November 13th, 2014 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “caramel”

  1. the caramel stuck to the roof of my mouth. i kept it there. i loved grazing it with my tongue in moments to be reminded of sweetness, and goodness, and joy. mouth roof caramel connected me to the right things at the right time. i needed that.

    By Safon URL on 11.13.2014

  2. I love caramel in just about anything. Popcorn, milkshakes, over my ice cream, as a candy. It is amazing to really think about it being just butter.

    By Amber Daughdrill on 11.13.2014

  3. “You are my delightful chocolate and caramel swirl,” I teased her as my fingers danced up and down her bare belly. She giggled and pushed my hyper hand away.

    “Stop it,” she whispered before kissing me. “I have to go to work.”

    “At the ice cream store? Be careful that someone doesn’t eat you all up.”

    She shoved me and kissed me again, then went to the closet to pull out her outfit for the day.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.13.2014

  4. There is something magical about the moment a pot of bubbling sugar transforms into sweet golden caramel. It happens in an instant. one second there is cleary sickly sweet goe in the pot, the next there is a mouthwatering treat. But if you leave it on the heat for just a few seconds to long, it will inevitably turn into a disaster. Life is a lot like that.

    By Trista URL on 11.13.2014

  5. It is a molten sugar. Ice cream taste good with caramel on it. The color is like honey. How it

    By Pravin on 11.13.2014

  6. corn candy cotton apple bobbing for apples sweet sticky sticks to the roof of your mouth snickers werthers original camel cigarettes carmel karma carmen sandiego caravan caroom

    By pukebucket URL on 11.13.2014

  7. how on earth can i ever get over
    your texture
    your flavor
    your joy
    when I’m having this much trouble
    getting bits of you
    out of my teeth.

    By jake on 11.13.2014

  8. So sweet in my mouth you gave me cavities im panicking cant pick your taste from my teeth you linger i taste you still years later once decadent now rot in my gums and from the back of my throat i cough and out comes your name. When i swallow i feel your last words trickle down into the pit of my stomach and you sear through the linng and swim through my blood stream your vocabulary sticks to the walls of my vocal chords until i sound like yoy

    By stargirl URL on 11.13.2014

  9. I work in a candy store, this is such weird timing. Caramel is littered around the store, on shelves, in displays, in boxes. EVERYWHERE. I have had enough caramel for one lifetime just within the past month I’ve been here.

    By Hank URL on 11.13.2014

  10. Yum. I love caramel. Not as much as chocolate, mind you, but I love it nonetheless. It reminds me of my dear friend Martine and sticky toffee puddings. It reminds me of Steve and Stephanie’s 40th birthday party and those little square caramels we would get as kids. Yum. Good memories. Good word.

    By Wendy on 11.13.2014

  11. Caramel is the best candy in the world in my view. But did you know that Milton Hershey change caramel so that it could last longer before it had to be throw away, and made it sweeter, and creamer then it had ever been. So Milton Hershey was famous for his caramel before he even started working to make chocolate.

    By Hope Strubs on 11.13.2014

  12. Caramel, well firstly I have never quite understood the difference between carmel and carAmel. And I have always hated when people used the latter. Anyhow, caramel is a pretty delicious snack with sliced apples.

    By Ashley York URL on 11.13.2014

  13. SHe liked kissing him; his lips tasted like caramel with a hint of salt. each press of their lips reminded her of the day at the beach, the way he held her hand and rubbed the small of her back as they meandered down the boardwalk. SHe loved the way he casually called her “darlin” and lost the “r” along the way. Sarah never thought he’d last. Adrian introduced them to each other last year, was it March or August? Why can’t I remember? she thought. What’s wrong iwth me today

    By Sherida URL on 11.13.2014

  14. I left the bakery with an armload of sweets I was hoping would be sufficient for the party. I couldn’t believe it. It was the second year in a row James had forgotten to tell me about his office holiday party. It wasn’t on the calendar and therefor I’d made us other plans. Plans I had to cancel. But did James care? Of course not.

    By Beka URL on 11.13.2014

  15. Caramel was a pretty girl, but she didn’t see it. You see, she didn’t see her eyes sparkle when she spoke about a weird hobby she was passionate about. She didn’t see the way boys looked at her or the way girls admired her. She didn’t see the real her.

    By Mia on 11.13.2014

  16. once upon a time, there was a very dumb boy called thomas. he loved to eat caramel cookies. he couldn’t keep his hand off the cookie jar. his mom caught him one day

    By khorianto URL on 11.13.2014

  17. once there was a boy who loved caramel. he ate so much of it that eventually his teeth got stuck together. then he started to

    By billy bob URL on 11.13.2014

  18. Caramel. there is one word to describe it. pure bliss. m usre 100% of peeps would agree with me. yes caramel is also a fancy name to give. sometimes i like to stuff my face with caramel

    By khorianto URL on 11.13.2014

  19. Sid pressed his nose to the glass, translucent Rorschrach marks spreading butterfly-like on either side of his face with each heavy breath. The robot arm lifted–bzzt–and dribbled a few layers of caramel that folded over and over each other with visible density. Then–bzzt–back to the start.

