April 25th, 2013 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “bowling”

  1. lines

    By Anish Chakraborty URL on 04.25.2013

  2. There are 10 pins and a bowling ball. You throw the ball and let it roll down a long lane until it knocks the pins down. Each turn you get to throw 2 balls to try and knock down all the pins. There are 10 frames in a game.

    By Melinda on 04.25.2013

  3. I went bowling with him that day. He dropped all of the pins in the first try. i just clapped from behind. then, that other girl came with her friends and he left me alone, and went to her. I came up, imagined the pins were her face and threw the ball……ALL OUT!

    By Aamen Talukdar on 04.25.2013

  4. There are so many things I can do besides bowling. But I choose to bowl because I have nothing better to do. Once I saw a monkey bowl. He bowled better than I did. But that’s besides the point. I forget the point I am trying to make. You will know all about bowling if you look it up on Google. My idea of bowling comes from watching endless chick-flicks.

    By Amrita Kar on 04.25.2013

  5. Bowling? Oh please, you can do better than that.
    All I can think of is squeaky shoes on a polished wooden floor, with people bowling as if they had nothing better to do.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.25.2013

  6. I don’t lile to bowl. the balls are to heavy, but I can play on wii. I enjoy being with friends to play. its fun when u play with friends. im not good at this I don’t type fast enough.

    By margie on 04.25.2013

  7. I stumbled toward our lane, freely throwing the bowling ball toward the pins. I let out a howl, and everyone behind me broke into giggles. Tipsy bowling was the best idea we had all week. Then he walked in, but instead of feeling nervous and anxious, I smiled. Nothing was getting me down tonight. I screamed out his name, and as soon as his eyes found me, I held up my hand. Tonight was show and tell.

    And my middle finger was on display.

    By Marissa URL on 04.25.2013

  8. He liked bowling. It was just that he didn’t like it when she was with him. It wasn’t so much that she was better at it than he was, or that she was constantly laughing if he fucked up and threw a gutterball – it was that she was watching, always watching.

    By Monique on 04.25.2013

  9. With him it Lways feels like bowling. He’s the ball and I’m the pins and just when I think I’m stable, here he comes smashing back in! STRIKE!

    By ldydai22 URL on 04.25.2013

  10. I have a friend who met her husband at a bowling alley.
    They are very happy after 30 years.

    By Robin on 04.25.2013

  11. There’s one friend of mine, he told us he loves bowling. Every monday I guess, i don’t know how much he liked it. But I think bowling is not that popular in my country. Me myself haven’t play bowling that much, it’s quite fun but yeah, just fine

    By peachtea URL on 04.25.2013

  12. I used to be on a beanie baby bowling league with my grandpa. At the end of the league you got a bunch of beanie babies for participating. I’m okay at bowling but I definitely don’t even come close to how good my grandpa is. It’s still something fun for me. I’m not super into like on a league now that I”m an adult. But every once in awhile I still do it for fun.

    By Tasha Rae on 04.25.2013

  13. the game i love the most.i live in jalandhar.there we have prithvi’s planet where i go for bowling.they charge 100 bucks for 1 and my fr

    By khyati on 04.25.2013

  14. I remember when the last time I went bowling~

    I bowled a total of 67…
    needless to say, I am a horrible bowler.
    but it was a night hangout and if you know me, I love those.

    bowling bowling bowling.

    By Isabella URL on 04.25.2013

  15. Bowling wasn’t exactly my idea of a good first – or any – date. I didn’t like the game, not even the duck pin variety, and the thought of sitting around for hours and counting dropped pins didn’t SOUND like fun. At all.
    And yet, there I was, nearly bent in half on my chair due to laughter, having what had to be one of the greatest nights of my life. And it was all thanks to the company.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.25.2013

  16. We went bowling and had a blast. He had a perfect score, first of the night. I was pretty envious of him, I was never very good at bowling myself. It was a fun night regardless, despite the fact that he showed me up but honestly what else is new? Everyone knows that he always beats me during bowling nights.

    By Gilltyascharged on 04.25.2013

  17. Every Wednesday my mother and her friends go bowling. I suppose that it’s their way to escape the world.

    I can imagine their happiness as they socialize around drinks and bowling friends, away from the world for a few hours.

    By Madi URL on 04.25.2013

  18. a bowling centre is a great place to go for parties or just for social gatherings. the americans play with 10 pins, but us in canada play with 5. I’m sure there are more variants. those would be interresting to see. and to play. I’m sure the rules variants are very interresting indeed and can be fun to play.

    By Shrew on 04.25.2013

  19. Bowling Green University. The stadium passes us on our right. This is the sign that we are about halfway to Mimi and Papa’s house in Columbus. A trip that I used to loathe. Now I’d give anything to be able to make that trip again.

    By Madi URL on 04.25.2013

  20. Remember to always change your shoes before stepping onto the lane. This tip can save you some teeth.

    By andre on 04.25.2013

  21. once, when I was younger, I used to enjoy going bowling
    I liked the loud noises
    the smoky haze lingering close to the ceiling
    the smell of beer and fried food

    I’m older now
    and the smoke makes me ill
    the smells repulse me
    and the noise makes me want to run and hide.

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.25.2013

  22. Why was it so hard to throw a ball in a straight line? Sheila should stay rigid for a second after the ball left her hand, and she would check that her arm extended in front of her–fingers still extended, as if holding an invisible bowling ball–was straight; her eyebrows would tensed, as if by concentration she could keep the bowl on track. But invariable it curled away, hit one or two at the edges.

