July 15th, 2011 | 576 Entries

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576 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. I hate cigarettes. My Dad smoked for years until he had to go to rehab recently. He’ll probably start again as soon as he gets out. Stuck in the back seat while he was driving us places and all the smoke blowing into the back in my face. Never for me, thanks anyway

    By Billy URL on 07.16.2011

  2. Cigarettes are one of the most disgusting addictions that humans can engage in. They smell so bad and make other people hate being around smokers. I’m really happy that you have to be over 25 feet of a building to use cigarettes nowadays. I like this new law.

    By Persida on 07.16.2011

  3. they’re bad for you. bitches be crazy quitting smoking. here is a picture of a cigarette ======~


    drugs are for eating. frog poison. humpty dumpty. tar. rats. POISON~!

    By jasmine tabatabai on 07.16.2011

  4. The burning cigarette hung from his mouth as he spoke: “Take the troop over the south ridge and head up the enemy to the left.” The weary soldiers hoisted their packs and guns and left for yet another battle.

    By JennK URL on 07.16.2011

  5. smoking getting high like them after i smoke i hate them they kinda suck and make me feel like shit and make me really tired. they cause cancer. it’s the one thing i do that i really hate and am not too proud of. i wish i could get the power to quit but i can’t which is sucky
    camels are the best
    but lemme get a newport.
    i like attila
    back to ciggs.
    i don’t really know what i think about them
    they make me really weak
    i hate sm

    By Emalee on 07.16.2011

  6. The cigarette slipped from her hand, falling into the sheets where contrary to the opening scene of many a detective show, the cherry smoldered and went out harmlessly rather than burning her alive whilst she slept.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.16.2011

  7. Still the word “cigarette.” Bummer :(

    Hope it’s just a glitch and nothing serious. (Never know, when cigarettes are involved :o/ )

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.16.2011

  8. Our flirtations were growing and still I remain too awkward to stare at anything other than your cigarette while you try to initiate your unreasonably long bouts of eye contact.

    By imchele URL on 07.16.2011

  9. You killed her. The only mother that I have ever know. Is it right for a women to die from lung cancer when she had never smoked a day in her life? No. You did this. You took her life and because she loved you she stayed with you all of those years. I hope you’re happy, because I will never be. Thank you dad.

    By Katharine URL on 07.16.2011

  10. Smoking will kill you slowly but surely. It’s very dangerous, and though people who smoke may not realize it, it really hurts to know that someone who you love so much is slowly causing their dead. Dude, stop smoking kay?

    By Amina on 07.16.2011

  11. My mother was a smoker. She started to smoke at the young age of fourteen. I suppose it was more social acceptable in the 70’s to smoke. Heath issues were not as prominent in the media. Anyway, she smoked all the way until my brother and were still kids. She struggled with giving up. One night, while tucking my brother (age four or five) into bed, he told her didn’t smell bad anymore. She knew that even though sometimes she felt like cigarettes had this unknown power over her, she was winning the battle.

    By Kerry on 07.16.2011

  12. i think cigarette’s are the most disgusting invention known to man. the smell, the habit, the addiction. it makes me sad when i see a young person with one in their hand. it makes me nauseous when i smell one. when will we get rid of them?!

    By Emily on 07.16.2011

  13. The hangs limply, you see, the cigarette. Clamped between the fingers. You do see it, right? She’s holding a cigarette. A goddamn cigarette. Why can’t you see it? It’s brighter than the sun, for god’s sake. Why–can’t–you–see–it?!

    By Antonio URL on 07.16.2011

  14. he took his last drag and pursed his lips, blowing out the smoke. he threw the flaming bud on the ground and walked away, leaving me behind.

    By Emma on 07.16.2011

  15. A cigarette. One word, but with thousands upon thousands of different meanings to do. Everyone has a different approach as to this. Some may think it smells, giving off a nicatin odor that you can smell from miles away. Others may have the same thought, but also love it because theyre so addicted. This kills many of people, and leaves them without hope. Theyre without hope, but with an obsession. An obsession that kills.

    By volleygirl17 URL on 07.16.2011

  16. lung cancer.
    instant gratification, guilt, regret, future pain

    By c on 07.16.2011

  17. my gramma used to smoke. for seventy years if you can believe that. she started when she was twelve and stopped when she died. she was eighty two. she used to ask me to go buy them for her and i hated it. it was a way to help her, to care for her and connect with her, but i hated it. truly. she and my son’s father would sit in the garage and talk baseball over a cigarette.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 07.16.2011

  18. i hate cigarettes. they are absolutely disgusting. they smell. they are terrible for you. they ruin your lungs and everyone else’s around you. why anyone would want to smoke one is beyond me. ugh. :p

    By spc on 07.16.2011

  19. I think smoking is disgusting. But if you want to do that to your lungs, go ahead. Just don’t do it around people like me who don’t want that filth clogging my body.

    By Kara on 07.16.2011

  20. cigarettes are bad for ones heart and infect the heart and lungs is not ideal, in fact it is the opposite of crucial. Our ability to do what we feel like with out having to worry about whether you are harming your self is a gift and if you abuse it you might loose it.

    By Paola on 07.16.2011

  21. I hate cigarettes. They’re smelly, unhealthy, and overall just disgusting. The people who smoke them vary from the beautiful woman to the old grungy trailor-trash wife-beater wearing man. So what’s the attraction? Hopefully nothing soon, with the new ads coming out about the health dangers cigs pose.

