March 28th, 2013 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “bronze”

  1. bronze – the color of your skin after a day soaking up the sun
    pale in the beginning, but time escaped you
    and now look at yourself

    By Hannah on 03.28.2013

  2. Be ronze Bro NZ E
    Being by multiplied into infinity, every thought is reminiscent of the big bang.

    Bronze as me as I am and the same way.

    Getting that Bronze TAN!

    By jonathon URL on 03.28.2013

  3. Growing up, I knew a little something about bronze. My parents had a pair of my baby shoes “bronzed” and placed a decorate plaque that sat on a shelf in the living room. I didn’t know bronze was a metal at the time; I only knew it had something to do with my shoes.

    By TerranceRAH URL on 03.28.2013

  4. There was a woman jogging down the beach, wet haired and bronze skinned. Not that generic blazed on tan, but true bronze. Deep brown and shining like gold. Like a figurine. She was smiling, wide with impeccably bright teeth.

    By Sari on 03.28.2013

  5. I was supposed to resemble a goddess.. glistening and glorious with a majesty, grace and beauty no one could deny.. my tresses were curled in a tangle of desire around my dewy golden face. I glided into the room. The party seemed to pause … then I heard my husband’s booming voice “Christ love, you look like an oompa loompa, how much of that fake tan stuff did you use?”

    By RJH URL on 03.28.2013

  6. Third place.
    A golden hued metal, yet not as valuable as first and second place.
    The colour of the beach goddess, and a zen summons.

    By Ange on 03.28.2013

  7. it is an alloy, between two metals. There is a bronze age, and it is called that because all of the tools from that time were mostly made out of bronze. I find copper to be a better metal because it is more conductive of electricity. Bronze is really strong, which is why it is a very common alloy nowadays. The other component of copper is I believe lead, which has Pb for atomic name.

    By Mat on 03.28.2013

  8. The statue stood above us, its polished bronze gleaming in the light of the sunset, which itself was as red as the blood which was soon to be shed upon the colossal figure.
    “I shall not pay that price,”

    By Iam Me URL on 03.28.2013

  9. You placed a shield in
    my hand and told
    me don’t let
    it rust
    and I told you I couldn’t
    because it was
    and you only winked
    at me
    and I saw a tear
    escape your eye
    (that meant goodbye.)


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.28.2013

  10. bronze i belive is a smelting mixture of copper and iron i could be wrong bronze age of brrass bands bronze swords .

    By yom on 03.28.2013

  11. This word is evocative of an Age – The Bronze Age, yet it is also an Ore, something used for jewellery, and something I happen to love for the lustre of it’s polished lustre

    By Anita Davidson on 03.28.2013

  12. I was aiming for the gold, I really was. But then, well I don’t know what happened, it just wasn’t enough. I don’t know how to go back to my coach now, he’ll be so disappointed!

    By Anna URL on 03.28.2013

  13. Bronze is neither gold nor silver. We always strive for the best, but maybe we should take some time to focus on being happy with bronze. We cannot always be gold, let us be happy with being bronze.

    By Amy on 03.28.2013

  14. Bronze. When I think of bronze, I think achievement. Sometimes with achievements comes failure and thats the best. In the Olympics, there is three placements. Gold, Silver, and lastly, Bronze. In my opinion, getting Bronze is the best. If you get Gold you’re a stuck up loser!! If you get silver, no one cares about you because your just in the middle. But bronze, is the one that is always remembered! Though it may be last place, people see you as the one person that never gave up, and that strived for their goal even though they knew they would not quite come out on top. And their reward? They get to know that they actually accomplished something, even though it wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for. People see them as hero/heroines, because they continued on despite obstacles that got in their way.

    By Babe Lowe URL on 03.28.2013

  15. That’s what she thought she was worth. Always hitting the rim, falling more steps behind. The other girls were always first, and she thought that she’d even like second place more than this. But no, she was bronze. It was pretty much a consolation prize. And none of the boys at school wanted bronze.

    By Archori URL on 03.28.2013

  16. It’s the color of the shield
    The color of your eyes in sunlight
    Your skin during the summer
    Your kiss
    I can’t
    I’ve melted down every bronze
    memory of you
    and recast it with the alloys
    of my pain
    Into cold steel.

    By Cas on 03.28.2013

  17. Bronze. 3rd place.
    Gold. 1st place.
    I hate losing.

    By Jason URL on 03.28.2013

  18. third place. Valuable in itself, but not as emotionally gratifying as some other colors.
    the colour of a sun goddess at the beach,
    and the color of a zen summons.

    By Humble Hermit URL on 03.28.2013

  19. That morning, when people normally would be going about they’re daily commute to work, the community stood distraught in front of the defamed statue. Its lustrous surface marred by graffiti, and vandalism. The arm that once stood tall, dismembered from its body. Who could do do such a thing?