    By Yona URL on 11.13.2014

  20. Pineapple ….. PUNCH! :-D also i love caramel and dim sims

    By khorianto URL on 11.13.2014

  21. I went to the supermarket to buy a carmel chocolate for my nephew’s birthday. Caramel is and always has been he’s favourite chocolate. I went to coles and

    By Bob URL on 11.13.2014

  22. Caramel

    By Brian on 11.13.2014

  23. She held the caramel candy to her nose and took a deep breath before gently placing it on her tongue. She closed her mouth around the sugary goodness and allowed her salava to begin breaking down the candy before slowly chewing the soft caramel.

    By Deborah on 11.13.2014

  24. Funny thing caramel. It reminds of this one time by the beach. I got this sundae with my dad at the ice cream parlour. We shared as always but as I took the spoon that was too big for my five year old hand I smashed the spoon full of caramel and soft ice cream right onto my nose.

    By Eva on 11.13.2014

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    By Joette Hill on 11.13.2014

  26. Cascading over fallen rainforests – a volcanic flow of molten sucrose heading towards civilisation, enveloping small armies across a rough-hewn surface. Folding ever over itself, an eternal quest for dominance until the temperature cools – a balmy summer evening, insects chirping nearby hoping for salvation from this radiant stream. As time passes, what once was flowing settles into position, almost becoming rigid but like glass in a permanent state of flux, waiting for the smallest impact to shatter it into thousands of crystalline shards. To touch it would be near madness but its allure is too much; no man can resist it. It curls, beckoning for touch. It lingers in the air, twisted like a creeper slowly wrapping itself towards the sun, glowing, golden-brown and translucent. The Sun’s warmth returns the inner-fire from where it was born, imps dancing about, red costumes, pitchforks, chanting in honour of their deity. Slowly it warms, remembers what freedom was and begins to wriggle its way out of its confines, thirsting to return to the salted Earth from whence it came. Laconically it touches the ground, feels the ashen remnants of its past and slowly die; a sacrificial lamb beckoning for its inevitable end – the Sun has played a cruel game and this time has won.

    By Brenton URL on 11.13.2014

  27. craramel is a okay candy some people enjoy it could b ho or cold you can use it in hot chocolate and on a caramel apple

    By theo theifn URL on 11.13.2014

  28. Caramel eyes burning-
    Like lost lanterns at sea.
    I see them, eternal storms-
    That rage on for evermore…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 11.13.2014

  29. dripping down,
    creating a web of glistening,
    golden threads
    a velvet blanket on your tongue,

    By M on 11.13.2014

  30. sickly sweet leaving my lips
    the caramel speaks
    of sweet, sweet summer days
    in a language of its own
    in a language of sugar and sweet
    of dazzling explosions on my toungue
    it sings to me
    of sweet, sweet summer time

    By maggie. on 11.13.2014

  31. Long strings of saccharin goo
    let’s me play and do
    what my mouth wants and is due
    pried off the roof of my mouth
    with a silent prayer and oath
    while I swallow twice
    that brown thick slice

    By Protean URL on 11.13.2014

  32. Coated to the popcorn which stuck between her teeth hours after eating. She probed with her tongue, trying to pick a particularly stubborn piece from her back molar.

    By hil on 11.13.2014

  33. The force of her stare belied the natural sweetness of her caramel colored irises and, when combined with the harsh set of her jaw, I was powerless to stop my eyes from dropping to the forest floor. “I am SO disappointed in you,” she said quietly and I flinched beneath the weight of her words.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 11.13.2014

  34. Her skin was like caramel, smooth and sweet. I could taste it when I looked at her. I was brine and she was perfection. I longed to get caught in her soft skin with more than my eyes.

    By Kaitlin URL on 11.13.2014

  35. you said my eyes were like caramel, something different. you usually like girls with blue eyes, but mine were different. pretty, you said. something new, something unusual.

    By Lola URL on 11.13.2014

  36. The caramel was sticky in his hand. Without thinking he threw another one into his mouth before he was done chewing the last one. His mouth chewed slower and slower, his teeth mired in the thick substance. It was so delicious but every part of him felt slow and sickly, the sugar rushed though his body and made him feel more and more lethargic.

    By dan URL on 11.13.2014

  37. it was creamy . the way it fell from the dark piece of chocolate he held over my mouth , i knew it was turning him on because i could see the glint in his eyes as they became dark with lust and from that moment i knew that i wanted him and he wanted me.

    By Mary on 11.13.2014

  38. I love caramel. Especialy when it is served with dark chocolate and cabernet…It is the Universe screaming to you that you are awesome and want more of you!!!

    By trkstr67 URL on 11.14.2014

  39. I just cannot understand why so many people love caramel. It is too sweet and it poses a health check, to those how eat it everyday.

    By victor walkes URL on 11.14.2014

  40. sickly sweet.

    like it could be draining out from a septic wound in your side
    when the next bed over is empty,
    everyone else has woken up to fill the day
    but your thoughts are still falling out from and through you
    soaking the pillows and staining your eyes the colour of a bruise

    sweet like words
    that never mean anything.

    By mimo URL on 11.14.2014