July 15th, 2011 | 576 Entries

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576 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. Sneaking behind
    the Seven Eleven
    she marked her

    forefinger and middle
    with its rich scent
    hoping her mother
    wouldn’t catch a whiff

    Pack of cigarettes,
    Marboro Reds to be exact,
    would crush slightly

    at the bottom of her
    Hello Kitty purse, under
    all those Bonnie Bells.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.15.2011

  2. It was dangling precariously at the edge of her moist lip carrying the tinge of her lipstick and threatening to tip into the abyss below.

    By sarazard URL on 07.15.2011

  3. Can’t stand the smell, and can never figure out why anyone would subject their bodies to such a nasty habit. If I try to convince you to quit though, it’s not for my own selfish needs, its because I genuinely care about you and want you to have as much time on this plant as me.

    By Reginald URL on 07.15.2011

  4. I never could stand those nasty little white sticks. Spewing toxins into their willing victim and and the not so willing ones around them. How can anyone subject their body to something so harsh and obviously dangerous?

    By Reginald URL on 07.15.2011

  5. I never could stand those nasty little white sticks. Spewing toxins into their willing victim and and the not so willing ones around them. How can anyone subject their body to something so harsh and obviously dangerous? And carelessly put it into someone else lungs…

    By Reginald URL on 07.15.2011

  6. Nasty… stinky… yuk breath… Choppas… CANCER CANCER CANCER CANCER STICKS!!!! It is crazy how something that will eventually kill u is legal… just like alcohol…

    By Joaquina on 07.15.2011

  7. The cigarette smell penetrates every aspect of the house. Its discusting. Her hands are yellow from it too.

    By tiana URL on 07.15.2011

  8. my eyes narrowed in suspicion as i looked to the cigarette i now held in my hand.
    i didn’t know if i was making the right decision, but at this point i was sure i got nothing to lose.
    i closed my eyes and withdrew a long breath as i sank the cigarette to my lips.

    By snickers937 URL on 07.15.2011

  9. ugh… The last time I drank pretty heavily I was at home with my family. Safe right? Simply because I was at home. Almost every time I drink around my family I end smoking a cigarette… It’s so gross.

    By Felicia de la Torre URL on 07.15.2011

  10. cigarette. the amber tip burning in the night, against the backdrop of a clear black night with two stars trying to navigate her home. she sat on the porch, the trees giving way so that she can finally see some visual of the night. she smiled and flicked the ashes on the concrete. grounded it into the ground.

    By Julie on 07.15.2011

  11. The limp, bent, and soggy thing wilted on her fingertips. “Damn, that was my last smoke…” she turned to face the street, it’s surface being pummeled by massive water droplets. The freakish storm raged on around her while she stood in the scant shelter of a bus stop; a sallow lamppost cringed beside her, its whimpering bulb mired in the darkness.

    By torin URL on 07.15.2011

  12. the fight never ends, i lose many battles and win some confidently but overall, i am beaten. Beaten down to a pulpy heavy breather that still winks at other smokers. They are allowed to do it in my car. I am allowed sometimes.

    By Steven Carroll on 07.15.2011

  13. Never liked these; they smell funny and are expensive. Apparently they cause lung cancer, but I’m not entirely sure cause then they would just have been banned. People call them ‘fags’ which can be used offensively.

    By Jack on 07.15.2011

  14. The cigarette fell from his hand onto the ground. The ash exploded and the wind rushed away the evidence of the misdeed.

    By Bobbie on 07.15.2011

  15. Cigarette.

    We inhale that which we know we will kill us.

    Breath by breath we breathe the stress away.

    Take a long sip and draw it into our lungs.

    Exhale regret, comfort, and memories of you.

    By Christopher URL on 07.15.2011

  16. My brother started smoking cigarettes when he started getting ready for the Marines. They would all smoke after rough PT. How much sense does that make? You might need those lungs where ever you end up.

    By Emily URL on 07.15.2011

  17. It was hanging precariously from his lips, that cigarette was probably the only thing that would allow me to remember what his face looked like the first time I laid eyes on him. The rest of his features just constructed themselves, fell into place, around the sight of the burning cherry, tied together in veins of smoke.

    By alygator URL on 07.15.2011

  18. butt its gross they smell bad they kill you you can get cancer its addicting you get addicted you cant run you get different types of cancer you kill the people around you. you cant breathe & you cant do activities normally because you get tired eeasily.

    By Amanda GotSwag on 07.15.2011

  19. Snow fell thickly, blanketing the ground and covering the floundering city in silence. The storm had settled in days ago and showed no sign of leaving any day soon. Most of the sensible city had retreated indoors, sheltering from the cold and wet.
    Huddled in a doorway, backs turned to the driving snow, were two men. One, taller than his friend by a full head, had his hands cupped around a cigarette clutched between his lips, trying to light it.
    “Give it up, Viki,” his friend muttered, folding his arms tight across his chest and hunching his thin shoulders. “it won’t light. Besides, you shouldn’t smoke now. We might get seen.”
    The taller clicked his tongue against his teeth and kept trying. “Quiet, James,” he rumbled, voice thick with a Moscovian accent. “Probably he will not come out in snow. Too cold. Besides, light will not be seen in snow.” He made a noise of triumph as the flame finally caught.
    James sighed. “If this goes bad, you can explain why.”

