September 19th, 2012 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “claim”

  1. He hungered for the gold. Surely, surely, this next site would prove worthy of a claim. He couldn’t stop himself.

    By ariel4thou URL on 09.19.2012

  2. want, need , rightful claim, have , its your possesion ,need, will to claim something, compensation

    By Maryam Khan URL on 09.19.2012

  3. people claim to know me at times. but in reality, does anyone really know anyone at all? do we at times even know ourselves? sometimes people claim they know so much, but I believe that there is still so much for us to know.

    By kelly URL on 09.19.2012

  4. People claim to be so loving, yet they hurt you with every word they say. They claim to be your backup when need be, yet bash you to everyone they see that know you. People need to stop claiming and actually be the person they say they want to be. People r annoying sometimes.

    By Christy URL on 09.19.2012

  5. Eliza and Joshua were both just 19 years old
    When they walked through the doors at
    The San Francisco Savings and Loan to claim
    the money for the gold they had in their two
    burlap bags.
    They had no idea what they would do with the money,
    but they did know that the wedding that they had
    talked about for months would now happen for sure.
    Eliza ran her fingers over her swollen belly and whispered quietly
    to the baby within. ” Wait….you just wait. Everything
    is going to be fine now”.

    By Karen URL on 09.19.2012

  6. I claim all that there is
    All that will exist
    All that needs to be shown
    All of it
    Is mine
    And if I don’t get it
    Watch me throw myself on the floor

    By recogirl URL on 09.19.2012

  7. He claimed to have the answers but I could see he was still struggling to make ends meet. “Hard work and thriftiness is what will win the day. Shortcuts are tricky business”, I told him. I knew he would keep searching for an easier way.

    By Katherine on 09.19.2012

  8. Claim me as your own. Tell me that I am worth it, since nobody has bothered to tell me that before. I have never been claimed. Always a lone entity. I would like to know what it would be like to be someone’s someone.

    By Lucy on 09.19.2012

  9. I reclaimed my luggage at an airport once. Those were the times. I’d just returned from Italy where i saw manatees in a zoo.

    By kwal on 09.19.2012

  10. people always keep making claims about one thing or another. claiming something is actually different from what actually happened or is.

    By kiren on 09.19.2012

  11. Margarita stand an dem schwarzglänzend gestrichenen Holzzaun. “Klemm dich ran, Kleine! Du schaffst das!”, rief ihr der größte der drei Jungen vom Nachbargrundstück aus zu. “Du bist die Königin!”, rief ein anderer. Margarita nahm den Eimer mit der goldenen Farbe und schwang sich über die Latten.

    By Eli URL on 09.19.2012

  12. I claim the heart for my own. Not to be taken and used for deleterious purposes.

    By hayla on 09.19.2012

  13. To claim something is to mark it as your own, if someone claims to be a genius they say that they are but the point is not proven. to State that something is the true, without providing evidence.

    By phillza mirza URL on 09.19.2012

  14. Claiming someone can mean more than one thing. Are you claiming them because you want them to be yours or are you claiming them because you are obsessive over them? Or do you just claim their heart, even though they don’t know you exist? Do you claim them in your heart or with your whole mind, body and soul?

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 09.19.2012

  15. there was no claim, no stake in any of it. just the desire to win and that was enough. to beat him was enough.

    By paul URL on 09.19.2012

  16. And it wasn’t really me. I mean it WAS me, but I wasn’t myself that day. Or the days before and after. Especially after. I didn’t claim to know what I was doing, or to have any kind of strategy or master plan. There definitely was no pattern of organised thought going on. I wasn’t planning anything, I just got up and did it. And I’ll always regret it. Always, always regret it.

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.19.2012

  17. to own.
    to get something back.
    to want and get it.
    i’am screwed.

    By harshlata on 09.19.2012

  18. I claim that you’re my best friend forever. Yet that’s just a claim. What is a claim? It’s an ownership. It’s yours.

    By heleen on 09.19.2012

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    By pants on 09.19.2012

  20. You claim so many things but you don’t show them in your actions.

    Claiming a place to sleep. Claiming an orange to peel and squeeze.

    Claiming you love me when you stick your cat nose in my ear and purr.


    By Ena on 09.19.2012

  21. What are you claiming? That I have the obligation of complying with your nonsensical rules? Especially when they were implemented to your sole advantage!
    I am no slave of yours and my actions shall not be determined by your dictations!
    And so Death will not fall upon me. Immortality is within my reach dear Nature, and I will grasp her.
    I am the Alchemist of Existance, some insist on calling me Fate.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.19.2012

  22. I claim them as my own.
    My children of heart.
    They might just be those I see and smile at,
    but their sadness that I drive away brings them to me
    makes them my children
    I claim them as my own
    Because nobody else will

    By Breezeway URL on 09.19.2012

  23. He’d never spoken those words to me before. It wasn’t as if he didn’t want to. I could tell he did. He wanted to say everything I wanted to hear, but couldn’t conjure the phrases to please me. Eventually, it came, insincerely, in desperate form. I stared in disbelief, as the untrue words poured from his mouth. I filtered them, searching for the real meaning. But there was nothing.

