June 14th, 2012 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “cathedral”

  1. Cathedrals are beautiful. They are humbling because they remind us how tiny we are in a big world. I don’t believe in God or follow Christianity, but Cathedrals reaffirm my belief in SOMETHING. The way the stained glass lets the light in… it’s unbelievable. Breathe taking.

    By Gwyndolyn Morneault on 06.14.2012

  2. Beauty, immense and tall and large and extricable of the amount of history and traditions that have existed within its doors. The people, the emotions, joys and even the moments of sorrow- The times where our union with a deity matters the most. The moments of death, of sickness. Where do you turn to? Will you complete you journey in the physical realm not amongst the clouds? I think therefore I am.

    By Adrian Vincent on 06.14.2012

  3. A cathedral is basically a hedral with a cat attached to it. In these beautiful hedrals are stained glass windows, in which the sunlight floods the room with a vast array of rainbow colors. It is rather marvelous.

    By Tasia on 06.14.2012

  4. Majestic

    By Heather on 06.14.2012

  5. there was once a cathedral
    ceiling that was full
    of dust and spiders
    and boards that were rotten
    and old ghosts that no one
    ever saw again.

    By Leesa URL on 06.14.2012

  6. the tower goes up and the lights go down. paul rever saved our world with a old version of me, i am a cathedral, and i am free

    By Eleanor URL on 06.14.2012

  7. A big big building where lots of people go to look at old gothic crap!
    Also where people may pray, think of the dead and get married.. which to some is like dying.. Sometimes. If you look through the glass in a catherdral… you see jesus.

    By Karyn on 06.14.2012

  8. The nun rushed to the cathedral. “ready” she asked the mom. “yes” she replied and handed her the baby. The nun took the baby and splasehd the water on it. The baby cried.

    By georga on 06.14.2012

  9. church where it is really big and holy and there are high ceilings and god stays for you to visit. there are stain glass windows and it is catholic and shiny. There is a priest and a lot of gold sparkly objects including god. There are also yummy snacks like host and wine! Who wouldn’t like to visit a cathedral?

    By Amber on 06.14.2012

  10. Cathedrals are fairly ridiculous. I mean, what’s the point? Must one truly be in a building of such stature to worship a god they so apparently love? I don’t understand the point of it all. Honestly, it seems ridiculous. Worship at your house. You don’t need a damn cathedral to do such a thing. Well, this was an interesting prop.

    By Zak on 06.14.2012

  11. its a place where god is and lots of marriages happen.. plus they are commonly found in europe and other cities of that sort

    By laur laur on 06.14.2012

  12. When the light fades
    Heaven come help us.
    We’ll hide in our cathedrals,
    wrapped tight in blankets of love.

    Woven for assurances,
    woven from kind advice;
    woven from the mother’s touch
    we long fog so much.

    When the light grows dark,
    and the moons brings shadows.
    We scurry to our cathedrals,
    Heaven come help us.

    By Heather URL on 06.14.2012

  13. I keep thinking about how I can’t make you love me.
    That I won’t wear the white dress to your wedding and see you on the other side of the aisle.
    Or videotape your children’s Christmas mornings.
    Or give you all the greek olives in my salad, since you love them and I don’t.
    I can’t make you stay, I can’t make this work.
    I can’t make you love me if you won’t.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 06.14.2012

  14. Beautiful, High arching roofing. Marble. angels, sculptures of marble. Michelangelo. broken. stain glass windows. colourful. church

    By KHnaruto29 on 06.14.2012

  15. The cathedral loomed over her threateningly. She shuddered. Dressed in shimmering silk and luscious brocade, she looked nothing like the poor and starving street rat she was yesterday. However, even dressed like the Queen of England herself, she had never felt dirtier.

    A sharp jab at her side brought her back to reality. An oily sickening voice rasped in her ear. “Hurry up dearie,” she wanted to puke at this, “you don’t want to keep your groom waiting now do you?”

    Suppressing a shiver, she steeled her spine and leveled her gaze. She wasn’t going to let this crush her. With one last breath, she opened the cathedral’s door.

    By Natasha URL on 06.14.2012

  16. When I see the word “cathedral”, I think about the Cathedral of Learning, which is the symbol of my school (the University of Pittsburgh). It’s a huge building – majestical and inspiring – which stands for the students and alumni as a sign of the greatness that we aspire to become.

    By danielle on 06.14.2012

  17. Tall
    It stands tall
    under the dark sky
    looking ominous and looming
    The dark stained glass windows
    Are intriguing and beautiful
    In this gloomy weather

    By Hannah URL on 06.14.2012

  18. I remember the first time I ever saw a cathedral. It was the Little Flower Basillica in San Antonio, TX. The most outstanding fact I recall is the fact that there was a chair specifically reserved for the pope. An entire chair resevered exclusively for a man who probably sat there one time!

    By Joseph McCormick on 06.14.2012

  19. It was one of those cathedrals no longer frequented by believers. It was a beautiful venue stuck in the present; in a present-day metropolis that tries to profit from enthrallment.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.14.2012

  20. She spun around once in the center of the cathedral, taking in the old rotting beams and dirt stained stone walls. In a way it was beautiful, with the light shining through the dirty, cracked, stain glass windows. Best of all it was all hers now, earlier that day she had signed the paper work that gave her official ownership of the decrepit, falling-appart-infront-of-your-very-eyes, building.

