August 8th, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “brick”

  1. Brick by boring brick. The girls would sing that in gym everyday, I don’t know if they got it. I don’t know if I do. The ending is so unclear. The words say to grow up and go on but the pictures tell me it all ends. Brick by boring brick we build defenses that do not last.

    By Ammi URL on 08.08.2011

  2. A brick is a hard object, a type of rock. It comes in different shades, mostly reddish or earthy hues. It can be seen in buildings, roads, etc.

    By John on 08.08.2011

  3. The brick was thrown through thwindow with one swift arm It was the arm of a pitcher, the pitcher of the New York Yankees, the future of the New York Yankees.

    By Cristina Brown on 08.08.2011

  4. shes a brick house. some kids in my class sang that song and my friend recorded it. :D

    By shetookhispicture on 08.08.2011

  5. brick by brick I construe my existence entombed in a rustic grave giving me windowless hope through the cracks in society

    By Luke Christopher on 08.08.2011

  6. She picked up a brick that lay nearby and sneaked up to the sleepy house.
    “The croaking raven doth bellow for revenge,” she thought with an evil smirk. Carefully she took aim and threw the stone with all her might as she screamed “Die!”
    The brick flew in a graceful arc and broke through the window with a loud smash. From the inside came a scream and the light went on immediately, but she was too busy running to where she’d left her bike. She climbed unto it and from her backpack withdrew another brick which she tossed at the windshield of his brand new Porsche as she rode away into the night.
    From behind, she could hear him yelling her name over and over, “Raven! Raven!” But she did not stop, did not look back.

    By B.AM URL on 08.08.2011

  7. Bob the Brick. He’s red. I like red. He hates red. Bob is a sad Brick. He wants to be a Blue Brick.

    By Angelika URL on 08.08.2011

  8. structure, orange, cold, hard, building, house, shelter, geometric, 3D, rough, cement, home, family, provides protection for family.

    By annierose on 08.08.2011

  9. bricks that make up my wall. the wall that protects me from everyone outside. leave me alone, stay away. you ruined me, you destroyed me, that’s why i have this wall made of bricks. it’s fierce, it’s unbreakable. i hate you for that, for destroying my wall and then helping my rebuild it with stronger bricks.

    By Jessica on 08.08.2011

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    By Matheus URL on 08.08.2011

  11. i made a house with a brick that was very beautiful, it took me a long time to build it but i had a great time making it. Every body helped me with it. Me whole familie, friends. After that we went out for a drink. All togheter in this very old bar. It smelled a bit weird but it didn’t mather. Because being togheter was more important then how the bar smelled. And also the drinks tasted real good. My grandpa got drunk after a while. He started flirting with the bartender, which kind of embarresed my father. You know my father always gets a bit embarresed by my grandpa. Just because he acts so weird sometimes. I think it’s just normal, it’s just the way he is. And i like him for being him. It reminds me that it’s important to always do what you really want to do. Don’t hold back for the judgement of others.
    After this little familie and friends party at the bar, we went back to the house. We builded up some tents and then all went sleeping in the garden.

    By eva on 08.08.2011

  12. She picked it up and felt the weight of it. It was good, sturdy, and never shifting. She lifted it higher. She threw it through the glass window. No more beauty in this neighborhood.

    By Emily Claire URL on 08.08.2011

  13. there was a man walking about the city with his dog and teh leaves were turning because it was late fall. where he was the waether was perfect and it was warm still. the dog smelled pumlkins in the air and he barked loudly. a woman walking near had a red scarf and smiled at him nicely. this woman was the mans love and had been for quite some time.

    By AJ Mukai on 08.08.2011

  14. Solid yet small. Something to build upon and to be built with other objects. Used to build homes and shelters, organizations and medical facilities. Used to help and sometimes to harm.

    By Kaitlin Aleshire on 08.08.2011

  15. You said I should watch this movie “Brick”. I watched it alone and was utterly perplexed as to why you liked it, but when you asked me what I thought, I said I loved it. We haven’t hung out in a while, but I think if you’d ask me now I would tell you that I am pretty unimpressed.

    By Arelle URL on 08.08.2011

  16. I have a brick, and it is heavy in my hands. It weighs on my finger tips. It is red, red like blood, and the dust from it stains my hands. I lean over, and set it on the ground and begin the process of wiping my hands clean. I feel like a weight has been lifted, literally.

    By jenna norris on 08.08.2011

  17. It’s like I’m talking to a brick sometimes, she said. She glared at him from across the table. She always got this way it seemed, whenever they had a disagreement, or he had “disappointed her.” He on the other hand, had just noticed a fly settling in to take a bath in his coffee.

    By Caleb on 08.08.2011

  18. I just think about a wall. Maybe to a building, but mostly something blocking something else. it’s a brick wall obscuring my view from whatever lies beyond that. the background is white. nothing else around. i could probably easily walk around that brick wall.

    By Elena Bartemes URL on 08.08.2011

  19. brick houses are beautiful. ive always wanted one. they are pieces of art. they usually have a history and claw foot tubs. i want one. i love them.

    By Jackie on 08.08.2011

  20. if u wanna build someting in life, go slowly and be patient.
    nothing is one night success, and put bricks together in a very good way that will never collapse after today.

