May 23rd, 2013 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “clout”

  1. i had the clout of a million men. strong ones. clout so dense that the snap of a finger could send mountains crashing into rivers and leave killers weeping. this clout so heavy, so harsh, and resting its weight on a finger. the clout was mightier than even i.

    By Safon URL on 05.23.2013

  2. He clouted me over the ear, and I fell to the ground. My arms went up to protect my head. Dad was drunk again, and he was taking it out on me. Thank goodness too, because I would kill him if he laid a hand on Mom again.

    By Kristina URL on 05.23.2013

  3. through the looking glass, a vision appears
    Straight line speed, nothing is clear
    Stopping on point
    We are all here, but nothing is sincere.


    By Jason Ohono on 05.23.2013

  4. clout. i wish i could clout a few people today. like the woman who sat in with me for my exam breathing so heavily that i might have thought there was a rhino in the room. and that man who was short one pence for his train fare, i gave him 5p and he kept the four pence change, what a way to thank me. Clout.

    By Atticus URL on 05.23.2013

  5. Clout is not a word that I was expecting. To have clout, you have worth. I have clout with grammar. I thought I had clout with writing until asked me to write about the word “clout” for sixty seconds. I hope I have more clout one day.

    By Katie Sutton URL on 05.23.2013

  6. Clout a very strange word! I’m not sure about the meaning and how to use it properly in a context.

    By Momo URL on 05.23.2013

  7. If your clout is my blessing I’m gonna take it all in my blood. The painful wisper will keep me warm until the eyes will shut in two sparkly holes

    By Owl's Eye URL on 05.23.2013

  8. His shoulder blades- but not them, where they meet, a ripple of skin between-
    his past, broad and sturdy, an endless sea appart from home. A wrinkle of kin.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 05.23.2013

  9. She hadn’t given it much thought before, but supposed he was right.

    “I’ll have to try the next town over, then.”

    “So you shall.” He shut the book with a *slap* and handed it back to her. She winced, and placed it gingerly inside her bookbag.

    On the road again, it seemed. When would she find a proper home for this novel?

    By Les URL on 05.23.2013

  10. He clouted me across the side of my head and I ran, with nothing but the insubstantial silk of an emerald dress and a slinky golden chain about my neck. Through the rain, through the paved walkways of London, through the throb of pain and the scarlet graze upon my temple. Through it all, I ran.

    By F on 05.23.2013

  11. i dont know what clout is, maybe is the thing you get when you wounds scar. I don’t know as many english words as I thought I did. I wish they had given me another word.

    By Luisa S URL on 05.23.2013

  12. One time, I would really love to cloat someone over the head. With a stack of books or something. Just for the fun of it. I would feel like a really old-school teacher, back when teachers seemed to have some power over pupils. That would be nice. Just once.

    By Jessica Stuart on 05.23.2013

  13. “Ya big clout! Look what you’ve done! Ya idiot!” I shouted, shoving him away from my cot.
    The others should’ve laughed at my attempts; after all, I was one 5’2″ 100lbs girl against one Dedrik, who had at least 80lbs and a foot on me on me.
    And yet I didn’t hear a sound.
    If I had been any other little girl, it would have been hysterical.
    But I wasn’t any other little girl.
    I was ME.
    And Dedrik all but fled from my wrath.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.23.2013

  14. Aim.
    Hit. P
    Now he’s lying on the floor.
    Dead, dead, dead?
    But it’s not probable.
    Did I even really hit him all that hard?
    I hope so.

    By rainbowspacedawg on 05.23.2013

  15. She had so much power over me that I couldn’t begin to breathe.
    I walked quickly through the gate, trying to mask the sound of my beating heart with my quickening footsteps. Tried to act as if I belonged in that magical world where I knew she was waiting for me. If only I hadn’t forgotten my security clearance. Even with an innocent face like mine, and all the power I thought I possessed, I’m still lying on the ground outside while that beautiful goddess is there waiting for me. Perpetually waiting.
    –Mickey Mouse, on trying to enter Disneyland.

    By Siege URL on 05.23.2013


    By Sir Profligacy URL on 05.23.2013

  17. One day , a long way away from domestic bliss a man came into their world of stuttered madness and he claimed he would save them from the pain they shared, but instead he took what he could and claimed ownership on their fears. A clout of a man!

    By prickly cactus URL on 05.23.2013

  18. Dot once had clout in imaginative circles. She drools now, into the porridge, spoon held aloft, eyes locked up, like an old hard disk drive. The larvae of bullwhip moths have gnawed her neurons. The cells, they’re lacy, like doilies. On armchairs. Dusty in attics. Where the sentinel sits, wizened, white, watching. Blind. At the window. Numb like scar tissue.

