February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. What better gift for Valentine’s Day than chocolate? I’ll tell you what is better… a life, lived together, as well as you possibly can. Wake up together and hold hands. Go to sleep together, dream about the future together, eat together. That’s love.

    By C on 02.14.2011

  2. Hot, so hot. Melty,sticky, sensual. Like your skin. Taste so good. Texture so smooth. Naked, raw. Cocoa bean. My cocoa Angel. Made of the best stuff in the mountains of South of the equator. Love you like an obsession.

    By anthony maurice URL on 02.14.2011

  3. chocolate, the one thing that will always be there. So versatile and yet so simple. It’s a comfort food, its a aphrodisiac, what more do you need really? Unless you’re lactose intolerant. that would suck.

    By yoho on 02.14.2011

  4. The sweetest taste, yet the deadliest silent killer.
    Can bring you so high and drag you so low after a single bite
    It’s the magical stuff that keeps me awake at night

    By Shannon URL on 02.14.2011

  5. AIt’s taste is as sweet and deep as the endless loop of memories of happy summer days.

    By Malinowski URL on 02.14.2011

  6. it was my birthday. you forgot. when I reminded you, all you said was, “don’t get frosting on the keyboard.” I laughed, because I love you anyway.

    By switch URL on 02.14.2011

  7. oh chocolate.
    you had to be the word on valentines day.
    not so sweet,
    when you have to buy it for yourself.
    if I had a car I’d run over flower stands
    I wish I could go to the store and knock over all the chocolate candies.
    I guess you can see I’m bitter.
    But that’s not how I like my chocolate.

    By kk on 02.14.2011

  8. brown, sometimes white, always tasty. Chocololate can be ice cream, in coffee, or a gift. A small amount of chocolate each day is good because it gives you magnesium. Chocolate is sometimes reffered to as a

    By riley britt on 02.14.2011

  9. i love chocolate smooth delicious wonderful.can make an entire day better :-) chocloate equals love- it never lets me down! dark smooth rich delicious. i love it melted and in milk or in the cute little wrappers that tell me good things with ever new piece. love

    By Emily Eitmann on 02.14.2011

  10. He hated chocolate. He hated everything sweet and messy and everything that could make him feel as sick as exactly that dreaded chocolate made him.
    But when he could taste that overly-sweet flavour from those certain lips, it was not so bad after all.

    By piitou URL on 02.14.2011

  11. Chocolate the wonderful beautiful sweet goodness that makes my heart soar, makes good days better, sad days bearable, love edible, life pure bliss. I miss it in my cup at home with winnie the pooh on the front. the beauty of drinking it hot with my sister in the kitchen on dark winter nights.

    By tara on 02.14.2011

  12. chocolate the wonder food to cure all ills and any other problem you may have
    i want a cacao tree in my back yard soon
    one that has the benefits of the dark chocolate and also the milk chocolate

    By she53lly URL on 02.14.2011

  13. oh had to be the word on valentines day.not so sweet,when you have to buy it for yourself.if I had a car I’d run over flower standsI wish I could go to the store and knock over all the chocolate candies.I guess you can see I’m bitter.But that’s not how I like my chocolate.

    By URL on 02.14.2011

  14. the best thing in the whole freaking word. it honestly makes me feel better when i eat it, maybe bc i have super low blood pressure or something, and the sugar helps get my feelings up. i think chocolate is supposed to make your life a whole lot longer, mt dad told me this story about how swiss people live longer because they eat a lot of chocolate or smth.

    By Helena on 02.14.2011

  15. there is this amazing food called chocolate. in spanish it is spelled the same. chocolate. i eat it when im sad, mad, happy, or anything else. i LOVE chocolate. however, if a boy bought me chocolate, i would not like it. i would be sad that he bought it for me. :/ then i would go home and eat chocolate because I was sad.

    By Skylar Whitney on 02.14.2011

  16. Oh Hello, Chocolate, my sweet. I love you so much. Confort? You give that, you sure do. Thanks for that, baby. Sometimes you’re better then him. Fuck it, you’re always better than him. Thanks for that too. Yum, you’re so amazing. I really do love that.

    By Megan on 02.14.2011

  17. Chocolate… why the hell do people buy chocolate for V-day? I mean, really. “I love you so much that I will buy you this insignificant treat.”
    Why don’t you focus on something they LIKE?
    What would you do if they didn’t want the chocolate?
    Really, people, grow a brain and a spine.

    By K. Wilson URL on 02.14.2011

  18. chocolate is yummy and tasty. if i could eat it without gaining weight i would. homemade chocolate truffles with toasted coconut is wicked good too. i like chocolate especially from godiva.

