December 29th, 2011 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “cactus”

  1. cactus Christmas tree? Of course I like that idea. That would keep the kids from trying to open the gifts under the tree before it’s time

    By Bryan Green URL on 12.29.2011

  2. A cactus is such a misunderstood plant. I feel like I could be a cactus. Alone in the blistering hot for decades on end, with only a few friends for miles around. Able to survive on the most minimum amounts of nourishment. Guarded by spikes. I am a cactus.

    By Kayla on 12.29.2011

  3. It was so dark; she couldn’t see anything around her. The only thing she knew for sure was the sand under her feet. When she reached her hands out in front of her to guide the way, she was left with a painful pinch and a thorn in her palm. She was trapped. She had no idea where she was and couldn’t remember anything that could help her out of it. She could hear noises, but they weren’t people. Some kind of animal that was unfamiliar to her. So many questions. Many if she could bare the thorns she could find a way out. Squeeze through the plant and escape the unknown. All she could do was try.

    By Kari Norene on 12.29.2011

  4. The survivor, notwithstanding the harsh environment.

    By alyssa rae on 12.29.2011

  5. A hot and dry day – with a slow moving wind. A day that has the possibility of death. A cactus waits patiently to point the way to a space with more life. It’s dull greenness hides life.

    By Ann Marie on 12.29.2011

  6. The shriveled cactus waited patiently, alone in the vast desert that he called home. He was a fierce plant, but after having band after band of travelers cut into him for his vital juices, he found himself withering.He prayed for rain, but the sun laughed at him. He hoped for any moisture what-so-ever, but it never came. Alone, the cactus met its end, but his life was not in vain. He had given life to the travelers of the land and to others who lived off him, and when he died, a small lizard who had clawed out some water from the cactus’ flesh took one of the needles in its mouth, and began to travel to the sea. He made sure that the cactus’ final resting place was near water.

    By Xandra on 12.29.2011

  7. They’re rather silly-looking, aren’t they? And it’s like they’re desperately trying to make up for it by being intimidating and covering themselves in prickles. Damn, but those are irritating and painful. So for all their absurdity, you don’t want to mess with cactuses.

    By Sarah on 12.29.2011

  8. you cannot swallow without choking
    raw wetness making whitecap ulcers
    down the red mawtunnel
    suppressed into the nape of your neck
    like an overzealous lover
    still kissing hungrily
    with tigerteeth until your tonsils
    stop fighting the whisky burn
    of shame and desert loneliness.

    By hannah wells URL on 12.29.2011

  9. the halucinagen
    makes moves again

    i sense a seventh scent by sight
    a prickly sound
    i see round smells
    and taste and touch the light

    By Phil on 12.29.2011

  10. Lights: Cactus in the Valley
    She is amazing. Like seriously one of my favourite artists of….ever. That’s the only way to describe what she is like to me. She helps you when she doesn’t know you and when oter people cannot.

    By Erin on 12.29.2011

  11. Green prickly plant. Desert air and the smell of cactus flowers. Cracked earth under foot and burning sky over head. Far away, it looks like a person with raised arms, close up, it looks like a dangerous object.

    By Serena on 12.29.2011

  12. A cacti is an interesting entity. It survives well in the heat, and it grows beautiful flowers despite being so prickly and wanton for pain of those who dare to touch it. I think about how hardy the plant is, and how it can go so long without water. I think a cactus is probably the toughest plant I can think of, and I wish I could be more like one, in all honesty. I love my redheaded Irishman cactus at home.

    By Silvana URL on 12.29.2011

  13. It was a cactus, and it simply sat there, dying slowly.
    It was a gift actually. Well, not quite a gift, it was part of an invitation, if that’s the right word.
    He had asked her out to prom, and asked her with a cactus. It was one of the rarer species, yes, but a cactus all the same. There was no note, just a cactus. A cactus that he had given to her face to face. Her friends weren’t quite sure what to make of this, but neither did they expect her reaction.
    A man you barely knew coming up to you to wordlessly hand you a cactus. What would you have done? Certainly not throw your arms around him and impale him and yourself on its sharp spines.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 12.29.2011

  14. cactus oh cactus how prickly is thee, for with your spines you will shiv me, i see you and giggle with glee

    By victor on 12.29.2011

  15. The cactai grew wildly in the desert. It was the one place they truly flourished, left alone to do their own devices. The prickly things are found everywhere, even in the dunes, amazingly. They grow through conditions too harsh for most plants and animals.

    By Emma Park URL on 12.29.2011

  16. graduation day;
    you handed me a baby cactus
    and wished me all the best.

    By sarah URL on 12.29.2011

  17. a tree, but not a tree. alex the Lion had one on his back in Madawhoha. are they Supposed to have water Inside of them? as in, could you survive in a desert?

    By j-dog URL on 12.29.2011

  18. I want to visit the desert. I want to live alone the edge of a desert, in a cramped little town with a lot of water. We’d sit at the edge of a mountain, the glow of our lanterns hovering like a firefly about the city.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.29.2011

  19. Spiky the Cactus was having a bad day. All his life, all he had ever wanted was to be loved. But everyone who passed him up for the prettier, more lush plants at the nursery broke his heart a little bit more, until it was so fractured he could barely withstand the despair seeping around the edges of his subconsciousness.

