July 15th, 2011 | 576 Entries

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576 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. the killer
    the evil stick that never lets go of the people it gets a hold of
    and the only thing worse than death.

    By Brandon URL on 07.15.2011

  2. the smell, the look of anything related to it is not appealing to me. it’s such a huge turnoff.

    By Jewelz on 07.15.2011

  3. drag on the cigarette, the weight of it holds you down more than you’ll ever understand. It’s addicting; that pressure that screams through your blood.

    By Cola URL on 07.15.2011

  4. cigarette has been man’s dangerous enemy since its discovery. its one of the main reasons for lung cancer and other respiratory problems. it has killed the users as well as the close and dear ones of the same.

    By anjali vijay URL on 07.15.2011

  5. I used to smoke them a lot and now I don’t. I now think they smell terrible and I kind of wish I never smoked them. A friend of mine gave me my first one, some friend. Glad I quit.

    By David on 07.15.2011

  6. Bad for you…self-explanatory….
    I once told a woman when i was 3 that smoking was bad and gave her every single reason in the world why.

    By Patrick URL on 07.15.2011

  7. there was a puff and a bang and the cigarette went out. she cursed, threw it down, and tried again. this damned thing was always giving her trouble. there was no use quitting, she grumbled to herself. the stoop was filled with the ashes of the last one, and she felt her hair was singed.

    By saffron URL on 07.15.2011

  8. smoke over my head in a single line.

    By Lors URL on 07.16.2011

  9. never in my life have I tried a real cigarette, an electronic one obviously doesn’t count even though it does have nicotine. I hate the smell of cigarettes, smells like death is absorbing my air and choking it with its deathly hands. I can’t breathe.

    By Jonathan URL on 07.16.2011

  10. I’m waiting for you. Two cups of coffee infront of me. My eyes are still filled with dreams. I’m smoking and thinking. An ashtray full of fags and coffee is cold as you.

    By flaying carpet URL on 07.16.2011

  11. My mom smokes cigarettes. It drives my lungs crazy. Cough, cough, fucking more coughing. There my mother is. Burning.

    By Molly URL on 07.16.2011

  12. When i suck it feels like a clean fog over the morning rain. I exhale and feel nothing but the unwanted weight stripped from me. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And the time from the next moment is just an empty space. So I’ll wait.

    By Maz URL on 07.16.2011

  13. I smoke it, and I love it. I want to stop, but it keeps me from eating too much! I will buy some later. Will be my second pack in two days.

    By Velencia on 07.16.2011

  14. He took a long drag on the cigarette and smiled at Abigail. Abigail took the cigarette and passed it down the line. “What’s on the agenda for today, Nab?” Daniel asked, his green eyes shifting lazily.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.16.2011

  15. Such a waste of life. Emphysema! Breathlessness! Toxins. Revolting! I have watched someone I loved die from cigarettes! Why would you want to suffer like this. More people need to be aware of what they do to people – then they might not ever start!

    By robynw URL on 07.16.2011

  16. I hate cigarettes, i hate people who use them, they ruin the world IMO i think the corporate companies should go fucking die in a hole, they cause nothing but pain and heartache they are addictive and a shit way to spend money. My aunt died from lung cancer just think if we didn’t have them i would still have my aunt…

    By Kris on 07.16.2011

  17. cigarettes are extremely stupid. the “cool” factor is completely lost on me. why would you want to start doing something you know will turn into a habit, and then an addiction and then lead to unnecessary health problems? it boggles my mind.

    By C.V. on 07.16.2011

  18. Her hands tremble as I look down to her. We are the only persons on the busstop, and I feel kind of sorry for her.

    Her lips are painted fiery red in hopes to make her look like a woman, and I can’t think of anything else than how badly she has failed.

    By Minna URL on 07.16.2011

  19. The addiction passes, but the memory remains. A sudden whiff of the smoke takes you back. The association with images and places. The smell when you peel back the cellophane.

    By Bartok URL on 07.16.2011

  20. I was slightly taken aback. I wouldn’t have thought he was the kind of person to smoke a cigarette. He seemed like an alright guy, someone I could talk to. My mind struggled to reconcile this new reality.

    By Anthony on 07.16.2011

  21. He smoked his cigarette one last time, he pulled me close and pushed the cigarette deep into my heart. I felt a surge of immense pain as he laughed calling me his “bitch”… “Next time i will do more than just burn you, i will kill you if you disobey my orders”!. Teary eyed i looked up into the eyes of the man i once loved, or i still love, His once beautiful eyes burned into me. He was a monster now, he will never be who he once was, i am not marrying my one true love…. but yet i am marrying a monster.

