March 26th, 2011 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “classic”

  1. beauty, peaceful, style, no change, centuries, forever, sameness, uniform, black

    By m on 03.26.2011

  2. in classic andy fashion, i have hit a point where logic has started to take over, and the emotions are no longer the dominant force for the time being. now it’s time to sit and wait to see how things unfold. thus avoiding making snap decisions, and making them too quickly without having sufficient information.

    By Andy URL on 03.26.2011

  3. A black tux with a bow tie. The shiniest shoes you’ve ever seen on his feet. He wears gloves on his hands and they look so smart and tight that it should be a sin. It probably is a sin. Good thing he’s never even thought of taking the moral high ground.

    He walks into the dining hall all classic and sleek. He’s the old model that’s better than the latest. His eyes say it all.

    By Sae URL on 03.26.2011

  4. A Classic story:
    Boy meets Girl
    Girl Falls in love
    Life Happens
    Heartbreak incurs
    Classically life sucks!
    The fairy tales no not
    What true Classic is

    By Nix URL on 03.26.2011

  5. Classic. That must be the better word to describe my life as it is now. But anyway. Tomorrow I won’t be classic anymore. Tomorrow’s the day. I’m leaving. My new planet waits for me.

    By Snowy on 03.26.2011

  6. I love classic rock. It makes me feel alive. It seems so authentic and that is truly how I want to live my life with that amount of passion. pulsing, alive and real. It is so different from the bubble gum pop of today. I love classic rock.

    By jennifersiouville URL on 03.26.2011

  7. Pareciera como si todos los días fueran una versión clásica de los demás, una monotonía, pero cuando te veo a los ojos esa monotonía queda fuera de la realidad.

    By raul URL on 03.26.2011

  8. Eddie couldn’t answer the phone fast enough…


    “Ed, every guitar was stolen from Dave’s Vintage Guitar’s. There was only one guitar left, the Les Paul Classic. Mike’s fingerprints were found on the broken glass. So was his finger.”

    “Oh no.”

    “Ed…you better call Alex.”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.26.2011

  9. Classy.
    I always thought that was a huge compliment.
    Anybody can be hot, pretty, attractive, funny, smart, etc., etc.
    But it takes something to be classy

    Audrey Hepburn
    Princess Diana
    Elizabeth Bennett
    Jane Eyre

    By Jules URL on 03.26.2011

  10. As she opened the book the musty smell of stale ink and memories tickled her nose. She turned the thin pages with gentle fingers as her eyes devoured the rich literature. This was a classic, never to be tired of.

    By Susan URL on 03.26.2011

  11. I sometimes wish I majored in Classics. That’s what my friend Stephen was planning on majoring in. He died before he got there. I majored in literature, which means, of course that I’ve read many classics, but that’s not the same thing. I think too many books are considered classics. Seriously.

    By deadponies URL on 03.26.2011

  12. The classic car sped hurriedly down the street. Convertible top down. As the couple stared out onto the open sea. They had just got married the day before, utterly content, together. They had everything they wished for at this precise moment.

    By isobel on 03.26.2011

  13. CLASSIC:they theorize that there are not one or two of these dimensions but an endless amount.not layered,woven,or stacked,but like drops of water in an endless sea.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 03.26.2011

  14. “I hate this book,” Allen grumbled, tossing it onto the floor.

    With a sigh, Alice retrieved it, saying, “No, you don’t. If you be bothered trying to understand it, you’d love it.”

    “It’s a sappy romance!”

    “No – it’s a classic story about abuse and mental illness. If you read it properly, you’d know that.”

    By Rachael on 03.26.2011

  15. It was a classic day. The sun rose, the sun set. The birds were singing, rabbits were hopping about and the squirrels were raviging the birdfeeders in my yard. I’m gracious and thankful for the squirrels, even in their thievery.

    By T. Michael Smith on 03.26.2011

  16. classic red
    solid shine
    grand color
    bikes and cars
    wood panel
    soft yellow single headlight.
    small spotlight
    on an dim dirt road.

    By Marguerite URL on 03.26.2011

  17. Classic. She’s all red lips and high heels and pearl earrings. He hair is black, curled. He eyes gaze at me through twenty years. More than that. Classic.

    By Winnie URL on 03.26.2011

  18. Ahh, classic novels. Classic movies. Classic lines. Classy people. Why aren’t people classy anymore? Really, it’s so great. Classy boys. Mmmmmm. Classy boys make my heart melt.
    Be classy, and I’ll love you forever.

    By Jess on 03.26.2011

  19. “But there IS no here,” I reminded him.


    “So how can we escape from here, if it doesn’t exist?”

    He smirked. “That is a classic example of a paradox.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 03.26.2011

  20. i want to be classic. forever. like the movie stars.

    By Lisa on 03.26.2011

  21. Ah, the insightful sel-awareness of who you are and how people see you. The uniqueness of some thing that never changes…..

    By Mindy Silva on 03.26.2011

  22. Later on Ushio would think that what he was doing was a classic case of sexual harassment, but for the time being if Yusei didn’t want it the young man would be the first to complain… Right? He slipped one thick finger pass the pink ring while still playing with a nipple. It slid inside easily with the expensive lube easing the way. Yusei pulled in a breath and a tremble shook his slim body.