    By AutumnsBandit URL on 07.15.2011

  20. something that kill everything. the people who smoke and the people around them. it is the empathy of greedy capitalist cooperation doing anything to be as lucrative as possible, regardless of human health.

    By roni on 07.15.2011

  21. the january-iced parking lot was a great place to grab my hand. in the other you nonchalantly smoked and turned very carefully to avoid getting smoke in my eyes. i loved you then, and held on very dearly. i hope now i’ll let go.

    By roberta URL on 07.15.2011

  22. The one thing i hate the most in life. They should be banned and all production should stop on earth of it. Its garbage. Everytime i see my parents smoking i just want to throw water at them and throw they’re cigarettes in the pool.

    By Dennis on 07.15.2011

  23. Disgusting. Her breath reeks of death. She acts as if she is beautiful and irresistible with the paper poison. Her body slowly fills with smoke and her end is inevitable.

    By Olivia L on 07.15.2011

  24. Her cigarette dangles from between her pale fingers, spitting smoke that curls upwards and out of sight. I want nothing more than to twist my limbs into that smoke and fly away into the night with it.

    By Courtney URL on 07.15.2011

  25. i really want to smoke one.people say that they smell bad but i completley disagree. i always crave one. i think my mom smoked when she was pregnant because i think they smell so good.

    By Isabel on 07.15.2011

  26. a sentimental stick. a time of my life i have just recently ended, i look back on it with affection. affection for them, comforting me and allowing me to demonstrate my elegance, concentrating on blowing my smoke in a straight line, how it would dance when caught in the light like marble.

    By mickey URL on 07.15.2011

  27. The cigarette dangled from the corner of his lip, hanging on by a thin layer of spit. Disgusting yes, but it was all I could do to tear my eyes away from his lips, swollen from kissing me, chapped from the brisk wind whipping past our bodies.

    By Emily on 07.15.2011

  28. “What are you gonna do now?”
    “I don’t know, run away.”
    “Rogerson, you know fairly well that’s not an option anymore,” I told him.
    “No I don’t.”
    I looked him in the eyes, he knew. He was just protecting me from what he was going to have to do. But I could take care of myself. In fact, I could take care of him for the time being. But he didn’t meet my eyes, instead turning to stub the flame of the cigarette out on the blackened as tray.

    By Rukia on 07.15.2011

  29. In. And out. In… out. In and out. In and out.. In and… dead.

    By Rachel Maria URL on 07.15.2011

  30. Blah! smoking is a terrible thing. you could die! if you smoke then i reccomend you quite! because you could die from kidney failer! that would be terrible. who wants to die?!

    By Molly URL on 07.15.2011

  31. a cigarette? no no homie,i dont do cigars.
    but id quickly grab a cougar and do her in mars.

    By gerald on 07.15.2011

  32. She runs her fingers through her hair and once again regrets that very first cigarette. Now every day she smells of smoke, now every day she’s with him and them just to keep getting the cigarettes, she can’t see her sister anymore because she’ll make her sick – it’s every day she regrets that first cigarette.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 07.15.2011

  33. This is bad for life…smoking actually reduce 5 minutes of life. Govt should ban these production

    By Megha on 07.15.2011

  34. I roll you up into a delicate paper and light you up. You fill me with mystery and leave me snuffed out in glass ashtray. Alone.

    By Randall Weiss URL on 07.15.2011

  35. The town street was ignited with darkness among just one animate of a cigarette. Casting the unharmed object… with a lighter brightness drifted from the cigarette turning to the floor… brights, fireworks, the unexplained was shown… then claps and shouting with glee was ignited.

    By main563 URL on 07.15.2011

  36. Cigarettes are gross and they can kill you. I don’t understand why people would even want to smoke them, they are so bad for you. And they make your breath smell bad which is just a total turn off! I just personally find them grosssssies (:

    By Lydia on 07.15.2011

  37. Staring at her for a moment, Jensen shook his head and headed to the fireplace where he’s noticed a pack of cigarettes lying on the mantel. he reached up and shook one loose and lit it with a twig jutting from the bottom of the firebox. Pulling deeply and satisfyingly on the cigarette, Jensen leaned against the mantel and mused.

    By chole URL on 07.15.2011

  38. Do you know what a flavored cigarette looks like when it’s burning into the palm of your hand? No?
    Well, do you know what the face of a girl whose palm is being burned looks like?
    I’ll tell you.
    It looks serene, and calm, as she stares down at the flesh melting off her hand.
    It looks at ease, and relaxed, almost like this is the movies, and she watching it happen to someone else.
    And then her eyes flutter closed and she collapses, and murmurs something soft, that you barely catch, only you think it sounds like, “That was beautiful.”

    By Thirteen URL on 07.15.2011

  39. They’re gross. I’m sorry, but I think it’s a really, truly despicable habit that should be stopped at all costs. Why would anyone put themselves through the many hardships? I just don’t get it; there’s really no excuse.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.15.2011

  40. cigarettes are gross, they can ruin the lives of those who smoke them. They make you smell bad, and they make your teeth turn yellow. They are not attractive at all, anyone that smokes is a low life, and is a very poor money manager. I truly hate smokers they are lame. Anyone who smokes is asking to die, and let them. call me rude, however they chose that for themselves. And it’s their fault if they die. DUMBASSES!!

    By Mariah URL on 07.15.2011