March 23rd, 2013 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “boots”

  1. boots beith the bringer of man, the harbinger of foot and the carer of toes, boots cometh and boots goeth, with us all, together they complete us like no other object could. love.

    By trainridetoballsville on 03.24.2013

  2. I have boots. Not just any boots, but special boots. They turn me into a monster. I pick up my gun when I wear these boots. I hurt people, kill people and do it on command.

    By Jonathan de Jeu on 03.24.2013

  3. “boots and hearts”
    but i know that you care, and you love my boots. you love when i sit on the chair
    my feet on the tabletop, and i tie the laces into neat knots
    you’d kiss them if i asked you, you think of the legs in them, too.
    i won’t clean them, they won’t be shiny, i love you plain, i love you grimey.

    By berenique URL on 03.24.2013

  4. Boots can inflict pain upon someone else. They are a symbol for oppression, especially black thick rubber-soled military boots which can threaten and harm all year round-summer or winter.

    By Kelly on 03.24.2013

  5. My boots are your boobs.
    I like that, do you’s?.

    By C. Purcell on 03.24.2013

  6. I plucked off my wet boots as I stepped inside into the house. How tattered they were now, so ripped and so worn. I had trusted them to last me longer, but what is faith in $10 footwear? They reminded me of the time spent with a dear friend, a friend who is still yet to understand the gospel of God’s grace. Of truth and of freedom.

    By Wendy P on 03.24.2013

  7. His muddy boots had trailed in here; she had seen the tracks as she followed him. Where had he been? What exactly had she been doing while she was rescuing Brenda?

    By Ashley URL on 03.24.2013

  8. His muddy boots had trailed in here; she had seen the tracks as she followed him. Where had he been? What exactly had he been doing while she was rescuing Brenda? “Where were you? What are you up to, Alex?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about he said.

    “Where did all this mud come from?”

    “Am I getting you dirty, princess?”

    By Ashley URL on 03.24.2013

  9. His muddy boots had trailed in here; she had seen the tracks as she followed him. Where had he been? What exactly had he been doing while she was rescuing Brenda? “Where were you? What are you up to, Alex?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said.

    “Where did all this mud come from?”

    “Am I getting you dirty, princess?”

    She clutched him tighter, pissed off. “Don’t fuck with me!”

    “I don’t need to,” he smirked. “I already fucked you.”

    She punched him. Then she did it again.

    By Ashley URL on 03.24.2013

  10. Having the right pair of boots will really take you places. I have come to realize that’s no cliche. It’s completely true. Go for functional, rather than looks, and you will literally go places.

    By cherryade URL on 03.24.2013

  11. Her boots were filled with mud from running home after she saw her sister floating by the river bed.

    By vicky URL on 03.24.2013

  12. They stamped in the wet ground, black and no longer shining. Mud slid over them like polish, turning black slowly into brown. For some reason, it was his shoes that she remembered on the day he rode away. Not much else. She knew that he had worn a hat, a jacket, things that normally would have caught her attention. He had been strikingly handsome. But all that had mattered were his boots, as he swung up onto his horse and rode away from her in the rain.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.24.2013

  13. botas cor de vinho, fresco, embarcado numa noite caminhante que já findou.

    By J O A N A on 03.24.2013

  14. I’ve always loved wearing boots. People couldn’t see how skinny my legs were, but still most of the boots I’m owning don’t fit. This winter it wasn’t cold enough to wear boots, sadly, no snow, no cold, just grey skies and bad moods. I really wanted to wear the boots which me and my bf bought last winter. I’m kinda hating them though.

    By Amaychan URL on 03.24.2013

  15. An old pair of boots in a garden shed, caked with mud, stepped on and forgotten. What stories they could tell. Laces frayed, like the years and lives they have witnessed.

    By Hannah Phelvin on 03.24.2013

  16. I have rain in my boots, wanna fly but some people are standing in my cape. I can see the sun setting i want to follow it but I can’t. I sink in my boots I kick with them the end of another waisted day

    By prinshish on 03.24.2013

  17. I love my red shiny boots. My mum got them for my fifteenth birthday. I wore them day and night. I’ve never had more amazing things happen to me than when I wore my bright boots.

    By Noreen on 03.24.2013

  18. In a matter of time the shopping trip was over and I could go home and lay in my bed listening to music. I never understood the allure of shopping or what was just so damn fantastic about it. It was tiring, it was boring and it required interaction with others that I found myself incapable of.

    By Suzanne Ciechalski on 03.24.2013

  19. Boots that were kept on the stairs were placed strategically to stop any one to go up stairs. Alice did climb the stairs only to find himself another pair of boots that were the same as he was wearing.

