June 8th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “chat”

  1. chat rooms. talking to ease awkwardness. not really deep, just filling the noise. talking about anything. awkward facebook chat. you don’t really want to be there, but the other person started and they know you’ve seen the message. no escape. chat with relatives. chatting is not talking. not the same at all. a disgrace to communication.

    By rosa on 06.08.2012

  2. i clicked the sky blue button, even though i knew that the chat room i was entering would lead to nothing but bullying and hatred, all directed at me. i was on for only a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. one by one they sent messages to me. one by one, i read them, crying. one by one, they left the chat room. i walked slowly to my bathroom. i knew which ones. i grabbed at them, as if in a dream. i opened the bottle. i swallowed them all. one by one.

    By Isaac Magnuson URL on 06.08.2012

  3. Chatter, chatter chatting. Informal and a waste of time – a chat is without content, at best it can be a polite form of warning.

    By K URL on 06.08.2012

  4. I chatted to my friends as I walked down the sidewalk. We talked about campus golf in the spring and the bad snow this winter. We were all so excited to be moving on to the next year but sad at the same time. We had a precious connecting moment

    By Eli on 06.08.2012

  5. we used to do this face-to-face.

    By Soph on 06.08.2012

  6. you spend all your time waiting,
    it is so vulnerable.
    all you are is a green dot…
    waiting for those three little words
    fucking pathetic

    By Jai on 06.08.2012

  7. talking to people

    By zilch URL on 06.08.2012

  8. She spoke to me like we’re still close, like nothing had happened and she hadn’t turned me out. As if she thought I was expendable, but at the last minute just good enough to make the cut.

    By Selena URL on 06.08.2012

  9. Chat. That’s all we did. It wasn’t a deep conversation, nothing about life or death. It was a simple hello, and later on a simple goodbye. It was that easy. If everything was that easy, we’d be able to do whatever we wanted. We were easy. Why can’t everything be this easy?

    By Caitlin URL on 06.08.2012

  10. chatting reminds me of small side conversations with those people who are distant acquaintances. those people who you really should get to know but you just dont have the time. everyone just rushes around, in such a hurry to be somewhere that they miss the little things. a meaningful glance, the vivid colors, the scent wafting through the wind…

    By hannah on 06.08.2012

  11. People certainly are scary, idle chatting and rumours mean nothing to me. I can’t talk like other people do, my mind wanders and my eyes like to fixate on objects around the room. Although this is mistaken for rude, I do so very like to talk about my favourite things but unfortuently no one cares enough to hear it.I speak of anime, manga, my favourite shoes and computer updates but I only get baffled looks or get ignored. It doesn’t hurt anymore but I yearn to meet someone who will listen intently and have a conversation back.

    By Monique on 06.08.2012

  12. i had a long chat with my friend the other day.

    By zilch URL on 06.08.2012

  13. it wasn’t anything special. he spoke to me like he always had, pausing in all the right places to keep me hanging on every word. the tales he spun could keep me enthralled for hours as i just sat and listened and imagined his world

    By hannah on 06.08.2012

  14. I have a chat with my old friend, the Past
    it regales me with tales
    colored with sweet memories
    filtered through time
    but none less vivid.
    It tells me stories
    that I can’t let myself forget.

    By Taylor URL on 06.08.2012

  15. chat is shallow
    but with a person you know
    chatting can be wonderful
    lets chat
    about everything
    and nothing
    lets just think
    chat is deep
    chat is the glue that holds the big stuff together
    the secrets
    the friendships
    the hearts

    By alib on 06.08.2012

  16. Chat. It’s something we do on facebook, when we’re in crowds of people we don’t really even know. Small talk, little things that aren’t even important. It’s the sound a crowd makes in a large space, it’s the hollow echo of an empty, trying to be life. Chat. Bing! Someone wants to say nothing but hi how are you bye! Aren’t you special?

    By Alyssa URL on 06.08.2012

  17. Chat. That thing we do on Facebook, or in rooms full of people we hardly know. Discussing the weather, maybe a cute baby or a laughable moment. Nothing important, nothing big. The sound that fills a large room when everyone else is around you. That echo that says “we really don’t care what you have to say, just be polite about it and we’ll all get along”. Chat. Bing. Someone else wants to talk to you for two seconds just to show they “care”.

    By lyssa URL on 06.08.2012

  18. We went for a chat. A long chatting away in the breeze. How I wish we could spend forever like this. I want to chat with you more. I want to stay forever like this. Just to chat. It was nice.

    By dede on 06.08.2012

  19. I tried to chat with my friend the other day, he was upset about something I had said earlier, strange how that works, the small things people say work their wy into our minds and before you know it they change us.

    By Jude on 06.08.2012

  20. Chat. It’s a word we say a lot, but do we really know what it means? Like, chit chat. Small talk is just making conversation because you have to. Or to “have a chat” with your spouse or offspring because they did something wrong.