    By Erin Fox on 09.19.2012

  24. I claimed him before he was mine. Everyone knew to back off, and they did. Then I could rightful claim him. No one else was to touch him. Some tried. They failed miserably. Now I have no claim, except to those very close to me that really know what’s going on. The fact that I don’t have a claim to him is awful. He is up for grabs, like a chunk of meat thrown to sharks and I am a small little guppie trying to protect the meat and have it all to myself. My only hope is to regain my rightful claim once again and keep it for good.

    By Sammy URL on 09.19.2012

  25. I claim that you are a hairy bastard. Even though you are bald. As bald as Gandhi. And he wasn’t a bastard. I claim that making claims is an old, old business.

    By hazem URL on 09.19.2012

  26. You can’t make wild claims anymore, at least not without backing them up with some credible evidence. Credible evidence isn’t a dodgy article reposted on some Japanese teenager’s blog, even if it only has one typo. We live in the communications age. The whole world is information, it always was. Only now people have access to it. At the flick of a switch and a press of a button you can have boundless quantities of lists and stats, news events, what’s hot, or not and reams and reams of drivel and self-righteous comment, whether you want it or not. The skill is in gauging how much of it is bullshit, (most of it), and finding a way to remember that outside the sun is shining and there are actual, 3D people out there,and they have ice-cream. And staring at a screen, as every grown-up kid knows, will make your eyes go square.

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.19.2012

  27. i found i could claim all sorts of things if i gave enough credence to what i was saying. i just had to make sure that my body language and my speech patterns reinforced what i was saying. no matter how incredible it might seem to others, or even to myself duithe

    By kkkkatie URL on 09.19.2012

  28. I claim a lot to be mine. Claims don’ necessarily make it true, no does it. we claim a lot of things. what i fear is how little is actually true.

    By D. M. Duc URL on 09.19.2012

  29. So you claim you’re a wonderful person, that you do your best for your fellow human beings, that you live a good life? On what do you base that claim? Be honest!

    By Sandra Piddock URL on 09.19.2012

  30. She watched the couple from across the room. He hadn’t changed. She could see his dimple as he smiled. She used run her finger across that dimple. Now she was. She turned back. It was so long ago. Time had removed him.

    By Louise URL on 09.19.2012

  31. claim. my claim to fame? what’s in a name? what can I claim? i can claim that I came. I can claim you’re to blame. I can claim it’s all the same. . .

    By esquire on 09.19.2012

  32. “Don’t say it,” I plead. “Please.”

    He ignores me, the words tumbling out of his mouth. “There’s only ever been us, together. We looked out for each other; we survived together. I’m not sure about you, but,” he swallows hard, “you’ve claimed me.”

    His eyes are like dark voids. “I’m not sure about me either.”

    By Abbey on 09.19.2012

  33. I claim to be a visionary to help others to claim theirs.

    Claim is a verb… it’s an action……do it!

    Claim to be amazing!

    Claim to love….. endlessly! effortlessly! and passionately!

    Don’t claim to blame another…..its pointless

    By Angelika on 09.19.2012

  34. you claim, i claim, we claim. Everyone has a claim for something. Someone might claim your life, but can they really claim it.
    Your claim for existence is yours and yours only, unless someone claims it from you. Such a powerful word. Claim.
    Use a flag, or use your words. I claim this activity cool

    By Hatem Seoudi on 09.19.2012

  35. There is no claim to anything…especially love.

    By Leighsha URL on 09.19.2012

  36. I claim no one and nothing for my own. I am an empty shell. A place with no home, a home with no place. I am nothing even more so than nothing is. The sea has no claim to me nor the land nor the air for I am a being of none and all. How can there be so many contradictions in one body? It’s easy. Believe. Believe and the world will be as you wish it to be. Who knows? Perhaps it will even stay that way.

    By Mairead URL on 09.19.2012

  37. Have get take own take ownership gain take with force win call his own property

    By Hh on 09.19.2012

  38. Rip off the bandage, dammit, and live with the consequences. Stop taking every piece of writing so personally, as if your last breath counts on that paper you wrote in one night. This won’t determine your skill or your worth. Read the comments, feel the criticism, but afterward, let it roll off your back, and live on.

    By Marissa URL on 09.19.2012

  39. A slight overdressing to satisfy boastful pride. Oh, the stories that we tell!

    By S.C. on 09.19.2012

  40. I will claim your heart because in my eyes our souls are one.
    I will loosen the tightly knit knots that bind together in your belly;
    butterflies which flutter at the sight of me
    explode in a feathery cascade of colours.
    And somewhere between blush pink cheeks and cherub-bomb-cherry mouth
    a lovely glow will illuminate your skin,
    oozing the scent of honey and surprising me with it’s warmth.
    This makes me want you all the more.
    But I must learn patience
    for these are the things that cannot last.
    Time will change them as we wade across the river
    to our home in the mountains
    and the sun will melt them like butter as we lay in the grass.

    By Suzy Pankhurst on 09.19.2012