February 23rd, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “cave”

  1. Caves are dark. Not just metaphorically dark either but actually dark, like the soul of someone who kicks puppies. I think there might be something seriously wrong with me. Like an actual honest to God psychosis or some shit which is ridiculous but not at the same time.

    By Megan Zahhak URL on 02.23.2013

  2. an enclosed place where more often than not one feels imprisoned, suffocated, and in deep peril. while it has recently become a sight of awe and wonder to many, to some it still remains a symbol of unknown danger.

    By greengabberglob URL on 02.23.2013

  3. a dark and damp place, where humans used to take refuge. yet it remains a scary place, where hidden creature lurk in the dark and wait for their chance at turning you into lunch. it was a feat of intelligence when the first human took refuge in one, and a feat of greater intelligence when the first human decided to take refuge elsewhere.

    By Dominique on 02.23.2013

  4. Dark and dank. Those were the two words that came to Hildy’s mind as she slowly moved forward in the cave she discovered on the back side of her deceased aunt’s property. Dumb and dumber were the next two words that came to her mind. Why had she started into the cave before she got a flashlight bigger than the light on her key chain?

    By K Reznikov on 02.23.2013

  5. the cave was as dark as a child’s mouth. it was hollow and echoed with each footstep i took. i was scared. my heart was thumping and it melded into rhythm with my footsteps, creating a song of its own to keep me company in this dark night. So i moved on into the cave. each step i took reminded me of something id regret. a hollowness inside of me deepened like the cave. my torch light wasn’t sufficient and it was dying out.

    By swaksha on 02.23.2013

  6. The cave was dark. I could barely see anything. I knew I was in the right place. Something told me that this is where it was. I just needed to figure out exactly where it was. When the ground shook I knew I was in trouble. I need to find this tablet and I needed to find it now.

    By Jenni on 02.23.2013

  7. Their eyes grew dimmer
    dulled by the fierce sun
    as they left the darkness of their caves
    the traditions were scattered on its floors like leaves
    the legends were left on the walls
    to be found by french vacationers who forgot
    to put on sunblock.

    By Kairn URL on 02.23.2013

  8. It was rocky, cavernous, and dripping mysterious sounds. I followed the tour guide down the wet path and the flashlights bounced off the echoey walls. Of course, I wasn’t afraid. Caves contain nothing but echoes, nothing but echoes.

    By Katherine on 02.23.2013

  9. where

    By snuggiewuggie URL on 02.23.2013

  10. My soul felt like it had caved in on itself destroying the places deepest inside that I could never let anyone see. And when at last the worst of the devastation was over and I was left crumbling cinder blocks of long forgone strength, that is when he smiled.

    By Cordelia Leigh Montgomery on 02.23.2013

  11. It was cold in there, and dark. The ground was moist and sticky and a horrible guano smell filled her nose. How long had she been trapped down here? It had been days, certainly. There was no real source of food down here save for some odd fungus, and she wasn’t about to try her luck. She would have to take to hunting bats.

    By JB on 02.23.2013

  12. thats were everyone was ……… used to be the fanciest think during stonages………now a museum piece …………….. would love to

    By linton on 02.23.2013

  13. The cave was dimly lit, but still warm. I smiled at the small elder that stoked the fire. He had so many smile wrinkles himself, it was almost impossible not to feel at least a little better when I looked at him.

    By Fay on 02.23.2013

  14. A bear lives in a cave; everyone knows that. But what strucked Andy puzzled is the so-called bear sleeping in his bed, of all the things. He might mistaken his next-door neighbor for a fuzzy bear, but he’s not furry at all. Especially when the one sleeping looks too much … bear-like.

    By Erin on 02.23.2013

  15. She pivoted, suddenly, catching her breath. Pressing her back against the tree, trying not to be seen. She grabbed his arm and flashed him a look of total alarm. He nodded. He saw. Slowly, he crept backwards careful not to disturb the inhabitants of the cave.

    By Rachael Roberts-Toler on 02.23.2013

  16. She pivoted violently, pressing her back against the tree and trying to quiet panicking breaths. She grabbed his arm and flashed a look of complete alarm. He nodded. He knew.

    By Rachael Roberts-Toler on 02.23.2013

  17. Darkness devours me. Every thought, every feeling, and everything around me. It’s as if all that I saw are distant memories; memories that have been suppressed to the deepest, darkest part of my brain. All of those memories are those I wish to not remember. They are, in fact, the ones that put me here. With each step I must trust myself to know the way out. With every brush of the cement walls I must trust my hands to be familiar with them once again. The sounds that surround me are ones I have heard before. I know the smell, too; I know my way out. I still see black all around me, but a smile appears on my face. It does not matter that the bats may be the only ones to see it, but I know it’s there. I trust myself more than I have ever before. I can feel the warm breeze now and the light is finding me. Grazing the walls, each step taking me closer, I am freed. No longer will the darkness consume me, nor the memories haunt me; I have escaped. All that I have carried on my shoulders have disappeared and will remain behind me in the darkness.

    By Kari URL on 02.23.2013

  18. The whole world is a cave with more things to do and more space to explore

    By Shaftronic URL on 02.23.2013

  19. The goal is daily survival; to last the distance and drag back to my cave a remnant of my self esteem that will warm me in the night and get me up the next day.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.23.2013

  20. i just saw two fucking adorable foxes in a cave on Stimbleupon. I want them. i want to hug them and cuddle them and love them. they were so cute and fluffy. so fluffy.
    and i like caves.

