June 21st, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “cells”

  1. the cells in our bodies float around in our fluids, bump into each other and keep doing their thing all the time. some die, some grow anew, over and over the cycle continues. i am enclosed in the cellular cell level, any itty bitty bit beyond what you can’t see. microorganisms may be just one cell.

    By oliver danni on 06.21.2011

  2. The room was full of men, the smell of their sweat reeked of the things they had done in their former lives. None of the faces were familiar but as I stared at each one, I saw myself looking back at me. The lives of these men were so familiar even though we had never met. We all were a part of the same life of crime.

    By morgan on 06.21.2011

  3. Cells have two forms. The animal cell and the plan cell. There are also other types of cells that is like what is called a jail cell. A cell becomes then a compartment of a whole structure. Even dorms could be considered cells. Saints lived in cells to do their studying, praying and conversations with God. Cells could then be concluded as barriers between the inner self and the outer world.

    By Anthony URL on 06.21.2011

  4. My cells are excited today, because it is my birthday! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I really do feel all molecularly happy today.

    By Andrea URL on 06.21.2011

  5. these apartments like jail cells
    locking us in
    packed so tightly together
    no air to breathe
    it’s all stale
    the smoke
    the dust
    the pollution
    clogging our lungs
    as we trudge day in
    and day out
    always returning
    to our little cells

    By korrina URL on 06.21.2011

  6. We stayed in cells but they didn’t have bars on the doors or windows. It was an old monastery and we were supposed to feel small and deprived. I had never had my own room or even my own bed so this was the lap of luxury and I began to love God for the first time in my life.

    By nannan on 06.21.2011

  7. The tiniest of things which end up being the building blocks of something so huge.

    By Akkryls URL on 06.21.2011

  8. cells. prison. entrapment. the lack of freedom i feel when you are around. you suffocate like the four walls that make up my cage. there is no hope. free me from the captivity of your love so that i may show you whats its like. its better to be trapped with company in a cell.

    By charles on 06.21.2011

  9. when I looked under the microscope in class, and saw my own blood sample, it was red, robust, full of life. Yours was speckled with black and green. Dieing. Dead. Ill.

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.21.2011

  10. I have many cells in my body, but the ones I worry about the most are the cells that carry blood sugar. These cells have caused my eyes to deterioirate and I struggle with my vision. I hope some day that things will get better and that they will find ways to stop my eyes from having the bleeds and the fluids leaks so that I can have better vision.

    By Diana URL on 06.21.2011

  11. The smallest things, working together, can achieve incomprehensibly extraordinary things and change everything; together, they collaborate so beautifully that we cannot deny the power of unity. Take lesson in this. The next time you walk outside notice how everybody you pass is shaping the world, help them make it wonderful.

    By bethanyruth URL on 06.21.2011

  12. We are all made of them; and for good reason too. Batteries, sickle, jail… don’t know how to replenish the pores, but I do have a smartphone.

    By ziptiecloud URL on 06.21.2011

  13. I could feel it. In my brain. In my very cells. That annoying, painful twang. Guilt, maybe? I vomited. Wiped my mouth clean, and resumed.

    By Laura on 06.21.2011

  14. my your chromosomes have combined beautifully.

    By sariska URL on 06.21.2011

  15. cells are what the body is made of completely. They have a lot of different active parts that do homeostasis and keep them alive. They divide ever so often to create more cells, this is there form of reproduction. They have a lot of water in them and when they die, their matter is recycled to create more cells. It’s all very efficient. All cells contain your DNA.

    By taytay URL on 06.21.2011

  16. i feel like making needlepoint cell diagrams. plant and animal. this weekend…

    By d. URL on 06.21.2011

  17. The cells all lined up next to each other. Each prisoner screams as the new guy walks in. Their lives shaken by each indescribable crime they’ve committed which has subjected them to lives as prisoners and they will be suffocated and kept in that cell for the rest of their lives…

    By Kelsey on 06.21.2011

  18. biology, cells. you made me so sad. my cells were diminished away with my tears. but no, not anymore, my cells are going to be replaced with it’s proper self.

    By scano on 06.21.2011

  19. Cells

    Division… mitosis…


    Cancer (there’s a happy thought.)

    Spy cells…

    Biology class… I still have a biology book I need to throw away. From High School. It was a study guide for something. Yellow cover. I still like reading it sometimes. I liked bio. I found it interesting.

    Somehow I managed to get through school without ever having to dissect anything. I wouldn’t have been able to handle that. An autopsy? Maybe. But killing something just for the purpose of dissecting it? Makes me ill even thinking about it. And angry. Incensed is more like it. Can’t wait for holograms or synthetic substitutions to take over the role of “expendable specimens.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.21.2011

  20. No walls contain me,
    My thoughts are my only shackles,
    My heart the only lock.
    No bars to hold
    No safety in bonds
    I am free
    Limitless, to fly
    Limitless, to fall

    By Geejay URL on 06.21.2011

  21. cell phones are ruining out society. cancer cells are ruining our society. we are going to be taken down by cell phones and caner cells… unless we change. lets talk about it in person! without cell phones lets fix cancer cells. we can change things! we can change things! we can change.

