November 27th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “closed”

  1. Closed-minded people suck.
    He knows all about closed-minded people – his parents, what few people he knew that he wrongly called ‘friends,’ the rest of whoever he knew.
    So I tried to make that sound cool, but… no.
    I don’t know what to write.
    I suck. But I’m not closed-minded. xD
    Timerrr is taking a long time to finish its sixty seconds.

    By Morgan on 11.27.2010

  2. close the front door!

    By rain on 11.27.2010

  3. The doors slammed. My head felt just as closed. I knew it would be hard to stay, but I never thought it could just hurt so much. “My heart is closed”, you said. “You are now inside forever.” I felt like the last man on earth, dead, dead for everybody else.

    By Rafael Zamudio URL on 11.27.2010

  4. said the sign on the bar door. I was supposed to meet some one here five seconds from now. I was supposed to change my life here, three seconds, two now. My name is Maslow Winters and I am a chemist from Chicago who plans on showing someone a miracle drug in,,,now.

    By Kevin Berry URL on 11.27.2010

  5. She closed the door with her foot.

    By Chantal on 11.27.2010

  6. The door to his heart. Closed and locked. Chained and nailed up with boards. He would never find a way in, would he. But he wanted to so badly. He loved him. And he wanted him to love him back.

    By Yaar on 11.27.2010

  7. a door lies ahead. the lock taunts me as i stare with hungry eyes past the wooden fixture. my curiosity burns to know. i linger for a moment with my hand on the doorknob, until it opens a crack and i see what my heart has desired for so very long.

    By Kelsey on 11.27.2010

  8. Her eyes closed as she turned her head. The time was flying past her like the landscape in a speeding car’s window. Nothing seemed to make sense… except for him. He made all the sense in the world.

    By Jules URL on 11.27.2010

  9. Closed? Bullshit. The word does’nt litteraly excist. Just avoid it. desolc.

    By jennas on 11.27.2010

  10. The door closed and I simply remained silent, having no idea what to feel let alone say. Some things are truly meant to tear a soul to pieces and on that day, in that moment I learned how that felt.

    By Michael johnston on 11.27.2010

  11. a door lies ahead. the lock taunts me as i stare with hun­gry eyes past the wooden fix­ture. my curios­ity burns to know. i linger for a moment with my hand on the door­knob, until it opens a crack and i see what my heart has desired for so very long.

    By kj URL on 11.27.2010

  12. Your love lay out on a platter. It was so captivating. With every reason I was so very tempted to taste, touch, sample your love. Something i dare not do with any other man. But you were different, cliche it might be, but true none the less. Every moment of this realization concluded in wrenching heartfelt tears for you, and never for any other man.

    By renata URL on 11.27.2010

  13. Your love lay out on a plat ter. It was so cap ti vat ing. With every reason I was so very tempted to taste, touch, sample your love. Some thing i dare not do with any other man. But you were different, cliche it might be, but true none the less. Every moment of this realization concluded in ardent heartfelt tears. These were for you, and never intended for any other beauty.

    By renata URL on 11.27.2010

  14. closed doors lead to unparalleled challenges. Closed heart leads to unmatched struggle. Open hands allow yearning warmth, enclosed in love.

    By Alex on 11.27.2010

  15. The door closed behind me as i walked away. I had given her everything, but was not able to stimulate her head, that is where i failed and another beat me.

    By Juan URL on 11.27.2010

  16. The front door was closed. She went around to the back to try and get in but it was locked as well. “Shit.” she thought. She wasnt sure what to do in that moment, the rain slidding down the strands of short hair and poured down her face. Streaks of black tainting her and seeping into her mouth.

    By Lindsay on 11.27.2010

  17. I walked through the blistering cold in my tattered apparel. I saw a diner not too far in the distance. I had nowhere else to go at this point, so I headed forward. My feet and hands grew numb and as I approached the diner door, I realized , it was closed.

    By anonymous URL on 11.27.2010

  18. when you go to the shop and the sign says closed but really its open, its the bestfeeling in the world. because its not closed, its open.

    By katie on 11.27.2010

  19. A closed mind. Trust me I have had my share of that. My parents. My peers. Even myself. I propose we put a stop to it. Open up. That is all that is needed. I can do it. Can everyone else? Let’s hope.

    By holly URL on 11.27.2010

  20. We look around. Look for anything. An opportunity. A new life. We’ll take anything we can get, but it appears that all the doors are closed. There are no opportunities for us here.

    By Anna-bell URL on 11.27.2010

  21. Heaven may be closed to the living, but paradise is everywhere. Reach out and you can touch the truth around you, you don’t need to know what will be here when you die.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.27.2010

  22. One door closes, another one opens? I think that really, there was always another door there but when the door you want closes, it opens your eyes to other choices.

    By Moira URL on 11.27.2010

  23. I’ve been keeping my feelings locked away behind closed doors. But there’s nothing new with that.

    I wonder sometimes–no, actually a lot–how you’d react to my affections. Probably with rejection. Most likely with rejection. Most unquestionably with rejection–it’s the obvious answer. So I’ve kept myself hidden. And unheard.

