October 2nd, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “combine”

  1. Mixing drinks and mixing links – the only to make him sink. He looks at me and I at him. He knows that this is how it is. With a gentle sigh he lowers his brow and pushes me off the cliff. Our wonderful experiment of combining cat, man and horse is about to begin.

    By riley URL on 10.02.2012

  2. I’m still trying to figure out the secret combination for happiness. And I’m really determined to find it

    By RAM URL on 10.02.2012

  3. somehow, the unseen seemed safer
    The combination of shadows and silhouettes
    Brought the landscape into focus
    So it appeard less in the distant
    And more a map, held in searching hands

    By gsk URL on 10.02.2012

  4. They moved together under the sheets as one, a perfect match. Their hot, short breaths combining as well as the soft sounds of pleasure, all mixed in the air. Her hands left pink marks downs his back as she held onto him, desperate to be as close to her lover as possible.

    By Sadie on 10.02.2012

  5. Some people close their eyes as they finish a sentence. It’s started to bug me when people do this. They pull in their chin whilst puffing out their chest and they wobble their head in a weird, hybrid sort of gesture, somewhere between a shake and a nod. It annoys me because this specific combination of body language gives me the impression that they think what they’re saying is really important in a snobby sort of way. It makes me think they’re both socially clueless and think they’re better than me. Closing their eyes shuts of the person they’re talking to, as if they don’t matter and neither does anything they have to say.

    By rhyme79 URL on 10.02.2012

  6. The big yellow combine cut a swath through the field, sending the birds flying for safety.
    I could combine the contents of both jars into one and save some space in the cabinet.

    By Katherine on 10.02.2012

  7. Slow movements, rapid breaths. Warm bodies, cold air. Soft moans, hard thrusts. Together as one before forever torn apart. But she doesn’t know, she doesn’t have a clue what he’s planned, that he must go. And as her legs wrap around his waist to pull him closer, a close as possible, she falls even more in love. And so does he. Which makes it all worse.

    By Sadie on 10.02.2012

  8. Auf ihrer Stirn stehen Schweißperlen. Ihre Hände schmerzen und sie spürrt die ersten Schwielen. Trotzdem gräbt sie weiter. Neben ihr liegt der grobe Leinensack. Er riecht unangenehm süßlich. Aber sie wird ihn vergraben. Und dann wird er, und das was darin ist, irgendwann nichts weiter als Erde sein. Zumindestens hofft sie das. Denn sicher ist sie sich nicht.

    By soil on 10.02.2012

  9. Maria combines them together, knowing that the existence of her world would be in danger. Vigorously, she threw that batch of magic into the cauldron and added the charm of Zal’dron. Bang. Everything went black.

    By Caity URL on 10.02.2012

  10. To combine 2 elements and end with what we have is joy. It is alchemy. It is strength, love, desire, birth, investment and the future. It is the binding of souls. The making of beauty. Why we are here. Why we exsist.

    By Renee on 10.02.2012

  11. The chemicals fizzled and bubbled as Harriet cackled, mixing them into a dirty yellow beaker in her basement. As the red and blue began to mix, curling strands connecting the two, a purple smoke rose off, and soon a glowing orange spark danced out of the colors.

    By kill-the-batterwitch URL on 10.02.2012

  12. to combine ones life is to intertwine more than just the outtering beings but the two together in spirit and in heart. What do we do when someone comes into our life and becomes everything? What do we do when one person begins to dictate everything we do

    By Lauren Williams on 10.02.2012

  13. the grapes with compression call it wine and dine with a nice meal. this is one way to read the veil.

    By Gage Sandlin on 10.02.2012

  14. we live in a rural area and i see combines coming down the road all the time. they are monstrous things which make drivers pull over to let them pass. they are a necessarry evil.

    By joe URL on 10.02.2012

  15. he could feel the sting of the saline falling into his eyes, blending with his own, forming tears. the sun was casting shadows just below the wheels of the combine. he liked this. being out alone, in a golden field of wheat. the stalks of wheat danced in the little breeze that mercifully graced his bare back every so often. they reminded him of her hair. the way it flowed all about her as she danced under the willow tree in the few acres out behind the farm house.

    By Leti on 10.02.2012

  16. Suspended in perfect harmony, the utterly delirious joy of being accepted, combined without rejection.

    By EmilyH URL on 10.02.2012

  17. The suitcase. The shoes lined up neatly. The tickets and passport. The quiet. Combined. A broken heart.

    By Louise URL on 10.02.2012

  18. Combine, when to things mesh together. Like two people, in love, their souls and lives combine. You can never understand the true meaning of love until you COMBINE

    By Katy on 10.02.2012

  19. We decided to combine. His with mine. We would now be the same, interchangeable. No one would be able to bring us apart. There may be consequences, they said. But now we were combined, no one could stop us.

    By Iam Me URL on 10.02.2012

  20. “With our powers combined, WE COULD RULE THE WORLD!” Astor cried to the heavens, a manic glow in his eyes.

    “Er,” was Tobias’s incredibly eloquent response. He hadn’t known the eccentric trickster long enough to know whether or not he was lying. In fact, he’d only just found out that he was a trickster at all. Before he had formulated a response, however, the fool was laughing again.

    “Kidding, man, I’m KIDDING. Well, I mean, we probably could, but who wants to, right?”

    By Julia A. URL on 10.02.2012

  21. Im at the pizza hut. Im at the taco bell. Im at the combination pizza hut and taco bell. Im at the taco bell, I got that taco smell, that pascatto smell, i gotta lotta smells, i roll a lotta l’s. Im at the pizza hut, i got that pizza gut, i got that pizza butt, im at the pizza hut.