    By ArcticDragon on 12.29.2011

  20. ouch, spikes dont touch it, touch it, whats the worst that could happen? a little blood? probably not. it might not even hurt. youll never know unless you try.

    By Ashley Jaron URL on 12.29.2011

  21. green prickles like a toad spines like porcupines. who’d have thought that was edible ?
    dry on the outside juicy on the inside llfe giving green dangerous thing

    By babette on 12.29.2011

  22. sharp, point, touch, soft, desert, sand, snakes, lizards, reptiles, insects, cactus…

    By aj on 12.29.2011

  23. well those things are in texas. and one time i saw a picture and on the picture it said “hug me im a cactus!!!!!” and it was really funny because hugging a cactus would hurt. and idk they are sharp and have piney things that go into your skin and theyre like slivers. and most of them are green. the end.

    By McKenna Larson on 12.29.2011

  24. Sitting high on the cactus, the buzzard watched the dying calf. It won’t be long now. Strayed from her protective mother, the calf was too weak now to call out. The buzzard sat basking in the sun, another supper would be enjoyed. soon.

    By Amimee URL on 12.29.2011

  25. Cactus are all over the desert. Prickly, annoying, they get in your shoes and stick in your feet. Once I had one hit me in the back of the leg, and thinking it was a bug I slapped it.

    By Jessica on 12.29.2011

  26. “Don’t do it… Don’t do it…”

    *gently pokes spike*

    “I touched it.”

    By Emily on 12.29.2011

  27. i used to live in the desert 4 years ago
    it’s not that bad, i lived in phoenix az
    i had never seen the ocean back then
    when i came here, i remember the day perfectly
    i ran into the ocean expecting the water to be like pool water and i ended up with a bunch of salt water in my mouth and my throat and eyes burned like hell hahaha
    but it was sunset when i got there, and everything was a splash of colors….

    By Haze URL on 12.29.2011

  28. it is aplant with lots of thorns …………….. maybe its symbolic for the pain we have in our life i like cactus but once you touch it your hand hurts ……………

    By Aarushi on 12.29.2011

  29. “Flowers grow in sand. You can do anything.” This is a quote that I have carried with me since high school. As I get older, it becomes even more needed, relevant, and inspirational.

    By wretsky URL on 12.29.2011

  30. cactus. I had cactus. is it cactuses or cacti? people argue about that. just like octopus. is it octopuses, octopi, or octopedes? this is supposed to be about a cactus, not an octopus. But they’re similar, kind of. c at us. I see cats.

    By Desirai URL on 12.29.2011

  31. he was kerouac; he was odysessus; he was james dean, joe christmas and jesus all-in-one in a down-home & tore-up truck. for every stretch of neon he saw eons of sand. for each dilapidated snack shack there were hills like ruben’s graces. it was only in this moment, in this desert, in his piece-of-shit car, alone and unabashed, that he finally felt free

    By Erin URL on 12.29.2011

  32. It’s about being real, Charlie. It’s about letting those around you know who you are. You don’t really know a person until they really know you, after all. You trust them with everything and then, most importantly, you trust yourself. You trust yourself to do whatever it is that’s important to you.

    By Rachel N. E. URL on 12.29.2011

  33. “Why do people always fall onto a cactus naked?” There was a quote like that on the commercial I saw for Untold Stories of the ER. It looked kind of interesting. That was the first time I saw that show, and some kid got in a coma and almost died. But he lived :)

    By Acela URL on 12.30.2011

  34. The desert is so hot. The crunch of the sand under my feet is absorbed by the oily waves of heat. The sun is everywhere in the sky and it follows my relentlessly.

    By James URL on 12.30.2011

  35. “Bloody your hands on a cactus tree, wipe it on your dress and send it to me. Sitting here on a cement floor, just wishing that I had something you wore.”

    Lines from a Pixies song that David Bowie later covered.

    By HelenGrant URL on 12.30.2011

  36. The desert has reached its hottest peak during midday. Thirst is quenching the throat as a miracle came to view. A prickly miracle.

    By curiousdee URL on 12.30.2011

  37. Cacti is more like it.
    Cactus. Cacti.
    They are prickly like plank. From ed edd and eddie. Mmmmhm.

    By GLaDOS on 12.30.2011

  38. They’re typically out in the desert, where I’ve never been. But, I do come across them from time to time at people’s homes and such. I feel indifferent about them. However, maybe I should see a real one that stands tall. Because, the only ones I see are the teeny ones.

    By Jeremiah Meadows URL on 12.30.2011

  39. In the worst of my days I feel as a cactus in a garden. I may be intriguing because of the improbable misplacement but I am not beneficial in that particular environment. I need to find my desert to dwell.

    By Hank URL on 12.30.2011

  40. i love cacti, especially in combination of bright-colored flowers on them. they are so beautiful, more than any other bright-colored flowers in the world.

    By kaorita on 12.30.2011