September 19th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “claim”

  1. Claim soothing what can you claim that is really truly yours something that you can’t go a day without maybe it’s someone I’m still waiting to find that something or someone that I can claim is mine and that I would die if I didn’t have it I wonder if other people are waiting to claim something

    By Lexi on 09.19.2012

  2. We belong to ourselves, to each other, to the sky, to our bodies, to our buildings, to our words, until death returns to claim us.

    By Myona on 09.19.2012

  3. you claim you brain is frazzled
    but is it not?
    for once you head is clear
    for once you are alone
    you claim to be level headed
    you claim to be of sound mind
    but you are not.

    By Kyra Bee URL on 09.19.2012

  4. He knew the claim was false but listened silently anyway. It seemed as though she desperately needed him to believe her but he couldn’t figure out why. When she was finished speaking he just shrugged and walked away.

    By Liam on 09.19.2012

  5. I claim my right to travel. I claim my right to freedom. I claim my right to love. I claim my right to the amazing life. I claim my right to love. I claim my right to an amazing wife. I

    By Prince on 09.19.2012

  6. Something that is mine and only mine. Selfish, but something of pride. An emblem you were proudly on you. Given by others, or was it forced?

    Never mind then.

    Perhaps it is something of shame.

    By Champagne URL on 09.19.2012

  7. I now lay claim to this throne, for my sons, and their sons, and their sons to claim after me. We will govern lawfully, justly. We will bring peace. This is our land – our rightful place. We deserve to be here, to rule. To live. We have won it, and so it is ours.

    By Morgan on 09.19.2012

  8. you claim to be the person that is forgiving, yet you are nothing like that, you claim to be the person that is loving , yet you go on hating everything in your path. you claim to be the one, yet be both know you are not that solitary. So be it , let your claims be.

    By farhia URL on 09.19.2012

  9. I claim that I can be able to be whoever I can be if I believe in myself. I think I’m able to achieve many of my personal goals. I also claim that I can do good better for others instead of being an egoist. Claim is a very positive and demanding word.

    By Andrea on 09.19.2012

  10. I try not to claim anything. I don’t claim to know all of life’s secrets. I don’t claim to know everything about a certain person. Too many people assume they know it all and we should not worry about claiming anything. We should worry about just making sure we are happy and content with what we do have and what we may possibly have when the future comes around.

    By Theresa on 09.19.2012

  11. My mother claims that I have a horse in my closet but I don’t. I don’t have much in my closet and can’t claim to have a horse in there. Plus, it is way to small for a horse and she should know that. So don’t claim I have a horse in my closet. Tsk. never again will I talk about small horses or small spaces around my mother.

    By Liz on 09.19.2012

  12. Claim: a word that makes people think twice, say what others want to hear, and keep their mouth shut. Claim: don’t think about it. Tell what you want for once.

    By Liz on 09.19.2012

  13. I’d love to claim you everything you are.
    Claim your hair, your eyes, your lips, your hands.
    I’d love to claim you my own,
    but you’re not.
    And that makes me really sad.

    By Marina URL on 09.19.2012

  14. I ran up the stairs, bursting with excitement and fear all at once. The hallway was dark, I could barely see where I was going. Eventually I could see the bright light shining from the other side of the door I approached, and threw it open, gasping for breath after running up all the stairs. “I’m here,” I said.

    By tez on 09.19.2012

  15. we sit here dully looking for answers in our lives with no knowledge that whoever is out there looking back at us does not intend to help you. We stare at the stars and the oceans and the dirt and the grass thinking that therein lies something profound but in fact, it’s just what it is. grass, dirt, ocean, stars. Project yourself into these bodies of life and you’ll see nothing new there. Only yourself. Everything you knew glazed over your eyes like an epiphany. But it’s not.

    By Mezzyface URL on 09.19.2012

  16. I claimed to be a very healthy young poodle, but everyone knew otherwise. I was actually a big fat green grape lady.

    By Mimi on 09.19.2012

  17. “Be mine.”


    He claimed him, right there and then. As his own. As his boyfriend, finally. The grins that lit up both expressions were priceless, both would probably never be seen so ecstatic again. Why?

    /Because they finally had each other/.

    By jjwarry on 09.19.2012

  18. He had to claim his prize. This was not the first time he had won the annual cup of culinary skills. As a matter of fact he had won it three times before. The last time it was for a golden cupcake.

    By Ragnhildur on 09.19.2012

  19. It’s a claim that I am here because it is my choice.

    By Angeles Abriam on 09.19.2012

  20. I claimed I was his sister, but who was I to know really? I mean with a few carefully chosen words from the right person your world could be turned upside down forever and you could end up having no siblings.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.19.2012

  21. Hollow. A cry. You claim, what do you really know? Everything is a claim, what does anyone really know? Claim. What about truth?