    By Taylor Sabins on 02.23.2013

  21. There’s a savage dragon within the walls of my flesh undermine. Throbbing , throbbing, throbbing from inside! His running fire burning through my veins. Unheard roars breaking through the brittle barriers. And day by day his cries are louder, but yet no one can hear. One day his voice will no more breathe the flames, burning his vehement soul out. The cave around will bury around him. And i will die with him.

    By JaneDoe URL on 02.23.2013

  22. Caves are cavernous places that are usually dark and damp. They are usually home to creatures like bats, or those who hibernate, like bears. Mushrooms are also usually found in caves. The moisture in these caves are high enough for fungus to grow with ease.

    By Paige on 02.23.2013

  23. There’s a savage dragon within the walls of my flesh undermine. Throbbing , throbbing, throbbing from inside! His running fire burning through my veins. Unheard roars breaking through the brittle barriers. And day by day his cries are louder, but yet no one can hear. One day his voice will no more breathe the flames, burning his vehement soul out. The cave around will bury him. And i too, shall perish .

    By JaneDoe URL on 02.23.2013

  24. cave in by owl city, I love that song! it’s freaking awesome! ADAM YOUNG ROCKS!!!!!
    Ok, :)

    By Inkheart URL on 02.23.2013

  25. It was strange to hear such a defeated sound exhaled by the man I had come to think of as a father. He seemed to shrink in upon himself, and I found myself watching for just a moment too long—long enough to see his face cave in upon itself in misery.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.23.2013

  26. A cave is somewhere a person is swallowed alive and frozen in the mud to be found thousands of years later so that people who knew nothing of you or about will be tortured by your life and what it means when you yourself had no idea what it meant.

    By Savahna Jackson on 02.24.2013

  27. I cannot cave this time. I’ve given him too many chances and quite frankly he doesn’t deserve another one. I’m not going to let him walk all over me anymore.

    By Mag on 02.24.2013

  28. Caves are pretty cool places. Usually I’ll think of dark and damp places when thinking about caves, and of course no doubt there’ll be loads of bats iniside it too.

    By Yang on 02.24.2013

  29. I cave in to the pressure. I let myself be fashioned out of the nightmares that exist in daylight. The world is a cave and I am its slave. A slave deluded into thinking that she’s living the time of her life but in reality, all she was was a shadow meant to highlight the colors of the world.

    By Sweet Bethany URL on 02.24.2013

  30. He sat in the cave waiting. Waiting for someone, something, to save him from himself. As he sat he began to speak to himself, the cave’s walls made his voice echo, giving the illusion of multiple people.

    By Eva on 02.24.2013

  31. I fell down the steps today. It was my very first day of college ever. I fell down and scraped my hands and bruised my ego. But instead of hiding in my mind, I laughed and walked away.

    By LenaZimm URL on 02.24.2013

  32. it’s one of those days.
    feel like retreating and hiding out
    away from others eyes and questions,
    find me a little secret cave to call home.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.24.2013

  33. The cave was dark and moist, the faint dripping of rainwater at the cave’s entrance now getting feebler with every step. I know I have to keep going, the alternative is certain death, but I don’t even know if this cave can save my life.

    By Garry Shearman on 02.24.2013

  34. I heard I guy sing about giving substance to shadows and it reminded me of Plato’s whole “watching shadows on the wall.” A theme echoed many times over, for something unregenerate, according to Susan Sontag’s opening line in an essay on Photography, these echoes live on in reflections – perhaps giving “substance evermore.” Not unlike a book I read by Douglas Hofstadter on being a strange loop. So how much of you is repetition?

    By Intuition URL on 02.24.2013

  35. every time i write it’s a lovesong
    warbled dimly from a stupid muddy cave
    every time i open my mouth it’s flat and drones
    not a club
    not a flying machine

    even if i dont mention the word u
    even if its gone bung
    bydibye apostraphy
    ill apostrophise
    stalty eyed
    and then ill die

    (i can only see the gap in yr teeth)
    sos i cant find u in the crowds and yes its lovely its swell
    but onehundredmetres lengthens when theres fifteen thousand bootscooters
    aw, man
    just letme loveyou

    By frank lee on 02.24.2013

  36. I was excited to learn that another cave was discovered on the perimeter of our land. If it is one thing that I love, it is the exploration of caves and gullies. This will offer me the occasion also to get my children involve in this great adventure.

    By victor URL on 02.24.2013

  37. We walked and we walked, I could hear the sea crashing against the waves, I heard his voice shouting to me, I ran over to see him and ran through to the cave where he was standing on a rock, I looked at him and he smiled, I closed my eyes and I could hear the echoing of the waved and the smell of sea salt and the feeling of our faces touching.

    By purpleyrain URL on 02.24.2013

  38. a sanctuary, its hard edges, grey matter pulling me in.

    By victoria on 02.24.2013

  39. cave is where you hide when chased by a lion…funny

    By promod sharma on 02.24.2013

  40. The walls are falling in on me. I wanted to hide, escape from the wold. Who am I? Who did I want to be? I cannot remember any more. It is too dark in here.

    By C on 02.24.2013