June 14th, 2012 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “cathedral”

  1. cathedral. ive thought about this word recently. literature. stories. war stories. love stories. itnever has something to do with the actual theme of the story. the cathedral is just standing there, witnessing whatever happens around. whatever happens to lovers, whatever happens to a city being bombed from the air by hundreds of war planes. there was once a cathedral standing in a drowned city. the city had drowned because of the bombing.a cathedral is always kind of creepy, it reminds me of gothic times, creepy times when someone was always watching over you.

    By juliana on 06.14.2012

  2. Her blue eyes glistened as she stared at the stained glass window in the cathedral. Struck with pure amazement she took a step back for a better view and tripped right over a handsome 20-something man’s foot.

    By Britty URL on 06.14.2012

  3. Walking up the stairs into the cathedral, I felt a quick chill in the back of my neck. It was strangely beautiful, in the semi-darkness, with candlelight painting the walls softly below.

    By kibi URL on 06.14.2012

  4. I can’t believe I saw her at that cathedral. It was as if this moment was brought to me by god and I know I’m not really religious, but that was what I really thought at the moment.

    By Mohamed Dicko on 06.14.2012

  5. A dark abandoned church sits at the top of the mountain. The setting sun illuminates the cracked and aged stained glass and the crows retire to their roosts for the night in the old rafters.

    By Jayme on 06.14.2012

  6. the crystal cathedral is the most beautiful church in the world. but it doesn’t compare with my tiny home church. it’s not about what the church looks like, but the people inside who make it beautiful or not. cathedrals are big, but churches are full of big love.

    By Mandy on 06.14.2012

  7. large catholic churches with great high arches and stained glass windows . Romanesque paintings of religious figures on the walls.

    By howard mekemson URL on 06.14.2012

  8. Is a beautiful place where people come to gather and either celebrate, converse, share ideas, or mourn. A beautiful structure full of amazing architecture and beautiful stained glass. Found all over the world and vary from region to region. Some new some old some abandoned and broken.

    By steph on 06.14.2012

  9. the cathedral was huge. Its shadow came upon me and I admit, I felt intimidated. It had been a while since i´d last come here, and I felt scared. I took a breath in, and exhaled. It was time. As I forcefully opened the doors and stomped in, I wondered if i´d ever see the sun again.

    By orangesarenice URL on 06.14.2012

  10. i went to the cathedral to go to mass. it was really boring, but i sat by my grandma so i had to pay attention and wear a shirt that covered my shoulders. i wish i could see what was going on. i can see funny hats. and other bored people. it was pretty at least. but it was a nightmare to park and we had to wait around for blake’s confirmation afterward.

    By connor on 06.14.2012

  11. Tall, majestic, and mysterious. Beautiful light and tiny hidden rooms filled with darkness. Back doors and staircases. Floorboards that squeak. Basements filled with artwork from times past.

    By Jasmins URL on 06.14.2012

  12. Cathedrals are often beautiful. They look like castles, except I am not sure I would ever go there for legitimate reasons. This writing piece sucks ginormous ass, I cannot write about something related to the church, I’m sorry.

    By Vittoria (: URL on 06.14.2012

  13. Last time i went to the cathedral i has disguided by a spy, confused i went to the mall and bought some milk, to put it on my sandwich and store it on the computer. I am alone

    By Jox on 06.14.2012

  14. It stood tall and monolithic in the distance. He wondered if the outside felt as inspiring as the inside was supposed to when he was up close. He approached cautiously until he was only a few feet from the door. He stopped a moment and outside the church sat a man, dirty and worn that looked to be sleeping.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 06.14.2012

  15. I had it all planned out: the cathedral, the music, the food, the vows. All that was left was the question. Maybe the hardest question a man ever has to ask, maybe the only one he truly, deep down, won’t ever know is the right one to ask.

    By Alex URL on 06.14.2012

  16. I walked into the monstrous building as I simultaneously glanced up. I saw great towering spires the size of my own erect penis. It was overwhelming that anything combats that monstrosity, but it was expected in such a building.

    By sam on 06.14.2012

  17. haunts me like a holy temple
    where my father he went to pray
    for sins he could not remember
    but he felt them all the same

    By JanineMRioux URL on 06.14.2012

  18. I hate the cathedral. It reminds me of the Requiem by Verdi each Easter. I once named my dog Verdi. He died listening to me singing to his ear.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.14.2012

  19. It was huge, with a light airy feel that made me feel immediately at home. I looked around but he didn’t seem to be here yet, not that that was such a bad thing really. it gave me time to look for the angel that i knew would be here somewhere. Or at least i hoped.

    By emma URL on 06.14.2012

  20. Father Van Vleet works in the cathedral. It’s been his goal for many years to wind up here. It’s one of the highest positions in the town and it hasn’t really sunk in that he’s become something of these people’s moral compass. It’s a heavy duty, one that sometimes keeps him up at night, but as he stands within the safety of the church in the morning, the first light coming through the stained glass. He knows this is the place for him.

    By Cassie URL on 06.14.2012

  21. Cathedral?

    Are you sure that’s what it’s called?

