April 20th, 2013 | 128 Entries

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128 Entries for “burrow”

  1. I burrowed into the dirt hole, not knowing exactly where I was going.
    “Come on,” whispered Eris, a Carbon.
    “Why can’t we just go in from the outside? Why do we have to go underground?” I groaned.
    “Are you kidding? He’s the Ice King. We’d be frozen in a second.”

    By Isis URL on 04.20.2013

  2. Burrow. That’s what I want to do. Burrow back into the Earth, returning myself to it. I world is too bright for me. Too big and too loud. I want to burrow into the quiet, soft Earth, and humbly return the gift that was given to me by it.

    By mkt4 URL on 04.20.2013

  3. I’m not sure what burrow means but if that’s thing where people go and stay and all that then it should be dark and a bit chilly where people walk in and out faint music and alcohol in the air something that came out of an old English book… It should be nice yet it was lonely for him because everything reminded him of her… That one sold who’s body he couldn’t resist… Who’s smell he couldn’t forget.. Two years have passed since they were in the burrow te painful and awful years… Who could’ve thought…

    By Shaden on 04.20.2013

  4. Charlotte wanted to burrow into her mound of sheets and blankets and bury himself under the fabric like she were hiding in a cave. She pulled the miniature flashlight out of her pocket and, remembering the page she had marked, began to read the book that her father had forbidden her to touch the night before. Sure, there were some rather risque things to read, but she was enticed by it. And she stayed up for hours reading the characters kiss again and again.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.20.2013

  5. If we wanted freedom we’d have to burrow out of the compound. Like rabbits. Parker loved the idea. He’d been a member of the burrowing society since gradeschool. To actually put his training to use was more than he ever dreamed of doing.

    By anthony URL on 04.20.2013

  6. Burrowing. I felt like I was always burrowing. Burrowing my head under the covers. Burrowing myself in a book. Hiding from the world. And that was the way I liked it. Hidden. No one could touch me or hurt me as long as I was hidden.

    By Blue Creeden URL on 04.20.2013

  7. “We should just start calling your house The Burrow,” Sparrow teased, flitting by to give Otto’s hand an affectionate squeeze.

    Otto laughed. “Yeah, it’s starting to seem that way, isn’t it? I kinda like it.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.20.2013

  8. Down to the burrow, we follow the rabid rabbit.

    By vicky URL on 04.20.2013

  9. I like to burrow in my blankets with my cat. Ferrets like to burrow with each other. Ferrets are so cute. I want a ferret and a hermit crab. But mostly a hermit crab. Burrow. BURROW!

    By Sarah URL on 04.20.2013

  10. Burrow means to dig a tunnel especially by a small animal. I think about how people bury their problems almost as if they were a small animal digging a burrow and storing their secrets somewhere they thought was far away.

    By Monique on 04.20.2013

  11. Down to the burrow, we follow the reaper of death.

    By vicky URL on 04.20.2013

  12. I like to burrow into the ground and hide myself. That way no one can see what I do. What I am. this way i can be myself. No one will judge. No one will know or care. this is the way it used to be. then they all burrowed. Now it isn’t just me.

    By Evan on 04.20.2013

  13. As I burrow my way through the different centuries of human kind, I wonder, where has life gone? Do values even exist? Do morals even matter? Why can’t we all just live our lives in peace and in happiness. Why do we need war and poverty or even money in general. I want life to be simple. Fuck the SATs and fuck college. Let’s all just smoke a joint and relax.

    By Alyssa Karounos on 04.20.2013

  14. My burrow is my mind, not my home. I have nothing besides myself and my thoughts. My head is an awful place to be, an awful place to burrow.

    By Jana on 04.20.2013

  15. The rabbit burrow was deep, so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom of it. Sally inched closer to the hole. The soil around it suddenly gave away and she fell into the black pit with a scream. She disappeared from sight into blackness.

    By Cate Write on 04.20.2013

  16. I burrowed deeper into the covers. It had been a long day, and the winter air had chilled me to the bone. For hours I lie there, trying to go to sleep to no avail. Too many thoughts were running marathons in my head, and they wouldn’t go away until I faced them.

    By Kristina URL on 04.20.2013

  17. It has been a while, like a plaster cast breaking free I unfurl my brow and edge my fingers over the keyboard. I picture a choir in the background, an ominous call like those in churches as I begin to type. The music swells as I burrow into my work, my head cast forward (the drums start now), my fingers fully immersed into the writer’s spirit (the voices thrum in harsh heaves) and I finish with a period and sit back to marvel the work, reclining as the music fades…

    By Eric Harrell URL on 04.20.2013

  18. Today I stopped driving and pulled over to answer a phone call. When I did, I saw a rabbit making a little burrow in the ground. I hung up the call and stared at the rabbit for a while, thinking of what it might be like just to hide yourself in a hole…

    By Natalie on 04.20.2013

  19. I stopped driving and pulled over to answer a phone call. When I stepped out of the car, I saw a rabbit making a little burrow in the ground. I hung up the call and stared at the brown rabbit for a while, thinking of what it might be like just to hide yourself in a hole, carefree.

    By Natalie URL on 04.20.2013

  20. Some animals burrow as a place to call home, a place of refuge and protection from the elements and protection from predators. Some days I wish I could burrow and hide away for a while and protect myself from this world that becomes increasingly scary with each passing day.

