July 31st, 2013 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “captivate”

  1. Does anything that captivates sell itself? Does a beautiful book read itself? No. It takes more than stellar content to sell a story. You need a bent for marketing.

    By dan URL on 07.31.2013

  2. I turned the page, more absobed than I had ever been. I didn’t stop reading until I realized it was 3 am. I should definately sleep more.

    By Riley G on 07.31.2013

  3. My mind. Take it over. I want your control. Tell me what to see. What to think. What to say, read, write. Who to love. Though, you’ve been all that’s on my mind.

    By Hailee URL on 07.31.2013

  4. I want to captivate him. I want to pull him close and keep him with me. And our eyes will reflect smiles. But I haven’t captivated him. He’s captivated me. And I’m struggling to catch up.

    By Bobbi B URL on 07.31.2013

  5. Her eyes locked me in their deadly tango. I was afraid to look at her, and afraid to look away. She was hypnotizingly horrible, captivatingly cruel. Her eyes were as sharp as a hawks, underneath that silver, bowl haircut. She looked like a soldier from the Middle Ages, fiercely prepared for battle.

    By duckszcic URL on 07.31.2013

  6. How captivating is the silvery dust upon the lemon haze of which? The witch cast thy spell upon your face with your arms in your lips and now you can’t move just simply stuck and struck with lightning oh oh oh how captivating.

    By Colton Adrian URL on 07.31.2013

  7. There was nothing striking about her exterior; there was no shine to her hair, no sparkle to her eyes, but there was a certain calmness about her that was captivating, and Sal couldn’t stop herself from glancing over, again again again again until blue eyes caught hers and she felt her mouth twitch into a smile.

    By Leni Williams on 07.31.2013

  8. I opened my mouth, naturally. I wasn’t aware at all of the many pairs of eyes staring at me intently when I had said, “Captivating,” and instinctively took a step into the water. I wasn’t aware of what it could really lead to.

    By Annee on 07.31.2013

  9. in the moment of right now having walls shoot and slide in obstuction. bendable seeable se thruable but still doing the job.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 07.31.2013

  10. I found him very captivating. We read a story and I could see that the children were captivated by it. The intention was to think of something to captivate their imagination. I enjoy the idea of finding an issue that will captivate an audience

    By Alexandra URL on 07.31.2013

  11. Her eyes, her hair, her radiate skin. She lights up the room, drawing the cold people in the world toward her. Beautifully consuming she she is aflame, devouring you in such a way that you love your own destruction. Wondrous, eternal, chaotic and alluring in the most primal of ways.

    By James H Brooks URL on 07.31.2013

  12. Your eyes captivate me.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.31.2013

  13. Little Matida sat on the tree branch watching the roofers work.

    By A False Terl URL on 07.31.2013

  14. The Pacific Ocean used to captivate me, but now it has contaminated me. Most people don’t wish to tell you or don’t know enough to tell you, but thanks to Fukushima, the entire Pacific is poisoned with radiation. The United States government tried to ensure the American populace that there was no need to panic, but already babies were suffering radiation poisoning, and many others began to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

    I am one of the latter, and each day, I remind people how much I detest nuclear power plants.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.31.2013

  15. So the first thing I think when I see this word is your eyes. Looking at them–when you’re in a good mood–and feeling like everything is gonna be ok. LIke you’re all the things I pretended you were. Cute, nice, loving. It makes me wonder if I actually love you or waht I think you should be. THhis is confusing and a thought I have never had before. How painful to have it now that you’ve left.

    By Simone on 07.31.2013

  16. Captivate my soul. Take over my words. Rush my body with feelings of lust. Feelings that i can’t feel on my own. You are captivating. and it hurts. I need/want you.

    By Liv on 07.31.2013

  17. I need you. You’re captivating.

    By Liv on 07.31.2013

  18. Inspire me, sun, in ways moon can never know
    And wind, give me away, so water will have to go searching for me again
    I’m finding these days, that everywhere I turn
    I stand
    I stand
    Back straight and hands flung with the force of captivation
    But each way I turn, the glow is new, and I trip over my mind
    Trying to find the horizon

    By Saudade URL on 07.31.2013

  19. captivate reminds me of lovers, and it seems violent. i don’t want to be captivated. I’d rather have control. Captivation feels good though, like when you are captivated by art or music. It’s rare for it to occur. Most often happens whilst high on weed or something.

    By alana on 07.31.2013

  20. He captivated his audience. His act of locking himself in what him seemed like dangerous positions, really only bored him. They looked at him like a god, but all he felt like was a fraud.

    By remy URL on 07.31.2013

  21. Nothing has captivated my attention more than the pecuilar way you behave. Studying all of your quirks, as deep as they go, has kept me busy for countless numbers of nights. I hope that one day I’ll piece together all of the information I’ve accquired about you and finally understand you as a whole, but I understand that’ll never happen.