    By kvm URL on 09.19.2012

  22. I claim to be shy but that’s slowly slipping. And I’ll admit, it’s sad. I liked being the shy kid. It gave me a mark, a personality. What am I now? A slightly socially awkward kid. I feel more alone than ever. But that’s why we shouldn’t make claims toward stereotypes. We’ll just get stuck in the rut they create.

    By Kristina URL on 09.19.2012

  23. His claim to the throne was valid, Darikone realized, and a bone-chilling thought rushed through his veins. Technically, Marduke was the Prince, and therefore would become King. But next in line was Auramane, and that was questionable due to Darikone’s uncertainty about her existence. And after that…was himself. If Marduke was turning corrupt…he could become the king.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 09.19.2012

  24. I never claimed that I was important, or special. I claim that I am me, I am unique, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

    By Alyssa on 09.19.2012

  25. and when the inner war was over, claim came over me, it washed over my mind like the tide, and peace was left, and “never again” i said, will the war damage me.

    By T.F. Krag URL on 09.19.2012

  26. She claims she used to be beautiful, with hair as flaxen as pale gold, with skin as white as soft dove’s down and a heart as pure as gold. She claims when she was young, she held the hearts of every man in the palms of her hands, their fates twined as a delicate red string around her pinkie finger. Yet what does it matter? What is she now?

    By tan URL on 09.19.2012

  27. my claim on you is ever present to me, my gift to you is me, and all the good things i will bring to you. my gift to you, you will take, you will claim me, and think the idea was yours

    By T.F. Krag URL on 09.19.2012

  28. You claimed to claim this first, but I
    Will try
    To make you see
    How faulty such a claim would be;
    For though you saw, and though you liked,
    And though you made your declaration,
    To think that anything so trite
    Could serve as else than acclimation,
    Is to
    Consider others less than you,
    At least in the grand scheme of things;
    And who but you would gladly say
    You just deserve much more than they;
    If you were them, and they were you,
    Would you want them to act as you now do?

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 09.19.2012

  29. i claim that i know everything. everyone does. does this make us better or worse than others? i dont know and neither do you. no one knows anything about anything. we think we do but we dont really.

    By Bekah on 09.19.2012

  30. When you are with someone who is very special.. You claim them as your own. you love them with all of your heart and you never want anyone else to ever claim them, they are yours and yours to keep. We also use this word when we want people to know we have possestions that they don’t.

    By Morgan on 09.19.2012

  31. You claim that you’re the best things for me.
    I claim I love you.
    I wish the roles were reversed.
    Because you’re poison for me.

    By Alyssa URL on 09.19.2012

  32. He claimed her lips with his own, overtaking her senses in a warm embrace unlike any other she had experienced in her life. Though, it wasn’t as if she’d ever experienced many at all. But this, it had to be the best she’d had. It was glorious.

    By Taylor on 09.19.2012

  33. to have. to hold. it’s yours. to own. no one else’s. possession. to say it’s yours.

    By Mikaela Mayers URL on 09.19.2012

  34. I have claimed my body mind and spirit as my own. I have claimed my love for you as true. I have claimed this time as real and right.

    By Windy URL on 09.19.2012

  35. I hope all the claims are true.
    I hope what you claim to feel is true.
    I love you.

    By LTLABL URL on 09.19.2012

  36. As Gina walked home she thought about all of the claims she had been making lately,the school dance idea,her “boyfriend”,the new cafeteria food. “It just isn’t right…what I’m doing…is it?” she asked someone,anyone standing in the empty,September air.

    By Raeanneee on 09.19.2012

  37. I claim that i didnt do it….why do you keep blaming me, you just assume that i did it and cant you just believe me for once? You and Ma just yell at me I love him but if you cant understand that why should i even bother living here anymore? Im done if you dont respect my choices, im out, I am out tomorrow afternoon at 12 o’clock sharp.

    By Emily on 09.19.2012

  38. Claim.

    Claim your life,
    Claim your dignity,
    Claim your belongings,
    Claim your space,
    Claim your identity,
    Claim your style.
    But do not ever,
    Claim to know me.

    By Chrissie on 09.19.2012

  39. Claim. A simple word: straight-forward, assertive. Domineering. Like he was, even the day she met him. His spine was made of steel, and his body was built to match. When he smiled at her she was struck with an electric bolt that jolted her weak and bruised heart back to life. He’d laid his claim in that moment, and despite how fiercely he could infuriate her, she couldn’t shake him.

    By nichole URL on 09.19.2012

  40. i claim to be very short, and very wide. i think i’m fat even though other find me to be very skinny. When i look in the mirror my mind chants “fat, fat, fat” and as my mind continues you to chant i continue starve.

    By katherine on 09.19.2012