    By KCO URL on 03.26.2011

  23. there is a classic style of dress for man or woman that never goes out of style
    when most clothes are fads the classic style live on and on and on

    By she53lly URL on 03.26.2011

  24. der klassische Alltag
    der klassische Ablauf…
    nicht durchbrechen…

    alles beim alten nicht verändern
    Veränderung haben nichts klassisches

    By Anuri URL on 03.26.2011

  25. classic – that which has stands the test of time and proved its durability. books, movies, music, philosophies etc… a classic is a cultural object that enriches human society. Some would cite Shakespeare, I prefer Dostoevsky and Nietzsche…. Unlikely duo? Perhaps!

    By A Watt Therm Kite URL on 03.26.2011

  26. classic. What motivates me to write about this? there is nobody forcing me to write about this word n 60 seconds. So why do I feel panicked? That’s strange. OneWord…. you’re classic.

    By Ryan16 URL on 03.26.2011

  27. The classic car pulled up in front of the old fashioned diner. It was a gorgeous red hue with tinted rear windows, and large front headlights. A young mom stepped out of the vehicle with her little boy in tow and made her way into the diner.

    By Kaeliea URL on 03.26.2011

  28. Los clásicos hay que leerlos. Si o si. De esto puedes aprender mucho. Y nunca está demás saber su contenido porque te puede servir en cualquier conversación. De esta manera puedes demostrar que sos inteligente, no, inteligente no es la palabra justa, puedes demostrar que sos culta. Y todos de admirarán.

    By Eli URL on 03.26.2011

  29. Few things comes to mind when I see the word classic.

    May I?

    “Chuck and Connie took a cruse in their Caprice Classic convertible.”

    “I want a Gibson Les Paul Classic.”

    “Will there be two this evening?” “Yes. Can my wife have some crayons and a coloring book?”
    – Classic. It always shocks the hostess.

    “Bob Hope will come to life in January 2012 at the Tiger Woods golf classic that will be held in Coachella Valley, California.”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.26.2011

  30. hair pulled back,
    starched blouse and
    white linen skirts.

    i look in the mirror
    and see another copy
    of these models and mannequins,
    all looking like one.

    By Myst URL on 03.26.2011

  31. the woman arrived in a modest car. the man driving came around to the passenger side to open the door for her. when she stepped out, many people were taken aback by her beauty. her gorgeous white gown flowed to the ground and the train followed her every step. Her perfect cheekbones were framed by her gracefully curled tendrils of hair that swept to the side into a classic bun. Photographers snapped her photo as if she were royalty, while in her clutch jangled the only 2 dollars and 67 cents she had to her name.

    By Rupert URL on 03.26.2011

  32. classic and chic, black and white. she looks like she’s from one of those movies that people always talk about, but no one’s ever actually seen. when one day you see her, your breath will catch and your face will freeze and you’ll wish that you’d never seen her, because from that moment on, you know there will be no one else. except she’ll never be yours. because she never even

    By doowhat on 03.26.2011

  33. She wore a small black dress
    and red pumps.

    Her lips were painted a bright, classy red.
    Her hair curled and wild.

    Her vibrant green eyes shone against her pale skin
    under the moonlight & street lamps.

    She looked perfect – classic.

    By Jennifer Marie URL on 03.26.2011

  34. classic, like the oldest style ipod. its clearly the best. so why is everyone constantly looking for the new cool style of technology. granted its no record player, but to be classic is to be genuine. and genuine classic things are what make this world worth living in.

    By Celia URL on 03.26.2011

  35. No, no, you messed it up.
    The line.
    Shut up, it doesn’t matter, you get the point.
    No, it does matter. You always say that. It does matter.
    Why does it matter?
    Because it’s a classic.
    You can’t just go around telling people how great the line is and not get the line right.
    If they get the point…
    No, not if they get the point. The line wasn’t “I want to go home, I want to go home…” You’re going to teach a generation of immigrants how to look like morons to Americans when they try to about The Wizard of Oz.
    Wow. Awful example.
    It still matters.

    By dan on 03.26.2011

  36. A ship with colours dragging, sad from the masts and wobbly rising heat. Doldrums like antlers on a hunting lodge door. We can only wait for wind.

    By Oak URL on 03.26.2011

  37. Classics are beautiful things, preserved over the ages. Classics can be in book form or music form. I for one love classical music! However, some classics (although they can remain classics) are eventually replaced. For example, classic reading in schools has changed from time to time. I strongly dislike the classic Tom Sawyer, as I find it boring and laggy, so I can understand why this needs to happen. All in all, classics are pretty great though :).

    By p on 03.26.2011

  38. A classic is something beautiful, archaic, outdated but never to much so. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone has read it seen it dreamed of it. I wish to be a classic. World reknowned. But this is sadly a dream. Because people are the one thing that can never become a “classic”.

    By N'dea Yancey-Bragg URL on 03.26.2011

  39. Classic: good ol’ stuff that transcends the waves of time.

    By Care URL on 03.26.2011

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    By coral on 03.26.2011