    By Amanda URL on 07.31.2013

  22. captivate. what can get your attention? What makes you forget about the entire world and all of your problems? What captivates you? it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

    By lucy on 07.31.2013

  23. Captivate, was the word she uttered from her mild rosa lips.

    – Captivate.

    For any person, born and raised in an english speaking nation, this word would have made sense on the spoit. Not for me.


    By Martin Dahl on 07.31.2013

  24. Whenever I’m stuck in the elevator I find myself staring at the “Captivate” screen that displays the news for the day. Even if it’s news about the royal baby, I’m still staring at it intently, because I’m stuck in an elevator and what the hell else am I gonna do?

    By Conor URL on 07.31.2013

  25. She captivated me. The way she carried herself, so mysterious, so eloquent, was always strange to me. Her existence led me to ask the most intriguing questions, to write sentences after sentences that explained her crazy ways. However, at the end of the day, she was constantly just a stranger whom I’d never get to know.

    By maria URL on 07.31.2013

  26. to be caught and wrapped.

    By Danaé on 07.31.2013

  27. “Captivate my mind… Captivate it!”

    For once I imagined myself being taught of wizardry by a professor in a fantastical school.

    But my focus returned and I only noticed myself facing my teacher’s stern face.

    Such ordinaries…

    By OneJen URL on 07.31.2013

  28. Her presence was impossible to ignore, and I found myself captivated by the unlikely creature. She was no woman of great beauty, or even a confident and enrapturing speaker, but as she stood at the base of the court house steps, desperately pleading for awareness of some obscure cause, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by a subliminal power that emanated from her, a purpose.

    By Kristen URL on 07.31.2013

  29. Captivate me, captivate me with your charm, captivating me with your humor
    Captivate me with your love.
    Captivate me

    By Jill on 07.31.2013

  30. She was captivating. A beauty. Classic curves. Almond eyes.

    And the way she laughed would have broken your heart if it wasn’t so busy mending it.

    By Shimbo URL on 07.31.2013

  31. i don’t know something that is intriguing that makes you want to stop and pay attention bright colors loud noise beauty love heat cold fire snow anything that makes you stop and go wow movies actors songs dances gestures anything and everybody

    By Makenzie on 07.31.2013

  32. Bars and concrete, wrapping folding over the eyes that flicker wildly like electricity–flutter and flash into corners of the sky, a sparrow without weight or time–a planet, not a star or satellite, arching across the ivory dome, under the tufts of brown, curly lawn. Break this thing, as you would a horse. Deny it savage orgiastic ramblings. Wrench it by the ancient halter with ropes of polished gold, out of the darker insanities and sky. And place it in the stall, pry open its ears, shout the gospel until it has forgotten.

    By mattlock URL on 07.31.2013

  33. don’t look her in the eyes. the second your gaze hits her, a weight will lift itself from you. it’s an illusion though. you meet the sapphire waters filled with mystery and seduction, and you meet your demise as well.

    By kira on 07.31.2013

  34. I used to be the kind of girl who would captivate men with my hair, my eyes, my walk.
    it was a great feeling and to some extent, I believe I still have that power

    By Robin on 07.31.2013

  35. The sky lay open, inviting beckoning like a woman who knew she was about to win. Stars glinted, whispering secrets to each other, trailing their fingers through the dark film of the sky. I couldn’t look away.

    By Beth A URL on 07.31.2013

  36. The tears in her eyes captivated me to look closer. I was curious as to why there were tears dripping down her sweet face. Emma was a girl that could light up the world with her words that were medicine to the weak. Yet, she was crying alone in the dark. I didn’t know how I could help her because I was only a ghost. A silly ghost that wanted to check up on a friend. At times like these when I return to the land, I find myself regretting the time when I jumped in front of a train. If I were still alive, I could have helped her. I could have held her and kissed her. I could have told her how beautiful she was.

    By aeji on 07.31.2013

  37. The first thing I think of is an audience. I’m an actor – not very well paid, but there you are. Captivate an audience. It doesn’t happen enough for me. Theatre in education is not the place for a captivated audience. Shame. But it’s true. I wish they listened more though. Because what I say is important. What we try to say. But they’re kids and they think we’re idiots. But you know, if just one child is captivated enough to remember one thing we’ve said about alcohol, or anorexia, or sex, or violence, then that’s enough for me.

    By Bridie Kennerley on 07.31.2013

  38. Everything in life captivates me. I’m always nose first in the flowers. I ‘ve always been that way.

    By venyse on 07.31.2013

  39. Captivate my heart. Let your kingdom come.
    Jim captivates my heart; he is my fantastic one and only love.
    I would like to captivate him more, but I am shy.
    This site is not captivating. How will I captiviate yoU?

    By Jane on 07.31.2013

  40. I am captivated to write from this reasoning of the website. Everything that you notice is a captivation all that catches your eye. All you choose too look at captivates you in a good way or bad. It really how you want to be.
    So captivate is a way you want. And you’ll captivate others.
    Captivate yourself.

    By Kanwar Buttar on 07.31.2013