    By aditya sharma URL on 03.24.2013

  20. my boots are red. or so i wish, i cannot see a thing through the fog. where might i be?

    By Raluc F on 03.24.2013

  21. boots? again? what? boots are important to the body and soul. It protects from unknown fears that crawl from the earth.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 03.24.2013

  22. I put on my hefty boots. I always hated them. the only reason I had not gotten rid of them is because they were my mom’s old boots. She died when I was five and these were my only token of her existence. I walked across a muddy field. I had to get to the barn to feed the stupid chickens.

    By dahliap23 on 03.24.2013

  23. You know those girls? You know the ones. They wear cardigans with plain camisoles underneath, skinny jeans, and boots. They all look the same, and I don’t understand why everyone wants to look just like everyone else. Why do I want to, too?

    By Amanda G. URL on 03.24.2013

  24. My heart in boots
    Pitter patter pitter patter
    Damp and dirtied
    My heart in boots
    Pitter patter pitter patter
    Go on in strong leather

    By Lupa URL on 03.24.2013

  25. undersides, caked with mud, tracks, picking up where ever you’ve been, leaving marks.

    i want to retrace every step you’ve been and reclaim everything to ensure what you do is for me, towards me, complete and utter devotion, except we are all inherently selfish and i am as self gravitational as anybody else, you are self gravitational as i am.

    By Roschen on 03.24.2013

  26. And in a way, the boots give me confidence. In a way the boots make me realize that I am vain, so vain for a self security.

    By Lupa URL on 03.24.2013

  27. ” Boots and cats. Boots and cats. Boots boots boots boots boot cats cats cats. ” he rhythmically spewed the words out, forming an infectious rhythm and beat. I tried not to guffaw in amazement.

    ” And that is how you beat-box. Try again.”

    By dramarie URL on 03.24.2013

  28. These boots were made for walking…. yup pretty much sums it up. I’m leaving and never looking back.

    By Kendall on 03.24.2013

  29. She stepped out of her wellingtons and into the kitchen. “Did you grab the phone?” I had not heard the phone ring as I flipped through the pages of my old notebook.

    By aria autumn URL on 03.24.2013

  30. Boots are shoes that can be worn in fashion shows and also in winter. They shouldnt be worn in summer as it is very hot. They are worn usually by women.

    By Vanessa on 03.24.2013

  31. Yellow, pink, red… many different colours. Boots, a woman’s choice for fashion and a mother’s choice for warmth.

    By Vanessa on 03.24.2013

  32. They were rubber. Shiny. Lots of colors. I’d been looking for rain boots. Would they fit? My giant runners’ calves made boot shopping an impossible feat. I pulled them on. Like a glove, like they were made for me. A quick purchase later and I was able to skip through the puddles without fear.

    By Jill on 03.24.2013

  33. The red boots jumped into the pool and sunk to the bottom carrying the child with them, she watched the world go black and her mothers eyes filled with tears. Her mother watched the child drown and couldn’t get the image of the red boots out of her mind for the rest of her life.

    By RAyer on 03.24.2013

  34. Boots are something that can help people get around. They can be used in snow, grass, on concrete- wherever. Boots are like a best friend. A best friend is needed everywhere you go.

    By Caitlyn Meyer on 03.24.2013

  35. boots for walking
    boots for gently jabbing your horse to go.
    Boots passed down,
    worn and cracked,
    Boots that carry lovely secrets in their soles.

    By Audrey URL on 03.24.2013

  36. “these boots where made for walking and thats just what they’ll do
    one of these days these boots are gunna walk all over you”
    the click clack of a woman in high heels also sounds so powerful. I think its because women are not only making a noise, but they are also being hear, people, men, are forced to hear them because it is such a invasive and penetrating sound that it can not be ignored.

    By S on 03.24.2013

  37. The way I’m feeling right now? Lick them.

    By KWILD URL on 03.24.2013

  38. I looked down at my boots, the red barely shining through all the mud. I don’t know what happened to that damn bridge, but somebody needed to fix it before I went on a rampage. These were expensive. I’m so sick of mud all over my things.

    By Crystal URL on 03.24.2013

  39. This word means nothing to me. He polished my boots while I was puking. That’s it. I loved him so much.

    By bla bla on 03.24.2013

  40. A shrill in the distance as we march. Our boots plunging into the mud with every precise step. Drums keep tempo behind us and we stare at the heart of the republic. Our goal, Rome. Our music, in our hearts. We pine for vengeance, knowing that we would achieve fragment of it. Crixus, Agron. Lead us as leaders, yet I do not serve in shackles. I follow in freedom, despite how fortune favours us. To be legends, the sowers of fear in the lion that is the Roman Empire. My boots carry me to that end.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 03.24.2013