March 25th, 2013 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “calamity”

  1. well, stuff me and you and all of this
    “Learn Russian Fast”
    says the advertisement
    I don’t trust my spelling anymore
    I don’t trust anything I do anymore
    not even my face
    stuff this
    stuff you
    stuff all of this
    and I don’t care don’t care was made to
    e and I don’t lie don t don t dont lie toyou
    and i wouldn” t smile noteven if you told d d d
    me to
    too much too alone too silent too hazy
    n yu
    n allofthis
    calamity break
    chasm chasm
    all the wordsare gon
    all the faces are red all the eyes are swollen
    all the faces are wet

    By frank lee on 03.26.2013

  2. You are the deep blue sea, and I will dive wholly into and immerse myself completely in you. You are the soft quiet wind passing through my fingertips.

    By Reem URL on 03.26.2013

  3. It was quite a calamity; she didn’t know if she wanted to stop now. She didn’t know if she ever wanted to be that person. She didn’t want to hold herself back like that. This was survival.

    By Ashley URL on 03.26.2013

  4. The power went out on Monday night. Luckily, the generator was fully operational. 15 gallons of gas ready to go. We’d get through the next couple of days easy.

    A couple days later the gas was running low, and there were still no gas stations opened; rumors of violence in 6 hour lines began circulating through the neighborhood.

    By Mr. LeBrun on 03.26.2013

  5. he wanted a wife
    who was also a storm

    but he neglected to build
    a house set on stone

    he raged at her; she raged
    back and left him alone

    with the sea, who swallowed
    him whole, and made him its own.

    By isa on 03.26.2013

  6. Calamity Jane was the nickname we gave her – not clumsy or weak or necessarily inviting of disaster, but damn, she was hurt all the time. her knees had been cut open and fixed up several times each; her rotator cuff might as well have been made out of sandpaper – and assorted toenails falling off, finger ailments, just general malaise. I blamed the rugby playing but not the climbing, oh no, never the climbing.

    By Ara on 03.26.2013

  7. Time slowed as I saw the truck heading towards us through the dirtied window of his car. Seconds before all the calamity of the years of medical attention and therapy, all I could think of was why couldn’t he have cleaned the damned windscreen.

    By Jennie on 03.26.2013

  8. I remember your smile, so bright it was hard to look away. Your touch were a mere sensation, your kisses like a dream. We were something quite exquisite once. But somehow time managed to catch up on us. And who would have known a new chapter had calamity written all over it?

    By Molly on 03.26.2013

  9. Nothing would hep. Calamity, the pet of Death, had struck, and nobody could stop it. They shivered in their beds, wondering what fatal disease would come next. What terrible thing would sweep through the village to take more of them away?

    By Serryphae URL on 03.26.2013

  10. No news of the calamity had reached Rogersburg. They still climbed and crawled and shopped, unaware of the cloud reaching for them.

    When at last the disaster touched its borders, they, like Millville, and like New Amsterdam before it, stared wide-eyed at the fog of particles, glittering like a billion broken knives, as it settled over their little hamlet.

    By RS Bohn URL on 03.26.2013

  11. I still feel the ghost of your touch on my skin
    The promises of warmth and protection
    As calamity tainted my veins

    By Lupa on 03.26.2013

  12. There it is. What you have been avoiding this whole week. When you turned right instead of taking the alley. When you silenced your phone for the whole weekend. When you turned off the TV because of that commercial. And yet, there you stand, facing what you’ve been avoiding.

    By Angie on 03.26.2013

  13. Bombs exploded behind me as I ran, blood running down my legs. I clenched my baby with all my might, praying that somehow I would be able to save her, protect her, shelter her. I hoped that she would survive. But what kind of survival would it be in a world like this?

    By Nicole on 03.26.2013

  14. You called when I asked. When the phone rang, my face lit up. But after the first words from you, tears were rolling down my face. I did my best to muffle the sounds of my sobs so that you couldn’t hear, but you heard anyway. I got an earful of how sick you were of me trying to make you feel guilty. I didn’t know I was trying to do that.

    By Nicole on 03.26.2013

  15. Calamity is part and parcel of life. It all depends on perception, but people can take small hindrances to be calamities. True calamities, like a tsunami is the kind of calamity that should generate a single perception in every individual being.

    By Agneya on 03.26.2013

  16. Today, the world blew up. It turned into clams, but a squid stabbed all the clams, which exploded, spraying clam-juice and bits of calcium-laden shell everywhere. Little did I know that the world was to be a feast for the Universe Giant, a supermassive black hole in the middle of the Nyan Galaxy. I didn’t care; I was unwilling to donate to the cause. I was not willing for my world to suffer a calamity just because some black hole was hungry for clam soup.

    By Isis on 03.26.2013

  17. Once upon a time, there was a frog who went by the name of Herb. Herb was out taking a lovely stroll across the Grand Canyon, when he spotted a damsel falling to her death. He leapt into action, wishing to save the poor dame, but she soon transformed into a rocket-powered hamster, who proceeded to shout “I DON’T NEED NO MAN!” Said hamster nabbed a lady-cat out of the sky, shared with her an intimate french kiss, and swooped off into the sunset. Herb’s shock converted itself into a time bomb, which engulfed the universe in a massive explosion. Fortunately, by that time, the hamster and the lady-cat had already made their escape, deciding to share a nice cup of tea together on the planet of Hunkydook.

