June 21st, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “cells”

  1. cells are tiny things. they contain vacuoles , membranes and nuclei. i learned about hem in school. plants and animals have cells. animal cells don’t have cell walls but plants do/

    By chloe URL on 06.21.2011

  2. In yoga it is believed that you not only store intelligence in your brain, but in every cell of your body. We are made up of highly intelligent living cells– therefore, we eat, speak, breathe intelligence.

    By Lauren G URL on 06.21.2011

  3. Chemistry class was never fun. And she was always stressed at the end of it. She was always stressed at the end of everything. Her stress relief, she called me. But i dont feel i ever made any difference. And yet she swears she loves me. She swears.

    By Jade Carter on 06.21.2011

  4. individuals. a body and the cell. a society and the person. who makes who? who affects who? who is more important? the cell comes in multitudes and multitudes. what is one cell? is it nothing? everything?

    By emily on 06.21.2011

  5. Every cell in my body is feeling it. Living off it, breathing it. Feeding it to it’s young. And what is it? Love. And it’s real this time. It never was before. It never was.

    By Jelisa URL on 06.21.2011

  6. Cellular things seem so small, but to them, we seem so big. We, as humans, are large to them. We’re collected of them. They’re smaller people holding hands together and sitting close with elbows touching. In the same way, humans are too. Look at third world countries with outrageous populations. Packed rooms, packed cars, packed subways, packed streets, packed everything. Their elbows are touching. So we’re all a little like cells, but with more definition. Yeah, lets get together and create something, shall we?

    By Matt Applebury on 06.21.2011

  7. I wonder what the people who live their lives in cells think of the rest of us?

    We can claim they put themselves in there and some of them may even prefer to live there but cells are very limiting and it is hard to see the sky !

    I have never seen the inside of a prison except when I went to see the famous tourist site Alkatraz. I got goosebumps on my back when I thought of the loneliness of the former inmates. The cells are only as big as a small single bed and a handbasin . Not much room for keeping fit there!

    Is this the best we can do to rehabilitate our socially unacceptable members ?

    I know these people committed crimes and will do so again unless ‘learning a lesson’ but is this the best and most productive way of achieving this aim?

    Cells are home to some people – I am not sure I would feel comfortable there.

    By Noreen Walsh on 06.21.2011

  8. the beginning is always the most beautiful. The singular force that bursts from the darkness; there is nothing then all of a sudden there is something. Fruitful multiplication, everything starts from somewhere, a place much smaller and less dignified that the end.

    By Headwraps URL on 06.21.2011

  9. Isn’t it odd that everything is made up of these molecular things. So small, an yet controllable. And it is odd that they can mutate and kill you. They are the smallest of things that can cause death. Mosquitoes are the same way. One little thing can end a life or cause such an emmense effect. Then everyone around that death is affected and their lives can be changed forever. All it takes is that cell to change so much. They can also cause such beauty. A plant completely made up of cells and is completely captivating. So many small insignificant cells add up and can cause beauty or the ugliness of death

    By Jessica on 06.21.2011

  10. are cool and amazing good looking human demanding incredable things

    By mark on 06.21.2011

  11. The energy cells from the sun are transferred to earthly vessels – from space to space below –

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 06.21.2011

  12. Everything is made of cells they are the foundation for which we live. They contain the chambers of life that produce what is vital to survive and they never cease generating themselves. This determination to never stop is admirable and transplants to many aspects of the human psyche. Cells are the basis of nature and all life forms. They allow evolution to occur and dare constantly changing to better themselves

    By Riley Hayes on 06.21.2011

  13. makes me think of science. or prison.
    but, science classes can be a prison….and math.

    By rachel URL on 06.21.2011

  14. Cells. Well, they’re these things in your body… I mean we’re all just masses of cells. No more, no less. No better. So it doesn’t matter what we do, does it?

    By youcantknow URL on 06.21.2011

  15. I remember learning about cells in biology class. That was last year, but to be entirely honest I don’t remember much. I remember the basic build-up, so to speak, of the cell, with the cell wall and the cytoplasm and whatnot, but that’s about it.

    By RBH on 06.21.2011

  16. cells of atoms cells of criminals cells of shoes are what intersts me most. they take up space and yet i love them, neetly lining my closet each canvased cell alligned precisely to show off the candies shoes inside. much like a real cell, so important to the human body and ever putting forth life and energy, these rows and rows of neeaty coordinated color give me creativity and joy.

    By caroline on 06.21.2011

  17. next to me were two cells, one I knew to hold an old man who had kept me busy the first few nights here by telling me about his first time here. the other cell was empty.

    By Nina on 06.21.2011

  18. There are many different type of cells in the human body… i remember I learnt all of them when I was in junior high… right now I can tell you some, but not even half the ones i knew.. it’s really interesting all the things they can do!

    By andrea on 06.21.2011

  19. Wasting time i didn’t have, trapped in a cell of self pity for being unable to contribute to the world, not contributing to the world for the fear of inability, I just need you to come hold my hand and take me with you. I wish I could tell you how much I need you, wish you could tell me how it is your world seems, so I could feel less strange about mine, so I could let myself out of this cell and try my hand at life.