    By Holden URL on 04.25.2013

  23. The pins fall
    all of them felled
    by one fat, stupid ball.

    Of course,
    this ball is hurled
    by a supreme force

    but who knows that?
    The pins?
    Surely not!

    They are lost in their world,
    in the cycle of
    being knocked over

    just to fall again.

    By Megan URL on 04.25.2013

  24. we spent the evening before prom..not at a fancy restaurant, not in a limo, but bowling in our finery and bowling shoes….what a sight we must have made. It was truly a fun night that made memories.

    By Chrisha on 04.25.2013

  25. I have never gone bowling.
    And it makes me wonder. Am I missing something? Is there hidden catharsis in the cluttered fall of pins? Is there a hole in my heart where a stone circle could fit?
    Is their epiphany in the endless roll of plastic on polished wood?
    I hope not-
    It has never appealed to me.

    By F on 04.25.2013

  26. Bowling. It makes me focused. All I see are the pins, the heavy ball in my hand, the sweat that has lathered on my forehead, and the pairs of eyes that are all on me – watching my every move. Bowling. It makes me focused. My grip on the ball loosens, and I plunge it forwards, hearing it as it moves across the laminate, polished floors. Then, I see the unimaginable, so I squint, though my vision is as clear as ever – but I squint, just to make sure I’m not hallucinating or dreaming.

    But I know I’m not dreaming.

    The cheers, the applause, the high-fives from friends, and the dark stares from foes, are enough to assure me that I am indeed in the now – in the here, and all that had just occurred has happened.

    I’ve won.

    By aimlessendeavours URL on 04.25.2013

  27. It’s been a long time since I last went bowling and I really wish there were more places ot go bowling where I live. There are a couple but are pretty expensive and I kind of miss the days in which we would go with the family or friends to enjoy a night or day out together. Maybe this is something I can plan to do with my family sometime soon.

    By Layta URL on 04.25.2013

  28. Bowling for dollars was the game. it came on every night on the reality TV channel.

    we gathered our popcorn and beers and sat in from of the tube. It was going to be a good one.

    The challenger came out, he chose the women’s head to bowl with .

    By Big on 04.25.2013

  29. The sounds and smells of the first date,
    The half eaten pizza slices,
    The foul play from a bunch of turkeys,
    Slightly crossing the line
    yet getting away with it, because they’re all so charming
    If only life were so simple
    And it were possible to get a perfect score.

    By Siege URL on 04.25.2013

  30. the one time i went bowling i lost both of my shoes. i really didnt mean to, but you see. on my way to the car i ran into her. she was sitting on the ground with her dog of two years. a sign read ‘even a smile helps’. instead, i gave her those shoes, the ones that always chaff my pinky toe, and cut up my heels. i figured, she needed them more than i.

    By Lola URL on 04.25.2013

  31. oh no, I cant do bowling…. the green next to the cricket ground on a Sunday afternoon…. the occasional click and gentle clink of teacups, against angry shouts and the sound of bats being thrown at the pavillion.

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.25.2013

  32. Her constant companion , her bow, earned her the nickname….”bowling”

    By skylarkin URL on 04.25.2013

  33. I love the sound of the pins all falling down in unison. Indescribable.

    By Sophie on 04.25.2013

  34. the gentle thwack of the ball bought me back to reality. I stared at the beer soaked carpet littered with stubs of nachos clumsily dropped.

    ‘I’m rub

    By rosie on 04.25.2013

  35. I had a birthday party at a bowling ally. It’s nice, bowling. The sound of the word is cool, like the roundness of the ball is in the word. The birthday party was fun. None of us really knew how to bowl, but it was ok because it was both a competition and not. I wish everything were like this; you do what you want because it’s fun and you go for it even though you know you’ll fail because now one else knows what their doing either. Sometimes you get lucky, but it’s always a blast.

    By Lily on 04.25.2013

  36. A simple pastime that was tainted by a distant memory. It isn’t fair. Why can’t I enjoy bowling like all of my friends? I can’t even step foot inside a bowling alley without being assaulted with vague feelings of regret and anger.

    By ~ URL on 04.25.2013

  37. Rolling a heavy bowling ball down the bowling alley. It curves off to the side and sinks into the gutter. The skittles are standing upright, while your friends were able to knock them down with ease. They got strikes. Maybe you’re not good at bowling.

    By anon on 04.25.2013

  38. Bowling makes me feel depressed. Kind of like forced fun. If you look around, you don’t see many people having a great time, except the drunk ones.
    Smelly worn shoes is the phrase that repeats itself around my head constantly.
    People’s competitive streaks come out with a bang! YUK!

    By niwi URL on 04.25.2013

  39. It’s unfortunate that bowling is called a sport. There’s skill involved in a lot of things, but we don’t call them sports. Why is rolling a ball at some pins a sporting event? It’s weird, too. wearing community shoe’s. i don’t understand.

    By Joel on 04.25.2013

  40. It’s a weird thing to call a sport. There’s a lot of things people are skilled in and we don’t call them sports. Why is rolling a ball at some pins any different? Community shoes is a terrible idea. I don’t understand the point of the game or the kind of person who wants to play it.

    By Joel URL on 04.25.2013