    By Squiddly Dee URL on 03.26.2013

  18. The ocean waves lapped gently upon the coarse, rocky shoreline. Soon, the tide would recede, revealing a number of sea creatures; among them, a great multitude of clams. And it is them, honestly, that I thought of when the word “calamity” was uttered.

    By Jason on 03.26.2013

  19. This world instantly makes me think of the beach, with nobody on it. just you and the crashing waves as the sun is about to set

    By Alyssa Rodemsky URL on 03.26.2013

  20. when i see this word i think about the ocean waves crashing as the sun is about to set, nobody else is on the beach, just you and nature

    By Lys on 03.26.2013

  21. It is a calamity but one I can deal with.
    Still, why does lighting strike twice in the same spot.
    The universe works in mysterious ways.
    Calamity Jane, I don’t want to earn that title.

    By Robin on 03.26.2013

  22. “Oh the Calamity!” Rook yelled out in anguish when he found out the horrible news. His parents have been murdered by a homeless man when he broke in their house the previous night. No one knew how terrible the conseqeses would be to this homeless man. There will be revenge.

    By Aaron Roberts on 03.26.2013

  23. “Oh the Calamity!” Rook yelled out in anguish when he found out the horrible news. His parents have been murdered by a homeless man when he broke in their house the previous night. No one knew how terrible the conseqenses would be to this homeless man. There will be revenge.

    By Aaron Roberts on 03.26.2013

  24. Oh what a mess! A fine kettle of fish! If I knew then what I know now,I never ever would have made such an erroneous choice. This is a calamity all right.

    By marylee on 03.26.2013

  25. False worship showing our true signs of fear. Torment and loneliness drive us into riots

    By Zion Lee on 03.26.2013

  26. My work place. Is. A. calamity. Papers are everywhere and people are fussy because it is not yet Friday. Also, trying to use punctuation and proper grammar in this post is a calamity.

    By Tarah S. URL on 03.26.2013

  27. There was a loud crashing noise. Ensued by an unbearable shaking that reacquainted everyone to the floor. I heard cries of agony and pain, the kind of cries that are unmistaken by the ear of any man or woman. Never had such a terror stirred in my heart. I became paralyzed and disoriented, my vision had become red. Windows shattered, ceilings collapsed, the ground began tearing like fragile paper. People were being killed. I looked to my left to find Annie curled in the fetal position unable to react. I slowly struggle to my knees then manage to get footing. I pick Annie up th way a groom would carry a bride an a honeymoon. And I run for our lives.

    By Ryan G on 03.26.2013

  28. Calamities are nature’s way of punishing us for the constant injustice we subject it to on a daily basis. Earthquakes, landslides, Tsunamis.. Having lived in India for 25 years, I’ve seen a fair share of all of these things happen in different parts of the country.

    By sujata on 03.26.2013

  29. I looked over the great expanse before me. Burkina Faso, a beautiful country, a lost country. The millions of fires burning were clearly visible from the clear air on top of this mountain: Mount Ioba. The people around those fires didn’t know Jesus. That is the greatest calamity. “Lord, save them.”

    By Emma Travis on 03.26.2013

  30. Fuck you, weather.

    The tornado sped toward us, a whirl pool of debris encircled a house, sucked it up, chewed it and spat it out, leaving it a pile of sticks, bricks and dust. Without a car or a vehicle of some sort, it was impossible to escape.


    Bailey swore before she blacked out into a abyss of nothing but black.

    By dramarie URL on 03.26.2013

  31. It comes out of no where, sometimes. Sometimes, you see it crawling toward you. Sometimes calamity is so air-filling you can’t breathe all day, all week, all month. But, it can strike quickly and shudder away, like a tennis ball making that sound when it hits the sweet spot.

    By Karla on 03.26.2013

  32. “It’s a calamity” I heard him say under his breath. “What was that” I asked. “Nothing” he muttered as he shoved to go to the bathroom.

    By vicky on 03.26.2013

  33. noisy
    willey coyote and roadrunner

    By postin on 03.26.2013

  34. It was a calamity, well it was for me. Not for everyone else i suppose. But still. I couldn’t find my new shoes. I knew i had put them under thGuy

    By Guy on 03.26.2013

  35. Calamity Jane is a great film, with Doris Day playing the title character.

    It features the fantastic songs “Windy City”, “Deadwood Stage” and “Secret Love”.

    I love it. And I love Doris Day.

    There, I’ve said it.

    By Chris Burgess on 03.26.2013

  36. It was quiet again. Winds swept dust over entrails stewing in the sun.

    By VikingBee on 03.26.2013

  37. Clarity comes to us in our greatest calamities
    When our body is to be busy
    With the burn of ice and fire
    The mind bursts into silent pastures
    where the softest breeze whispers a reminder
    as to why calamity calls
    why we are addicts of adventure

    By Erin Bennett on 03.26.2013

  38. You would think I could go on and on about calamity. When I think of the word it’s no longer about me. HE is the personification of calamity.

    By heidi-gv on 03.26.2013

  39. Its practically, uh uh.. she stuttered wildly waving her hands in an effort to find the correct word, uh a calamity. her audience bobbed their heads with a grim silent obedience, still unaware of her meaning. To be honest, she still wasn’t entirely sure herself.

    By yesMAM URL on 03.26.2013

  40. this calamity
    will be
    the end
    of me
    why you’d leave?
    enlighten me
    i’m still waiting
    to receive
    your love

    By lmac16 on 03.26.2013