    By Zoe Irish on 06.21.2011

  22. cells. mine and yours together. we make one. combined we are beautiful. separate we are even better. we don’t belong together… your cells and mine. it’s for the better….

    By scano on 06.21.2011

  23. Every cell that encompasses this body and all that are surrounding me scream out in a heartache of the worst kind.

    By Hannah URL on 06.21.2011

  24. I am locked up. I feel locked up. It hasn’t been this bad in years. I am hurting. The kind of hurt that makes you want to dig your nails into your arms and makes your breath go so fast it makes your head spin.

    By Janine URL on 06.21.2011

  25. biology, ms shafer. making our cell paper about exploring a cell. I wrote mine like the magic school bus. it was one of my favorite things to watch growing up and i wanted to re create it. I got to explore the cell of a dog like ms frizzles. I think i got a pretty good grade

    By widge on 06.21.2011

  26. Cells. Jail cells. I don’t know. I think about that, a person rotting in a jail cell and I imagine their chemical make up. Cells, with nuclei and bitties that I can’t remember from high school. But the collection of cells sitting in the cell probably never went to high school, totally missing out on gathering any information about cells. Blah! I think about my cells dividing, multiplying, whatever the fuck they do. It’s magic. And I can’t remember any of it.

    By Virginia on 06.21.2011

  27. the cells of the body regenerate themselves every 7 years
    we are a whole new person because of this marvelous gift we have from our Creator, Jehovah God

    By she53lly URL on 06.21.2011

  28. cells are some of the most basic parts of life. they are everywhere and yet no one seems to care about them or notice them. in fact people try and get rid of dead cells skin cells to be exact and they dust them away, as if they didn’t make up the very core of their being.

    By Kayla on 06.21.2011

  29. Everything made up of cells is living. Except for prisons. I’ve never been inside a living prison. Prisons might be the antithesis of life actually. No freedom. trapped inside a room with an orange uniform. Waiting for life.

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 06.21.2011

  30. we’re all made up of cells. it’s kind of amazing, if you think about it, because there are millions and millions that make us, and we can’t see them, but we can see what they become. it’s neat to think about how there are small things that make up things that make up things.

    By aerin URL on 06.21.2011

  31. are what keeps us alive. they multiply endlessly. they are small and self contained. they hold everything we need (you know, other than food and stuff). they can be any shape and would make a great hotel room concept Also jails, but you know not every word is perfect

    By Erin on 06.21.2011

  32. The long row of empty cells remind me of the worst first date ever. I was at a bar with a girl and we got wasted and she drove us home. We got pulled over and the cops took us to jail. The saddest part is I could’ve scored with her too…..

    By Alex URL on 06.21.2011

  33. The micro-bacterial infecion has now engulfed the entire surface of the earth and it continues to spread. The next few days will be remitten with the horrors of micro-globule domination and dissonance from all forms of life fighting back in unappropriated retaliation. The once peachy surface now rests a slime green, intermittenly baring it’s original fleshy turf with the strokes of a sapphic tongue unwisely coming to groom and rescue.

    By Nate on 06.21.2011

  34. Cells are everywhere. They hide in the worst places. They eat, they drag, they contaminate. Terrible creatures they are! Yet we ourselves are created from too many of these things to count.

    By Honor URL on 06.21.2011

  35. All my body is, is cells. They can function well or they can die. All I am is a mass of cells. But I’m much more than that. There’s more than what’s on the surface.

    By Elise URL on 06.21.2011

  36. She hid under the bed
    Her brother in the wardrobe
    Mother the attic
    Father in the garage

    The diary was placed
    like a chest buried in sand
    under the floorboards
    found generations later

    By gsk URL on 06.21.2011

  37. The cats called from high above us. They were linesd up behind each other, fighting to get to the food outside their cells.

    By Emma Bean URL on 06.21.2011

  38. are something to do with science, which i hated. it’s boring, its terminology based on things you can’t see or know you are touching or have contact with – although you are in contact with them everyday. cells are modern. cell phones, cellular data, skincells, stem cells and clinicalism of day to day life.

    By Rachel Rigg§ on 06.21.2011

  39. body blood sick cancer hospital doctor science biology animal plant nucleus membrane vacuoles mr burke mr walshe school small experiment everything .

    By chloe on 06.21.2011

  40. There were fifteen people total crammed into 3 small cells. It smelled like mildew and the walls dripped with brownish water.

    By Britta on 06.21.2011