    By Shawn Bailey on 04.20.2013

  21. I have yet to read him, though he snuggles and creates holes in the pores of many who feel slack fingered and taught brained it is the stubborness that is so distracting. No, It is the stubborness that forces us to go back on the track.

    By amanda on 04.20.2013

  22. It burrowed into her eye, straight into the pupil. I could have sworn I saw her irises turn slightly red as her eyes bled and she cried in pain. She later told me that she would have rather it had been a needle piercing her eye than the horrific scene that played before her, leaving her blinded and scarred. It crawled in through her eyes and burnt an image in her mind, changing her perspective forever more.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 04.20.2013

  23. As I stumble along the burrow my mind is on the past
    I step into the future with a quickening breath
    No sigh for tomorrow
    No sign of today
    Sings a song like a sorrow
    And I’m left in the burrow.

    By Rmack URL on 04.20.2013

  24. is where the weasey’s live it’s also a plave where small animals live or weasels like mr measley’s patronis what would my patronus be? but im supposed to be witing about butrrows burrows is a verb too like prairie dogs who burrow into the ground what

    By essie on 04.20.2013

  25. No. No, not again, I’ve written once so I’m cheating now because I read and turned inside out after connecting with the spirit who used the word to exclaim her calmness in the face of death.

    By amanda on 04.20.2013

  26. into the duvet
    hide from the world
    with a book you need to hug
    hot black tea
    and a fire going
    in the woodburner

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.20.2013

  27. She burrowed under the covers trying to hide from the world, though she knew it really wouldn’t work. She peeked over the edge of the quilt, and decided to face them. She could do this.

    By Caysee URL on 04.20.2013

  28. I know some animals burrow. I feel like burrowing many times a day! We need to all face up to the good, bad and ugly and hopefully things will turn out more good than the others.

    By Celia Castevens on 04.20.2013

  29. “Uh, Courf?” Combeferre blinked around the bedroom. He could’ve sworn he’d heard him in here.

    “‘M here.”

    The comforter shifted a bit. It appeared Courfeyrac had dug himself a little burrow in his covers. Combeferre couldn’t stop a little half grin.

    “He’ll come round, Courfeyrac,” he assured him, sitting down on the edge of the bed and tentatively patting one of the lumps in the blanket, hoping it was his head or something and not his ass. “You know damn well that no one can stay angry at you.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.20.2013

  30. Burrow. Sounds like the Spanish word “burro.” There’s this restaurant in Myrtle Beach called Burro Loco and it’s a total tourist trap. It’s Mexican themed, obviously, and the wait is always like 45 minutes, when you could just as well go a mami and papi Mexican restaurant in town.

    By D on 04.20.2013

  31. Here under the bedcovers, furry beast that I am, snuggled up in a ball, there is a certain cuteness~ like a cheeky chipmunk nestled in its burrow. The fact that I am a 260lb hitman does not easily segue into this tale, unless you consider the vast unseen underground, where predators lurk beyond the cute facade. Sweet dreams!!

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.20.2013

  32. Undress of your skin
    and burrow yourself
    your scars (you
    won’t reach your
    bones in
    then look at me with
    pink mousy eyes
    and tell
    me that I was right
    and you were


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 04.20.2013

  33. into a flesh wound
    and dig out that
    dark metal, the one
    that’s different from the flecks
    in the red.

    burrow into the dirt
    and find that tuber,
    the one that’s gold
    instead of brown.

    By Kairn URL on 04.20.2013

  34. under the ground, dark and smells like wet earth and rainy days, after its rained for weeks and weeks and you realize that you could have forgotten about the sun.

    By Molly on 04.20.2013

  35. calico fur burrows beneath the covers
    a soft rumble trying to rouse me
    from deepest slumber
    “feed me” she meows
    as I reach to stroke her side sleepily

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.20.2013

  36. My home is a burrow. It’s tiny and cozy. It defines the word burrow. I live my life in a burrow. I love it and I hate it. I have mixed feelings to be fair. I want to live in a big city burrow. Then I would be happy. Not in a small city burrow. Aaah, this is messed up.

    By Marietta Kadanik on 04.20.2013

  37. Her face is nestled against his shoulder; she’s burrowed into the warmth and safety of his embrace. She’s long since stopped sniffling, and her quiet huffs and jerky movements have gradually melted away into soft and quivering breaths. Her long hair is mussed and tangled, itchy against his neck. Her tears have dried on her face, but his shirt remains wet against his skin where she’d cried on him. It’s terribly uncomfortable, holding her: her weight is pressed into him and she’s surprisingly heavy for someone so slender, but he wouldn’t let go of her for the world.

    He feels her breath flutter against his cheek and he smiles.

    By Skäila URL on 04.20.2013

  38. As a squirrel you burrow, you burrow from the dog that’s been chasing you down the street and in and out between the oak tress for the past mile, you burrow to hid the acorns that are poking at the thin skin puffed out in bulbous balloons at your cheeks, you burrow and you burrow all day long to reach a soft and cozy spot to nap in while that same dog patrols the tree he’s sniffed your nest out in. As a squirrel, you burrow. It’s easy enough, it’s life.

    By vividexpression URL on 04.20.2013

  39. snakes live in burrows. I also think of hobbits when i think of burrows. they are generally in dirt. burrow is both a noun and verb. animals burrow. they also live in burrows. Burrows are in dirt usually.

    By Ausin on 04.20.2013

  40. The rabbit’s head popped out of the ground, searching in all directions for the source of the noise. It ducked down again and burrowed beneath the dirt, lengthening its underground pathways.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.20.2013