    By israfil URL on 08.08.2011

  21. Brick by brick.
    Building walls higher,taller
    reaching the sky. weighing the world.
    red and made out of stone.
    carry with me.

    By Brick on 08.08.2011

  22. there was a brick wall and mary had to climb over it to get the ice cream she wanted. mary being the clever child she was, called a few of her friends over to help her get over the wall. however, these friends wern’t as strong as she had anticipated, and when she tried climbing to the to the top of the human pyramid that her friends had made, the friend on the bottom couldn’t hold the weight any longer and everyone fell to the ground.

    By Lauren Thompson on 08.08.2011

  23. wall of bricks with writing on them, graffiti, permanent marker… different messages. some gang signs, some colorful. very fancy vine of flowers wrapping around the whole wall. a brick falls out, no one is around.

    By Ernie on 08.08.2011

  24. All in all, you’re just a brick in the wall.

    I had never been very original, not at all. In fact, I was one of the most predictable people I had ever known. I wore all the same cute clothes, got c’s in all my classes, hung out with the same friends as the popular kids. I was just so predictable
    But I hated it so much.
    So over my high school years, I decided to change, to become original, cool in my own way, no matter how many friends I may lose, if I’m happy with myself, it’s okay. I won’t be the red brick in the wall, I’d rather shine.

    By Mary URL on 08.08.2011

  25. there is a brick and it is hard, the brick is tough and it is brown, it is rough in texture and it hits things to hurt people and it can also build houses just like the pigs and the big bad wolf, it’s interesting how that works.. bricks can come in so many colors and shapes, construction workers fine them useful.

    By Jessica on 08.08.2011

  26. Brick by boring brick. One by one, a wall was built. Between me and you. I didn’t know if we were doing this at the same time, as if we both wanted this, and at the same time, didn’t want this. But soon it was up, and we abandoned it. Just as we had abandoned each other.

    By Joanne~ URL on 08.08.2011

  27. a red block build houses out of it. fireplaces too. made out of mud, or something? bricks are hard and heavy. yeah. i dont know what else to say. you can hurt someone with a brick,

    By Cynder on 08.08.2011

  28. the brick wall. sturdy and strong did not exist to anyone but her. it towered in front of her an immovable force of her mind. There was no escape

    By M on 08.08.2011

  29. The brick house stood all on it’s own.
    The only thing left standing around the fire,
    Protected from the chaos around it.
    The blood colouring the streets the same colour as the house itself.
    It was clean in the dirt,
    Until the explosion came, killing you and I.

    By Adrian URL on 08.08.2011

  30. the brick was the spot that we were suppose to met. that one particular brick had a whole amount of history to it that no one would ever understand, because ..really…it was just a brick. that brick had a name left on it. the name was leah. i did not know a leah, who or this leah was but i dreamt she was a beautiful model or a dancer who wanted to be remembered in the city of dreams.

    By samantha hussey on 08.08.2011

  31. a brick in the wall will mark one spot of solidarity. every brick is significant to the wall and every brick is necessary. otherwise there would be no wall.

    By leafy on 08.08.2011

  32. A large brick lay in the middle of the snowy road. Nobody knew how or why it was there, but it was dark around the edges and tainted the snow surrounding it’s shape.
    What had it been used for?
    Violence, or peace?
    Nobody knew and nobody would.

    By Kate URL on 08.08.2011

  33. Bricks, bricks, falling into place like a heart that is never ready to love. A wall built to avoid getting hurt even when I am hurt in the end. Bricks, bricks, tumbling bricks as I destroy my wall. It’s not worth it. I shouldn’t be scared. Brick by brick to the end.

    By Sofia on 08.08.2011

  34. brick. a brick can break a window, but only a guy nicknamed brick will break your heart. i still wonder if the reason why they nicknamed him that is because of how red his face gets when hes embarassed

    By C. on 08.08.2011

  35. Laying the clay blocks one by one he slowly built the foundation for his future home. Just like how he slowly built his reputation throughout his life though struggles, leading by example, and by being the best man he could possibly be.

    By John Stankiewicz URL on 08.08.2011

  36. the only thing I think of when I see brick is that movie friday where ice cube hits the felon in the head with the brick. then its in his other thirty movies about a friday. That and that I would like to live in a brick house someday maybe. That could be rad. But mostly Ice cube and that crosseyed guy he hits in the head with it.

    By emma on 08.08.2011

  37. Brick by brick, she climbed the wall. She never looked down. She always had the thought in her mind, that it wasn’t what’s at the top of the tower, it’s the journey; the climb. Brick by brick.

    By Alyx on 08.08.2011

  38. A brick builds a house of dreams or love. Of everything you can possibly think of. A brick is a building step, like your hand is to our love, your lips to my face,your dreams to this world, and your face to this day. The Earth seems non-existent without that brick and without your smile I’d be nothing but an empty space.

    By Akaylah Ellison URL on 08.08.2011

  39. The cedar-bark-red bricks were crumbling and worn on the old factory. They were warm to the touch after being bathed in the warm sunshine for the past few hours. The home-y feel of those bricks was decieving though. Within the walls dwelled only misery.

    By Emma Coffin on 08.08.2011

  40. Brick after brick after brick, comes tumbling down. The war has made the wall break. It was almost 20,00 years old, and now its only shards of bricks. Thank you society thank you cruel world!!!

    By Rena on 08.08.2011