    By Laura Pancoast on 07.16.2011

  22. it kills. ive seen it. my grandma has smoked her whole life and she cant stop. i see how it makes it hard for her to breath. she almost got cancer (luckily it was benign) and she almost lost her ability to talk completely. i dont see what people smoke because ive seen my grandmother and i cant imagine being so close to never being able to speak again.

    By vintagesummers URL on 07.16.2011

  23. Vile. Not good for kissing. Brush your teeth when you are done with these nasty things! The smell clings to everything. Can you not tell? Don’t start. Then, you won’t have to quit!

    By Lisa URL on 07.16.2011

  24. She stubbed the cigarette out onto her skin. The sensation felt good, like she was punishing herself for indulging in such a filthy habit. Hadn’t her mother always told her it was important to develop good self-discipline? She doubted her mother would approve of her methods, but they were her methods, and she was on her own now, trying to find her place in the world.

    By Sharrah on 07.16.2011

  25. cigarette. looks cool in this font. adds dimension to cinema. untapped dimension with cigarettes looking not cool, like illogical closure, or cigarette smoke in the summertime, with green tree leaves all around. cigarette is the feminine form of cigar. imagine a woman smoking a cigar. sounds like 1920s silent film comedy.

    By Tyler on 07.16.2011

  26. we shared the flame. what an intimate moment.

    By James on 07.16.2011

  27. Smokey, sick. Shallow eyes, pale skin. Breath through the tube. Coughing grandmother. Nasty.

    By Alex Rayne URL on 07.16.2011

  28. She slowly dragged the cigarette from her lips, elegantly holding it between two fingers. She let out a ringlet of smoke, watching it dance before her eyes.

    By Elly URL on 07.16.2011

  29. That old sun, he made a sound and he sent lightning rolling down. He’s a madman, he who dares, dances under tongues of the solar flares. He is fuming, and she’s entranced. Maybe she will join his dance. Hair of flames and flesh of lace, enter into the deadly chase. Everythin is fallin down. She’s just unfit to wear his crown.

    By Julia URL on 07.16.2011

  30. she coughed loudly as she passed them, smoking their cigarettes and trying to look cool. she hated their air or arrogance, how they walked around as though didn’t have a care in the world for anything or anyone, and yet she had to admit: being one of them would be so much easier than being the outsider.

    By writeorwrong URL on 07.16.2011

  31. When suddenly, as all the lights around me went dark and missing, I found myself in a world of black, and as time slowly crept forward, what was once me became black also until I did not know what was my world or myself.

    To find myself again, I reached into my pockets – my self – to grab my lighter and a deck of cigarettes. I readied myself to awaken again as I placed a cigarette upon my lips and lifted the lighter towards its tip, knowing full well that what would happen afterwards would be the very definition of enlightenment.

    I slid the wheel, it grinded the flint, sent sparks toward gas, ignited and bellowed a great flame against the darkness, and as my eyes accorded to the new light, I saw a man in front of me lighting a cigarette.

    Where did I go?

    By Maverick Joseph Korvin URL on 07.16.2011

  32. Cigarettes are bad for you. If you start smoking at a young age, you are likely to die of lung cancer or heart disease prematurely. It is hard to quit smoking when you finally decide to start taking care of yourself.

    By Sherry on 07.16.2011

  33. i watch him smoke those cigarettes. whenever i get the chance. the smell is intoxicating. i honestly can’t get enough of it. that was what started the attraction, his smell. he smells like cigarettes and rock and roll. he has that smile. the one where the middles of his lips stay buttoned, trying to hide that damn smile, that damn laugh. that damn happiness. they only open up for the cigarette.

    By wanderlust siamo URL on 07.16.2011

  34. Things change when you’re getting high off the love stick it burns out your lungs and die like Kelly will.

    By Stephanie Rojas on 07.16.2011

  35. gross. if you wanna die, i highly uggest taking a few of thee, and if youe all of them, nobody needs them, its like 50 percent of children who grow up with a perent whos a smoker, will smoke sometime in their lives, ew.

    By madison on 07.16.2011

  36. Cigarettes are so gross. Whenever i see someone smoking and they think they look cool, i think it is just so dumb. Why would anyone think smoking looks cool? Also, it smells really bad. Like extremely bad! Its just so nasty and it gives you lung cancer. Who would risk having cancer to look cool? Stupid people, that’s who.

    By Cherrie Angel URL on 07.16.2011

  37. I feel like anti-cigarette sentiments are as cliche as the concept that smoking is great. People aren’t thinking about cancer or emphysema- they’re merely thinking “smoking is evil,” or “smoking is cool.”

    By Nothing more than a cephalopod URL on 07.16.2011

  38. In that moment, her world felt complete. He handed her a cigarette and she inhaled softly. ‘These people are my friends. They understand me. Better than Anthony ever will…,’ she thought, looking at the spaced out faces around her, ‘This is what friends are for.’

    By Paige Noel URL on 07.16.2011

  39. I held this cigarette in my hand that was trembling from the shock that I just endured. Clenching myself, as the wall supported my trembling body, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Cigarette lit, I couldn’t find the strength to bring it up to my trembling lips.

    By Anna URL on 07.16.2011

  40. thrown on the ground
    stepped on forgotten
    burnt out silent no sound
    messed up left out
    done with no longer needed

    By Hannah URL on 07.16.2011