    By Krys on 06.08.2012

  21. Eh, you know that thing?

    What thing?

    That thing?

    This thing?

    Sure. That thing.

    By HelenGrant URL on 06.08.2012

  22. “Let’s chat.” Such simple words but so many implications. From your boss? From your significant other? From an old friend? From a new friend? Who would you most like to hear them from? Why?

    By Lauren Cude URL on 06.08.2012

  23. stop killing the manatees she said with a look of contempt

    By sara on 06.08.2012

  24. Talking to someone – one of the best things in the word. I wish I could have a real chat with someone, that’d be cool. How about you go chat with someone right now? Go on, make your life interesting!

    By Bambi URL on 06.08.2012

  25. people talking about something is truly amazing. this brings ideas of different people from different perspectives and join them through the use of a simple chat

    By johnson on 06.08.2012

  26. I miss the way things used to be
    The way I used to feel around you
    How words just came out so easily
    The way you made everything I say sound important

    By Anon URL on 06.08.2012

  27. So I was on chat to my friend last night, talking about halloween, and we began reminiscing about dressing up as witches for halloween with black bin liners as kids. That was a long time ago. I miss black bin liners. They were fun, simple, just like our lives then, and nothing like our lives now.

    By butterfliesandhurricanes on 06.08.2012

  28. Only a few seconds ago, I was chatting a friend on facebook, and they asked, “Why are you so pessimistic?” You know, what bugs me the most is when people start asking about why you are who you are. I’m not going to change just because you want me to and if you don’t like it, then too bad. Because what I think most people don’t see is the fact that I’m trying.

    I’m trying real hard.

    When will it all pay off?

    By Cerulean URL on 06.08.2012

  29. I had a little chat with him
    Told him how I felt
    Said he meant the world to me
    And that was that
    Turned out I was his world as well
    And hand in hand
    We left this world
    To be alone in our own

    By Gabby URL on 06.08.2012

  30. Chat is the new way that people communicate. You’re online, your mates are online, and you type messages to each other in cyberspace, usually in text speak. Or do I mean textspk?

    Of course, that is the modern ,earning, but chat has other meanings, too. In the 1950s and 1960s (and, for all I know, in other decades as well) people would ” have a chat” – usually when there was something highly significant to say.

    By Asha on 06.08.2012

  31. I went into a room, in which there were many people I did not know. I talked about some things, and some of those things were things I expected to talk about about. Some of the things other people talked about surprised me. There was a topic.

    By MJ URL on 06.08.2012

  32. chat makes me think of chat rooms, internet, and weird things. having a chat can be a nice person. the world could change with a chat. your world, the entire world. world leaders probably chat too. it sounds funny if you say it multiple times in a row. chat chat chat chat chat. but it short and to the point. i guess thats like a chat. a brief talk. chat chat chat chat chat

    By Lydia on 06.08.2012

  33. let’s chat i want to chat with you if we were to chat what would you say would you say that you love me, want to hold me close and with you and dear to you would you do that? i am lost in this world of chat and dialogue when all i want is to feel and touch and hear and be. i want to be with you, i want to feel the emotions i want to feel what you are thinking.

    By Matana on 06.08.2012

  34. conversation which people do to maintain social connectivity ,distress or simply pass out time.

    By vijay on 06.08.2012

  35. a way for the modern socializer to connect with one another because real human contact is just too much to ask for these days … or a quaint conversation held with someone which you don’t really mind the company of

    By autumn URL on 06.08.2012

  36. And he looked at her, bouncing his knee, rapping his fingers on the desk.
    And she looked at him, hand in her hair, lips tense at the corners.

    And they kept looking, and maybe some words fell out of their heads inbetween, but it was mostly a conversation of the eyes.

    Odd, how chatting can be less verbal than physical, when casual pleasantries are communicated through the movement of a hand or the angle of a hip rather than a comment on the weather or an inquiry into your well-being.

    By Laura. on 06.08.2012

  37. There was a chat room open on her desktop…who was she talking to? was it really that important. I wanted her to see this one thing, but she had been busy doing this, and now, she was gone. Forever.

    By Kali on 06.08.2012

  38. chat is an invention very good for people around the world. It is an excellent way to have a good conversation with friends and peoples that should be around the world. And very cheep.

    By Leo on 06.08.2012

  39. just write, 60 seconds? oh no! I hate being timed, it makes me nervous.. I break down into a vast dark hole of nothingness with no thought processes whatsoever. Where will this take me?

    By shelby on 06.08.2012

  40. With myself. On the bed for only an hour, but if nobody was around to whisper comfort in my ear, than didn’t I need to be that person for myself? And so I sat in the shadows and colored lights, wriggled around with aches, and my mind left the house.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 06.08.2012