September 19th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “claim”

  1. claim to get. claim to call as yours .claim that it is mine i claimed the jacket .I claim that child as mine. she claimed the ipod. i claimed the dog. the cat was claimed that this cat is its mom. all the kids wanted to claim the stuffed animal.

    By Christina on 09.20.2012

  2. to claim something is like owning something. He claimed the pencli on the floor.

    By Taylor Smelley URL on 09.20.2012

  3. To claim is to own and to claim my stuff it is officially mine. I claim things I lose when I can get them back. I claim my family. my life, my world as to my pets. I claim the things that are rightfully mine. I claim everything that is mine no matter what.

    By Forrest Hale on 09.20.2012


    By CYANA on 09.20.2012

  5. claim to get. claim to call as yours .claim that it is mine I claimed the jacket .I claim that child as mine. she claimed the cell phone. I claimed the dog. the cat was claimed that this cat is its mom. all the kids wanted to claim the stuffed animal.You claimed the dress. I claim that i got a job. She claimed that her child would be at school.

    By Christina on 09.20.2012

  6. The homestead claim is what was another word for property it is also meaning as in taking something. like for instance he tried to claim my dollar if it had fallen out of your pocket and he found it. one time my big sister tried to claim that it was my turn to empty the dishwasher, my mom and dad gives us chore we have to do every day before they get home.I really dont

    By gabrielle on 09.20.2012

  7. If you claim something then you say it is yours. i claim my stuff. my stuff is mine. you cant do anything about it. get your own stuff to claim. it would be only yours.

    By cld URL on 09.20.2012

  8. To claim possession over something or someone
    To claim, to state something that may be true to you but not a fact to others
    Claim. Collect. Gather. State.

    By toastea on 09.20.2012

  9. there is a website named one word, i dont know what i’m doing right now, i feel lost and confused help me please .words are used every day in sentences. i just went brain dead.talking to my friends asking them for help with this right now

    By ahrianna on 09.20.2012

  10. Claim generally applies to ownership. But not only a previously established ownership — It is often the verb establishing it. “I claim that!” I do not claim this brief paragraph. It sucks.

    By Sam URL on 09.20.2012

  11. a claim is saying something is yours and taking ownership of it. you can claim toys games and much more.

    By Chandler Hubbard URL on 09.20.2012


    By CYANA on 09.20.2012

  13. i claimed a phone at wallie world…!!!! yea buddy…………………yahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By bc on 09.20.2012

  14. To claim is to claim it is yours. I claimed my life as people try to take it away I claim the happeness in it even though theres hardley any. I claim my family, my life, my stuff to have and keep forever, but as people try to take it away I try and try to keep it but one day I can’t. I have the things I love and one day when I’m gone, someone will claim my life and family to be taken care of . But now it is mine to claim, and I will keep it until i’m gone.

    By kake on 09.20.2012

  15. The name of the game is claim. own it claim it . Fame to claim. Fame to claim. Ownership is implied. You must have a claim check to prove ownership. How can you claim something that is not yours.

    By Bruce on 09.20.2012

  16. Claim is to say that something is yours. If you claim something you are saying that it belongs to you.

    By Bradley Cook on 09.20.2012

  17. Claim is like to own something. An example of claim is he claimed the pen cause nobody else did. Claim is to buy and own something. It is to say something is yours to have and to keep.If you claim something you say it is yours!!!!-_-

    By bailie seales on 09.20.2012

  18. Everyone of them just stared at me, wondering who would be stupid enough to claim me as their own, I shivered, it was so cold in there, I wondered if I would ever get out.They continued to stare and then I heard his voice, rough yet delicate Ididn’t dare to believe my ears it was to good to be true,I had been there so long it probably wasn’t real.

    By Tessa on 09.20.2012

  19. Claim…
    They asked me if I have to claim just one thing in life what will you claim?
    I said
    They Smiled

    By Amazing Anish on 09.20.2012

  20. claim or claiming is when you take or get something i only have 60 secs so see ya!

    By a.k.a TWisTA on 09.20.2012

  21. it’s mine. all mine, no one elses’s just mine. I claim my son. to be of mine only. I wont claim

    By Vicki on 09.20.2012

  22. when you get or say somethings is yours

    By a.k.a TWISTA on 09.20.2012

  23. I make something. It is something that is very powerful. A claim is what I do I claim you. I claim your love and forever more will hold you within my embrace. Hold you tight only for me and only for us. I will claim our love. I will claim everything on you. Your clothing, your embrace, and forever your face. Just for me. I overpower your strong body with lust and sweat. Hot and sweaty we are between everything in the world. We are each other. And I claim this to be a fact.