    By Solanaceae URL on 06.14.2012

  21. I don’t want to get married in a cathedral. It’s too structured and stiff. i feel like if someone coughs or makes a noise all the old women turn and stare at you. maybe that comes from to many years of being forced to be quiet in church. anyways i want something more free flowing for my wedding. somewhere outside and not cathedral-y.

    By Christina on 06.14.2012

  22. She walked along a dusty road. A thick fog hung in the air but she kept walking. There, in the distance, was the ancient, greying cathedral. This was home.

    By Kayli on 06.14.2012

  23. The cathedral in christchurch was big. And cold. and stone. It was also grey. Perhaps everything in Christchurch was grey. I haven’t been back since the quake – my hometown, or one of them, is not there any more. What is in Christchurch is no longer mine. The cathedral used to be big – I was small.

    By Amy on 06.14.2012

  24. All that time and money wasted on it, instead of using it for something a lot better.

    By Bleurgh URL on 06.14.2012

  25. The place where we keep our prayers. For me, it’s my heart. It cries out in agony, but no one hears it. My beat lost it’s rhythm and it’s now silent.

    By Justkidding URL on 06.14.2012

  26. The silent Cathedral.
    As if frozen in time,
    Catches all the sounds of the neighboring expanse
    Do you hear the winds chime?

    By UnderWater URL on 06.14.2012

  27. I’ve not got long, very little time.
    Without knowing, without caring…most of the time.
    I expect a primal reaction to death’s grip,
    But will only give way and be enveloped by an alluring departure…maybe?

    Cathedral is made of figs and squirrel testicles…I think?

    By Bleurgh URL on 06.14.2012

  28. write to fight a pacifistic revolution.
    write to fight a pacifistic revolution.

    fart to smell of tarts or perhaps mars..

    By Bleurgh URL on 06.14.2012

  29. cathederals look royal. i don’t know. i don’t really have much to say about cathederals, other than the fact that they look royal and elegant and sometimes make me feel bad that i don’t actually pertain to any particular religion. that’s all. they look nice though, and their windows are beautiful.

    By . on 06.14.2012

  30. basillica, roman catholic, ada, pat, montreal, quebec city, hot, pilgrimage, st joseph, no mosquitos, saint, statue, shade, architecture, procession, st anne, nun, monk, priest, spiritual, religious, tall, spires, chapels, dawn, tired, fun, stone, bus, st hubert, st mary, que sera sera, marina, pink, river, trois rivieres, miracle, shrine, stations, steps, monument, museum, stained glass, window, tower, turrets, church,

    By beladona on 06.14.2012

  31. Stark yet inviting. I am scared to enter because of my past with my faith. But today, the sun is seeming to shine a little brighter and I am beckoned it. Perhaps today is the day I find myself again.

    By Avery Lewis on 06.14.2012

  32. I was sitting there alone in that big open space. The faint light came through the painted glass and it reflected on my skin. I gazed at the wooden cross. I sat there in confusion. This is the cathedral, the so called “haven” when all I think about is….

    By Eunice URL on 06.14.2012

  33. I didn’t have any thing to say to the priest, so I just sit in the cathedral. I lot of what I think is clear but I can’t even figure it out.

    By electricrelax URL on 06.14.2012

  34. this is where i was confirmed in 9th grade. i hated confirmation though. the cathedral was pretty though. my cousin was my sponsor. i like her, and im glad she was my sponsor. yeah. also i feel like it would be nice to get married in a cathedral because its so pretty

    By Samantha on 06.14.2012

  35. Hood drawn, and sword sheathed. He walks head down towards the dark looming cathedral. Nothng but the sound of his boots crunching in the thickening snow, and the clinking of his armour he walks forward. Bitter cold hitting his skin he is prepaired for his fate. Stopping infront of his door he lowers his hood and draws his blade holding it ready for what lays before him. Opening the door he enters.

    By randomninja URL on 06.14.2012

  36. I’ve never been a fan of cathedrals. They seem too strict and anal for my liking. I’m just a laid back person, what can I say?

    By Mia Aavik on 06.14.2012

  37. The ceilings soared up, up, vaulting high overhead. On the rooftop, the white steeple jutted into the sky. Birds perched on the gargoyles guarding the corners.

    By Kristen on 06.14.2012

  38. Those big cathedrals in Europe. That is one reason why I want to go. I want to see that beautiful Greek and Roman architecture. I want to go and live in Europe for a couple of years. If only a dream.

    By Emily URL on 06.14.2012

  39. Church. But that’s not just what it is to most people. Not quite. It’s a place of love and endearment. It’s a place where they feel safe and connected to something that isn’t quite there, but they still believe. That’s solid faith, to be able to believe in something bigger than yourself.

    By Genny on 06.14.2012

  40. I believe cathedrals areplaces where people go to worship and they may be located in europe with gargoyles and such,,, beautifl places. I havent been to one before as far as

    By Jenna on 06.14.2012