January 5th, 2017 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “breakout”

  1. Breakout
    it’s a stake out
    can’t breathe
    can’t speak
    hard to see
    life’s so bleak
    tongues tied
    toes hide out
    to the masses
    with skin as white as molasses

    By Skitty URL on 01.05.2017

  2. everyone wants to breakout
    I want to break in
    put my heart in solitary confinement
    my soul jailed
    away from the chaos of the world
    where all factors in my life are known
    three meals a day
    cable tv
    simple work
    behind stone walls
    i will keep the madness at bay
    the cruelty of the world
    will be far, far away
    imprison me
    throw away the key
    I’ve been hurt too many times
    the victim of so many emotional crimes

    By poetwarrior on 01.05.2017

  3. she stands in front of the bathroom mirror. young adults don’t have to deal with this, she thought. acne is the scourge of teens. and yet, here she was, pretending to have it together, to be accomplished and independent, and she still stares down a bottle of stridex before she crawls into bed

    By laura on 01.05.2017

  4. “Christ,” Josh muttered, scowling at his face in the mirrow.


    “Another breakout.” He turned on the faucet and sighed, letting the warming water trickle in thin ribbons through his fingers. “You know, they always told me, when I was younger, than my acne would stop once I became an adult.”

    “Oh, they definitely lied about that,” sneered Blaine.

    “Oh, yeah. Filthy liars.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.05.2017

  5. Death is a couch I sink into,
    sleeping life away but still waking up;
    I imagine sleeping is test driving his couch,
    in a way. But I leave his arms in the morning,
    and that’s something. That has to be something.

    By Pandatry URL on 01.05.2017

  6. Jonathan handled the long knife better than anyone Alexander had ever seen. The man moved like waves on the sea, moving fast, hard and twisting in ways he could never understand. The walls of their jail crumpled.

    By Margsa URL on 01.05.2017

  7. It would be breakout artist of the year, she guessed. That would be the title won by the end of the night. She could feel it in her bones. After all, she had given so much to her music—endless hours, endless amounts of money, endless auditions. More than so much.
    So when the name was called, her disappointment was catastrophic.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.05.2017

  8. Frank and Dave been racing each other by the pond everyday for years. From tadpoles to now, there have been no breakout winner in any of their races. All the races have been decided by one leap or less. Today, Frank decided he would take a shortcut but he at Dave’s house. Instead of getting back to the race Frank decided to just hang out on Dave’s porch cause his porch was known as the most comfortable porch in the neighborhood.

    By procrast URL on 01.06.2017

  9. Du versteckst dich hinter Mauern.
    Viel zu ängstlich für die Welt.
    Willst einfach Sicherheit

    Sicherheit die es nicht gibt
    Mauern fallen –
    Mauern brechen –

    Lass es zu –
    Nicht immer tut es weh.

    By Anuri URL on 01.06.2017

  10. courageous :meaning not afraid, something to stand for, brave

    By Debrah Peel-Ryder on 01.06.2017

  11. when we breakout of our shell
    or prisons we have built
    we refuse a personal hell
    which has caused us all to wilt

    By teedubz URL on 01.06.2017

  12. Every teenager’s nightmare – breakouts. When your skin reminds you everyday that you are not on this earth for the perfect existence. Nothing is left unmarred. Pock marks. scars, remnants of all your hormonal crimes. On your face. A reminder.

    By Deev on 01.06.2017

  13. trapped and motionless
    clear skin to blurred
    angry animals fight back
    prison cells crushed
    illness covers all

    By ClarkeJ URL on 01.06.2017

  14. The breakout moment occurred at 3:21 am. Maz had been connecting paper clips into various forms and thinking about Loala’s life. What was she doing, where was she going? Suddenly, she saw everything clearly, like looking down a straight path and see the small roads and large quiet places where Laola had traveled or had stood still.

    The inspiration almost made her fall over. She could barely wait to put it all together and produce the story.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.06.2017

  15. Littel unflattering bumps that scattered my forehead. Mind you that there wasn’t more that 2. but it felt like a whole lot more. I fixed my bangs to cover us the impurity which society has deemed unacceptable.

    By Rida URL on 01.06.2017

  16. This happens to me when I am stuck and stagnant in life. When I am not growing, when I am not achieving things that I wanted to achieve, when I am not making the world a better place, when I am not growing physically, emotionally, spiritually and in general.

    A spiritual breakout happened to me during middle of last year, I was working as a video editor and I couldn’t find meaning in what I did. So I ended up taking up the challenge of joining Teach For Malaysia.

    By Bernard on 01.06.2017

  17. its a hit!
    selling more than a few million
    broadcasted nationwide
    humming, on the minds of millions
    to places she’d never dreamed of even singing
    oh the places that a breakout hit can go
    if only it had lasted.

    By ching on 01.06.2017

  18. We reach a point in our lives where we breakout of our shell. Once we do that remarkable things can happen.

    By TA URL on 01.06.2017

  19. Break out of your shell, your comfort zone, your “safe place” Only when you do this can you grow. Be scared, be unsure, but don’t let that stop you from doing it.

