February 14th, 2012 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “clue”

  1. I’m not very good at reading those social cues. I tend to curl into myself and worry too much about what I think you’re thinking. Maybe if I just stopped to take a look, I’d get a better sense of what’s going on between us. I always misconstrue things to be more than they are.

    By Ashi URL on 02.14.2012

  2. clue is like giving a good hint of something you like to someone or trying to show a small help of reminding something.

    By shanks URL on 02.14.2012

  3. The clue is so simple. I can’t believe they can’t figure it out. No wait they did and now I have to. Hmm. No I don’t I can make up a new one and let the game keep going.

    By teeda URL on 02.14.2012

  4. Bread sticks and wine that tasted more like vinegar than cabernet. Get a clue, I thought, as he strode like a peacock across the restaurant to meet me. This guy, with his french cuffed shirt and navy pants, leaves me gasping for a fresh breath.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.14.2012

  5. you’ve lost me i have no idea where you’re going or who you are but every day i get a small glimpse a little clue to remind me why i love you like i do.
    you are mine always.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.14.2012

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    By morgan on 02.14.2012

  7. Mystery
    a game I like to play
    a puzzle piece
    something you need to gather

    By kelly URL on 02.14.2012

  8. slick, silly jim was writing his memoir thinking someone would want to read it, but he was wrong. it was getting to be much too long but i guess that’s not really why he was writing it. he had to keep himself busy somehow and anything was better than actually having to do manual labor for a living wage. he had a lot saved up after he left the army and was just glad he got out without having to go to a war. he was actually pretty surprised that his country could go so long with out starting some shit somewhere. he was used to being pushed into other people’s business. he had grown up the only boy in a family of six. he had five sisters that needed pipes unclogged, gutters cleared, boyfriends beat up. maybe that’s why he moved so far away. he told them it was because he wanted to write and he needed space for that.

    By becca Loo URL on 02.14.2012

  9. I hadn’t a clue that they would have responded like they did. Not a clue.

    By david on 02.14.2012

  10. I want to play a game with you.
    Lay out the pieces and collect the dice
    this game is not for the nice.
    or for the hopeful.
    There are murders surround your heart
    waiting to choke the pulse out of it.
    hope to see your blue turn red
    and decorate the floor in your vulnerability.
    Hopeful Hopeful Hopeful
    You are hopefully CLUE-less.

    By Erica Go URL on 02.14.2012

  11. Sherlock Holmes noticed something weird, he had just showed a new clue.

    By Natalia on 02.14.2012

  12. A clue is a mystery thing that detives and case people have to fine out to solve the case…

    By volleyball chick URL on 02.14.2012

  13. “I have no clue what she wants for Valentine’s day!”
    “Really? You have NO clue? I barely hang out with you two, and, man, I can tell you she’s been dropping hints like they’re the sun setting in December.”
    “Well, nothing. Get your ass to the flower store, make a reservation at Amical and think of something interesting to talk about for an hour other than golf clubs. And get the bracelet at the jewelry store downtown – the one in the window.”

    By Chris Rogers URL on 02.14.2012

  14. Clue :
    No one in this life have a clue about what to do in or how to do it.
    almost everyone in this generation don’t think of anything worth it.
    What happened to the world ?

    By pikkop on 02.14.2012

  15. “Clue” .. mm yeah.
    I have no clue what I am doing now !
    saw this website somewhere and just enter it.
    May be I’m lifeless !
    Oh God !
    I’m just Clue-LESS !
    I don’t even know what I am doing now !!!!!!

    By skull-thinker on 02.14.2012

  16. I just want to meet a man whom will get to know me. And when he does finally know me, he may have a clue of who I really am. And then I may have a chance for real love.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.14.2012

  17. Sometimes a clue is lost amongst the triviality of the day. So many walk around without a clue, a hint, or inkling of where, what or who they are. Waking up to find yourself lost. Seek out the truth and get a clue.

    By ShannonC URL on 02.14.2012

  18. Some people don’t have a clue. Some people give us clues. Some people don’t get clues. Some people follow clues. If I gave you a clue, what would you do? The possibilities are endless…Get a clue.

    By Amy Fry URL on 02.14.2012

  19. Der Stoff war fast durchsichtig, ein Hauch von Türkis und Lila, je nachdem, wie das Licht auf ihn fiel. Dahinter die Weite des Königreichs. Hügel, Wälder, Vogelschwärme und Herden, deren Hufe gegen den Boden hämmerten.