    I’m keeping words unsaid only because that’s the only way they’ll be safe. And, as much as I want to open myself up and take you in, let you in–I think that there are plenty of other doors for you to walk through, to where you’ll discover what you really want.

    By Michael Aquino URL on 11.27.2010

  24. my life is so closed right now. i made some plans , but they didnt work out, and now eveything is closed, i feel like i dont have any options anymore, or any plan B.i dont want to compromise, bcos i think i will not be happy if i compromise.

    By tarun on 11.27.2010

  25. My eyes are closed. I’m thinking about you. About the way your arms feel around me, the sound of your voice, the scent of your hair. I open my eyes, but I’m still thinking about you. I can’t get you off of my mind, can’t focus on anything else. You’re all I want, you’re like the air I breather – but you’re Not Here. I need you. Please come home.

    I’m obsessed.

    By Ellen URL on 11.27.2010

  26. this door is closed. i really want it to open but i cannot do anything about it. i wish that the person on the other side would open it. that will never happen… i think.

    By rampone on 11.27.2010

  27. That was it. She could not look back after this. The door to the past was closed. It was over, time to move on, start new. She’s dealt with her ghosts, had plenty of moments she will regret, but that is all over now, it’s closed, and time for a new door to open.

    By Lauren URL on 11.27.2010

  28. Eventually I came to a whistle stop along the tracks. There was a diner, which appeared to have been closed for decades. Also a bar and several farm houses, all in the same condition. I continued on, feeling a bit like I was on a walking tour of the outskirts of Hell.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.27.2010

  29. The girl crossed her legs and severed what had been keeping me so enthralled for the duration of the train ride. She snapped her book shut and cleared her throat and then looked out the window. I blushed, continued to look down, continued to think about what she looked like naked, what we would have looked like wrapped around each other, an octopus around a sinking ship.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.27.2010

  30. The door was closed. I tried the key, but it wouldn’t work. I pushed against it in frustration. Nothing. Why? I tried so hard to open the door, but nothing would work. I tried pushing. I tried pulling. I was desperate. I leaned back and sighed. And the door opened…

    By Jon Simon on 11.27.2010

  31. Man, when you’re dying to go somewhere for food, looking for late night grub… and the one thing that could satisfy your hunger, the ONE place that could relieve you of your yearning for sustenance… is CLOSED??? Don’t you wanna just punch that damn sign?

    By Travis URL on 11.27.2010

  32. the door closed on me. i felt like i had never been so far away from him. we were only a few inches apart but it felt like worlds. I wanted to open the door so badly but my resolve was rock solid at this point. i Couldnt let him win like that

    By kate on 11.27.2010

  33. The door slammed loudly in the frame. James’ face was imprinted in my mind. Malice. Anger. Hate. But all I could think of was love. My love for him was separated from him by a single piece of wood. A closed door. I sat in the hall and began to sob uncontrollably.

    By Regina on 11.27.2010

  34. The door to his heart had already been closed. Long shut off from me, and I knew no way to get it back. He had shut himself off from the rest of the world, and despite that I was the only person he willingly allowed to interact with, he was in no way ready to confide in me. I was patient though, I was willing to wait for him. I knew that it was going to be hard in gaining back his trust in humankind when I accepted to be his sole friend. I did not plan on betraying him now, and I plan to open those doors to his heart.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 11.27.2010

  35. He closed the door and although he left me with a kiss and a smile, I knew when that door closed it locked his heart as well.

    By zaramusette URL on 11.27.2010

  36. Is it more frustrating to face a door that is closed, locked up tight and sealed almost enough to keep the light from leaking through the cracks or a door slightly ajar, enough that you thought you’d be able to get in, figured you could push it the rest of the way -hell it’s partway there already- and with space to sneak peeks inside, to see what you’re after just on the other side of that door only to find out that there is no give at all and just too little space to squeeze past?

    By Rob URL on 11.27.2010

  37. “We’re closed” he said. He said it loud and clear and low and I heard him perfectly though the plate glass window of the convenience store. But that doesn’t mean I believed him, so I pushed open the door ignoring his yells and shouts for me to stop what I was doing.
    “Dude. What the fuck? Did you not hear me? We’re closed.” he shoved my shoulder.
    “Alan. Shut. The fuck. Up. You know I’m coming in so just back the fuck up and deal.” I said breezing past him and heading for the beer cooler.
    “Fine. Whatever. Fine.”

    By Ananda on 11.27.2010

  38. The store was closed. 3 hours of waiting and it was closed.
    But thats just life. You can work as hard as possible but luck still plays a factor. Things can still be closed. Everything can crash.
    But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Someday that door will be open. Someday, luck will be on your side.
    It won’t be closed.

    By Noelle on 11.27.2010

  39. Closed. That’s my mind something. Writer’s block, parent block, love block. I have blocks all stocked up in my mind like chains or clay stuck together refusing to compromise or break. I want to open up and let people in, let people understand how I feel or how I see the world. I want to be free, not closed away wondering what life could really be.

    By Jess on 11.27.2010

  40. Closed means to shut. The store was closed so I have to come back tomorrow.

    By Jane on 11.27.2010