    By unkitjc URL on 06.21.2011

  20. cells explode inside of me
    the essence of my being
    being blown up
    damaged by the insensitivity of your behavior
    breathe in
    breathe out
    my brain rolls into a deep sleep

    By luna URL on 06.21.2011

  21. It got bigger….the cells were growing and he knew it was coming… At the last minute he had a change of mind…”STOP!” he yelled…”please…stop”. But it was already too late.

    By Hanna-Kristel on 06.21.2011

  22. the building blocks of all living things. at least i think so, I can’t claim any great biological knowledge at this point in my life. but this i do know, isn’t it awesome that so much happens in such a minute little space?

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.21.2011

  23. my plan for bio lab: choose the most nerdy-looking boy in the class to be my lab partner. he turned out to be a neuroscience, biology double major and told me to edit the grammar in our lab reports while he wrote them the night before they were due. i also glued the pages to our presentation board. A+

    By roberta URL on 06.21.2011

  24. She walked down the long hallway, hand casually resting on the handle of her gun. Box after box of living spaces made of metal bars lined the walls. It smelled of death; this was the place where they put them when there was no hope. This dusty, dank room, where forlorn cries echoed across the concrete ceiling; this was the world of the dead.

    By Eponine24601 URL on 06.21.2011

  25. The cells held the world within his mind like a castle tower holding the princess captive. The theatre that held the dance in his head closed its curtains one final time as the poppy sleep took hold of him and he drifted into oblivion.

    By Kendrick Ong URL on 06.21.2011

  26. The white padded cells were all empty by the time the guards got there. The only sign that there had ever been anyone there to begin with was the dead guard and the note scrawled on the wall with something that looked suspiciously blood-like:
    Why so serious?

    By LeahDino on 06.21.2011

  27. they were all in their own cells, complete with a toilet and a bed held to the wall with chains. i strolled down the hallway, a guard on either side of me, until they finally stopped and said, “This is him.”
    I turned to my right to see the man i once loved, now unshaven, groggy and completely evil looking, sitting on the bed as if the world had ended. and maybe it had.

    By EJ URL on 06.21.2011

  28. animals and plants all have similar cells, small pockets from corks the knowledge we’ve gotten from such complex things morphed into simplicity. the mitochondria in children is said to come from the mother’s always, it’s no wonder I sleep as much as my mother does now, or maybe that’s my bad habits.

    By Andrew Mitzel URL on 06.21.2011

  29. The beginning and the end
    The macrocosmos in the microcosmos
    Where life’s restrictions arise
    And yet the freedom remains as always
    To take me somewhere else
    To let my imagination soar
    To let me live by dreams
    To let me die by constraints
    That I am so eager to create

    By Abi Harper URL on 06.21.2011

  30. skin
    how to make new life,
    prison break
    jennifer lopez
    soccer shoes

    By Nikolai on 06.21.2011

  31. Walls find me in the mist of their own closing, punished by my own captivity I am alone. The bars are no longer serving alcohol to drowned my inner sorrows. Black and white stripes now identify my number, my identity. Here I am in the cell of my mind, I am a a victim, I am a saint. I have no one left to blame for my captivity. I am morning my loss of freedom under cemented lighting. Tomorrow will trap my destiny, insanity has become my life.

    By Kaylee URL on 06.21.2011

  32. If I remember one thing from science last year, it’s that everything living is made of cells. Tiny, tiny, microscopic things. I remember looking at a tree leaf beneath a microscope and thinking “that’s me”. I remember him standing next to me, looking over my shoulder, and waiting. I remember smiling in secret.

    By Ammi URL on 06.21.2011

  33. biology class. i really liked biology when i was a kid i just guess i was curios. i’m still curious today. about lots of more things dough. especially life.

    By Tiby on 06.21.2011

  34. biology and chemicals, photosynthesis to make plants grow. symbiosis trapped inside, cagged, imprisoned in physics, chemistry and biology. double ll’s

    By sasha on 06.21.2011

  35. I wish I were a mutant and had super awesome powers. Sadly, my cellular structure is pretty normal and such things will never come to pass. One could only dream.

    By Sophie URL on 06.21.2011

  36. Tiny little bodies trapped in a giant universe. Suffering, and enslaved to work for a higher authority, all joined together for one cause; death.

    By justin URL on 06.21.2011

  37. As he was about to turn around to head back inside, Jensen caught sight of a small building off to the right behind some snow-laden trees. He slogged through the warm drifts until he came to the building that looked rather modern and high tech and read a sign on the door: Biohazard Live Cells.

    By chole URL on 06.21.2011

  38. Jail cells or cells that make up matter? Does it matter?

    By Shania on 06.21.2011

  39. I talk in it all the time. Everybody talks in it. It’s almost an addiction.. It’s hard for the old generation to follow the developement in cells. Before they were big, but now they are very small. It’s amazing.

    By Clara on 06.21.2011

  40. Cells are in our body. They are also where prisoners are kept. Cells are also a nickname for cellular telephones. pretty cool, huh? :) haha. anyways, so, cells. yeah. idk what else to say. cells have 5 letters, and are a plural noun. (how the heck did i know that?? lol)

    By Sami on 06.21.2011