    By Eli URL on 02.14.2012

  20. Mrs. White, in the kitchen, with a rope.
    It was easy enough to catch her. She may seem kind and old, but she is a tricky little one.
    We found her hiding in the secret passage way that lead to the billiards room.
    Please do not be worried, she is in jail as we speak.
    Every one is safe now.

    But, Where is Mr. Body?????

    By Hannah on 02.14.2012

  21. Professor Plum lost in the library – the clue is in the question. The question is in the books. Lost in words. Words create words. Lost in a world. A world without meaning. Words create meaning. What is the word? Give us a clue?

    By Jane URL on 02.14.2012

  22. i had absolutely no clue how to proceed. let me introduce myself: my name is hughes, and i am a pi working in ny, and me having no clue pretty much summed up how far ive gotten with the case.

    By Julie on 02.14.2012

  23. i don’t have a clue, why do i feel the way i feel. It’s not good nor bad, not even so so…i just feel. How did that come to pass?

    By Kim URL on 02.14.2012

  24. His name was Hughes and he was a P.I. Right now, the most important thing in his life were – clues. He didn’t have any regarding his cases, hence he had no goddamn clue how to keep paying the rent. He needed someone to help him out, but who?

    He didn’t have a goddamn clue.

    By Julie URL on 02.14.2012

  25. There were clues, weren’t there? If she had chosen to see them. All right there in front of her. But she hadn’t; she’d closed her eyes and let her heart, her stupid, gullible heart lead her. And now she would have to pay the price.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.14.2012

  26. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I don’t have a clue how I should feel.
    Had we never broken up, this would have been our anniversary. 2 years you’d have been my love but we fell apart.
    Today I miss you, so much. I thought you’d try harder to keep me at your side but you let me go and thats all I wanted at the time. But I miss your face and your smile and the way you made me laugh. I actually felt something with you, even if it was just anger sometimes.
    Should I talk to him today? Wish him a happy Valentines Day? Maybe that would make things too hard, but I’m scared he’s alone but ughhh. I hate what you’ve done to me, you gave me no choice, it had to be done.. I’m so sorry I had to leave you.
    It’s not about what you get, it’s what you give. And you never realized that.

    By Katie on 02.14.2012

  27. the etched hand
    crevices and cracks
    the cold spread the skin
    left a clue to where he had been
    who he had seen
    and what was left of his dreams

    By gsk URL on 02.14.2012

  28. the clue was hidden in the conversation but her mind was dazed and she douldn´t find it, not toda, not really focused, present. She grasped for logic and reason, for fantastic explanations, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. what was the solution to the cryptic.

    By Katja on 02.14.2012

  29. mystery, investigation, game, murder, spies,

    By Jconrad URL on 02.14.2012

  30. hint hint;) haha there’s a game called clue… whoo hooo im going home and im going to eat pudding. here’s a clue… its the kind of pudding named after a cookie. OREOOOOOOOO>>>:D

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 02.14.2012

  31. There is a game named clue. It is a fun game to play.

    By dolphin URL on 02.14.2012

  32. A clue is something that can lead you to a solution of something. Also a clue can be a helpful thing if you are a police officer or detective.

    By jasminemelissa URL on 02.14.2012

  33. Clue

    It’s black. And white. And red all over. And it’s not a newspaper. That would be read all over, silly. And it’s not a zebra caught in a spilled can of paint. And it’s not that nun … oh. wait. What’s the clue again? Oh, yeah. That embarrassed nun!

    By CameoRoze URL on 02.14.2012

  34. Game, solve, mysteries, name, and footprints.

    By dominik2 URL on 02.14.2012

  35. i think of crime investigation when i hear the word clue………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    By hailey URL on 02.14.2012

  36. when you try to figure out something you most of the time look for clues to use to help you figure out what you want to know and that is how you find out about the thing you are trying to find out

    By briley URL on 02.14.2012

  37. The cordate clue led me to you- a heart on my sleeve so easy to read.

    By Marianne URL on 02.14.2012

  38. A clue is a hint of some kind. Something that is used to find out a mystery.

    By Jamie URL on 02.14.2012

  39. i don’t have a clue of what to say or write and yet my fingers are clicking away and voices begin to come into my head telling me telling me telling me nothing of interest to anyone so why do i feel that must be a clue?

    By Patti Garland URL on 02.14.2012

  40. Seriously, give me a clue boy. I have no fucking idea what you want. You SAID you wanted me. You SAID I mattered to you. But now? I have no idea. Give me a fucking clue.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.14.2012