    That doesn’t seem right.

    The textures of the word and placements of the letters don’t live up to it’s meaning.

    Are you sure that’s what this is called?

    By Awkward URL on 06.14.2012

  22. it was huge with a wonderfully light airy feel that made me feel immediately at home. i looked around but he wasn’t here yet, not that that mattered really. it gave me time to look around for the angel i knew would be here somewhere. or i hoped.

    By EmilyF URL on 06.14.2012

  23. kneeling on the tile
    heaping in a pile
    covering a blemish
    finding steak in a crevice

    putting the fears to rest

    By Kyle on 06.14.2012

  24. Cathedral is a catholic church. I myself am catholic. I’ve always talked with my mom about if im going to get married in the Catholic church or if im going to venture. I say that im gonna get married on the beach and that the church thing doesnt really fit my personality

    By Grace Dziagwea on 06.14.2012

  25. her stained glass eyes are breaking
    me, cutting into mine and
    what hopes I had
    of any kind of future
    without her

    she is my cathedral
    I go to her
    to pray
    and I will be buried
    in her shade
    one day

    By caitlinmonster URL on 06.14.2012

  26. It’s a beautiful world for a beautiful thing. Too often beautiful things are described by nondescript, plain, boring words. “Cathedral” brings to mind all of the things associated with that place so further adjectives such as “gorgeous” or “inspiring” are really superfluous and unnecessary. People ought to ponder self-contained words like this one and let them fill their imaginations with all the images already attached to them instead of being spoon fed by extra adjectives that really serve to limit one’s imagination.

    By khakicat URL on 06.14.2012

  27. Church had never been my thing. But when a sign reads ‘Book Sale’ I can’t help but pull my car over. I walk in and I am greeted with smiles from older women. Most likely church members helping out. I could care less. I’m here for the books.

    By Marlow URL on 06.14.2012

  28. one voice was heard. almost lit notre dame on fire. oops.

    By Ashley on 06.14.2012

  29. The doors swung open and I stepped into the large, colorfully lit room. Looking down the aisles, I saw large windows with stained glass images on them. In the corner was a small nativity scene. I walk up to a large bowls and dip my finger in the holy water, crossing myself quickly.

    By Mackenzie Moorhouse URL on 06.14.2012

  30. one day I will get married …. now more than ever I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT … isn’t it weird?!?? one fucking year ago I was also in a relationship where I thought I would get married ….. nothing compares to what I have now… The bond and connection I share with evan??? fucking amazing

    By hellojtran URL on 06.14.2012

  31. i have always wanted to get married in a huge cathedral. With all of the beautiful stained glass windows, the statues of the Holy Family, all of the saints. Catherdrals are pure beauty and people should take the time to admire them and the place where they celebrate the sacraments such as marriage.

    By mary on 06.14.2012

  32. Cathedrals are buildings that house a variety of religious ceremonies, whether it be a regular church service or fancier things such as weddings. Some cathedrals were intricatly designed and others are just average to look at. Either way, they are wonderful buildings.

    By Cassie on 06.14.2012

  33. The cathedral was where the corpse bride and her Mr. Skeleton became one. Many attended the wedding, from the lowliest and ugliest worm to the poshest of Deaths. There isn’t much to do while waiting for the bride to come, so the whole place stank of rot. But when she came out, all pretty and beautiful and alive, Mr. Skeleton could not have been happier.

    By Andy URL on 06.14.2012

  34. ese hermoso lugar de luces, sombras, ruidos, frutas e insectos.
    ese lugar al que quiero llegar, gritar y correr de espaldas mirándote, escuchando historias de taxistas e historias de terror.
    llévame ahí, si no, prometo llevarte yo.
    y prometo llevarte de la mano por los callejones y a redescubrir los aromas de las mañanas frías.

    By tata velazquez on 06.14.2012

  35. there was a cathedral in an old small town. In this place lived an old woman whose most important ofice was to prepare the lunch for the priest. the priest in that time was an twenty-three-years-old man.

    By Tanit on 06.14.2012

  36. notra dam with my children, leaving saw a man that look exactly like quasimodo standing outside the cathedral. went to feed the birds they were fat with so many others handing out bread. lost my heart there.

    By Debra-Sue URL on 06.14.2012

  37. I saw him, sitting crossed legged on the last step of a cathedral that looked as haggard as the old man himself.

    By Randi on 06.14.2012

  38. religion, god, architecture, big, pretty, important, saint, group, people,

    By maria alejandra on 06.14.2012

  39. With high arched stained-glass windows and an eerie quiet that seemed to emenate about the room, I walked in slowly, breathing in the musty smell. There it was. One of the fated Relics of the Apostles.

    By Somebody That You Used to Know on 06.14.2012

  40. the christchurch cathedral was ruined in the earthquake. my grandmother sent us articles about the earthquake as if we were living under a rock. does she not know we can read our own papers? she sends us all sorts of articles it’s so annoying. i’m probably going to go to university in christchurch and i’m quite excited about it

    By Emily URL on 06.14.2012