    By Ryan G URL on 03.28.2013

  20. Hello.

    By Breanna Rowe on 03.28.2013

  21. bronze means not quite good enough.
    bronze means not quite shiny enough to be gold.
    bronze means a shrug of the shoulders.
    bronze doesn’t mean accomplished.
    bronze doesn’t mean proud.
    bronze doesn’t mean everything will be okay.
    bronze means that I’m just not quite there.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.28.2013

  22. Bronze is not third place. It is simply a consolation prize for the person most likely to try again, who was never really in the running. Bronze is a back-up. It’s an apology. It’s nothing I want to be.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.28.2013

  23. The podium today was mighty relaxed… the medals being handed out where sent from the heavens, and hung wherever there was exposed skin~ where traditionally, bronze was the lowliest of achievements, here the roles were reversed and the darkest hue was testament to a winning combination of vitamin D and decadent laziness.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 03.28.2013

  24. Once, I told my mother i must go. Next moment I was in a yourney to bronze monumental figure on the horizon. My way leads to sun that shines upon us all. One step after another.

    By Bartek on 03.28.2013

  25. Many monoliths have been enshirned in bronze over the years…. Is this to convey the seriousness of the subject one might ask? Well no…. it is convey the history and to show us all that history matters to the people!

    By AJ on 03.28.2013

  26. gold people touching themselves within arcs of platinum. Night. the day before was bleak, blunt, dishonest, harsh. The attainment and achievement of silver, or at least the promise of it, was all that nourished and motivated the nickel babies. Within the darkness, somewhere, was a glimmer of hope that stemmed from the pain of bronze.

    By Ekke on 03.28.2013

  27. im tan to his bronze
    ive spent my time in the sun but mostly incidentally
    although i do like to have a nice glow and will tend to loiter in the rays
    when i have a chance
    he, however drinks it in,
    still uses tanning oil although it is decidedly passe
    verging on taboo
    and when we meet there is always a moment when he sidles up
    and glides his arm along mine
    and says ‘you dont get out in the sun much do you?’
    competitive and teasing to the end
    and i reply ‘whatever “Cocoa Butter”‘,
    my nickname for him once i knew he was cheating in the world of sun seeking.
    we part ways
    and live to tan another day.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 03.28.2013

  28. I looked up at the gorgeous bronze lady standing before me. tens of feet high, standing there on ellis island. It has taken years to put her together completley, but now here she finally stands, shining in all her glory. the statue of liberty.

    By Zoe on 03.28.2013

  29. His skin shimmered in the soft light. Golden eyes, that used to be brown, widened in shock registering that his skin was no longer, well, human. A gasp escaped his mouth when Rumpelstiltskin realized what the dagger had done to him.

    By Amanda URL on 03.28.2013

  30. Bronze, gold, silver, untold. You should have been there, this is getting old. Bronze, gold, silver, you know, I’m through, I’m done, not even metal can’t endure this torment.

    By Justin URL on 03.28.2013

  31. this color , was glowing her skin in the dark … she was hypnotized and then she noticed his eyes staring at her

    By Siloé Gavillet on 03.28.2013

  32. shields glinting in the sun, the soldiers jogged toward the looming wall, their eyes glazed with their lethal intent. the wall yet lounged many minutes away, many dangerous minutes, but as long as their length to the soldiers was their shortness to the city.

    By k on 03.28.2013

  33. The bronzed armor glistened in the sun, though covered in blood. Not all of this being the blood of enemies, but enough so that the battle could be considered won.

    By Brandon Ek URL on 03.28.2013

  34. Oh dear, it’s already been 10 seconds, and my work isn’t done yet. Oh gosh, oh gosh, um, well, the file is over there and- bump!
    Oh gosh, I’ve knocked someone to the ground. What do I do, what do I do? He’s unconscious! My boss is SO going to kill me for this!

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 03.28.2013

  35. The scenery i have on mind is a thin, cold violet sky. But the horizon that i gaze upon is an early summer sunrise. The orange rays slowly wake onto my eyes, clipping the houses ahead. “Ahh summer at last” I think to myself. “Its finally here.” I go back to this same time, last year. And remember you. The sun in your hazel stare, and hands soft around mine.
    How you held me tight in your arms and watched me as i said goodbye to the sun.
    Oh, how i dreaded summers end. How i dreaded the return of that eerie crisp wind.
    I remember the last time i saw the sun in your eyes, and felt the grasp of your hands. I remember the coldness i felt when your arms weren’t there to hold me and how alone i felt when even the sun left.
    Cause you were my summer. And when summer left, you had as well.

    By JaneDoe URL on 03.28.2013

  36. Bronze is a nice colour that gives a brown tone to s copper color – kind of cool. Also, when you are an athlete, bronze still says you are awesome because it is awarded to you for you accomplishments.

    By kim on 03.28.2013

  37. slippery, c

    By brian r on 03.28.2013

  38. The bronze dagger flew at me with frightening speed. I ducked–too late. It sliced my bare arm, causing the stench of fresh blood to permeate the small, dimly lit room.
    “I’m sorry, my love,” she said.
    “Not yet,” I replied, grabbing the dagger and plunging it into her heart. “Not yet.”

    By Gregor McCann on 03.28.2013

  39. There was a small statue in the corner,the figure of a woman, It was the colour of bronze, but when John picked it up, it had the lightness of plastic.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.28.2013

  40. 1 point Easter egg.
    3rd place.

    By Caits on 03.28.2013