December 26th, 2011 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “carved”

  1. I carved my name into his back and spit. How dare he walk away with everything that mattered to me? My nails shattered as I clenched my fists. I kicked him down and walked away, filled with remorse. How could I hurt him? Even if he broke every part of me, I would still need him. And now he’d never see it.

    By Ellen on 12.26.2011

  2. There was a spot on the door frame, at the top right, which was carved with their initials. She had been pregnant, and he had left just enough space to the right for a third. It was a warm day for that early in the spring, and they were tangled in their happiness and a blanket on the floor that had just been put down days ago. The beams were new, the year was new, they were new, and everything was full of easy promises.

    By cmsiena URL on 12.26.2011

  3. hello
    i don’t know what this is
    and i don’t know what to say
    i feel as if i’m running out of time
    but my brain won’t work fast enough
    to get the words out
    that i need to say
    and i suppose i should just
    spit them out
    so i suppose you should know
    i love you
    i completely, entirely love you

    By Rachael on 12.26.2011

  4. You carved your words into my arm. With your hate you hurt. You’re a vampire of my soul. Can’t stop… can’t move on.

    By Melissa URL on 12.26.2011

  5. Durk spent most of the evening looking for his tools. His carved ice sculpture was most likely burned in the fire.

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.26.2011

  6. i carved her initials into my arm
    tiny pools of blood dripped to the floor
    but none of it mattered
    she’s not my girlfriend anymore

    By karmachik URL on 12.26.2011

  7. his cute face looked cheerfully at me-he did not smile, but was jolly nonetheless. In his hands he held a bucket of tiny candy canes and a staff. He was made by loving hands-my grandfather’s. He was the most beautiful Father Christmas I had ever seen.

    By k on 12.26.2011

  8. sculptures. The Pieta. They are remarkable works of man mmortalized in wood, wax or even scarp materials. They are endless. precise.

    By marian ortiz on 12.26.2011

  9. I looked at the shelf. Carved into it’s dark mahogany wood were intricate flowers and vines, overlapping and entwining.
    “Do you like it?” Callum asked me, beaming,
    “It’s beautiful.” I assured him, “I love it more than any other gift.”

    By Delilah on 12.26.2011

  10. i carved your name into my heart.

    you left me the next day.

    By Cassay URL on 12.26.2011

  11. My dad carved out my soul piece by piece as Supernatural sat in my dvd player, waiting for it to begin but unable to press Play as my father continued his show-offy nature with his magical iPhone applications…

    By Drea URL on 12.26.2011

  12. as I carved the meat, she stood behind me
    commenting on how juicy it looked and how good it smelled
    I know she is simply trying to get me to give her a small bite
    and I do every time

    By Bryan Green URL on 12.26.2011

  13. He dug the blade deep, deeper. Liquids emerged from the bird’s fleshy surface. The knife stung his palms, he grasped it with such ferocity. He ripped through its skin, leaving long gashes that exposed it’s pale bones. He stabbed it, short staccato motions, again, again. He dropped the knife. It clattered to the floor, splattering drops of pale yellow seasoning across the linoleum floor. He turned from the table and left, leaving the carcass behind, a mangled heap of toasted brown flesh and snapped bones.

    By Katie URL on 12.26.2011

  14. we don’t need much to keep us entertained so we walk and we hike and we discover the world all by ourselves and then you stopped right there in the middle of a forest in footprints no one had ever made and you reached out for the nearest tree and you carved your name and then mine we had been there this was our land and you were mine

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.26.2011

  15. Carve your name into my heart
    and while you’re at it into my skin as well
    Into my flesh where all can see the pain that being with you causes me
    I wish I could be with you in truth
    Because having to share you feels like being Prometheus

    By Paula URL on 12.26.2011

  16. Her skin tingled with an intense sensation as the blood dripped onto the bathroom floor. Her eyes were filled with fear while she sat, holding her arm. In it was one single word, carved into her body as a horrific reminder — “slut”.

    By Heather Nicole URL on 12.26.2011

  17. on halloween i found the perfect pumpkin, when i got home with it , i carved it into a giant castle! and then it became real and i lived in it forever!!! go me!

    By Jess URL on 12.26.2011

  18. christmas is over
    we carved the turkey, tore the wrapping paper, smelled the cookies
    memories drifting, smiles lifting and people gifting
    though we think the world stands till for one day
    it doesn’t, life still goes on and churches are bombed
    even on the holiest days, hundreds of lives are taken away
    and yet, there is nothing left to say
    but the empty carols that always get in the way

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.26.2011

  19. i wonder if they ever fixed the door frame where the e and s, the beginning letters of escape, were carved there. then i wonder how silly they must’ve thought me seeing the chalk stained walls, and how frustrated they must’ve been. especially if my paranoid mother was actually right about paint not covering it. i dropped a dead egg on the floor once. i spent most of my time in that room, more than one should. and saw and experienced much darkness. i also briefly possessed a period of bliss. a lot of years were lived in that house and they’ve carved extensively my character and perspective.

    at the renaissance fair i saw a log stool carved into a wizard.

    one of dreams would be to carve…or blow glass, the most interesting would probably to mold pottery. fascinating arts. to shape an object in the way that you see it and wish it to be.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 12.26.2011

  20. the pumpkin sitting on the table. The carcus of a roasted pig. The wooden trinket around her neck. His hollow heart.