    By Jessica Velardi on 01.06.2017

  20. She looked at her chin apprehensively. “What am I supposed to do?”
    Her sister leafed through the magazine, not even looking up, “Tell them your costume is Quasimodo.”
    “Hilarious, you’re a huge help.”
    “It’s not that bad.”
    “Not that bad?! You saw it from the front yard!”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.06.2017

  21. Break out, move on, new experiences await. Only then can you grow, can you gain skill, knowledge, insight. Break out of the norm, of what’s expected, be bold, be different, be you. Don’t be afraid, don’t let it stop you. Know that you will be okay.

    By Jessica URL on 01.06.2017

  22. i have a breakout
    you are my breakout
    o sistem stoped after breakout
    the breakout was big
    the light breakou

    By welistefany on 01.06.2017

  23. We at the library suffered a breakout of the flu that caused most of our staff to be out for most of January. We suspect that it was triggered by patron who caused all our computer.

    By Susan on 01.06.2017

  24. Holding back
    Holding back
    Stop stop stop
    Holding back
    SO tight goddamn tight
    shake it
    shake it off
    jump jump
    jump youR heart
    jump your mind
    jump jump
    Break out

    By Sameeka URL on 01.06.2017

  25. I want to break out from this hamster wheel of thoughts about death, failure, age and aging. I want to be positive, uplifting and uplifted. I don’t want to be a drain but a radiator! Amen to that.

    By Caroline Vevers on 01.06.2017

  26. The last of the bars fell away with a clank. I stuck my head out the prison cell window. I was almost free.

    By Brooke URL on 01.06.2017

  27. We all feel like we should breakout sometimes… Go away and be free, be ourselves with nothing holding us back. It could help us getting to know ourselves, what we want and what we wish from this life.

    By Wandering mind on 01.06.2017

  28. Breakout is a noun. It can be defined in so many ways. It is use when people breakout from prison or jail. I can use breakout if I want to escape from the cold weather to a beautiful place, I also want to breakout from my daily routine at work and from people I don’t like

    By med on 01.06.2017

  29. I am determined to breakout of my former self. That self was burdened and weighted down by issues beyond my control.

    By Sherri URL on 01.06.2017

  30. When you feel trapped the escape can be so terrifying but once you finally find the courage and the way to breakout the feeling is relief. Every now and then–like this morning–I am reminded why I broke out.

    By watsonje on 01.06.2017

  31. She squealed, her face practically pressed against the mirror. “A breakout?! No, no…not the night before the premiere!”
    I chuckled softly and leaned on the wall. “It’s no big deal, Del. You’ll be wearing so much makeup nobody will even notice…”
    She rounded on me, a sharp, bony finger poised to poke my eye out. “Why…! I’ve never heard such insensitivity in my life! You get out of my dressing room if you know what’s good for you!”
    She made a sweeping motion with her hands, to which I casually obliged, heading slowly for the door at her cries of, “Out! Out!”
    “Break a leg,” I called before slipping through the door.
    Standing in the hallway with the door closed, I heard Delaney call in a reedy voice, barely audible, “Thanks, Erin.”
    I smiled at the tarnished star on the door and exited down the hallway.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 01.06.2017

  32. I met my Friend Daniel in May. He is fourteen years old and he is into alot of stuff i am into such as, music, anime, and we are both the same age.

    By rachel on 01.06.2017

  33. Sweat poured down Xander’s spine and dripped into his eyes from his forehead. He blinked at the sting. Dirty windows lined the top of the warehouse walls. He had to get out of here. He tugged at the binding on his wrists again.

    By Ami on 01.06.2017

  34. To breakout of a situation is the penultimate experience that a human can have. It means getting free of your circumstances and becoming free to pursue that which you always dreamed of.

    By Stephen Ford on 01.06.2017

  35. of a rut. Out of thinking. Routine. Methods. Thinking. Acting.

    By Judith on 01.06.2017

  36. Out of thinking. Actions. Change. Do something different.

    By Judith on 01.06.2017

  37. Her house stood alone and she had no one to call neighbours. Except, perhaps, the county prison that was skirting the horizon. She would always look that way, knowing fully well what it felt like to lose one’s freedom. She was a prisoner of her own device and she constantly longed to breakout, but deep down, she knew that the world wasn’t ready for her yet.

    By Rums URL on 01.06.2017

  38. Sometimes life is crowding us, crashing into us like waves that toss us, pummel us and make us feel lost. We feel we wish we could make a breakout, escape, have an original thought, and just sail away into our own little harbor where we don’t face as many expectations or fears.

    By Jen Sardam URL on 01.06.2017

  39. He never knew how much his side could hurt, but he had to keep running. His escape would be discovered soon and the entire guard patrol would be on him. He had no choice but to take the leap when the cliff came; he could hear the dogs quickly gaining.

    By Craig on 01.06.2017

  40. it was a cold winter’s night when all the prisoners broke out of their jail cells and while the guards trying to keep them contained it was a sad night…

    By ashton on 01.06.2017