March 25th, 2013 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “calamity”

  1. calm innocence, pure, introvert, clammy, light blue, aqua,little hands, cams, ocean, night time, spring, sunset,

    By J Gatsby URL on 03.25.2013

  2. I wish I knew what this word means. Calamity. It could mean so many different things. I’ve never been very good with vocabulary; every once in a while I can write beautifully and my words can flow from mind to paper, but I find it difficult to write when I don’t know the meaning of one word that I am supposed to write about.

    By Cailyn URL on 03.25.2013

  3. Why must we write about one word? Why must the sole word posted on here be a word that most people do not know the meaning to? What could this word mean? Chaos?

    By Cailyn on 03.25.2013

  4. When she met his gaze, it was as if the seas had ran out of waves, and settled, to a hushed breath.

    By Christie Caulfield URL on 03.25.2013

  5. Torrential rain drenches the day,
    Monsoons define weeks, become seasons
    A downpour of doubt forms puddles
    in canyons of the mind.
    And I cry,
    I shake with anguish,
    I plead for sun.
    Sometimes monsoons of the mind
    leave the most damage.

    By Zoe on 03.25.2013

  6. A calamity arose between her conscience, her sense of duty, and her loneliness. To hurt another for the chance to search for happiness that might not actually be out there? She had never deliberately done it before. For someone who never takes a single step or makes a change without mapping every possibility and variation of a decision, ‘jumping empty-handed into the void’ is more terrifying than leaping out of an airplane. She didn’t like the dark because she sensed shadows within herself, and once she was surrounded by darkness, the shadows would no longer have anything to fear.

    By JDwrites URL on 03.25.2013

  7. when i think about the calamity i get goose bumps. this is what nature is all about. Man is just a part of it. Nature remind us how small we are with the help of calamities.

    By Umesh on 03.25.2013

  8. this world is full calimityremember that we should try our best to and we should always

    By amit URL on 03.25.2013

  9. Well Jane, it has come to this. The number of incident s has become overwhelming. The nickname stays.

    By melodyroop URL on 03.25.2013

  10. It was, well, a calamity. The one thing she had looked towardss, it all went down the shitter. One moment, she was absolutly blissful, than her whole world shattered, In just an instant. Funny how things work that way.

    By Beck on 03.25.2013

  11. It started off so simply – get in, get the jewel, get out. So how did he end up in this predicament, with a girl tied to a bed, a man locked in a cupboard, and a dog the size of a carthorse trying to break down a door as thick as his thigh? His entire life had been one long calamity, but this situation was certainly a lowlight.

    By Jay URL on 03.25.2013

  12. my ass had a calamity at one point in its life. happened around the afternoon soaps with a bottle of cold brew. I miss those days where calamity made your day, good or bad. ahh childhood.

    By Roland on 03.25.2013

  13. Calamity is crazy. Do many people know what this word means? How does this website work? This is kind of fun. Calamity! I don’t know what else to write. This word makes me think of historical wars.

    By Michelle Clement on 03.25.2013

  14. Calamities can be daunting especially if you have never experienced one before. It could be an earthquake, a volcano, a storm or anything like that. It leads to lot of life loss, property destruction and many other similar things. Thankfully, technology can help forewarn the occurance of a calamity and that helps people take some precautioanry measures like relocating to some other place and so on.

    By Ashique on 03.25.2013

  15. CRASH. The impact shook the library. CRASH. The second impact sent debris cascading over me. The rumbling made books tumble off the shelves and people started falling as they tried to run out of the disintegrating building.

    By Anabel Crowe URL on 03.25.2013

  16. The calamity was making her loose her mind. She sat on the floor of the ballroom, only seconds before home to the dancing of several guests. But the calamity was so sudden. A man..she didn’t even know if he was a man, leaped into the room, unnoticed at first, until he viciously stabbed one lady after another….

    By Ellen Thompson URL on 03.25.2013

  17. They told to me to
    write a poem based
    on the word calamity
    and immediately my mind
    rushed back to
    the day you held a knife
    to my throat and
    kerosene washed down the
    walls (you didn’t
    stop until the sirens sounded.)


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.25.2013

  18. How you can expect something to happen, and prepare for the worst, but still be knocked down on your knees when it happens?

    Suddenly you find yourself in disbelief, rendered speechless, frozen still by the sheer coldness of that person’s words. Suddenly you act instinctively in emotion-drenched actions, produced by the bubbling inner turmoil inside of you.

    Calamity is not just a synonym for natural disasters.

    It’s a word for /that/ moment. The moment you hear the kind of news you can never get used to hearing.

    By XXVII URL on 03.25.2013

  19. You’ve become my worst calamity, my unintentional disaster
    Why is the ending so prolonged, and falling so much faster?