    By Miss Alister URL on 05.23.2013

  19. Well I have no idea what this word means but it reminds me of a blood clot and a cloud, so maybe a blood clot that has filled with air and is now a cloud, maybe that’s what the clouds look like in hell, if that is so,then that’s disgusting.

    By Madison on 05.23.2013

  20. clowns throwing clouts to their faces

    By paula on 05.23.2013

  21. Meh, my thoughts are all in a clout nowadays. Unsure of too many things. Sure of like only one.

    By Jason URL on 05.23.2013

  22. i have no ideia hat this means what so ever, I really don’t
    but I don’t know what anything is anymore, I don’t know who I am
    I just know that I am alone and at my own pace
    Just like a so-called clout that I don’t recognize
    I don’t recognize myself in the mirror either

    By b on 05.23.2013

  23. clout. cloud 9. cloud your judgement. cloud the world. get high. leave this place. come back to earth. wait, i need you. I miss you. Let’s pretend we are in the clouds. A comfortable place. comfort.

    By Melanie on 05.23.2013

  24. It was dark out, and the air was filled with the heavy scent of rain. It still hurt where my mother had clouted me on the ear, but I tried to ignore it and keep walking. I could hear leaves rustling above and I wondered where the birds were.

    By Catherine on 05.23.2013

  25. I dont know what a clout is, but it sounds like cloud and cunt, maybe the cloud was being a cunt and made the world angry and now everyone calls it the clout, maybe he hates everyone and thats why hes a cunt

    By makenzie on 05.23.2013

  26. “You stinking clout. I hate you!”
    Juliana looked at Marissa. “Clout.”
    “What the heck is a clout? Is that a fish?”
    “No, that’s a trout.”

    By Melanie on 05.23.2013

  27. what is clout?
    Is that like a cloud or something?
    what is clout?
    oh the curiosity
    I must know
    what is clout?
    Someone get me a dictionary now!

    By Nallely Cabrera on 05.23.2013

  28. The clout of dirt hit her squarely in the back. She turned around slowly, her eyes piercing me, yet I could not help bursting out with uncontrollable laughter. Suddenly the tension of earlier was broken, our squabble forgotten and as she bent down to pick up a handful of mud to sling toward me, her eyes sparkled with delight.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.23.2013

  29. clout????
    to clout
    a heavy or hard hit with an object okay then
    thats kinda violent
    you know what else is violent
    ya face
    im just kidding im sorry forgive me

    By claudia on 05.23.2013

  30. This is a weird word. Is it really a word? I have never heard of this word. It may sound like cloud except with a typo. In norway this could possibly mean something else. Like something to wipe dishes with, I don’t know. Clout.

    By Jan URL on 05.23.2013

  31. She clout the hard dirt with the heavy rake. She had been at it all day and barely had a half acre finished. She wanted to sob, knowing that at this rate she would never have a crop planted in time. But she pushed on, working even harder. Her hands blistered and dirty, her legs weary as she returned to the house well after dark.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.23.2013

  32. They assume because they have so much clout they can’t be brought down a peg or two! Surely you jest!

    By ldydai22 URL on 05.23.2013

  33. clout is an odd word, ive never heard of it before but i like tacos. this word reminds me of the word cloud cuz its spelled slimiarly. thats it.

    By Grace on 05.23.2013

  34. Just because you’re beautiful or wealthy, that doesn’t mean you’re an authority on anything. Appearance and money don’t give you clout; knowledge and the belief of others gives it to you.

    By csharris on 05.23.2013

  35. es lo que nos mueve cuando la personalidad no nos alcanza, es simplemente una ventaja que se convierte en desventaja, pero que podría ser una herramienta para hacer un mejor mundo

    By Rodrigo Salgar on 05.23.2013

  36. You are one. Don’t deny it.

    By Evan URL on 05.23.2013

  37. clout is the base, is the little seed that makes you do things, is the center of your principles, the center of your movement, is like the pedal that drives the bike, and the word that initiate your phrases.

    By Sebastian Mojica URL on 05.23.2013

  38. Do you have it? … Do you know what it means? … I figured you didn’t.
    It’s a term that belongs with a past dead generation that once determined whether or not you fit into a man box. And whether you could be a politician or a carpenter, both required this apparently …

    By Scott Garland on 05.23.2013

  39. blood surges
    nothing more
    never stopping
    for the
    bacteria is
    my cells.

    By Nora on 05.23.2013

  40. Clout is for stomping; clout is for understanding; clout is for vouching; clout is for speaking your piece; clout is for standing up for yourself & for others.
    Clout sounds like cow and vouch sounds like vache. Moo.

    By ISOreality URL on 05.23.2013