    By Jezell URL on 07.16.2011

  22. secretly, i hate cigarettes. but i’m surrounded by them. then again, more often than not, we’re surrounded by the things we hate. but i also hate cigarettes because this thing that i hate kills the people that i love. hate it.

    By sonobe URL on 07.16.2011

  23. …never had a whole one in my life…

    not understanding the cravings a cigarette can provoke… I find the smoke itself disgusting but man can dragging on one look sexy!

    By sigmasophie URL on 07.16.2011

  24. The bane of my ablution existence is the ghastly, inconsiderate creature downstairs who makes a daily habit of blowing her disgusting cigarette smoke right in through my bathroom window.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.16.2011

  25. Cigarettes are bad for you. My grandfather died of lung cancer a few weeks before I was born because he smoked most of his life. My dad smokes and I absolutely hate the smell of it.

    By Martin on 07.16.2011

  26. The cigarette dangled from his lip, the smoke curled about his head forming a sort of halo around his face. A halo, she thought. How ironic. He was far from anything angelic or holy. A devil in human skin, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    By anne saan on 07.16.2011

  27. He pops a cigarette in his mouth and lights it. He slowly breathes out the smoke, watching as it slowly spiraled up into the night sky. He promised he would stop. He told her. But he just couldn’t.

    By felz on 07.16.2011

  28. He plodded along, keeping his eyes on the ground. His trench coat blew in The wind, he quickly pulled it down to avert any attention he had brought to himself. He continued to walk along the path, each time a person walked past he would increase he pace then slow down. He saw Jenny at the end of the path, she wa smiling her 100 watt smile. Her flowery dress hung loosely on her slight frame.

    By ironic URL on 07.16.2011

  29. it was a Rothmans’ cigarette, the first one, in the slick packet with its royal blue and white and insignia, Uncle Tony’s brand, somehow seemed to go with his stylish suits and sports cars, but I bought them because Joey and Mimi did, I bought them from a slot machine at the bottom of the stairs in the Transatlantic and I smoked them alone at two in the morning by the gas fire, the whole pack of ten and I didn’t feel sick or choke or cough like you are supposed to, I thought , this is why my mother died of lung cancer and now maybe I will too, but it hard to comprehend death and mortality when you are seventeen and the feelings inside you are so big and overwhelming and incomprehensible that all will suffice is something extreme and nothing in the world I’d somehow been born into was edgy or exciting or life affirming in the way that squaring off to, inviting death is

    By geraldine URL on 07.16.2011

  30. Poorly dressed she was – the little girl who came to the door in the spring sunshine – I looked at her on the step — what for? she said – how do you mean dear? what for – and turned to descend to the street and away – I returned to the interior darkness – the cigarette was dying in the ashtray

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 07.16.2011

  31. our relationship was much like the cigarette that rested between his fingers
    he sparked it
    sucked the vitality from me
    ’til I was nothing but ash
    then he crushed me into the pavement
    I never liked the way the smell of smoke clung to my hair.

    By catlin URL on 07.16.2011

  32. don’t smoke it’s not cool.
    my dad’s best friend did.
    he’s dead now.

    By Tatum URL on 07.16.2011

  33. cigarettes kill people but they still sell them even though they know the harm that they cause. its sickening why just why?

    By Tatum URL on 07.16.2011

  34. my boyfriend smokes them, and now hes got me smoking them again. I use to smoke virginia slims, the bitch sticks they call em. But i loved them. so light and smooth felt like a classy chick ’cause they were the longest like in those old pictures. or like cruella deville.

    By Yannise URL on 07.16.2011

  35. Can’t seem to decide whether it’s a disgusting habit or a cool way to escape.
    They say smoking doesn’t look cool, but everyone knows it does.

    By superomega URL on 07.16.2011

  36. Ugh! Cigarettes! They killed my Mother! She started to die with a cigarette in her hand, then days later — gone. She had emphysema, lost one lung to it, but kept right on smoking. Her last lucid act was inhaling a cigarette. Ugh!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.16.2011

  37. Fuck cigarettes, cancer sticks ruin lives people think its cool to smoke but its not it just another way to shorten the life span and it sucks. It ruins your teeth your face you smell bad. A horrible product.

    By Kane Wyrick on 07.16.2011

  38. they’re bad for you but they relieve the pain. Its funny how inhaling sucha poison to our body can be so soothing and relaxing. I don’t smoke often. at all really unless i’m really upset.

    By YanniseSays URL on 07.16.2011

  39. It’s unhealthy, you smoke it to make yourself happy, it sells in expensive packs,

    By Petr Novák on 07.16.2011

  40. Sign of a bad taste. Bad breath and even worse conversations. Lost hope. Selfhate and bad health. Loneliness as a result.

    By Alex Peterson on 07.16.2011