January 5th, 2017 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “breakout”

  1. I broke out in hives, thanks to my allergy of peanuts,. We rushed to the hospital thanks to the nurses epipen i was saved by Dr.Goldmen and his nurses.

    By jaylen on 01.06.2017

  2. When something rests inside
    and it wants to come out
    let it
    from dross comes glimmer and gleam
    one must create
    it is the only way to survive in this
    that light inside
    can case back more
    than your own shadows
    let it

    By a-ramblinrose URL on 01.06.2017

  3. I broke out because of the baby wipes will wiping my face for bed.

    By jaycee on 01.06.2017

  4. Break out of the normalcy of today and do something the shakes people in a good way. That’s what they’ve been yelling at me for the last year. I wanna be somebody but not in the conventional sense. I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder and wait forever. I need an answer that’s in the ether. Hmm

    By NewContent463 URL on 01.06.2017

  5. I need to be out on my own. “Breakout’. How serendipitous. We’ve tried working together. And for whatever reason, we can’t seem to make it work. I’m not sure that I even like you anymore. I do. Of course I do. I love you. There’s just a block between us. It sucks.

    By Serephina on 01.06.2017

  6. stuck stuck stuck and enclosed in bad habits & thoughts. i want to breakout of my skeleton, shed from my skin.

    By Edwin Charles Fletcher Green URL on 01.06.2017

  7. stuck stuck stuck and enclosed in bad habits & thoughts. i want to breakout of my skeleton, shed from my skin. in a pink brain, with no windows for eyes, i see nothing but darkness and cluttered madness. let’s make a journey, breakout of this hell

    By Edwin Charles Fletcher Green URL on 01.06.2017

  8. I need to break out of this hole. It traps me and keeps getting deeper and deeper. I’m not going to give in to this death sentence I’ve given myself.

    By Faith URL on 01.06.2017

  9. Breakout act, she was everybody’s darling, she smiled at the cameras and swished her skirt just so and it was all over the newspapers by tomorrow morning. Break out. She had to break out, she felt so trapped inside her own skin, and her smiles never reached her eyes. They found her in bed with an empty bottle of sleeping pills and her mouth in a twisted grin.

    By SentientExistence URL on 01.06.2017

  10. It was the fifteenth of may when miss gertrude mcfuzz discovered that horton the elephant had escaped. He had been a part of a massive breakout in the neighbourhood. But gertrude tried to save him, to preserve him.

    By Brittany Stebbins on 01.06.2017

  11. Breakout of the cage you were placed in upon birth. Breakout of your slump that has affected all facets of your life. A breakout year is a year filled with ambition and hunger, trial and error, success and failure, and personal growth.

    By Joe URL on 01.06.2017

  12. the breakout from my bank account’s face pimples
    hindered the onlooker, its most prized companion,
    my eyes,
    a glance that I had to endure,
    even though water from the well dries
    there’s always green grass circling around the well’s cement fortress
    to these hard-for-hearing luxuries,
    I never attest,
    the world is an infinite sea of pleasure
    aquatic life,
    need swim until we find what we seek
    not some meager bird to swoop us up and out of our wavering domains with its beak,
    for a great coral of grand greenness,
    is deep beneath the ocean,
    for some gils,
    flapping there comes easier because of wind currents passing through water
    while other gils
    must critically grow their own minds to sustain water velocity
    beanstalk-guarding grand coral reefs,
    reefs so green,
    you’ll never breakout again.

    By Milad URL on 01.06.2017

  13. I broke out again,
    swelled up red-moons imposing on my new moons,
    theres a north star that shines brighter than my face’s redmoons,
    its when I open up my mind to
    the entirety of galaxies,
    then my break outs,
    reverse themselves,
    as long as water is reversible,
    then our bodies pour into doors like water in ceramic crucibles.

    By Milad URL on 01.06.2017

  14. That’s a good word because when I was sitting here waiting for it to load and thinking about what I’d write and why I started wondering what the purpose is of all this. All this single-word brainstorming. Do any of these paragraphs become novels? Do any of these people become authors? Are they authors already? Procrastination was my favorite sin when I was writing more. Writing became its own procrastination–as long as it sending a few more perfunctory breaths into the cloying corpse of the story I was working on. As long as it wasn’t submitting to the tyranny of the writing advice. “Write for 5 hours a day, whether or not you feel inspired. Sit in front of your desk and stare at empty paper if need be.” Is that so? Is that the secret? To turn this little ember of inspiration into coal and then stamp it flat and sell it as pencil lead? To turn the escape into the pursuer. Might as well just get a real job.

    By mattlock URL on 01.06.2017

  15. The rain fell heavily on the ground. Jay took one last look down the hallway and snuck out of the room. His parents didnt understand his need to be free from their watchful eyes.

    By Rachel on 01.06.2017

  16. She admired her work. It wasn’t bad, she thought. But the lumps were obvious. She couldn’t have them, not today. Any other day she could have breakouts, but today she had to look her best.

    By Beth A URL on 01.06.2017

  17. what the hell is this on my face? on my body? something crazy is going on. nasty puss filled ooze invading my existence. Be gone! I hate you!

    By braz3n on 01.06.2017

  18. Breakout album, I think to myself. That’ll happen sure enough. Of course it will. I’ll be a success, I’ll be famous, I’ll be everything I’ve wanted to be since I learned to want. My family won’t be secretly ashamed of me. I won’t have to listen to my father stuttering over the phone to my grandparents when they ask about me. People won’t have to ask about me. My answers will lie across channels for all to see.

    By Em URL on 01.07.2017

  19. They were almost there.

    Kel was not giving up now, not after the hell they’ve been through. “Hold on, Millie, we’re almost there.”