    By ely on 09.20.2012

  24. The insurance claim lay on the table. The woman looked at it and took a sip of her coffee. French Vanilla creamer. There was a chip in the mug, and the floral print had faded over time and washes in the dishwasher. She took another sip and looked at th

    By Shelby Thomas on 09.20.2012

  25. A hand takes it and it is there’s. Possession. Dominant. To take from others and make your own. Individual. Selfish.

    By eve on 09.20.2012

  26. I claim that I’m happy. But am i really? The work is overwhelming me and I don’t understand most of the shit and I’m just lost and sitting here in my dorm room alone yet surrounded by so many people just like me.

    I claim that I have a crush on him. Do I..? Is it too early to tell? Am I too easily satisfied? I wish I was more outgoing and sociable so I could get to know more people.

    Maybe everything is a daydream.

    By michelle shwe URL on 09.20.2012

  27. I hadn’t been home in three days. How could they possibly claim i was the one who had told her? I hadn’t told her anything. I didn’t find out until last night, and thats why im home now.

    By Erika on 09.20.2012

  28. when i dont feel comfortable with what im getting and think i should say something in order to make things change or happen. Also when i know someone is not telling the truth. Its necesary. Soubnds like clam, its not my favourtie verb, though.

    By taenia blischke on 09.20.2012

  29. there is a claim that was staked in a diamond field. the person who staked the claim started digging and digging. he did not find any diamonds, but made a really big hole in the ground. after a while he had dug so deep that he couldn’t get out of the hole. someone else came along and started filling in the hole.

    By Bruce on 09.20.2012

  30. rightful inheritance. belongings. property. ownership. entitlement. worked for, or deserved? struggled, or given? stolen, or taken?

    By meliora URL on 09.20.2012

  31. I hereby find the defendant in this case guilty as charged.

    That was just the beginning of it. She had been hammering on this for years. Property disputes. A fence that was on her land, but on mine too. Where should it go. A Robert Frost poem somewhere in all of that.

    By Bryan URL on 09.20.2012

  32. Claim. I want to claim what’s mine. Claim what isn’t mine. Claim what was lost in time. When did I lose it all? Where did it all go? Staring at the face of a devil overwhelmed with sin, looking into the eyes of angel trying to break within.

    By Daniela on 09.20.2012

  33. Claims are often made by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. It is important to be able to tell when this happens. Call them out on it.

    By Philip Martin on 09.20.2012

  34. I claimed it was okay. To claim, to suggest that you have decided that this is what it’s going to be. There is a certain justification in that. And yet, a claim can be false or faulty. A claim to fame, that sounds like a homeless mans last, depserate attempt to cling to some semblance of normalcy. Claim. Refrain from making one, it could back fire. Conversely, declarations have served man well in the past. And also perhaps not so well. Look at the \united States and their Declaration of INdependence. Look ath thier country. Their society. it’s fucked. lThough I guess we’re all fucked. Claim.

    By Alivia on 09.20.2012

  35. A lot of people claim to know someone. I however, think it takes a life time to truly know someone and that very rarely do people actually accomplish this.

    By Taylor Houghton on 09.20.2012

  36. I claim that I know what I am doing most of the time and we all make claims that we’re okay. But if we take a second and we stop these crazy lies, we would stop claiming that we’re all okay and begin to say “Maybe I’m not okay. Maybe I need you.”

    By Vic Kat on 09.20.2012

  37. I claim to have a strong love for you. I claim that you are beautiful and you’ll probably never see it. I claim that you broke my heart and I still want you. I claim that you’re my kind of perfect. I claim that you are mine in my heart and none other can take that away… until I move. Then I’ll claim that I don’t love you and never did.

    By Hope on 09.20.2012

  38. [my post from earlier] claim. I want to claim what’s mine. I want to claim what isn’t mine. I want to claim what was lost in time. When did I lose it all? Where did it all go? Staring at the face of a devil overwhelmed with sin, looking into the eyes of angel trying to break from within.

    By daniiceleste URL on 09.20.2012

  39. i can’t think of anything to write. claim means to say something is yours. an idea or a thing or a person or anything. or claim can be used in airports and borders in terms of traveling and transporting goods.

    it’s a weird word.

    By Michelle on 09.20.2012

  40. I stood there in the field. I knew I should do it. I had to. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. To claim him. He stood there and my friend stood next to him. I loved him more but that didn’t matter. She was my friend and she liked him to. So she could have him.

    By India on 09.20.2012