May 21st, 2014 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “coil”

  1. Don’t think, just wrap yourself up and forget you exist
    like a snake enraptured by its own venom
    I’ll gaze inwardly for a few moments, coil around my own thoughts
    as I extinguish any thought that could have been useful
    or beautiful or true
    and just write for the sake of writing
    like I owed it to the world to scrawl letters on a blank page.

    By teachthegirl URL on 05.21.2014

  2. I like coils. They are very interesting. They can be used for organizing wool or making electricity. What would we ever do with out coils. If you wanted to learn how to make coils useful for you, just google the word and see what comes up. I wonder what you you will find to do.

    By liz on 05.21.2014

  3. I like Lucina Coil. She has lots of bananas, coiled up into a coil. I eat her bananas when I’m coiled up in a sticky situation. The coil of bananas are quite enticing, though, and I can not always muster up the courage to take one, let alone eat the whole bunch.

    By Swagmaster Wayne Chainz on 05.21.2014

  4. Her hair coiled up into a bunch of tiny ringlets. From the first time he’d set eyes on it, he’d felt a strange desire to run his fingers through them, just to straighten them out momentarily and watch them coil back up into their curls. But he knew he’d never get the pleasure of getting to touch her hair. Instead, he’d have to admire her and the rest of her features from a distance, only ever sharing his voice.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.21.2014

  5. To coil around an object is to wrap rigoursly, with the intent of squeezing the inner object undergoing the pressure. Coiling can pertain to verbs with or without an object; as people have seen coiling can embark us to loop roundabouts.

    By Milad URL on 05.21.2014

  6. Her guts were a gigantic coil after hearing that the person she thought was the love or her life never loved her and used her for her money and other amenities.

    By Jacqui on 05.21.2014

  7. Sometimes desire coils in my chest, and I don’t know what to do about it. Fanfic authors also love to use this turn of phrase.

    For prom, I got my hair done professionally – it fell about my face in beautiful coils.

    Snakes coil themselves in a circular formation, and it is quite beautiful to observe.

    By anna URL on 05.21.2014

  8. what is coil
    tesla coil
    nikola tesla

    By Jeff URL on 05.21.2014

  9. a coil of wire, a coil of rope, a coil of a thread. strange…. coil never seems to stand on its own as a word.

    By JOhana URL on 05.21.2014

  10. A twisted piece of metal.

    By Xuanyou on 05.21.2014

  11. A coil of rope was given to a man. The man was a con artist and skilled one at that. One day while conning people the man died. The rope had been a coil of poisonous snake.

    By Hyo Lim on 05.21.2014

  12. I was walking down a road one day and I came across this hole in the ground. I tried to jump over it but the COILMONSTER got me. NO.

    By Ajay URL on 05.21.2014

  13. round and round

    By Sheryar on 05.21.2014

  14. i don’t know

    By Jeslin on 05.21.2014

  15. A coil of metal were found at the back of my garage lying inside an old box. I can use this. this would be good for my project.

    By sorfina on 05.21.2014

  16. Me and my friend found a coil under the soil.

    By Fahmi Jasni on 05.21.2014

  17. A coil is something that’s looped or twisted.

    The coil of metal was wrapped around the metal to secure it.

    By KIrsty on 05.21.2014

  18. Coil using for see-saw !

    By Marcus on 05.21.2014

  19. Issa stared at him, their eyes burning hotter than the fire that blazed between them. His hand rested on the coil of a steel tipped whip on his belt and his eyes searched her face for an answer. She looked to the sides of the room, planning her escape but he was quicker. Before she could move, he launched himself over the flames in her direction.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 05.21.2014

  20. AS you coil into yourself around yourself and spread your wings out in a failed attempt to fly all I can think is “will you be okay this time? Are things going to work out alright?” And then without so much as a second thought, I do the same thing. I coil into myself, around my self, and forget how to swim. You can be the bird born without feathers and I’ll be the only fish to ever drown to death. How’s that sound love?

    By Madison on 05.21.2014

  21. Coil and I think of a snake. Wrapped so tightly and ready to pounce. Eat me. Be careful or you will be dinner for another being. It’s eat or be eaten. Who’s ready for vegetarianism? Not I, said the fly. I coil and cringe at the thought. Give me a big hunk of meat and I’m happy. Burn, baby, burn.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 05.21.2014

  22. oh these mortal coils….coils of wire littering the vacant lot.
    are curls the same as coils.
    snakes coil don’t they
    i say the coil of wire outside in the bushes. The electrician had been working all day

    By Chana on 05.21.2014

  23. He watched with mouth agape, utterly entranced, as she wound a coil of copper-bright hair over and again around one slender finger. The nail of said finger was bitten to the quick and bloodied along the remaining ragged edge. There was a freckle on her knuckle, a spatter of caramel against the ivory of her skin.

    By emgee URL on 05.21.2014

  24. in my stomach,
    the snakes that poison
    apples and tempt the core
    to ruin,

    wound too tight for springs,
    but merry-go-rounds of life
    and dreams that dreamed
    and still could not be.

