its great.

    By diana on 08.21.2012

  36. It’s our level of comfort that plays a very important role in our attachment to people , places, pets, things. It could be a simple thing like the feeling of of comfort from a cup of coffee or being with your loved ones, it takes away the stress.

    By vaiju URL on 08.21.2012

  37. all of us look forward to comfort of our familiar surroundings. it is not just the matter of environment around us but it encompasses the whole of us. whether we go out for shopping, or for a holiday to a new place and enjoy to our hearts content but the comfort we feel in being back to our familiar surroundings is immeasurable. the exotic food we eat outside is no comparison to what taste we enjoy eating the home cooked food. our human nature craves for the comfort.

    By brij URL on 08.21.2012

  38. home and coffee, the essential needs for a domestic slut. What could be more comfortable than the two combined. Unless you spill the coffee that it. Third degree burns aren’t so comfortable now are they?

    By Riya on 08.21.2012

  39. I feel the comfort she gives. When i hug my mom it seems like she’s helping me carry my burden. I love you mom!

    By anonymous URL on 08.21.2012

  40. comfort to me is by making everyone happy around me. talking watever comes in my can be co

    By shipra on 08.21.2012