    By Carly URL on 03.25.2013

  20. Bursting at the seams she split secret lives into pieces, ditched the doormat, began to breathe. Her name: Calamity.

    By Tiffany on 03.25.2013

  21. Calamity is a part of life in many different aspect. It’s what you learn to make of it. When in doubt, remind yourself of the cliche’. ” When life gives you lemon, you make ____________”

    By Canwyn URL on 03.25.2013

  22. She climbed up to the top in worn out shoes. He follow behind, slow, but steady. He embraced her at the last moment. Her head was chaotic, holding onto its calamity, like it was the last thing on earth. “There we are” he said, pointing down to the valley below, “There we are. Happy.”

    By Valerie URL on 03.25.2013

  23. I blew a gray cloud towards the door, hoping my ghost would disappear with it. it was in vain. i looked up at the limp body of Cecelia as it hung in my living room. what had i done.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 03.25.2013

  24. Calamity Jane. That’s my photo on the front of the yearbook, in costume as Calamity Jane. The highest point of my high school days was that play, and the character really became part of my personality.

    By Wylee URL on 03.25.2013

  25. It was a ferocious storm. Nothing was so cold or so brutal. It tore down the houses of many a poor sod, now forced to trek through mud and debris, digging for whatever belongings of theirs they could find. You said it wasn’t so bad. But then again, you were wrapped up and cozy beneath your blanket, watching the news anchor with the straight face on TV.

    By KT URL on 03.25.2013

  26. Haha whoa.
    Settle down there.
    You can’t do something that doesn’t exist. I went to him for comfort, but I wound up feeling worse than before. You can’t do something and pretend like it didn’t happen. Disillusioned, I cling to a weird optimism. Rash decisions are a vise. I turn my doubts into a mantra hoping to glean some sort of oral support. I want someone to say, “Things aren’t as bad as you think they are.”

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 03.25.2013

  27. I want a different word than calamity. Mostly because I don’t know what it means. Is it constricting? That is what I would assume? Does it mean that the people clam up in public situations and the demonstrate calamity?

    By Kaylene on 03.25.2013

  28. Rubbish on the floor, scraps of paper, pieces of hair shrewn all over the bedside.
    the word was scrapped all over the room’s wall.

    By Shona URL on 03.25.2013

  29. His palm skins her wrist as he jerks it towards him.

    By Helianthus URL on 03.26.2013

  30. dancing with calamity jane wonders if she’ll ever be the same wild woman, wooed by a man, he will catch her if he can. catch her if he can. dances in the rain, is our calamity jane

    By kathleen on 03.26.2013

  31. Calamity.
    Unfamiliar with this term
    Sounds like clams stuffed in an urn
    Sprinkled with some thyme
    Oh cool, that rhymes

    By Seraph URL on 03.26.2013

  32. Watching the girl cry, a calamity rose in my body and I gazed desperately at the girl, wishing I could somehow soothe her. Her fists were covering her eyes yet I could still see the tears rapidly streaming down her blushed cheeks. I waited a little longer, hoping that she would eventually calm down. But she went on and on while I waited perpetually. Time passed. Minutes passed and hours passed.

    By OneJen URL on 03.26.2013

  33. Pain. Blood. Rage. People screaming and houses burning. She held the sword tightly in her hand and nothing mattered anymore.Blinding madness burned inside her like the flames that were destroying everything around her.

    By IvyGragon on 03.26.2013

  34. Burning, blinding rage. Madness. Blood. Giref. A tidal wave of emotions struck her and, shaking, she raised her blood-stained sword. She felt empty, destoyed. People were screaming aroundher and all was a blur of mayhem and destruction.

    By IvyGragon on 03.26.2013

  35. The calamity of our lives is the fact that we can’t understand whats in our future.

    By Syd barret URL on 03.26.2013

  36. Calamity.
    has shifted
    the weights have been lifted,
    and my spirit forever gifted.
    Blessed, Luck…
    What have you
    you have what?
    Why why why.
    tragedy tragedy

    By Colton Adrian URL on 03.26.2013

  37. Pots and pans.
    Tumbling down the stairs.
    Trying to balance the final card on the tower.
    Children colliding, rushing to hide.
    The overflow cupboard spills to your feet.
    A wobbly chair.
    Another calamity

    By Ian URL on 03.26.2013

  38. sometimes i have this incredible fear that this world, these people, these endless calamities will break me

    By helene URL on 03.26.2013

  39. I knew a woman named Jane. Nothing much went right for Jane. But I loved her, no matter how badly things went. One day something went as bad as it could possibly go, and I lost Jane. I think about her sometimes, then i fall over.

    By Maximillian on 03.26.2013

  40. “This is not the end of the world. Don’t act as if everything is a calamity. Pick up the pieces and I will help you start again.”

    Sometimes things shouldn’t just go back the way they were. Life can break so it can’t be fixed and then you need to stop and grieve. It was not the same and it was not going to be the same tomorrow or next week. She was too obtuse to realise that. For her the sun rose every morning and you were supposed to just carry on.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.26.2013