    Millie obeyed, yet she didn’t respond. Kel didn’t know what she had in mind. They wouldn’t make it in this rate.

    She let go.

    By Cree on 01.07.2017

  20. Freedom and courage to start new, to realize your potential and have a fresh slate, a new opportunity, and time to make amends, time to forget who you were and begin being who you want to be.

    By Katie on 01.07.2017

  21. PEACE

    By msvb19 URL on 01.07.2017

  22. I’m breaking out of this pattern, breaking out of the mold, breaking out of the cages, the chains, the fetters, the locks, the keys, the expectations and the reality. I’m breaking through walls, breaking down doors, breaking into my own mind and my own will. Breaking out of my mold, what I’m seeing, breaking out all over my face.

    By Notawriter on 01.07.2017

  23. this term refers to the rather uncomfortable acne conditions of young adulthood. While no one relishes a breakout, solace can be achieved when you consider that once out of the teen years, such happenstance will disappear leaving only an annoying embarrassment with which you can entertain your own offspring as they suffer a similar fate.

    By Maria Morrison on 01.07.2017

  24. time to break out of the hobby mode and turn my business into a BUSINESS in 2017 !!!!

    By sue jungmann URL on 01.07.2017

  25. Breaking out of prison, just watched a documentary about getting drugs into prison actually. Or a breakout of spots, why do adverts always call it a breakout? Ohhh that choc – oh no, maybe it was called break away

    By Sarah James on 01.07.2017

  26. “i think we are about to breakout in a sex” A mumbled next to me.
    Before he could say another word, one of the guys from the rival flips the table and every starts fighting.
    “lets go” A screams and we start to fight and rush out.
    As we run thru the restaurant door, we are met with more people from the other crew. Navigating the streets dodging the ones swinging their umbrellas turned weapon as well as random tourists in shock, I separate from A.
    I get cornered right by the old toy store on the block. The toys from the shop window were one of the early memories i had when we would visit my grandfather. Now I noticed the toys only in passing as i am getting corned by misc punches and kicks.

    By procrast URL on 01.07.2017

  27. break free from the pain get away from toxicity get out of jail prison get away run run run break away from the things that bind you and keep you from what you love most

    By Julie on 01.07.2017

  28. This is what happens. Every time I try to break out, the sirens howl.
    The dogs grit their teeth at me,
    For adding extra hours to their daily jobs sniffling at grime and filth.
    I just want to be left in the dark, so I can run deeper into my delusions,
    but the spotlights can’t wait to hunt me down.
    I’m their prey, and can’t wait to close in on me, and engulf me forever.
    I don’t want to be here. Anywhere but here.

    By Minxy URL on 01.07.2017

  29. I want to breakout of my head, I want to be free. I keep over thinking every little detail. If I breakout I can find happiness and peace.

    By Rachel on 01.07.2017

  30. Right about now, I’d like to stage a breakout from my own brain. My very body—tight and twitching like an teen with Tourette’s—strikes back at its misfiring control center with pitiable impotency.

    By emily on 01.07.2017

  31. out of the house
    out of this life
    out of the expectations and pre conceived notions
    for that day it snowed
    and for the first time I saw the unique edges of each snowflake
    and knew
    that day
    was certainly going to be
    the day
    that the swirling flurries took me along with them

    let me taste the frosty freedom like you do
    i whispered to them
    and without a thought
    i ran up and away
    i felt the cold earth breathing in and out
    and began to do so myself

    and boy in that moment did i feel like
    an angel
    made of snow and ice
    breaking through
    breaking away
    from my past self into
    a new life

    By Hannah on 01.07.2017

  32. Don’t think, just write yo yo, I’m all good. I have no idea where my mind is going sometimes. I have balsamic vinegar in a bowl next to me. My holy grail is red wine vinegar. Fusion isn’t possible to sustain. We need to get on to Solar Energy. Fusion is too dangerous. Harness new technologies. I’d love to be involved with that someday in the future.

    By NewContent463 URL on 01.07.2017

  33. Its the moment, the breakout moment, when it can all be left behind. The boy jumps onto the stage. He is terrified, he is scared. He plays and and jumps. He makes it. He did it. The moment where fear meets reality is here.

    By Jellyweb on 01.07.2017

  34. leave
    pull ahead

    By andrea on 01.07.2017

  35. the inmate carefully masterminded his breakout from prison. he thought long and hard about it. When, where, how. it was all mapped in his brain.

    By Christie Coffey on 01.07.2017

  36. Coming into the new year I think we can all relate to trying to breakout of old habits . It’s harder than I think most people think. Personally I’m trying to breakout of bad habits so I can get pregnant. I think giving up coffee will be the hardest one to give up. Also just eating healthier is going to be a challenge but also I’m up for that challenge. I[‘m scared but also so excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Hopefully this will go smoothly.

    By Danielle on 01.07.2017

  37. set free
    setting new intentions
    taking charge
    being fearless

    By -d URL on 01.07.2017

  38. To breakout or not to breakout. What does it mean to breakout? I’m not too sure to be honest but I do have an idea and it could be interpreted differently by whomever thinks about it. In this case, I believe it’s my time to breakout. It is high time I breakout of this constant repeat dread and make the rest of my life, the best of my life (reference: Eric Thomas).

    By Ali on 01.07.2017

  39. breakout? like some viral virus or diseases breakout and ruin some infected areas?

    By Yuki Lo URL on 01.07.2017

  40. grief is impossible to breakout of; at least not in a hurry. just when you think you’ve made it to the other side, the coin flips and you’re back where you came from… flat on your face.

    By Breezy on 01.07.2017