    By Margaret on 02.14.2011

  19. i love chocolate. They are so tasty and creamy. they are also fun to play with. you can use it during sex to lick it off one another. in cermonies, anniversaries. my friend khalil likes them too. they are dark and white chocolate. its funny that a number of people hate them.

    By marty1590 URL on 02.14.2011

  20. שוקולד. אני אוהבת שוקולד.
    הדבר הראשון שאני זוכרת על שוקולד, זה הכריכים שהיו מכינים לנו בגן. תמיד היו מחלקים לנו חצאים קטנים כאלה, וכולם היו נלחמים על חצי נוסף. רק לא להיתקע עם הגבינה הצהובה.

    By Keren URL on 02.14.2011

  21. If I could write you a letter, Chocolate, I would. I’d tell you how you comfort me so well, and dry my tears, because you are not him, you didn’t break me.
    I’d tell you that you take my mouth on trips around the world, and I’d like to just sit with you and have a discussion.

    By Megan. URL on 02.14.2011

  22. Chocolate does a lot for curbing the appetite of young people. It can be used to make Milk or cake taste better. I for one enjoy eating chocolate candy bars. In some parts of the country, African Americans are said to be of a chocolate complexion.

    By paul on 02.14.2011

  23. I love chocolate. its so amazing. Its so yumy to eat. .MMMMMMM tasty.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 02.14.2011

  24. Chocolate is SO yummy. I could eat it all the time. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate? But, I only like milk chocolate. Never dark chocolate. It is nasty. If you like dark chocolate you are crazy.

    By Kortney URL on 02.14.2011

  25. Chocolate is very, although it is not very good for you it is very good. Chocolate can be bad.

    By devin21 URL on 02.14.2011

  26. Chocolate is good.(: There are many different kinds of chocolate, but my favorite is milk chocolate! That is the best! No questions asked.

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 02.14.2011

  27. i am a chocoholic. like addicted. no one could ever love chocolate more than me. i especially love valentine’s day because i get chocolate from a bunch of people. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! :D

    By Annie URL on 02.14.2011

  28. chocolate is good its really yummy its sexy its also probably my favorite food.its good when you have your period.i like it when im in a bad mood.i wish my boyfriend had gotten me a box of it for vlentines is valentines day. and everyone got choclate.baba got me some chocolate yesterday,it was really good.i still ahve favorite is choclate covered cherries they are so amzing.

    By Kirsten on 02.14.2011

  29. People love to give others chocolate on valentines day.

    By Teresa URL on 02.14.2011

  30. Chocolate is the perfect gift for valentines day. Today a lot of chocolate was given out. It was given to friends and lovers.:)

    By Ashley wahl URL on 02.14.2011

  31. Chocolate can be made in a lot of different styles and in a lot of different ways, like truffles and caramels. I personally prefer caramels, but that’s a whole different candy topic that has even more variety. Tempering chocolate is necessary if you want to make things like chocolate sauce or a chocolate sculpture, which is definitely beyond the capabilities of most ordinary home cooks.

    By Ashly on 02.14.2011

  32. it is delicious even tho i dont like some of them like dark chocolate i still love every other kind of chocolate i mean who wouldnt almost everyone likes them.

    By Seviry URL on 02.14.2011

  33. I hate dark chocolate its the only chocolate i wont eat

    By koryo URL on 02.14.2011

  34. something nasty it tastes like bad thing and looks nasty.

    By Arrazola URL on 02.14.2011

  35. chocolate is yummy! :D it could be used for many occasions or just if your craving something sweet. Like on Valentines day you could give your girl or man chocolate it works.

    By Tori Rose URL on 02.14.2011

  36. This is probably the most scrumdiddlyumpious treat in the world. I love all kinds of it except for dark chocolate.

    By theweathermanrocks URL on 02.14.2011

  37. yummmy i was just talking about chocolate hahahah thats funny. so how is chocolate a good subject to talk about?? but still its a subject………..
    i have nothing eles to say!!! so im going to talk about random

    By ashley URL on 02.14.2011

  38. I like chocolate!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 02.14.2011

  39. Chocolate is the most awesome thing on the planet of which we live on. Chocolate makes everything seem less crappy. Chocolate is freaking sweet.

    By connor URL on 02.14.2011

  40. Don’t hate me because I hate chocolate. I’m just not that into shit colored food that leaves a coating on your teeth and makes you feel bad for a few hours after you eat it.

    By wemuma URL on 02.14.2011