    By Pandatry URL on 05.21.2014

  25. spring metal snake atatck c o i l co il scary coiling back into fear scared defense attack

    By attie URL on 05.21.2014

  26. There you sat, coiled in a ring. I always wondered how you could twist and turn your body that way. You said you were in pain, but I think now that you were lying; you just liked the attention. My memories of you are fading, thankfully.

    By Robert on 05.21.2014

  27. He took the coil of rope in his hands, and a glimmer of hope, or perhaps sheer hatred spread across his face. Jacky gritted her teeth. “Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.” She sneered triumphantly at the bloody mass that lay beneath them on the floor. “The easy way? Not a snowball’s chance in hell!” Cried the girl. “Tie her up, Brandon.” Jacky commanded. But still he clutched at the coil of barbed wire- blood trickling down his fingers as his knuckles turned white. “No.”

    By Lulu Roro URL on 05.21.2014

  28. She wrapped
    Her arms

    Around his warm body
    Like the light bulb

    Illuminating their love
    That demanded to remain hidden
    And shrunk in the light of day

    By Sarah URL on 05.21.2014

  29. Shay emerged from underneath the car, pushing off with both arms. His face was streaked with grease and oil, tarnished black by the stuff that came out from under the engine.

    “Did you find what was wrong?” the customer asked.

    Shay nodded. “Heating coil’s bad,” he said. “You’ll probably need a new one. But I’ll say that that’s probably the least of your worries right now.”

    By Chris on 05.21.2014

  30. Sepent’s refuge
    wrapped and tight among the
    flesh a spring ready to
    strike and energy ready
    for release
    a force and a threat

    By Protean URL on 05.21.2014

  31. They were always bound together, but on opposite sides of her being. There was happy and there was sad, but the two could never co-exist without causing a fuck of a mess in between. She found she never hovered in between, either one or the other. Happy or sad. How was one to pick? There were worlds behind both.

    By Hannah on 05.21.2014

  32. I watch as the snakes begin to coil around the rusted sword, their tongues flickering out every once in a while and grazing the metal blade as if to taste it. The entire cathedral, besides those two reptiles, is completely desolate. Not a single artifact lies in merely one shape or piece – it is all splinters, powder, and shards. I stoop down to pick up what was once a crucifix. All I hold now is Christ’s head nailed to a metal plank.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.21.2014

  33. It seemingly took forever, but he finally managed to unwind the long coil of rope and tie one end to the tree branch looming above him. He instructed her to do the same with the large oak behind her, despite the dramatic groans and interjections that this plan was incredibly stupid (she was right, honestly) and wouldn’t work.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.21.2014

  34. It was shaped like a bottle, with a coil of wire wrapped around it. He reached out to pick it up, but as soon as he tried to move it he realised it was much heavier than he expected. The room around him began to spin, then fade to a grey haze, and he felt hungry. The blur around him cleared, and he was in a huge, cavernous hall, with thousand of tall, blue figures looking down at him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.21.2014

  35. Its in a spring. Sometimes thing coil. Like wires on your headphones or your wires for your fan. Anything can coil really. Recoil is a thing too. Its when your gun does a thning and goes up after you shoot it. Sometimes life can coil to. It can spiral up or down depending on how you look at it. Juhst like everything.

    By Michael on 05.21.2014

  36. Unearthed. There it rests. Coiled. Like a snake, but not a snake. Like a clock, but not a clock. Springtime, yet turning rust like Fall foliage that spirals into mounds that build up on the ground. Turns into dirt. Hides your bones. Hides this word. Because you saw me speaking fire at the edge of the ledge there and didn’t know how to cope. I buried it. But now it’s time to shake off the dust.

    By Intuition URL on 05.21.2014

  37. The snake coiled underneath the log, awaiting for its prey with beady little eyes. Its tongue licked the air, picking up a small field mouse’s incoming scent. Its warm body boiled red in its sights.

    If Christie had lips, it would curl in a devilish grin before she struck.

    By Rosheen URL on 05.21.2014

  38. She stretches out the curls in her kinky hair, watching the circles sproing back into place when she lets go. It starts as a childish curiosity at first, but when the weight of the world bears down on her and makes her feel like a fool, she reverts to this habit, springing her hair out, focused and shutting out the people around her.

    By Ashi URL on 05.21.2014

  39. The wires lay in a jumbled up coil behind the TV, the embodiment of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Taylor preferred not thinking about it, really; these days, there were a lot of things she preferred not thinking about.
    Finals. Global warming. The longevity of the patriarchy. Her.
    She swallowed reflexively.
    Yeah…she hated thinking about her most of all.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.22.2014

  40. The coil was wrapped around my wrists, one spry wire that was clenched so tightly to my skin you could see every throbbing vessel of blood beneath my flesh. The rest of them looked down at me, watching the circulation deplete. Inside, I felt like I was dying.

    By Zach on 05.22.2014