    By dizzier on 10.02.2012

  22. While Frankel waited for Mrs. Robinson, he looked over the four registration forms placed in the plastic dividers: for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Frankel took out the notebook and pen he had gotten used to carrying—every time they went outdoors, the math-English-bio teacher at his old school had paraded them around with notebooks and rulers. He drew a diagram of the courses and prerequisites and marked the number of sections of each—again, second nature because his crazy history-physics teacher would sneak up behind them and scream “organize your data!” when they got carried away dropping apples out of windows or aiming paper planes at the roof.

    When he finished, he got the impression that the classes at Collins High School were like towers, each floor like a level that you had to pass before you got to the next one: Algebra, Geo, Trig, Pre-calc, Calc, Multivar. Sometimes there were shortcuts. Same with science, and even art: Art I, Art II, AP Art III. The towers thinned in number of sections as they rose, and got further and further apart.

    The lady finished going over his papers. “You took Integrated Math?” she asked without looking up.

    Integrated meant combined. He supposed you could call it that.

    “Unless you can get your previous teacher to send us a recommendation for you, we’ll have to place you in algebra 1.”

    “One,” he repeated.

    “Now about your other classes.” She noticed the towers he had drawn, and frowned at them. “We have this ‘concentration’ system. You have to take eight classes from one area, or five classes from two areas.”

    “I hate concentrated orange juice,” Frankel said.

    Mrs. Robinson turned her frown to Frankel, then highlighted algebra I in a split-second motion. Frankel gulped. His music-art teacher always told them, “Be spontaneous!” That was part of his education, too.

    By Holden URL on 10.02.2012

  23. Combine. It’s a word that is used often actually. If you combine ingredients, it means you add two or more things together. For example, you COMBINED eggs and milk. It is a fancy word for added. Use it if you wish to get good marks during tests.

    By Emily URL on 10.02.2012

  24. Combine, when two people fall in love and their very souls and live combine into something beautiful. You never know the true meaning of love until you COMBINE.

    By katy URL on 10.02.2012

  25. “Jamie,” Her smooth edged voice rang out across the room, “Allow me to combine our powers.”
    He looked into her dark empty eyes, seeing nothing but his own reflection. He hated it. “No.” He said, and spat in her direction.
    She smiled, but in an instant that smile died out and all that remained was those dark, empty eyes that watched his every breath.

    By Emily URL on 10.02.2012

  26. I think the whole world is a combination. A combination of embodied thoughts and concerns. All of us in the western worlds tend to think about the same things and worry about the same things, things that combine and compound. Bank accounts, careers, love, stagnancy, all the things to which we offer up our time are a drag it would seem at a glance.

    By Scott Walker on 10.02.2012

  27. Chemistry. The class with no end. Why isn’t engineering a class in high school?

    or tea drinking?

    By kvm URL on 10.02.2012

  28. When we combine our thoughts, our ideas, we are awesome. Together we are much better than we are apart.

    By Charlotte4950 URL on 10.02.2012

  29. I could go deep; but I refuse. Today I combined the first chilly day of fall with a cup of hot tea.

    By kvm URL on 10.02.2012

  30. It’s so vague; just combine. With so many options there seems to be none, at least not worth reading. I guess the deepest thing would be the combination of two hearts and two loves a combination united by the forces of fate (or something like that). But I can seem to think about right now are smoothies. I could go for a peach and strawberry.

    By savannah on 10.02.2012

  31. Well she was all about combining things. You know, things that didn’t really were good together, like chocolate and carrots and kisses with guns. Don’t you ever combine that. That’s it. She is no longer here.

    By Sergio Londoño on 10.02.2012

  32. I combined the elements, stirring and sticking them until they formed one cohesive whole. I was arbiter of life, of death, of the unkown. All power belonged to me…right before it blew up in my face. I mean that literally, my eyebrows were singed off as well as most of my hair and I couldn’t see out of my right eye for three days. After three days, I took out my left eye too so at least it was even. It was a long time before I walked in public again.

    By Mairead URL on 10.02.2012

  33. the combine tractor drove straight through the field and veered off and struck the house.
    no one was hurt

    By Jerri URL on 10.02.2012

  34. I wish I could just combine my work ethic with my “friend-making skills” and then maybe I’d have a lot of friends. I just find it pointless to put the effort in, friendship should be effortless. Yet, I find myself being the loner in her dorm room doing homework all the time. I just need to reach out of my comfort zone and be confident and outgoing. Being the small town shy girl is getting me absolutely nowhere at this point in my life.

    By foost URL on 10.02.2012

  35. This makes me think of chemistry and bonding. Even though I hate chemistry. You combine elements and atoms and make new creations through combinations.

    By LINDSAY on 10.02.2012

  36. They had to run faster if they were going to get away from Sam. “We need to combine our strengths, Dean. This won’t cut it,” Cas muttered. Dean nodded in agreement. He didn’t want to go through losing Cas again.

    By lp on 10.02.2012

  37. to combine to different things with each other so to make something with them that they fit in a certain way.

    By Josef H. on 10.02.2012

  38. This exercise combines a timer with writing to apply pressure in order to over come the fear to publish, writer’s block, and over editing. Brilliant!

    By James Boone on 10.02.2012

  39. COmbine. Can you combine candy with Dr.Peper? Lets try. What about Chips? Can you combine chips with Orange Juice? Lets try. What about Windex? Can you combine Windex with nail polish? Lets try. You can combine ANYTHING. Everything is possible.

    Written By: Jessica

    By Jessica on 10.02.2012

  40. combine. the combination of two people is magical. Love, lust, hate, mutual feelings, opposing feelings, who knows what that combination will create. One thing is for certain, your life will never be the same again. Every person we meet affects even the smallest part of our day, our year, our life. We must never take anyone for granted, good or bad.

    By Jade on 10.02.2012