    By Kenzie on 12.26.2011

  21. Her necklace was simple, carved from rich oak wood. In the shape of a heart. Like her heart. Carved and shredded from years of damage.

    By kenzie URL on 12.26.2011

  22. wood

    By Nicole Uy on 12.26.2011

  23. we carved a life together.. now it just seems the walls have all grow too thin. I can’t find the brick to build us back up. You was my whole life my everything. Now I’m just the person you hate coming home to…

    By AmyMae URL on 12.26.2011

  24. He carved a wand for me. He spent an entire month on it, just because he liked me. He really really likes me, and I don’t like him back, and I hate it. He deserves my love far more than the douchebag that ripped my heart out of my very chest and smashed it with a hammer. He made it just like the elder wand, and I don’t like him back, and he needs my love, but I can’t give it back to him, and I hate it.

    By Rachel URL on 12.26.2011

  25. I carved a song. I don’t know why. Or how. Or if you can. But I did. But was it me who carved? It could have been someone else. Problably was someone else.

    By Odenstedt on 12.26.2011

  26. Craving the carved candy, he cranks caravans of caramel.

    By Marianne URL on 12.26.2011

  27. The elders of the G’kand tribe stood around the tooji tree. Having finished their task, they laid their stone tools aside. It had been five generations since it had been a seedling, planted by fathers of fathers of fathers of fathers. Bag’ji sounded the flute to beckon the rest of the tribe where they could dance to celebrate this day.

    In honor, as the throng of dozens arrived, they started beating their drums, the others stripped off their loin cloths to celebrate in the benevolent sunlight as they moved ecstatically to the music, their reverence focused on the carved likeness of Angelina Jolie.

    By richpee URL on 12.26.2011

  28. food. its like wanting anything so much. uncontrollable desire. lol. regency . whatever.
    Typically, ice creams anythng sweet. mangos also.

    By Nidhin on 12.26.2011

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    By Nidhin on 12.26.2011

  30. I looked at the tree after he backed away. And there, in all its permanence, was our names carved into the tree. “It’s to let you know that we’ll be together as long as this tree stands.”
    I look at the old stump and give a bitter laugh. ‘I suppose you words were fitting weren’t they?’ I think to myself. Oh old memory and old loves. How they haunt me so.

    By Preston on 12.26.2011

  31. Reminds me of Halloween

    By Emilia URL on 12.26.2011

  32. The phone rang, just as the meal was being served. the meat was being carved by the head of the family, well, if you could even call him that. He really was a no good for nothing dad for 364 days of the year

    By Amimee URL on 12.26.2011

  33. ugyuiopugt

    By Nonymous soul on 12.26.2011

  34. A half-crescent hanging among fireballs too far away to care. The trees stripping themselves as the weather grows colder, old initials carved into their trunks. And you, finding your way home before light.

    By Myona on 12.26.2011

  35. turkey
    time carved out of a schedule

    By paul lisbon on 12.26.2011

  36. She brought her knife around with a flourish, doing the finishing touches on her wood-carving. It would be a surprise for her boyfriend.

    By Diem URL on 12.26.2011

  37. When I was younger,
    my family and I would go near a river
    where a big oak tree grew.
    It may be much smaller than I remember,
    as I was small myself, and the world seemed so big.
    I would climb the tree and read all the initials:
    carved into hearts,
    carved in the bark.
    Though I am older,
    The world is still so big,
    and I have still never carved my initials with anyone.

    By Madeleine Silvers on 12.26.2011

  38. The chips and flakes flew off at random angles as he carved away at the stone. Sometimes he thought the parts leaving were the idea he had and what was left was the husk.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.26.2011

  39. I carved the initial slowly into my skin. The blossoming pain made me suck in my breath and clench my eyes shut but I continued. It felt bizarre and yet I never wanted it to stop. I knew what I was doing and I loved it.

    By Jen on 12.26.2011

  40. remember that one time on the tree? yeah, you can’t remember it. that’s okay, I do. you never came, that’s why you don’t remember it. you never showed up, even though i told you to come. when you didn’t show up, i carved our initials into that tree. you still don’t know, but i’ve carved you into my heart.

    By olivia on 12.26.2011